Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happenings at Chateau Roman

Okay, lame title, but you know, you just run out of snappy titles sometimes.  Actually not much is happening in recent days at the Chateau, so nothing real recent - like in the last week.  Spring always seems to bring a flurry of things with the kids and once again, I start living out of my car - so not a lot of crafting is accomplished.  And I'm so behind on blogs and emails - I'll catch up soon!

Anyway, it's a beautiful day here in Michigan - bright, sunny (oh, is that what that glowing ball in the sky is? - scared me for a minute), and it's warm - so warm that I had to take a walk this morning (after the grocery shopping, that is).  Going through my neighborhood is like a nature walk.  This morning I had my path crossed by a red fox (rather scrawny looking and leering at my thighs and licking his lips, and eight deer roaming the woods - one of them an albino deer which I had never heard of or seen before - definitely need to take a camera next time)!

In my own Garden of Eden around the old Chateau, we also have those two half-naked people in Paradise.  They've been finished for a week or so, but I just got around to the staining:

Margaret Pence 1781
The Goode Huswife
40 ct. Daily Grind (Walnut Ink Stained) and DMC Threads

This was fun, although once again, I can't stitch these smaller pieces without making mistakes.  Luckily they're not glaring. The only change I made to this was the date - since the date of her sampler was 10 days before my birthday, I changed it to my birthday.  I'm on to my next A and E and another project, although not much to show on either one of them yet so I'll hold those till next time.

I don't know why, probably because of Easter and it being spring, I always seem to get into some kind of sewing mood - not to do quilts or things like that, but to make fun things.  I went through the same thing last year, and that bunny, from Country Stitches, is now my header for Easter.  Anyway, I saw this pattern recently in my web surfing and decided I needed to make one:

She's meant to be a pincushion, and I'm still waiting for the base for her, so I have her sitting on one of my grandmother's antique egg cups.  And I just realized that I didn't put blush on her ears!  I'll have to do that.  Anyway, this pattern is Cottontail Pincushion by Under The Garden Moon, and she was a snap to finish up!  For some reason, I've fallen in love with pincushions and recently bought a few patterns to do. She's the first and was so quick - one night!  A couple blogging friends, Siobhan, in particular, has been trying to get me to stitch some seasonal things.  I so stink at doing that, but do you think that this qualifies???  I know it's not cross stitch, but.......?????

Here's another one that I made, but it was a year or so ago.  This was from Lori Birmingham:

I finally finished up my Bullseye Quilt, too.  Taken as a whole I really love it, but when I was working with some of those blocks, especially after you cut them in quarters and put them back together again, well, they offended me:

This turned out to be a lot of fun to do and not quite as wonky as I thought it would be.  I can't wait until I get it quilted and washed so that the edges of the circles fray.  I had a couple people ask me about cutting the layers away as you sewed the circles.  Since I can't really describe it without too lengthy of a description, I'll have to construct a block and take pictures as I go along.  But it's very easy to do.

With that quilt finished I started another one.  This one is a Civil War quilt called Women's Voices, but I only have a little bit of it put together.  These are the first set of blocks:

And these are the second set although not completely put together:

This was a BOM and included fabric to make two blocks in different colorways every month.  It will end up being a king sized quilt when I'm finished.  I was surprised at the size of the blocks - 15 inches each.  I am very proud of myself that these are from stash from a few years ago, and not some of the new goodies that I bought, although those have been really calling my name.  These blue and green blocks are called different things depending on how you lay out the fabric.  It can be called Underground Railroad, Jacobs Ladder or Trail of the Covered Wagon in Mississippi and the prairie states.  I love how each month there is a little history written about each block.

I have barely done anything on my poor rug since my class last Thursday.  My last class, I might add, and I'm going to miss it.  I hope that I can get involved with the Monthly group that Kris has.  This is all the progress I've made:

Not a lot of progress and I'm seriously of thinking about tearing out the white yet once again.  I don't like working with white anyway - whether it's in xstitch or now wool, and I can see all kinds of glaring mistakes I did, but Kris told me it looks fine and will look better when it's steamed.  And it's my first - a learning process - but still, it bugs me.  Part of the whole problem is that I haven't had a frame so it's been hard to get my loop length consistent while trying to balance a quilt hoop in my lap - not the best thing to hook a rug on.  But Mr. Postman - hero that he is (don't tell him that though, he's really a crank), dropped off the frame yesterday.  Was I home?  Of course not, so I'm high-tailing it to the post office now to pick it up!

Well, that's about all that's going on around here.  I don't expect to get too much done in the next week or so with all the kids activities, etc.  Plus I just realized that this is the time of year again for my annual Spring thrifty/antique store time.  Seems next week is about the only free week (knock on wood) that I see for a while, so hopefully the weather will hold out, I can get my Cafe Mocha from Mickey D's, crank up some tunes in the car and drive in pursuit of fun things.  Maybe!  Those fun times are always subject to change.

Thanks so much again for all your wonderful comments.  I loved the comments I received last time, especially those of you that shared a little fun fact about yourself.  Have a wonderful week and make it stitchy!!!


corinna said...

fun stuff

love the bunny...well bunnies actually...cute header

way to quilt
you are prolific

and love the A&E sampler

but am really smiling with that rug hooked sheep...or ram
rug hooking.... hmmmmmmm....
it sure looks fun
very tempting

Jennifer said...

Deb, you have really got alot done. That quilt is awesome, beautiful!!!!!
And I can't wait to watch your progress on the Women's one with the stripes. I can't imagine but I can how hard hooking must be (ok, I just felt like a ho) for that comment but anyway, you are certainly gifted in many crafts and I love all the projects you have done.
Adam and Eve looks GREAT!

I thought about you the other day when I saw alot of Adam and Eve stuff somewhere online, can't remember but I think it was a needleminder or needlecard. Do you have those?

Jane said...

What a collection of fab finishes!
Of course, Buttons and I both agree that the Country Stitches bunny header and pin cushion are the best ever and the search is on to find the charts so I can stitch them too. Love the Garden of Eden and the rug making too, look forward to an update in the next post.

Annie said...

Wow.. progress on so many fronts. Your stuffed bunnies are just adorable (and who would ever think to complain about no blush on the ears?).

Such cool pieces.. A&E, super quilt and the start of the rug.

Busy people always seem to get more done!

Missy Ann said...

Look at you go!

LOVE the bunny. Great minds & all that. I have something in the same vein to post to my blog. What base are you going with? (and love the toothpick holder too)

Your circle quilt turned (or is rolled) out great.

Adore those flag blocks.

Glenna said...

Whoa--so much wonderfulness. Love both the Header Bunny and the Stuffed Bunny (even without blushy ears). Funnily enough, I saw a crewel stuffed bunny kit at my LNS, and now I'm going to have to investigate that--all your fault, of course. The rug is cute, cute--don't pull it out!

Melissa said...

As usual, Deb, there's so much stuff I don't know where to start my comments!

Love the A&E (of course)! The bunny, oh he's cute and it's very seasonal - yes count him in! The quilts - I can't keep up, you have so many on the go! And the rug - wow, it'll be really cute!

Elaine said...

Wow Debbie so much stuff, where to start... Love the Sampler, the bunny is just adorable.
All your quilts are amazing and that little rug hooked lamb is just darling...don;t pull it out. Finish it send it to me and make another one...LOL!

Nick said...

What a wonderful bunch of finishes! I love the bunny, he is perfect for Easter, and spring! I'm glad to hear I'm no the only one enjoying this beautiful Michigan weather.

Alice said...

That bunny is cute cute cute! You have been very busy.

Alex said...

Gosh Deb! There's so much in this post I don't know where to begin! I love the header picture and the other bunny as well. A and E looks good as well as the Lorri Birmingham pincushion. I have a few of her patterns myself. The bull's eye quilt turned out awesome!! I like the quilt blocks too! I have not done any rug hooking but seeing everyone else's projects, I am tempted to learn. Especially when I visit the yarn shop and see it all up close! I love the whole post!!

Sharlotte said...

Well Deb... it has happened again, and this time to you.Sorry! My son Alex didn't log out of his account and so I wrote my post in his name and didn't notice until just as I was clicking the publish comment button, then it was too late! Again I'm sorry....blushing

Amy said...

Love your bunny. But I have a thing for bunnies and roosters!!

Always glad to see your blog.

Have a wonderful day.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Oh my gosh! So much fun stuff! I love the new bunny - cute, cute, cute! Margaret Pence is fabulous and I think, oh so much better with the staining. And, just let me say - I LOVE your circle quilt! It is absolutely gorgeous, wonkiness and all! Great job, gf!

The new quilt is going to be beautiful, too and I would love all the historical snippets of information that went along with them. What fun!

I can not see one thing wrong with your white sheep - I think he looks very handsome. You should NOT tear him out.

I so wish I didn't work during the day so I could go with you on your antique jaunts. You always find something special.

Great post, Deb!

Margaret said...

For someone who hasn't done much stitching/sewing, it seems to me you've gotten lots done!! I love all your projects! Beautiful walnut dyeing and beautiful Margaret, beautiful quilt projects, cute bunny, I'm sure I forgot something, but I loved this post! lol! I'm looking forward to your antique/thrifting so I can see what you got!

Sherry said...

I love love love your bunny and you did a great job staining A&E. The bullseye quilt is lovely! The new blocks are beautiful and I can't wait to see more! How neat about seeing an albino deer! Your hooking looks great! I will have to live this hobby out by watching what you do!

LiahonaGirl said...

Busy girl! The embroidered bunny pin cushion is darling. And I love the cross-stitched bunny in your blog header. I'm also looking forward to seeing the bull's eye quilt once it's quilted and frayed.
I hear my sewing room calling my name!

staci said...

Congrats on MP, she's lovely! That bunny is just too cute. And I love the pattern and colors of your Bullseye Quilt...gorgeous!!!

Katherine said...

If you keep tearing out your hooking to make it "perfect" - in the future you won't have something to look back on and see how well you have improved. And you'll never get on to your next project either. I LOVE your bunny! Beautiful!

valerie said...

OMG, your posts are always jam-packed with goodness. I absolutely *love* this new embroidered bunny! It is soooo cute!

The A&E, the quilt, the latch hook...wow!

Jackie said...

I'm with Katherine! Don't tear the rug out. I think it looks great and we all start somewhere! You're learning and I know you're doing way better than I could do.

You're a beautiful stitcher, quilter, and sewer. I love seeing all your projects!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Love the Spring bunnies Deb! Your quilt looks wonderful and I'm going to enjoy watching your progress on the Civil War BOM.

Siobhan said...

Deb, I love your rabbits! So cute. I love the idea of pin cushions... I can't wait to see more of what you decide to do. The teacup is just too cute. I love love love how the circle quilt turned out--just love those fabrics! The blocks look great. Margaret is wonderful! I love how you personalized it. Great job!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Love the bunny pincushion - pincushions seem to be the rage lately!! Your A&E sampler looks good and I want to come with you on your Micky D's thrift store adventure!!

Have a good one -- Roberta

mainely stitching said...

Love the quilting, and your GH finish is fabulous! Your bunny is downright cute!

Catherine said...

I don't even know where to begin - so let me just say - wow!! It's all amazing!!

Sherry said...

I will definately be ringing you up to get some blog advice. I have my list and your number - depending on how the day goes tomorrow, I may try then....love the quilt and I agree, I don't think I would like it much putting it together but the finished product is really neat. Hope you get some quality time to sew/stitch! Enjoyed seeing you Sunday! - Sherry

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love your bunny header ;-)
For not much going on at Chateau Roman (very clever!), you sure had a lot to say and it was very enjoyable!
Listen to Kris and don't reverse hook your sheep. You will be amazed what a good steaming will do. A good frame will make things easier! After 5 years, my loops still are not perfect no matter how hard I try!
Your quilts look great, too. You have been one busy lady.
Pug hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Love the bunny pincushion!!..and the bunny in your blog header too!!

Looks like you have been busy with some projects. Everything is looking great.


Robin said...

Deb, you are a women of many talents! Thank you for showing a picture of your Country Stitches bunny. I finished the stitching on mine tonight. Next step is the coffee treatment.

I love seeing all of your projects, I'm in awe that you get so much done! Congrats, on all your finishes both recent and past. I hope you share a picture of your Bullseye Quilt once it is washed.

Anonymous said...
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Brigitte said...

Wow, you've been up to a lot lately - stitching, sewing and quilting.
The two bunnies you made are so cute. I particularly love the one in your header. I think I have to order the pattern as well. And congratulations on finishing Margaret Pence. A loevly piece.
Looking forward to seeing more of that new quilt. I'm looking for a BOM project myself but haven't found something yet. Maybe during the next holidays when I'll have more time.

Country Prims said...

Oh, I really love those bunnies-they are both adorable. You have been working hard-love the quilts too:)
Have a great day,
Shazy x

Isadarena said...

Hi Deb : what a great post : I always love reading you :_))
A new Award for your new banner which is so sweet with the small white rabbit : pretty nice! ! and
How many progresses on your different projects :-) You know but you are really very prolific about the quilting : I love them so much:-)
Take care and a samll hug to the little red fox you saw during your walk :-)

Anonymous said...
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Giovanna said...

What a great show - love it all, congrats!

Alice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alice said...

Love your half naked people. I am intrigued that you stain your work AFTER you stitched it. I would be so scared that it discolours the threads! Today I am staining cloth for the first time. The sun is out so it can hang outside and hopefully these spiteful flies in our area don't do their poop spraying all over it. France must be the only country in the world with flies that have diarrhea all year round. Its really a bitch if you have white garden furniture as they really go to town on those!!!

The Bullseye quilt looks just awesome! I kind of knew it would be an interesting quilt. Think once it frays it would be just incredible.

Hooking is something really alien to me. Knowing myself I would be tempted to rip all the time and drive myself around the bend with it. I think your sheep looks real cute and perhaps you should just continue, finish it, then wash it to really get the feel for it.

Your bunny is a cutie too. Love the one on your banner.
Enjoy all your shopping and looking for treasures. I love those places myself.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

wow you are one busy girl. Enjoy the sunshine and Be always in stitches.

woolwoman said...

LOVE the new blog face and all the bunnies - I pulled out a bunny hooked runner I started a number of years ago and took a look - so we must all be in the bunny frame of mind!
Don't you dare pull out that sheepie - it looks fine - you need to just keep moving forward - you are doing a fine job on your hooking journey - you'll see improvement with your frame and that is expected. Like Lauren said - the steaming does wonders for smoothing out lumpy bumpy loops - keep going.

Margaret is just wonderful - I want to be brave enough to try that staining one day - however I have to finish something first LOL - the quilt is awesome - can't wait to see the unique finishing and the new one looks interesting too - wow you've been sewing up a storm lately - good for you - great post - take care Mel

Loraine said...

Not much going on, huh...looks like you have had a productive week! Love your A&E sampler. So nice!
I also love your bulls eye quilt. I know it may have seemed weird to look at those individual blocks, but...Wow! It is stunning put all together! Love it!
I am excited to see what your king size quilt looks like. I'm proud of you for working on an older project. I've been doing the same thing, and trying to get some of my old ones out of the closet so I can do new ones really soon! (That's the plan for now. Not that I'm sticking to it very well, but it's worth a try!)
I think your rug hooking is coming along perfectly. I know how hard holding a quilting frame is. I developed tendinitis over it, and that was not fun at all! Hope you enjoy your new frame. Your rug will be darling when it's finished.
And finally, I have to tell you how cute your little bunny is! I love this sweet little pincushion. Thanks for the pattern name. I may add that to my wish list!
Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the sun! I'm literally basking in it and soaking up every vitamin D particle I can get!

Michelle said...

The bunnies are adorable! Love the one you just finished up. And Margaret Pence is fabulous, of course. The walnut ink turned out great on it. And wow - the Bullseye quilt!! Love it!

The French Bear said...

Gee, every time I look at your blog, you have something amazing and beautiful!!!! I love the pin keep, I seem to be the same, I just love them, can't explain why just something about them..... and the fact that I am addicted to shopping at Brenda's!!!!
Thank you for the kind words and the wonderful friendship, I love my blog friends!!!
I am going to do some stitching today!!!
You have inspired me!
Margaret B

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Where is the bunny at the top of your page from? ilove it!!

Anonymous said...

What a great post, Debbie!

I love the header - did you make that as well? I would love to know what pattern it is. I think it will be fun to make for Gwen... :)

Your Bullseye quilt is stunning!!!!! Great job.

You impress me - with your many many talents!!!

Andrea said...

I actually went squee!! at the bunny in your header when I opened your blog up! OMG, he's too cute! And the other bunnie is too :-)

Love your A&E sampler, I just ordered that chart the other day from the GH website!

Your quilting is gorgeous. Gosh, you are so multi-talented! Rug hooking too! Where do you talents end ;-)


Kaaren said...

I don't know where to start, Deb or with which project because I love them ALL! I guess what "grabs" me the most is the rug hooking, simply because I love anything hooked and I don't know how to do it. It looks absolutely fine to me so don't stop now!

Your bunny is too cool and I just am ga ga over the A and E stitchery.

Mel said...

Wow... lovely quilts!! :)

And the bunny is very cute.

Myra said...

Wow! You have been busy. The bullseye quilt is fabulous and I love the bunny in your header. Seasonal things are fun and quite nice to have to sit out at the appropriate time.

Sally said...

You have been very busy Deb! Your quilting is amazing and I love the bunny. Love your A&E sampler.

Nancy M said...

I think the bunny qualifies for holiday decorating! Your quilts are awesome, I'm still trying to decide what/where to get my King top finished!!! Have you ever gone to the Cross stitch store in Tecumseh? There is a quilt store in the same building....maybe we should meet up sometime. There are probably lots of antique places to stop on the way for you!! :-)

Karen said...

Such a cute bunny and I think your hooking is coming along very nicely.

JOLENE said...

What a fun post Deb! You have been dabbling in lots of fun stuff lately. First off, I LOVE your new header and those adorable bunnies. The quilt is magnificent and your rug is coming to life, how fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Smiles....

dianemi said...

Oh my goodness Deb, that quilt **drool**. Gorgeous. I'm lovin' that header and you KNOW how I feel about your teacup. More love. As for your hooking, it looks like you are getting better at it all the time. (That just sounds wrong.) ;) Great job on everything Woman...go Deb go!!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Love the A&E finish! What do you use to do your staining (sorry, question girl is me!)? It turned out really well!

Re: the albino deer.. is that sort of like the White Stag where if you catch it it will grant you wishes? Take a lasso next time.. it's worth a shot! ;)

That bunny is adorable - cute without being too cutesy - and yes, I believe it counts as seasonal stitching. :)

The quilt does look wonderful, my dear!

I hope you're able to get out and enjoy a drive with your tunes and your Mocha!! And then, of course, share your finds with us so I can drool.

Have a great rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find the walnut crystals to try dyeing some linen. Any suggestions on where to find them? The Hobby Lobby in my town said they didn't have them and didn't know what they were.


Mari said...

Where do you get your walnut crystals for dyeing linen??



Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by.. nice to meet you! You are one VERY talented lady.. my goodness! I love everything you shared. Have a wonderful week!

Suzanne said...

What a busy post with so many things going on. I love both of the bunnies, they are so cute. Margaret Pence is awesome, I have taken mine out and kitted it all up ready to start once a few other things are out of the way.

Lois said...

Deb, you always have so much to share on your blog and I love reading it all. That bunny is cute and yes, it definitely does count as a Spring stitch! I love your new header! Lovely quilts, as always and don't be so hard on yourself with the rug hooking - I think it looks good. Margaret Pence is looking very nice too.

Enjoy your more Spring-like days!

Sherry said...

there is an award for you at my blog

Scattered Threads said...

Deb, I am always inspired by the work of your hands. Please stop by my blog and accept The Sunshine Blog Award.
Always, Jackie.

Jennifer said...

Hey girlie, I left you an inspirational blog award......I thought of you instantly.

Feathers in the Nest

Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

I love your bunny finish! Very seasonal indeed.

Carol said...

Wow, Deb, you sure have been busy! I remember those days of running the guys around in the car all day...crazy, but memorable. Oh, the things I learned eavesdropping on them and their friends as they discussed school, girls, etc. in the back seat!

Love all of your creations, especially the little white bunny. I am a rabbit nut--they always make me smile (well, except when they're nibbling on my flowers!)...

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Meari said...

Wow, look at all those crafty projects you're working on. The bunny is really cute! Everything looks great.

doris said...

Where do I begin?

How about bunnies? Love your new bunny pic in your header ... very cute. And your other bunny ... also very cute. I'm a bunny freak.

Miss Margaret looks perfectly stitched and stained. What is it about those little samplers? I'm going through this same thing, and it's making me koo koo.

You're such a quilting monster! They're beautiful.

The little hooked sheep is too cute for words. I think he looks great. It's hard for me to be satisfied with the directions of my wool when I hook. It's been a long time, but I have two projects nagging at me.

You're such a busy girl! When do you ever find time to blog?

Paula D said...

I remember the days of hunting for "frogs" for my sister when we were younger. You know? I never did buy one. But the one you are giving away is lovely! I am a follower of your blog on my google reader as well. Happy spring!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wow beautiful quilts. You do wonderful work. Keep up with the rug hooking it does get easier as you do more and when you steam the piece you will be surprised how everything just lays so much better! :)Ginger

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Deb ~ I just ran across your blog and saw the cute little sheep rug ~ and read that you were waiting on a frame ~ mine, perhaps??!! How do you like it and is your little rug finished? It's very nice and hope you didn't reverse hook the white ~ it's really very nice!!