Monday, January 24, 2011

Framing and What's Your Definition of UGLY??

I don't know about where you are, but it's colder than a witch's broomstick around here!  A great weekend to hunker down and get some crafting done.  Which is exactly what I did.  A great weekend for it - too cold to venture out (at least for me), and football games on to keep the boys occupied.  So I got busy.  But first, I picked up some framing recently.  Excuse the pic - I'd take it outside for a better shot, but like I said it's cold out there:

Sarah Seifer
The Goode Huswife
36 ct. Pearled Barley and DMC Threads

I just love the frame for this and would like to use it again on something else one of these days:

Not the best pic with the flashback, but you get the idea.  

While in my craft cave this weekend, I think that I finally came across my definition of ugliness.  I spent some quality time whipping out some quilt blocks this weekend, but this block offends my senses:  

Farmer's Wife Quilt
Four Winds Block

Now, I should have realized when I started sewing this block that my first mistake was not paper piecing the thing because it has 64 pieces in it - and it's only a 6-1/2 block.  But I'm not the biggest fan of paper piecing (although Dear Jane will probably be paper pieced), but I think that the block warranted me doing that.  But this block is UGLY!  Maybe my fabric choices are wrong, I don't know.  Maybe because one of the striped pieces leans to the left and doesn't quite line up right.  I tried to tell myself that it was okay - I like the color brown, but not in this combination.  I tried to talk myself into liking the block by saying that the light color looked like an old shirting material, and the striped fabric was like a pioneer's dress material.  I tried to make up a story in my head about who would wear those types of fabric back in the Civil War days.  I tried to talk myself into liking this block.  But I don't.  And I think that at certain points members of my family heard me blabbering to myself - not a good thing!!  So maybe I'll redo it - maybe I won't.  Not all blocks have to be beautiful, do they?  And in the whole grand scheme of the quilt, no one will notice, right?  Probably not!  But the darned thing will probably laugh at me every time I look at it - so maybe I will.

But I did have some successes:

Civil War Chronicles
BOM - Month 1

Oh how I love this block!  Love, love it!  I could have made many more of these and loved every minute of it.  Love the fabrics, love the design (and Yvette, it measured exactly what it was suppose to - a shock to me!!).  I can't wait until Month Two arrives at my doorstep.  Probably soon.

After I finished that one, I went to the next BOM.  Chain pieced a lot of triangles together:

Then I whipped up this:

Civil War Tribute BOM
Month #3

I don't have months One and Two yet - the shop started me with #3 and #4 followed a couple weeks later.  I haven't gotten around to cutting out #4 yet.  Anyway, the CWT block is just one of four that I have to make for the month's requirements - 2 -18" blocks and 2 - 16" blocks.  I was going to work on those and have the whole month complete, but I realized that the Farmer's Wife monthly blocks were going to be showing up any day, so I started working on those.  The UGLY block above was the last one that I did on the FW quilt.  But before that, I did these:

I still have one more block to go in this month's BOM, but it is a pesky thing and as the UGLY block was a little too pesky in it's own right, I called it a day.  Hopefully, I can finish up the last block today.

On the stitching front, I have going full speed ahead on Ann Medd!!!  I flipped the page over the other night and what do I see???  The bottom of the chart.  OH HAPPY DAY!  Of course, before I let myself  get too excited, I realized that I still have a long way to go - that center portion has a lot of fill in, but just the fact that I saw the bottom made me giddy with excitement.  So I worked on her the past couple of nights and now only have two more lines of verse on the left and I'm into the middle again!!!  I'll post a picture in my next post.  Just seeing a lot of verse and a little bit of the center that I did wouldn't be too exciting at this point!

Well, that's about it for me this week.  Stay warm and safe.  Hopefully, it's a little bit warmer in your part of the world.  And I understand that the East Coast is in for another storm!  I can't believe how much snow you're getting there!  Stay save and warm.  And thank you once again for all your wonderful comments.  My body may not be warm lately, but your comments do warm my heart!!


WoolenSails said...

The blocks are beautiful, I just don't like those extra brown pieces on the outside, seems to distract my eyes and seem to thick with the browns.

Love the framing. I collect used ones, then I can redo them to match pieces.


Annie said...

The framed piece is beautiful. That's such an unusual frame.

Love the quilt blocks. The all look so perfect. It's interesting to read how much you struggle with the look of even one block. I think you are doing an amazing job!

Love to Stitch said...

Sarah is gorgeous, and that frame! I am sure she is going to look just perfect on your sampler wall-- (Hint, lets see her hanging up?!) You were a busy girl this weekend, with all those quilt squares, wow! So excited for you to finish Ann, (I bought the pattern because of you!! Thank you!) She is going to be stunning!!!! Stay warm :)

gracie said...

Your framed piece is wonderful.
Now, UGLY may not be so once you combine it with the others and I do not think it is ugly....just wait and see. I admire all who really I do some, but am far from a quilter! Bravo to you!

Kim said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!! Love that molding on Sarah Siefer!! Beautiful! The blocks are all lovely...even the 'ugly' one...and you're the big scheme of things it's not going to jump out. I can't wait to see Ann in all her glory!

Jackie said...

You know that I fell in love with Sarah Seifer. She looks even more beautiful framed!

Not all blocks are meant to be the star of the show! With 64 pieces in a 6.5" block, I'd call it done.

BrendaS said...

Your framed sampler is so beautiful and the frame is just gorgeous!

Your quilting and fabric choices are always so pretty but I can see what you mean about that one block. With 64 pieces you probably don't want to do it again with different fabric either!

Have a good week and stay warm. It's very cold and icey in the Chicago area. I think I'm ready for Spring and some tulips:)))

Margaret said...

Lol, Deb! I just said I'd take the cold any day over all the snow. lol! It's definitely cold here too, although probably not as cold as you are.

Love that frame on Sarah Seifer! It's perfect! Gorgeous! I can see why you want to use it again.

And all your latest blocks! They're all so pretty! Even the ugly block is nice IMO. lol! I don't think you should redo it. There are soooo many blocks in that quilt, you won't even notice it there. Really.

As for Ann Medd -- Goooooo!!! You can do it! You're almost there! And what an accomplishment that is going to be! So exciting! I just have to ignore the picture when you finish it so I won't be tempted into starting her. lol!

Have a great week! Stay warm!

Kajsa said...

Your framed piece is so pretty and your quilting too. It's cold here too, and we got 8 inches of snow yesterday. Can't wait for spring!

Sherry said...

When my family makes fun of me for talking to myself, I just tell them that I am talking to the smartest person I know!

Love your blocks but I have to agree on #1. That frame is stunning. I have some things to frame soon. I love looking through the choices.

Giovanna said...

That framed piece is amazing - what a treasure, congratulations!

Peggy Lee said...

Oh I do love that frame...yes I do!! I'm not a quilter so anything I say couldn't be taken to heart anyway. I liked everything I saw here today.
You do beautiful work!

Michelle said...

Perfect frame for Sarah - beautiful! I know just what you mean about a block that frustrates you no end and then you're unhappy with the final result. I think it would be good to leave it as is for now, and I have a feeling it will be fine in the overall quilt.

Yvette said...

Well, if you decide to re-make that block you think is ugly you can send me that one because I would put it in my quilt. :)

Oh my, I just love, love, love all these civil war blocks. I wish I could stay home from work and do them all.

Come visit here, we are going to be in the 80's all week. Gotta love January in California.

Siobhan said...

I'll just say this: When I stitch Ann Medd, I will have a sign erected outside my house to let everybody know that it's hanging inside. LOL I am SO psyched for you that you're so close!! Well, you know what I mean. Seeing the bottom of the last page must have been super exciting.

I love love love the frame you chose for Sarah! Very pretty.

Your quilt blocks look GREAT!

woolwoman said...

I can't believe you are SOOOO close on Ann - I agree with Siobhan - I would have to erect a "See Ann Medd here" sign in my yard LOL - your quilt blocks are ALL beautiful - every one of them ! I'm sure there are some you like better than others but they are all lovely in my book and the framing on Sarah - OOH LA LA - gorgeous choice of frame molding - I love it. Hope you have another great week ! Mel

Annemarie said...

Aha! It was YOU! I've been fantasizing about Ann Medd lately (in the purest possible way, of course) and I tried to remember which of the lovely and courageous blogging ladies was working on it. I thought it was you, and now here you are with an update. I heart Ann. Honestly, when I finish the Blue Lady, Ann's next :o)

Your framed Huswife is gorgeous. Like all the other commenters here I can't see anything wrong with the ugly block, but if you're not happy with it, and if you think it will bother you from now until eternity, then maybe you should consider - gulp - doing another version...

Stay warm, dear friend!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Love the frame you chose for Sarah Seifer. All your quilt blocks look fabulous. I wouldn't worry about the butt ugly block... by the time you get FW all sewn together you won't even notice that one block.

TeresaB said...

The frame you chose for Sarah Seifer is wonderful! And your Ann Medd, OMgoodness, that's just amazing. I agree with the "See Ann Medd Here" sign in your yard when you finish. I certainly would if I ever attempted it, which I won't because I have no thought I would ever finish it. I'm so in awe of it and that you're so close to being finished.

Kathy said...

The framed piece is gorgeous. And that frame is stunning. I would use it again too.

Love your quilt blocks. All of them.

Myra said...

Sarah is gorgeous and I love that frame too. Your quilt blocks are wonderful and I think we need to toss in what we consider an ugly now and then to keep things interesting. ;o)

merumo said...

Your sampler is beautiful!! Our discussion theme for the meeting yesterday was "Adam and Eve samplers". So I was looking for one of those, but of course didn't find this OOP... Ughhhhhh

And look at your quilty work, too! I love Civil War Chronicles line... You have a lot going on. Are you also doing Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt?

mainely stitching said...

Fabulous framing and your quilt blocks are incredible. That said, your "ugly" block isn't ugly but would probably stand out better if you replaced some brown with another color or some pattern with something plainer.

diamondc said...

Deb: At first I thought that the block was o.k. then I really took a good look at the block and after seeing the red roses in the material I fell in love with the block all the brown is really lovely I am sure it will be the bell of the ball when you are finished, I love your sampler and the frame is fantastic.
Great job.All your other blocks are lovely.

Melissa said...

That frame is gorgeous! What a handsome piece!

I'd never thought that block was ugly until you mentioned it, then I started looking at it funny too! It's that brown pattern that's almost a stripe but isn't...see, you start saying it's ugly and we start looking for flaws!

Good luck on finishing Ann Medd!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Deb ~
Love the frame on your cross stitch sampler!
I am not a quilter, but I agree with you about that block. If you put it in your quilt, you will never be happy with the quilt. I do love all the other blocks, though.
Hugs :)

Alice said...

Love the frame and the Civil War blocks! I like the 'shirting' material in the 'ugly' block and think that the block isn't all that bad... but if you don't like it, it will torment you always and you'll end up not liking the quilt that it is in. That would be such a shame.

Bertie said...

Sarah Seifer looks fabulous in her frame.
Your blocks are gorgeous whatever you say lol, the combination of fabrics are well thought out and your favorite is stunning:))

Cari said...

Love the frame on Sarah...beautiful. Some frames just make the piece a true treasure. And I love all of your quilt blocks. The ugly one is ugly...sorry... maybe you could use it for a hot pad! LOL

Hugs and stay warm. Happy Needlework!

Katrina said...

Love all your quilt blocks, even the 'quirky' ones. I bet they have a way of working into the overall piece.

Sarah is gorgeous, the molding is perfect too.

Gabi said...

Sarah Seifer looks fantastic in that frame.
Love your quilting too (minus Four Winds All the others look really good.

Angela P said...

I absolutely love that frame, it is perfect for that design :)

Great quilting projects too!

It was colder than I don't know what on the weekend here too but thankfully it is back to just normal "Winter" cold now :)

Katherine said...

Deb - I too love that Civil War Chronicles block. It looks fantastic! I also wanted to tell you that for the last year, you've woven your spell and gotten me jonesin' to do quilting again. I actually went out and bought not one, but three kits/patterns. Picked up Julia's Ribbons in kit form, Lincoln's Watch pattern and a bag kit. My sewing room gets really cold, so I avoid it like the plague in winter. I do have half of Julia's Ribbons cut out so come spring you will see some updates on it. Love, love, love that block!

Barb said...

Gorgeous frame for the sampler! Lovely work.

SilkLover said...

Love the frame! Just imagine if you had an entire quilt of repeating Four Winds blocks... it is hard to unsee it after you have, well, seen it. I don't think it is the fabric. Just too many designs in one. Really like the Civil War Chronicle blocks you've completed. And the final parts of Anne Mead? Whoo Hoo!!

Jans said...

Your frame is beautiful also your fantastic work!

I want to buy the chart, but in the Netherlands I can;t buy the Goode huswife patterns.
Can you tell me where I cam buy in America?

I hope so because I want to stitch this beautiful chart.

Best regards,


Nancy said...

Your Goode Huswife sampler looks so beautiful in that gorgeous frame! You can make some wonderful quilt blocks. I think they all look very pretty!

Jan said...

What an absolutely gorgeous frame on an equally gorgeous finished piece! I am going to have to track this one down somewhere...otherwise it is going to haunt me. Love it in your avatar!

Beautiful, beautiful quilt first glance I didn't see anything ugly or awry with that first quilt block, but on second look, I think it might be two of the fabric patterns that are next to each other, that seem to fight one another. Although I think on the finished quilt, no one is going to notice, except for you.

Hope your week is grand, Debbie!

Loraine said...

Your blocks are stunning! Still laughing over your block that "offends your senses!" I've heard that the blocks with ugliest fabrics make the quilt have don't discard it yet, until you have a chance to see it all together!
I love your civil war block too! I can see why your biting at the bit to get going on it again.
I will e-mail you regarding DJ, but it is coming along, and I'm loving it still! So excited to tell you all about it.
Love your frame for your A&E! So stunning. It looks perfect with your piece. Your wall is going to be something to admire!
Hugs to you dear friend. Hope you have a great week.

Sally said...

I LOVE that frame. It is gorgeous and really suits your finish.

Mary said...

The frame is beautiful and a perfect match for the sampler. Great job!

Love the quilt blocks, too! Once they all are assembled, I'll bet the"ugly" block will fit in and be fine.

Karoline said...

Your framed Sarah is gorgeous, great choice of frame.

Your quilt blocks are lovely

Anonymous said...

Love your cross stitch and quilts. We have similar taste. Thank you for sharing.

Peggy H.

Cathy Lloyd said...

Back in the day (high school) we used to say it was "colder than a witches tit in a tin bra...." rude and crude humor...but it still holds true today and sits on my tongue many a last Saturday night when we had a lay-over in your city at the Detroit airport...holy cow! It was colder than a witches broomstick! LOL! PS I thought about you and Terri...hoping that you were at home and keeping warm with your favorite needle! Love your farmer's wife blocks! FaBuLouS!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful frame for Sarah!

I am not sure I would call that block ugly, but there is definitely something amiss with it. I do love all the other blocks though.

Lois said...

Love the frame for Sarah! Look at all those lovely quilt blocks too!! I'm thinking the 'ugly' block will fit in okay when it's put in with all it's companions.

Vonna said...

Sarah is positively wonderful...I'm jealous (as usual) of your wonderful stitching! The frame is gorgeous!
Your quilt blocks...drooling great! You'll have so many heirlooms for your children :)
They'll be swallowed up by them all! LOL!
Hugs to you Deb!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Sarah is fabulous, Deb! You picked a great frame and it really sets off your beautiful stitching! Way to go! Love all the quilt blocks - you are amazing - you get so much done and I am so jealous of all the heirloom quilts you will have.
Like you, I am ready for some warm weather. I'm chilled to the bone.

Teri said...

Love the finish and the frame; that's one gorgeous piece!

Tanya said...

I really, really like the frame you chose for Sarah!! And your quilting- I need for you to give me lessons. The blocks are wonderful.

Nancy M said...

I have to admit I like all the quilting pieces but your brown one.....Great frame!