Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Finish in 2011 and Challenge Follies (Pix Heavy)

Happy New Year everyone!  I wanted to do a day by day posting of projects this week, but things have been a little hectic around here.  DH is recovering from shoulder surgery and following me around every minute (What are you doing now???) so that has cut into my blogging time, and then DS has been terribly sick with something that has required two doctor's visits and is still running a fever after six days!  I think another trip to the Doctor's is warranted tomorrow.  So I never got around to posting every day or commenting on blogs, but here you have what's been going on in my neck of the woods with stitching this week.

I started off the new year right - with a finish!  And then promptly started something new for a New Year's start.  Then I kept going and before I knew it, even though I said I wouldn't, I joined in on the 15 Project Challenge, or as I call it the 15 Project Follies, but with my own twist on it.   But here's my finish:

Mary's Best Handwork
With Thy Needle and Thread
30 ct. Parchment and DMC Threads

I started this piece when I was in Utah for the Shepherd's Bush retreat and can't figure out why it took me so long to finish it!  It was a really run stitch.

Now comes the fun part and the follies.  I decided to do the challenge my way, and the further I get into it I'm wondering what the heck I was thinking.  But here are the first eight days with before and after pictures (where applicable).  And on days the progress was quite pathetic have pity on me - with DH and DS home, well, you probably understand!  LOL

Day 1 - After finishing Mary since she was a WIP, I went to something new - Elizabeth Sheffield by the Scarlett letter.  She was my New Year's Day start.  I love working on this one:

Elizabeth Sheffield
The Scarlett Letter
DMC and 40 ct. Mystery fabric

Day Two - I picked up And All Was For An Appil.  In looking at my notes as to when I started it - well, as I hang my head here - it was my New Year's start last year!!!!!!!:

Okay, let's keep chuckling to a minimum here!  Not too much progress - but I'm a slow stitcher on 40 count fabric.

Day Three - A new start and one I wanted to start last year - Ann Rayner:

Sad, but a start.  Again on 40 count fabric.

Day Four - Back to a WIP and this one I did get some progress in - Susanna Lane - I love this sampler a lot and it will probably be my next finish:



Day 5 - A start and a disaster at the same time - Jane Atkinson by the Scarlett Letter:

Not much stitching on this one.  The light thread so closely matched the fabric (again 40 ct and I have to ask myself what I'm thinking with all these 40 ct fabrics)  that I was having a hard time seeing it, so I decided to start filling in the flower and then do the lighter color.  That's when I found that I had made a mistake in outlining the flower with the lighter color.  As you can see, I was working it in a hoop to just start it.   Not a big deal with the miscount - I hadn't gone very far, but when I took it out of the hoop I realized that I started on the selvage edge and not the top edge!  UGH!!!  I called it a night and it will be revisited later - on scroll rods - and stitched in the right direction.

Day 6 - A WIP - Angel Song - again, not much progress:



Day 7 - A new piece - LHN's Traveler's Companion:

Is this not pitiful or what?????  But again, I don't think I sat my rear end in the stitching chair until almost 9:30 or 10:00 some nights and I go to bed about 10:30 - not much time to stitch!

Finally Day 8 - I actually got a lot of things done yesterday.  I decided to hide out in the craft cave and get some quilting things done.

Worked on a WIP - cut out this month's Farmer's Wife Blocks:

Started a new Project - cut out the first installment of Civil War Chronicles (love, love, love the fabric):

Worked on another WIP - put the next couple borders on the Red and Black quilt and cut out the next set of borders:

And started another new quilt - Civil War Tribute:

So now I'm faced with this - Piecing Happiness!!!

Later in the day I literally ran out of steam - unfortunately I think that I'm getting what my son has - finger's crossed that I'm not - but I did get in some stitching on Elizabeth Clayton:



Again, not much stitching, but a little bit.  

So there you have it - the first week of the challenge.  Only 7 more days to go.  I'm not sure what new ones I'm going to add into the mix next week.  I find that having all these projects going on at one time has been a real challenge to organizing!  But the one great thing about all this is that I haven't bought anything new except for a few fibers to round out a project.  That's a beautiful thing.

I've also enjoyed watching what people have been doing with this challenge and the projects that they are coming up with.  Some I had forgotten about and some I've never seen before.  I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I seem to have made quite a list of projects that I'd like to do in the future.  In the far distant future!  Very far distant future!!!  LOL  I think I have enough on my plate right now, and we're barely over the half way point on the Challenge (or Follies).

I hope that everyone has a great stitching week whether you're doing the Stitching Challenge or not.  While I haven't left many comments this week, I have been doing quick glances into everyone's blogs to see what they're doing before DH comes in and asks "What are you doing?"  LOL  He goes back on the 18th!  I love him dearly, but.................the 18th can't come soon enough!!

Have a great stitching week!


Ineke said...

WOW: you do have a lot of beautiful projects started! Most of all I love to see the fabrics of the Civil War Chronicles quilt. I subscribed to this BOM too, but the Dutch shop won't start sending blocks before the end of February.
Hoping your DS and DH will recover fast.

robindefender said...

Your "Mary's Best" looks lovely. And I'm impressed with all your starts, even if you didn't get huge progress on some of them... every little bit counts, right? I wouldn't DARE try to get into that many projects at one time! So hats off to you.

Bev said...

i completely understand what you mean about your DH, mine is the same, how i will survive when he retires i have no idea, and hope your daughter gets well soon, with the week you have had, i am surprised you found time to stitch anything

Teresa S. said...

Mary's Best looks fantastic! I put that one on my wishlist. And don't get discouraged over Jane Atkinson-I did the same thing this week. Started off completely wrong and will have to re-start the whole project. We just keep moving forward!

WoolenSails said...

You have done so many things already and lots of beautiful pieces started.


Erica said...

Congrats on your first 2011 finish! Mary's Best is just gorgous! Your other starts are all looking good too!

Hazel said...

Beautiful wips! Progress is progress. I have to ask though what you mean re selvedge edge? I have no idea. x

Mouse said...

Oh well done on everything you have done from stitching to quilting and looking after poorlies .... hope you don't get it either .... I've been doing all new starts so I'm one of the crazys heheheh love mouse xxxx

Myra said...

Mary's Best is gorgeous - such a sweet sampler. Wow! I think you accomplished quite a bit and I will be watching your progress with these.

Kathy said...

Ooh, I love Mary's Best. You've made some wonderful starts and progress on WIP's. I'm sitting here drooling over your quilt blocks and fabrics.
Just wait til your DH retires,it gets worse. LOL
Hope you don't get the bug your DS has.

Meadows08 said...

Holy Cow! I think you've done great in one week!

(I had no idea linen had a right/wrong direction to stitch on it...)

Robin (Samplerbird) said...

Oh girl, my head is in a spin with all your projects. One is prettier than the next! Just reading your post makes me want to pick up a needle and get stitching. Love all your starts and your Mary's Best Handworke finish is gorgeous! Hope the bug passes you by and your son gets to feeling better soon.

Here's a trick I've used in the winter when my DH can't seem to find anything to do. I set up a jig-saw puzzle and before long, he's stopping by to put a few pieces in. Only drawback is I can find myself working on it too.

Melissa said...

Oh Deb, you crazy woman! Yes, I did chuckle!

First, congratulations on the finish! Mary looks wonderful. I just took her to the framer's yesterday so hope to have a show-&-tell next week!

Oh my what a lot of lovely new starts! I will especially look forward to your progress on E Sheffield. I think she will be very pretty!

I hope your son feels better and your husband too - shoulder surgery sounds painful! And it's painful for you to have another puppy that follows you around - right? lol. How is Mr Bailey btw?

KarenV said...

So many lovely things to see here today! I love your finish, such a sweet piece and you have some lovely WIPs going there, whether new starts or older ones. I'm really loving Susanna - I think I might have to investigate this design a little further. All your quilting looks wonderful too - you have been busy!

Had to LOL at your DH following you around though - bless!

Giovanna said...

Absolutely beautiful finish! And a lovely sequence of WIPs - great going!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Oh Deb, you poor thing. A recuperating husband and a sick son...not a situation conducive to accomplishing a lot of new stitching. A big CONGRATS on finished your Mary. I love this sampler and hope to get mine stitched sometime in 2011. I love all your new starts and WIPs in both your stitching and quilting.
I hope you're not getting sick too.
Emma and Owen send a big Woof to Bailey.

Jackie said...

Deb, you sure have your hands full! I hope everyone gets well very very quickly. I'm doing one BOM this year and I'm beginning to think that wasn't a good idea! Ugh! I do need to finish some things. I really enjoyed seeing what you've been doing the first half of you Follies. Great stuff you're working on!

What kind of scroll rods do you use?

sampler lover said...

Hi Deb, hope you are feeling a little bit better.
Mary looks wonderful. It is such a lovely sampler and although you have done only a little bit on your other work it is a lot with what has been going on with all your sick patients. - Sandra.

Mary said...

There was no chuckling from me - my mouth is still open in amazement at what you have done in one week. In one week and with two male patients in the house !! Your finish was delightful and loved seeing all your other starts/restarts, and then there were the quilts !! I think you deserve a gold medal. Do hope you are feeling better.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous finish! I love that piece. And congrats on all the pretty pieces you've been stitching on - what a fun variety! Love those quilt blocks too - they will be so pretty when pieced. Hope you stay well!

Margaret said...

Love your first finish of 2011! And your challenge pieces -- very nice! I think everyone who's doing the challenge is nuts, but who am I to say. lolol! Everything is beautiful! Hope your son is feeling better soon and you're not catching it. And that DH's shoulder heals fast!

Christine said...

Congrats on that first finish and I love some of the other pieces you have going!

BrendaS said...

OMG -- you have certainly been busy. I'm in awe of everyone doing the challenge. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Too much pressure.

I love your first finish. I am going to go and see if I have that in my stash and if not I am going to have to order it. I just love it.

I hope your daughter is feeling better soon and that your hubby is on the home stretch to recovery and back at work soon:)))))

Take care and thanks for sharing.

Cindy's Stitching said...

you have been making a lot of progress. Sorry about your family being a little under the weather. your 1st finish is so pretty

Faye said...

Good golly Miss Molly~~~ You have so so much going on....Hang on dear!!

I love all the wips....had to laugh at the one where you started on the selvage edge....souns like something like I would dohaha...

And you do have a thing for 40ct..I have a really old piece in my "up 4 a challenge" that is on 40 ct and half too much to stop now...its been sitting there for 10 yrs, but THIS is its year.. Cant wait to see your progress!! Take care, Faye

Karen said...

YOur finish is beautiful! Looks like you will have a full stitching year too... love your starts as well as your WIP. I love your take on the challenge and hope you much stitching success this year!!!

Hope you have a good pair of magnifiers for that 40 ct! If've got to get you some!

Glenna said...

I love your starts--we seem to have the same taste in a lot of things. I have Mary's Best which I haven't started yet, although I've started Ann Rayner, and do you feel as if they're somewhat similar? Crossing my fingers for you about not getting what DS has, and that the 18th comes quickly, and that DH is fully recovered (and not wandering around the house asking what you're doing). BF went on a business trip for 3 days, although he normally works from home. He asks me that question a lot when he's around, so when he was gone, I missed him--sort of. But not THAT question.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your first finish for 2011 is a beauty and what can I say about all your other WIPS except - OMG! They're all beautiful, they all look intricate and most on 40 count.... I am in awe.

The quilts are gorgeous and I love all of them.

I hope you're feeling better - I hope DS feels better soon and I hope Dan feels better also. Maybe you need to send Miss C to a neighbors (I'll take her)! Anyway, I'll give you a shout in the net day or so about guild.

valerie said...

Congrats on your finish! And even if you didn't get much done on all your least it's a step in the right direction!

Hope DH and DS both get better soon so you can go back to your regular schedule. lol

Tanya said...

I think you have some wonderful starts and WIP plus a beautiful finish to boot. I can sympathize with the sick family. I can't wait to see more updates.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Deb ~
You are making my head spin!!!
I just LOVE Mary's best!
Hugs :)

Pointed Stitcher said...

Love your finish and all your WIP's!

Loraine said...

WOW! I'm seriously drooling over your fabulous projects. Your finish is darling. Makes me want to get that one out and start stitching!
Love beyond words your quilting projects. The Civil War one is amazing. Can't wait to see more of it!
I think you've made great progress even with sickness in your home. Hope everyone recovers real soon.

Cari said...

Oh my goodness Deb....I have been drooling through your entire post. I love each and every piece you have finished, touched, stitched, cut and sewn. Beautiful are such an inspiration. HUGS

mbroider said...

Lovely lovely pics, thank you! You are, i think, right about the Follies... Very soon, your Crazy mates will call them that, LOL.

I cant handle 3 WIPs, 15 is just out of the question! What i must be lacking is guts!!!

Sharon said...

Congrats on your gorgeous finish and good luck with all your wip's-looks like your off to a great start!

Kaaren said...

Whew, Deb! I'm exhausted just looking at all your wip's. Love your first finish too.

I'll be cheering you along from the sidelines. I admire how you can have so many different projects on the go at once and are able to jump from one to another. I'd be a nervous wreck...for sure!

tina said...

Wowww..quanti bei progetti!!! Complimenti!!

Lois said...

Deb, congrats on your Mary finish, she's lovely! Great choices on your Challenge starts. I am loving seeing what everyone picks and I'm full of admiration for everyone who's signed up for this. As always, love the quilt project plans. I don't know where you find the time! Hope DS feels better soon and that you're not coming down with what he had. Also, hope DH is well on the mend and can get back to his 'usual' life soon!

Siobhan said...

I think all you need to say is that your husband is home--everybody will understand then!! LOL I hope you're not getting sick, too! I am still coughing but not as bad. I think it's just a bad time of year. I was in line at the post office and the little boy behind me rolfed all over--twice--before his mother was able to get him out the door. Thankfully I heard the choking and moved forward! Yikes.

CONGRATULATIONS on the finish!! I love that sampler, hope to have a finish on mine soon. Your WIPs look great and I LOVE your choices for the challenge. Beautiful quilt blocks, too! YGG!

Alice said...

Beautiful finish and lots of progress! I can't decide which project I like best, they are all so pretty.

Gabi said...

Great finish. Congrats.
Love also all your projects, be it stitching or quilting. All are simply gorgeous.

Sherry said...

You have some beautiful projects started! I can't wait to see more of them. I hope everyone feels better soon.

anniebeez said...

All of your starts look great! Don't worry about them being too little, they are better off than they were where languishing in your stash!

woolwoman said...

Based on your challenges with DH home and DS sick - it looks to me like you are perservering very well. I love all your challenge projects - Wish I had put AAWFAA on my list but who knows it might come out for a start some time this year. Love ALL your quilty projects and the fabrics are GORGEOUS ! Hope things go better for you this week. Mel

Bekca said...

All projects have got to start somewhere, so even if it's only a little bit of stitching, at least it's stitching! I love all of your new projects and I can't wait to see the ones coming up and to watch these ones grow. Happy stitching to you.

Mary said...

Love all the projects. Anxious to see progress pics as you stitch!

Vonna said...

No matter if they are started anew, or started of old. Cut of anew or cut of old. Your stitching and your quilting are always amazing!

Fast healing for your Dear Husband and get better quick for your Dear Son :)

Hugs and love to you :)

Nancy M said...

And you don't think you got much stitching done?? Holy cow woman! I would get tired just swapping all the patterns out!! Love the quilt pieces. You don't stitch many smalls and I just wonder what a great bunch of fabrics you would have to choose from if you made flatfolds and cubes and such!!! It would be heaven for me!! Hope you are not coming down with what your son had!

Littlebit said...

Oh head is spinning look at all you have going on! Beautiful pieces, beautiful work! Hope your DH is ok!

Sherry :o) said...

Boy, for claiming to be slow with not a lot of time on your stitching fanny, Susanna Lane sure saw great progress...and the others too show progress. That's one thing blogging does for me - captures the progress in pictures. Love your quilting - I haven't even begun my CW BOM from LAST YEAR! Someday...

Missed seeing you yesterday, but now I know why you were not there.

Hope you stay healthy and hubby goes back as scheduled - take care!

Sally said...

Wow what a stunning finish and lots of gorgeous new starts too :)

Nicole said...

Great finish and beautiful wips Deb!! :)

Andie said...

love all your wips! And some progress is better than none! *hugs* hope you didn't get ill and that your son is much improved! Know how you feel having your DH underfoot :D Mine went back to work this week. Love the quilts!!

Anonymous said...

Mary's Best Handwork is beautiful. Thanks for sharing all of your other pics. I LOVE Susanna Lane. I can't wait to see it finished. I hope your men are feeling better, and that you stay well.

Karoline said...

Congratulations on finishing Mary, she's gorgeous. All your other projects are lovely.

Suzanne said...

I hope that your family is feeling better now. I love Mary, it's a great finish!

No for your new starts, you have some great projects there, but are you crazy, lol! You have so many big projects going, I broke out into a sweat just thinking about them. I look forward to seeing the rest of your projects. I really love the civil war chronicles quilt. Good luck with your challenge!!

Anonymous said...

I just love Mary's Best Handwork. It is just beautiful. Sounds like you have a lot going on. You are a brave soul. Hope your DH feels better soon.