Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Title Post

Okay, I didn't know what to come up with as a blog post title today because it's a little bit of a mixed bag - well, really only a couple things, but like, what do I title it?

I've been good on my projects for the 15 Day Challenge - well, specifically good on one project - poor ole Ann Medd.  This poor ole girl is going to be the death of me.  I want her finished - I want her on the wall.  But she's a big ole girl and obviously this isn't going to happen overnight.

When I started back on her, she looked like this (obviously there was something on my camera lens when I took this picture a couple weeks ago:

Now she looks like this:

I got through the verses K through N and you know what, that N verse with just those two words is the bottom of the sampler - OH HAPPY DAY!!!  But all that fill in - UGH.  It's not hard - it's just time consuming.  Same with the verses - not hard, just time consuming.  And I have a lot of backstitching to do in this.  Right now the fish looks like a blob.  Funny thing is as I'm working on this and looking at this fish (looks like a salmon to me), I'm singing this song in my head about fishies having fun - makes me think of a song that was on one of my kids tapes when they were younger and seemed to play non-stop in the car!  "Hey, little fishies - we're having some fun, we're going to swim 'til the day is done".  OY - that keeps going over and over in my head!  I need to get off this part so I can sing Baa Baa Black Sheep because the next portion is filled with sheep!  But we'll change that to Baa Baa White Sheep because the sheep are all white.

Part of the reason for my lackluster stitching accomplishments this week or so was because I finally got hit hard with the bug the kids had.  Even though I didn't feel good at all and slept most of three days, I figured I'd try to take advantage of having no steam in my body and sit and stitch.  Problem was, every time I'd sit, I'd doze off, so no stellar accomplishments this week.  It also resulted me in being way behind in blog reading this week - my eyes always seems too tired to stay on the computer too long.

Nothing really exciting going on around here besides the Ann accomplishments (or lack there of).  I finally escaped for a day to myself yesterday.  I started feeling like myself and even though we got about four inches of snow, I didn't let that stop me and I went for a drive.  Not a good thing as my car ended up taking me to some new quilt stores.  And because you all know how I need more stash (yeah, right), I came out with this stuff - had to take advantage of the end of the month 20% off sale:

A whole lot of repro fat quarters.  Actually these came from two different stores but I decided to show what lovely surprise was put in the bag at Jennifer's - CHOCOLATE.  Her shop was the second store I went into, but thought I would give her credit for raising my blood sugar up a bit.  Shopping is hard work, I'll tell ya and the chocolate hit the spot.  Especially after the damage I did in the first store - I SAW RED!!:

Yummy, yummy red and white fabrics!!!  Actually this is a kit made up for the Yellow Brick Road pattern, but when I saw it hanging in the store, I swooned.  I had to have it.  And luck was with me - they had just one left!!!  Rotary cutter - here I come.

I met a wonderful woman in this shop - Lake St. Mercantile - who does a lot of Marsha McCloskey quilts and it just so happened that I brought one of my Marsha patterns in with me to look for fabrics.  When she saw it in my hand, she started pulling out fabrics like a crazy woman and this is what I ended up with - some more red fabrics:

I should have spread all the fabrics out, but I'm trying to get this post in before everyone comes home and finds out that I've done nothing but playing with fabrics all day!  LOL  But it's lots of reds and creams and browns - it's going to be wonderful.  And the charge card is in ashes!!  Just crumbly bits in the wallet!!  There was more, but I'll save that stuff for another time.  Let's just say if I keep going like this, my poor son will be going to community college!  I'm also thinking that my husband may be seeing red when he sees the bill.  Oh well, he'll get over it!  He usually does!

To add insult to injury, I went by a couple antique places, so I thought I'd stop in.  Not a good thing.  Actually didn't find too much but a couple things - another flower frog.  Actually this was a real deal.  They had one with the top and bottom for $19.00, but I found the base for $4 and the top for $5 so saved myself $10 - had to save somewhere after that card burning in the quilt stores.

And a pin cushion - is there a particular name for these?:

I'm getting quite a collection of these.  I thought that she was very sweet.

So that's it for me.  I understand that we're in for a heck of a snow storm here on Tuesday into Wednesday.  Late report - double digit snowfall.  Means a day where I won't venture out of the house and maybe can have some quilty love.  The kids will be home too I'm sure, but they're teenagers and want to sleep until noon - and guess what?  I'm going to let them!!!

Thank you again for all your wonderful comments especially on my UGLY block last time.  I think that at this point I'm going to keep it in the quilt.  Not all blocks are beautiful, and it will probably look fine.  If not, it will be destined to be a pincushion.  I would never throw it away.

Have a wonderful week!!


Glenna said...

You're so funny! I think you got a LOT done on Ms. Medd, and it's looking so pretty--love that particular blue. I'd have put her away forever because I couldn't have stood the words, the color fill-in OR the backstitch thoughts. She's gorgeous, though and worth it. As for letting the teens sleep: a sleeping family member is a QUIET and undemanding family member.

Roberta said...

Ann Medd definitley is coming along, but I do see how it could become tedious.

Love that you found a FF in two pieces and was able to put it together to make one.

Not sure about the pincushion being a Frozen Charlotte, but then again the only FC I know about are very tiny.

Love your Civil War block from the previous post and I am with you on the FW block.

Love the red and white fabrics you found - yummy.

Glad you are feeling better

Have a good week.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful cross stitch and beautiful work.
Love your fabric buys, gorgeous prints and colors.

We hit 3 antique stores and didn't buy a thing, lol.


BrendaS said...

Deb --
Some progress is better than no progress and at least you got to turn the page!

LOVE your fabric purchases. Your color selections are always great.

We're supposed to get that same snowstorm and unfortunately I will have to get to work (tax season). We've been fortunate not to have gotten very much this year so I guess we should be grateful! Come on Spring!

Have a good week. I hope you get a couple of good quilty/snow days:))))

Ineke said...

Gorgeous fabrics!
You'll have something nice to do during the snow storm with these fabrics and patterns.

Kim said...

Drooling over your latest stash enhancements, Deb!!! LOVELY! I love the reds for the Yellow Brick Road! All I can say it's a good thing we don't live within driving distance of each other! ;o) I hope you're feeling much better!

Jan said...

GRIEF, Deb, I would say you were cooking with steam on that needle to accomplish that much more stitching on Ann! I am impressed...of course I stitch at a snail's pace, so....

Lovely fabrics, in fact that first bunch makes me think of chocolates big time! I wish that we had a quilt store in town, I love fabrics. Can't quilt, but I can still buy fabrics...

Hope your week is safe, warm and filled with wonderful stitchey-quiltey time!

Missy Ann said...

Love all that red fabric! The red on top of Chippewa Nine Patch's pile is outstanding.

But that pin cushion doll... she's a little scary. lol Like I'm one to talk with my posts full of questionable taste! I'll have to post a picture of a pair of little china doll figurines I bought in December. Very creepy.

Myra said...

For a post with no title it sure was interesting! I think you made a lot of progress on Ann - all that fill in is very time consuming. You were on a roll with the stash enhancement and I love all of them, especially the reds. Glad you are feeling better. Stay inside and stay warm.

Melissa said...

Oh, Deb, I was chuckling all through the post! Are you perhaps a bit hyper from all that stashing...or the chocolate ...or both? I would too if I found all those goodies!

You're doing great with Ann! I also love all those red and white fabrics!

Glad you are feeling better too! Have fun rolling in all the fabrics! ;-)

Elaine said...

Gosh Deb you sure now how to shop. All of those fabrics are so pretty.
Ann is progressing really well and I can;t wait to see those sheep.
Happy Stitching & Quilting!

Carol said...

I am always in awe every time I see your work on Ann Medd, Deb! What patience you must have...

Love your fabric stash and of course you had to take advantage of that great sale! I especially love all those red and white beauties that jumped into your hands :)

anniebeez said...

Your Ann Medd is amazing-she must be the mother of all BAPs! All of that fill-in, it must be hard not to just feel bogged down in it. I think it calls for a really good book on tape to listen to and just go for it! Get in the zone! LOL!Good luck with her!

Margaret said...

Ugh! Glad you're feeling better. What a bummer that you caught that bug! Love your Ann Medd! Wow, what a lot of work! I also love all that fabric! Oh yummy yummy! I want some. lol! Just gorgeous! Nice antique finds too.

Now how come you're getting a storm Tues into Wed? We are too! I'm so sick of it! So so sick of it! There have been so many snow days for school it's ridiculous!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Oh boy, that's some really solid stitching going on with Ann Medd. You did get a lot accomplished.
Your new fabric stash is wonderful. I love all those reds!

Jackie said...

I'm glad you feeling better. There is a stomach bug and a flu type thing going around here. Not fun at all so I feel for you.

Lovely fabrics. Can't wait to see more of what you selected for your Chippewa Nine Patch. The peek you gave us looks really nice!

I hope you stay warm and cozy next week during the snow storm.

Loraine said...

Oh Wow! Drooling big time over your new stash haul. Those red fabrics are fabulous, and so are your repro's. I think I recognize some of those from my Dear Jane stash. LOL!
Your Ann Meade is coming along nicely. Keep working on it and you will be done in no time.
Hope your feeling better. Hugs.

Pointed Stitcher said...

Nice stitching and fabrics. Hope you are feeling better soon, seems like a lot of bloggers are sick right now.

merumo said...

Looks like you are stitching very intense area. But your progress looks beautiful!! And I like what you got from your LQSs. I think it's getting about that time for me to go back to play with quilting, too :) And more shopping for antiques? Glad to hear you got rid of the nasty cold!

Annemarie said...

Excuse me, but do you really think you did NOT get a lot done? All that filling in on Ann Medd! That's a LOT, my friend. I'm going all CAPS LOCK-y over it.
And those fabrics... oh my. They're all gorgeous. Good for you for keeping the 'ugly' block in!

SilkLover said...

Ann Mead looks great! Keep at it a little at a time and you'll finish it. And I spy Maison de Garance fabric by the French General in that bag. I love that line of fabric. Such rich colors. I bought some at a sale in December for a quilt for my brother. Having trouble letting go of it, the fabric is so beautiful!

Giovanna said...

That's a lot done on Ann Medd - it's gorgeous!

Siobhan said...

Deb, Ann looks great!! For being sick, you sure did get a lot done! I'm sorry to hear that you got the bug that the kids had. We've been trading a head cold around here but nothing as bad as after Christmas, thankfully.

Your new quilty stash is FAB-u-LOUS!! LOVE it! I can't wait to see your Chippewa Nine Patch, too. I love M&S's patterns.

Great finds, too! The little pin cushion with the doll thingie--I remember having those as a kid!

Annie said...

You really have made a lot of progress on Ann. Takes real persistence to work on a big one with such large color blocks.

All that new fabric should keep you busy in this winter weather.

And you can play with your new fun antique shop finds. Love the little girl pin cushion.

Hope your're feeling better now.

Sherry said...

Ann is looking beautiful! You have stronger will than I do to work on such a time consuming piece. All your fabrics are lovely! I can't wait to see what you make with them. Congratulations on the frog and the pin cushion. I always enjoy reading your blog!

Sherry said...

Oops, I forgot to say that I hope you feel better! Take it easy and get plenty of rest.

I remember when I was quilting alot, I would hate a block or the fabrics once completed but these blocks often added character to the overall piece. Never throw a block out!

Erica said...

I think you are making very good progress on Ann!
I have this one somewhere in my stash, just taunting me!

Bekca said...

I love your new fabric stash, in fact, I had to have a little look on ebay for fabrics myself :) Happy crafting to you!

Joy said...

Oh my those reds are YUMMY!!! I'm entering a red phase, I have never been drawn to them before, but I crave them right now!

Your stitching is beautiful! Enjoy your snow days! Hope you continue to feel better and get lots of time to sew....

Michelle said...

Love love love that you've hit the bottom edge of Ann! Woohoo!!! She will be done before you know it. And what an accomplishment that will be. Isn't it funny what we get stuck in our head when we're stitching?

Love the new fabrics that came home with you - I'm such a sucker for red!!

Glad you are feeling better!

woolwoman said...

OMGosh - that Ann would be the death of me - you are sure making great progress on it and it will be stunning! Lovely quilt kit by Minick and Simpson - Polly Minick is teaching at a rug camp in So Fl in March - I would love to take a class from her although her hooking style is a bit primitive for my taste. Love all your fabrics - the browns and reds are just awesome. Hope you can stay well and avoid any issues with heavy snow. Have a good week ! Mel

Alice said...

Have I mentioned yet that I adore the colours in Ann? Fabulous! Hope that bug you caught is one that leaves quickly.

TeresaB said...

I don't know why you don't think you've made great progress on Ann, I'm totally impressed with how much more you've done! Like I keep saying, I'm in awe of anyone who tackles those really huge BAPs.

If your doll is all one piece (the arms and legs don't move), then she's a Frozen Charlotte. Most of them were really small, but some were larger. She's really cute no matter what though. Nice find.

Love the fabrics you picked out. I swear I'm not going to start quilting...nope, not gonna do it.

Teresa said...

I just found your blog, and I recognized Jennifer's signature chocolate bars! That's one of my favorite shops! I am also from Michigan (Ypsilanti) and love driving to Pinckney to visit her shop...small world!! Where do you find so many lovely cross-stitch projects?!? Your work (and choice of projects) is beautiful!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Nancy said...

Ann is absolutely amazing! Wow! Love your red and white fabric finds, and the pincushion is adorable. Hope you feel as good as new!

Lois said...

Oh, look at all that yummy fabric! Ann is continuing to look stunning. Feel better soon.

Barb said...

just popped over to see your blog and it's lovely. Your stitching is incredible.
I'm embarrassed to say that I've been working on the same antique repro cross stitch sampler for over 10 years. Oh dear. I need better light and magnifier I think to finish it.

Yvette said...

How in the world did I miss this post????

OMG!!! Is this my friend Deb? The girl who told me just a few weeks ago that she was going to use stash only?? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I love it!!!! Those fat quarters made me light headed. Just too delicious for words. I also adore that pattern you are going to be making and the fabrics to go with it.

More? There is more that you held back from us? You sneaky devil! I look forward to seeing it all.

Barbara J. Fiereck Hudak said...

Love your blog...a girl after my own do a little of this and a little of, love, love it!!! I've bookmarked you and will be back for frequent visits. Have a great day!

Suzanne said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. There's nothing quite like feeling sick to put you behind in stitching and blogging.

Ann Medd is looking great and I absoutely love the fabric stash you picked up.

Karoline said...

Ann is looking gorgeous, great progress and all the fabric is lovely.

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Mary said...

From your before and after pics,it looks like you got quite a bit done on Ann. Looking great!

Your fabric purchases are fabulous. Love the red/white prints.

The only thing good about snow is being able to stay in and stitch!!

Hope you're feeling better.

Littlebit said...

Oh my goodness! I nearly passed out when I saw your beautiful fabrics!!! Your title post should have said WARNING! :) Beautiful, beautiful!!!
Your Ann is wonderful, too!

Nancy M said...

Great fabrics! I would have so much fun going through your pieces to find the perfect piece to use to finish my cross stitch pieces! Ann Medd is HUGE!!! Are you planning on framing it or something else? Hope you got shoveled out from our storm this week, we got about 12"

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

How did I miss this????? I swear, I just can't keep up! Love, love, love Anne. I can't wait to happy dance with you when she's done!

Great fabrics - you do know how to pick 'em! Anything with pink or red in it, I love!

Cute pincushion, too and yeah on another frog score!

LuAnn said...

Well I had fun just reading your post. You got a lot of great fabrics and other goodies. If you were snowed in for awhile, I'm sure you had a lot to keep you busy.

Cindy F. said...

What a wonderful post!! except for you getting the kids bug! Hope you're all better now! and that snow is melting??!!
Girl! LOVE you amazing wip! WOW!!
I need to keep up with your's incredible!
and your quilting treats and antique finds! My kind of day:)
Sending you warm (((HUGS)))!