Friday, March 5, 2010

Change is Good!

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I don't know about the weather in your part of the country, but it's an absolutely beautiful day here.  Sunny, warming up, snow melting!  In the 40's all weekend!!  Definitely has to put you in a happy mood.  For some reason I keep hearing Martha Reeves and the Vandella's singing Heat Wave!  LOL   But it's also made me have Spring fever in the worst way, so I have barely spent a minute in the house the past week and when I have, all I can say is that you can see your reflection in my shower tiles - okay, maybe not, but they're clean!  LOL  I even tried to clean up my blog, but I'm not sure that I like it.  I'll just have to play with it some more.   It also made me clear out my change basket for some goodies, but I'll get to that in a bit (beware - a lot of pictures).

I didn't get a lot of stitching done this week.  Another night or two and this baby will be finished:

Margaret Pence.  I do love stitching on this, but once again, those danged frogs came out of hiding and were snipping at my tail all week!  I don't know what it is about these smaller pieces, but they are the bane of my existence.  My next piece will definitely have to be a larger piece.

Quilting is going slow too.  I've made a little bit of progress.  I went from this:

To this - kind of scary doing that:

To this:

Kind of crazy blocks, don't you think?  I have a hard time with combining all these crazy fabrics together.  As we all know, I'm anal - I like things to match up, coordintate, live in perfect harmony when finished.  This doesn't even come close - not even the circles match up because you cut them freehand!  So this is a real learning experience for me - learn not to be anal!  I hope to have the whole quilt pieced in the next couple days - that is if I stay home long enough to do it!

Yesterday, I had my rug hooking class, and I just love it.  Problem is that rug hooking doesn't seem to like me.  This is my progress or lack of progress.  Instead of going forward, I've gone completely backward.  In other words, I sheared my sheep:

Poor sheepie.  Thank goodness it's getting warmer around here because this poor thing is bare!  I don't hook high enough.  I seem to have the hang of it, but my loops aren't high enough, so I pulled the whole thing out.  I do love going to class though.  Kris is a great teacher.  Yesterday we learned about binding our rugs.  I think I'm a long way off for that!  But you may want to check our her blog.  She's posting a rug a day and her rugs are just beautiful.  So beautiful in fact, that I just had to pick up this baby:

This was the beauty that was staring out from the background in my last post.  I just have to do her, but like I said, I've got to get those loops higher!  I'm going for a make up class tomorrow, so more fun and more eye candy.

Anyway, Spring brings change, and I had a whole lot of it:

I throw all my change into this basket.  When it gets full, I roll it and start over again.  If there are a lot of quarters when this baby is full, I rake in about $100.00  I could get rich with the amount of change that my kids leave laying around, that comes out of their pants pockets on laundry, etc.  I also collect those bills that come out of pockets.  I don't keep anything over $5.00.  Unfortunately, I think my kids are catching on to my change snatching because I haven't seen a lot of it in the past couple of weeks.  So, anyway, I collect all the change, roll it, and hide it away.  But, of course, I'm not a rich woman because I go on road trips and spend it all on stash.

First stop was a quilt store that I had not been to before as it's quite a distance from my house, but near my rug hooking class, and well, you just have to kill two birds with one stone, right?  So I came home with this:

A bunch of patterns!!

And more patterns.  The fabric in the front are my first three installments of the Farmer's Wife Quilt.  But I needed the book before I can start on it, so had to pick that up along with the BBD book.

Then I had to pick these up!  Done in Civil War prints.  This store, Wendy's Simple Stitches in Howell, Michigan, had a whole room of Civil War fabrics.  Oh, be still my heart.!!! I have a funny feeling that I'm going to be burning a lot of that Goodyear rubber going out to that shop.

Then I had to make a couple trips out to my not so local LNS' to see what new Market goodies there were.  Now mind you, I wasn't going to buy a thing (yeah, famous last words):

Obviously the bad won over the good in this case and I didn't listen to me telling myself that I didn't need anything more to stitch.  And I'm still not finished.  Becky RAK'd me with a gift certificate to Down Sunshine Lane that I have to use and I did do a little bit of web surfing too.  I just had to have those scissors to add to the collection, and the sheep and tape measure just because, well, I'm a hooker now too.  And I love, love the BBD book.  So many great projects to do in that book.  I can't wait to dive into it!    Most of these goodies came from Stitches 'N Things, but I also picked up a few things at the The Rocking Horse  This store is a feast for the eyes, but the only thing lacking is that they don't carry the linens us sampler lovers love.  But here are a couple pictures:

This is the upper level (sorry for the dark picture)

Part of the lower level.  There is more behind me, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

This shop has a ton of things in it.  I forgot to take a picture of the Shepherd's Bush area, but I think you can see that it's full of eye candy.  Models are hanging all over the shop.  But they're not into the sampler things that I particularly like, but still fun to go to.

So that's been my week!  I definitely had Spring fever.  I'm exhausted.  All that shopping can really tire you out!  LOL  I do try to rationalize these purchases with the thought that my summer is really crazy with the kids and road trips are not something that usually happens.  So I need to stock up now!

Well, I'm off to catch up on everyone's blogs.  I've barely read anything in the past few days.  Tomorrow I'm going for a make-up hooking class, and I'm hoping that my sheep will look sheepy again.  And on Sunday I'm going to rest and play with all my goodies.  Okay, I lie.  I see a lot of laundry (oh, maybe more change too) and more cleaning in my future, but I can think about all the stitching goodies.  Maybe next week I can play with them - I'm not getting back in my car except for my hooking class if I can help it.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments when you do.  I do love hearing from everyone.  Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope that it's warming up in your part of the world too!


Annie said...

Weather's looking better here too. What a fun bunch of projects. It's great to try new things, even if it is a bit frustrating at time. I love the circle patchwork. And I'm drooling over all your new stash and well-stocked LNS. Have a great weekend.

Glenna said...

Oooo--yeah--Eye Candy! The rugs! (Which now I've spent half a day looking at on the net). The quilts (yes, scary--I wouldn't have wanted to cut that). And the stitching goodies!

BeckySC said...

GF!!! WOW!!!! Can I come to your house???? You have such nice new stash to drool over and fondle :)
Your progress looks amazing :)
I hope you have a FUN/stitchy/hooky/quilty filled weekend :)

woolwoman said...

OK - I have so much to say about this post I should send you an email LOL ! OMG what a haul you made in Howell! The quilty stuff is WONDERFUL - I see a Bonnie Blue pattern in there too ! It's really sad when a non-quilter starts recognizing quilt designers by their packaging. Love everything you got - the material,kits and your circular project is interesting to say the least.

Rug hooking - dont' get discouraged - there is some degree of practice involved in hooking - you did the right thing pulling out Eweie if you did not like her. the fabric is pretty forgiving for a time or two. LOVE your new NFF herb angel - that is a darling canvas. I'm afraid I'd be sweeping Kris's stalls and cleaning her studio if I visited there - I would be in hock so deep I could probably not ever leave Howell.
I love your change on the blog face - it is really nice and I love that A&E sampler - so cool. Man did you make a haul of stitchy stuff too. I see you fell for AaHRH - I am NOT buying C or A until I finish Shores. Better cut this off or I'll be rambling forever about this super post - I'll have to re-read several times to "get" it all in. Mel

Margaret said...

Yes, thank goodness! It has warmed up and the snow is melting! Yay!!!! I love all your stash! That angel rug is going to be so cool! I want one too! lol! I hope you get the hang of how high the loops should go. And your quilt -- that is really cool! I can see how it might be hard though, with things not matching and stuff. It's rather freeing though, isn't it? It's pretty! Love all your quilt stash and your xs stash too. Oh it's awful, isn't it? I love stashing! :D Have fun at your next rug hooking class!

LiahonaGirl said...

Some awesome new projects in your future. I cant' wait to see the progress on the rugs. On any given day, how do you possibly decide whether to quilt, stitch or hook? I run into that problem and I don't even do rugs!

Cari-in-VA said...

WOW - you have been quite productive this week! Cleaning and shopping - I'll take the latter and forget the first :-)

I love your new blog-look and your header is wonderful!

I can't wait to see your circle quilt all put together. I know it will be beautiful.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and have time for everything on your list (and find a bunch of change).

Bobbie said...

I'm so glad you like rughooking..give it time...It took me a while to really enjoy it..I kept struggling with the wool, the hook, the backing, etc. A lot of it has to do with the tools you use. I learned the hard way to be very choosey with what you buy. What works for some, may not work for you.

And OMG!! What about that stash of patterns!! Beautiful!! I wish I had more time to hook and stitch..I'm heading down to Ohio in the morning to Ault's for their monthly hook in...have fun tomorrow with Kris!!

April Mechelle said...

Margaret is looking good !! I love the crazy quilt! You got a great bunch of Stash !! Our weather here in alabama is surpose to be in the 60's this weekend. I can't wait

Blu said...

What gorgeous eye candy! So much new stash!
Love the new fabrics for the quilts. they're all lovely!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you came visited and left a comment on my blog. I just had to come visit you and I'm absolutely blown away by all your beautiful work. I'm also very pleased to see that you do a little bit of everything. I try make myself stick with one 'thread' project at a time but I'm not very good at that. (grin). I also have a few quilts in the works. ;o)

Your circles quilt and now rug hooking have me real keen to see how they finish up.

Hmm, I'm inspired to do a little shopping myself. ;o)

Melissa said...

I think that was very clever of you to collect all the loose change! It's amazing how much gets collected! You have bought some wonderful stash! I love those civil war fabrics that you got.

You were very brave to cut up those quilt blocks. I think they will look fantastic in the end!

valerie said...

Oh my've been so do you do it all!? Great progress on Margaret Pence. You're almost done. Love all your quilting and x-stitch stash too. I'm trying to not look so closely though...I've got more than I know what to do with! lol

Cari said...

Hey Deb I am lovin' your Bulleyes quilt. Wait until you wash'll love it even more!! And your sheared sheep--so darling. I love the Herb Angel because I have needlepunched her. Alot smaller than your piece will be. AND THE STASH...Beautiful. It's finally starting to warm up here and it's about time!! My sisters are coming to Florida next week for a visit and it should be around 75...perfect for stitching on the lanai 24 / 7. I'll post pics on my blog. Have a great weekend!! HUGS

Alice said...

I do love your new banner Deb. Its very refreshing. Stop showing off with your nice sunny weather. Its absolutely freezing in France and tomorrow we might have snow. Margaret Pence is coming along beautifully. You are nearly there. Oh, tell me about being anal!!! Your quilt will bring out the perfection in the imperfection. Enjoy your hooking tomorrow. Wow, are you going to be quilting with all those patterns! I also have a kitty for change. Her name is Charlotte. She is a HUGE pig. I will have to show you sometime.

Berit said...

Ok, now I know something's wrong with me because I like the looks of the quilty stash better that the stitchy stuff!! *drool*

I also <3 that basket; my mom Had some Longabergers from the 80's when i was growing up; do they still put the date on the bottom? I've been secretly dreaming about turning fox forest into a Longaberger cover--but I'd have to get some first! ;)

Laurie in Iowa said...

Love the new look to your blog and the header is fabulous. Wow, wow, wow... wonderful stash hauls for all of your current passions. I'm drooling over those lovely quilt kits you picked up. Just think how much you're boosting the economy.

mainely stitching said...

Here at Chateau Chaos, the kids rip off my change bucket. Little buggers. LOL.

Love your quilting and stashing!!

Missy Ann said...

Ooooo Steweb scissors! Love these to death.

You can never have too many patterns. And love your raw edge blocks. I have a pattern around here somewhere that's similar only with squares. If I find it I'll email you. (it was a freebie)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Deb ~
You sure got a boat load of new treasures to work on. I'd suggest you give up sleeping!
I, too, save my silver change and that is my "fun money" ~ just not enough money to have a whole lot of fun (antiques, wool)!
Keep your chin up about the hooking. I look at the first pieces I hooked and the loops were VERY low ~ now I think I hook almost too high. The higher you hook, the more wool you use!
Pug hugs :)

Kim said...

Wonderful wonderful stash!!!! You've had an awesome week! And was a beautiful day here too! Lets us know there is hope for spring! :o))

Kim said...

Oh yeah! The Bullseye! It's looking great! You will love it when it's all done and frayed!! Gorgeous fabrics! :o)

Catherine said...

Wow! You've been a busy girl!! Have a great weekend playing with all your new goodies!

Cathy B said...

Hello Deb, we're expecting beautiful weather this weekend too. Spring is just around the corner!

Love all of your purchases - wish that I could quilt like you do!

Have a great weekend!

Sherry said...

Your LNS looks as yummy as my new one! Margaret looks great! She is being framed in my group of framing goodies. The rugs are wonderful! I especially like the angel. You got so many great new goodies to add to your stash! Wanna come to NC with it all?

Danielle said...

I love those quilt blocks--I've never seen them done that way, but they look very cool. I wish I had more time so I could quilt, but I can barely stitch, so oh well. Lovely progress on Margaret Pence. I think I am probably better off not having a LNS, or I would want everything I see. Still, it's so nice being able to see designs all stitched up!! By the way, who is the designer of the sampler on your banner--I love that one, too!

Danielle said...

I love those quilt blocks--I've never seen them done that way, but they look very cool. I wish I had more time so I could quilt, but I can barely stitch, so oh well. Lovely progress on Margaret Pence. I think I am probably better off not having a LNS, or I would want everything I see. Still, it's so nice being able to see designs all stitched up!! By the way, who is the designer of the sampler on your banner--I love that one, too!

Loraine said...

Oh my goodness! What fabulous stash buying, girl. I think you have me beat! I love those quilts and all of your stitching goodies. You will be busy.
It think you are right, spring must be in the air. I'm not happy unless I'm buying something fun to do! (It's a sickness for sure. I think I should be the one to head Stitcher's Anonymous!)
I love the rugs that you are going to do. It is a little harder than it looks. Hope you don't have to "sheer" your sheep again. At least it's easy to unpick!
Take care. Can't wait to start DJ with you. Do you have a plan for that anytime soon? BTW did you get your quilt pattern yet?

Isadarena said...

Wow Deb, I love your new blog background and your banner:-)
those quilt blocks that you just made are very nice and nicely crazy !! what a great idea your basket where you put money . You also made a lovely progress on Margaret Pence. Thank you very much for all these beautiful pictures of your LNS and of your purchases: oh My God,!! in a shop like this one, I think I would spend too many money ....:-))
Have a great week-end,
Take care,

Brigitte said...

What a post, what a week. All the beautiful pictures of new stah, new quilting kits and fabrics. And of your LNS. I'd love to live near some quilting and stitching stores like the one you show. Sigh ...
Lookibg for ward to seeing your WIPs finished.

Lois said...

What lovely new stash you've added this week both stitching and quilting. I love how those blocks are turning out! As for all those pics of your LNS?!?!? Oh you lucky thing!! Sorry to hear a frog is lurking, hope it's hopped off and stays away.

Really liking your new blog look and love the idea of the change basket. Wish I'd thought of that when my three were at home! I could have a small fortune stashed away by now!!! Hope class goes well today and rug hooking loves you back!

Siobhan said...

Umm, oh my gosh. The new rug is FANTASTIC!! I love that angel. I can't wait to see your WIP of it. Love the sheepie rug, and your Margaret looks great, too. The circle quilt is amazing! I don't think I'd be able to cut that, either, but the finished result is going to be so cool. Love the new stash, and your blog look--woohoo! YGG! I love your blog header sampler, I must get working on mine!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great post, Deb! I'll forget something, I know but I love your sampler! Another Great A&E! I know what a perfectionist (much prettier sounding than anal) and I'll bet those circles are messing with the worlds balance for you. I love 'em though!

Sorry you had to shear the sheep but it'll be fab when you're done! Speaking of sheep - love the two in your new stash. Bring them to show me at guild, okay?

Have a great weekend!

mary said...

I love the Herb Angel rug! I have the punch needle version in my stash, so cute. About your hooking, don't give up, try a few styles of hook tools, you may find one that makes it easier to get the heighth in your loops. Your lns market stash pile is so similar to mine that I had to laugh. Great minds...... Have a great weekend!!!!

MyLifesAStitch said...

MP is lovely! That really stinks re: the frog plague. :( Grr. You know, I am weird so every time I have to frog I think "plague of frogs" and every time I think "plague of frogs" I think of the demise of the Pharoah of Egypt. LOL!! Yes... nothing good EVER comes from a plague of frogs, lol!!

The quilt blocks are looking great! Can you show us the backs so we can see what you mean re: cutting out the bulk (I think I remember you talking about that)? I wonder if there's a way to do this one using (mostly) a layer cake... I have a couple of them that would be fantastic colors for it. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

I'm sorry about your sheep... but you know... spring is shearing time (ok, maybe you're a little early for that)!! Herb Angel is wonderful!!! I am eagerly awaiting seeing a progress pic on that!

Loooove all the quilting stuff you got!! The Farmer's Wife looks absolutely mouth watering! Please work on that one next, lol!
Demanding little thing, aren't I? ;) You know it's b/c I live my quilting life vicariously through you, right?

And... the stitchy stash!!! Ahhhh, love it! I got several of the same items you did (although, I'm still waiting for most of it to come in)!
You are a woman after my own heart!! Don't you just love those scissors? I know I do!

Enjoy your weekend my dear!!

Karoline said...

Margaret is looking lovely as is your quilt.

You got some great stash and the shop looks gorgeous.

Kellie said...

Wow!! Your post is a feast for the eyes with all that stash, Margaret Pence, the rugs, and that store. Love it all!! Love the change idea. I may have to start myself a little basket. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

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Jackie said...

Deb, you had a great week! I'd like to spend a week like you just did.

I know what you mean about liking everything balanced and in order when it comes to projects. Your circle quilt is really pulling you out of your comfort zone.

Your stitching is beautiful. I'm sorry you were in the frog pond. I just got out of there myself and am trying to catch up.

You're so talented. You'll be a talented "hooker" too. Don't be tough on yourself but appreciate all the little things you get better at along the way.

Carol said...

Amazing new stash, Deb! I think I need to start gathering my spare coins and designate them for stash purchasing, too. Great idea!

It is SO hard to stay inside when the weather improves, isn't it? I don't have much of a choice, though, because although we've had a string of lovely sunny days here, we still have 10 inches of snow on the ground and giant mounds piled everywhere. I'm wondering if we'll ever see our grass again...

Good luck with the rug hooking--practice makes perfect :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! You've had fun girl!
thanks for sharing all of your new goodies. :-)

Jennifer said...

Such beautiful and lovely stash you have!!!!
Eye candy indeed!

I've got to break down and get that Honesuckle Tree by BBD book. It's just pulling at me out there in the internet zone as well as the Needlework 4 system.

your quilting looks great!
I would probably die of a heart attack if I had a LNS that huge and full of stuff.....oh if I could find one on my conference trip this year in Boston.


WoolenSails said...

You have been busy this week.
I collect quarters myself, great for trips and toll booths too. You have definitely gotten a lot of great goodies to work on, I can't wait to see your progress.


Redwitch said...

Wow! Fantastic crafty photos, love the circle quilt, not seen that technique before, I would be scared cutting into that too!

I love all the stash too, makes me feel better about my own spending when I see other peoples :)

Giovanna said...

Wow, what a feast for the eyes! I think I'm speechless...

Michelle said...

Your Margaret is looking lovely - I still want to start this one. And wow - that circle quilt is going to be awesome! I never imagined you would cut up your blocks. What fun. Lots of great stash too. Excellent choices!!

Michelle said...

P.s. - can't wait to see more of your sheep once you get your loop height figured out - that herb angel is to die for!

Anonymous said...


Can I come over to just spend an afternoon and admire all the pretties you have in your stash?! :)

Karen said...

So much to see! And, yes change is good. I love the crazy quilt blocks. Don't worry about the rug hooking, you will get the hang of it soon. Herb Angel is wonderful! Love the Farmer's Wife pattern and all the other goodies!

Mylene said...

wow! Such great stash and look at the pictures of the shop...wish to visit one like that someday....
Hope your week is going well.

Suzanne said...

Margaret Pence is looking great. That's my new start as soon as I can finish one of my WIP's. I love your quilt block. Like you I like order, so I can understand how you feel about this one.

I do the same with my husband's coins and collect them all together in a jar. I take everything I find in his pockets when I wash, so at the end of the year he usually has several hundred dollars to spend.

Wow, you have an awesome stash collection there!

FayeRaye said...

Oh my goodness....Look at all your goodies~~ You are awesome and that is why I have nominated you for an award...go to my blog and check it out~

Jules said...

I love the pictures you shared on your stitchy shop visits! I am actually from the Lansing area and was wondering where that "not so LNS" is located. I will be visiting home in May and would love to check it out while there.

Thanks for sharing!


Vinniey said...

Love the new look of your blog! Thanks for sharing all your new stash. Looking forward to see your next progress on the sheep, it looks so cute!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Debbie, love all that you purchased, especially at the LNS, I bought the same things!!

I like you coin collecting basket, I use an old milk gallon container.

Have a great day.

Stephanie said...

Wow, you have lots of info in your posts. I found you off of Deb's blog and thought I would say hi. You certainly have lots of things to blog about. Love the cross stitching and the quilting. I am quilter at heart and but have done cross stitch years ago. Seeing your art makes me want to do it again! WOW! Thanks for sharing. Steph

The French Bear said...

Is that Heaven? It looks like it!!!! Ahhhhh, I want to go there, OMG I would love it all..... good thing I can't, lol!!!! I love your rug hooking, it looks like it is coming along, let me know when you master it so I can be brave and try it!!!!
Margaret B

Kajsa said...

Oh my! After those pictures I have to stop by at a LNS to get my fix! Lovely new stash too!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

We are having some wonderful weather here too. Enjoy your weekend!

Thelma said...

I collect change too, for some reason when I buy something using my change, it feels like it's free!

You're cutting those lovely circle blocks without a ruler, I could never do that!! I use a ruler when I cut my HST's in half, I line it right up on that pencil line I drew!

Good Luck with that Civil War pattern North and South. When I made it, the instructions did not provide measurements that would produce the correct size block. I hope the designer has updated it. Check it out before you start.

Solstitches said...

I love those quilt blocks! I've never seen anything quite like them before.
You have lots of yummy new stash. I'd love to shop at that LNS.


Stitcher S said...

It's always a pleasure to visit your blog. Thanks for all the inspirational things I saw tonight.

Stitcher S said...

It's always a pleasure to visit your blog. Thanks for all the inspirational things I saw tonight.