Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope that you're staying warm or that it's warmer where you are than it is here.  We are really experiencing a blast of Arctic air here - it's miserable.  Probably 10 degrees with about 25/30 mph winds.  BRRRR!  Is all I can say!!

I really don't have much to talk about this week.  Stitching has taken a backseat to a million other things.  No surprise there!  But I've managed a little bit more on The Yellow House Sampler:

I really thought that I would whip through this one, but it's taken me a little longer than I'd thought - plus not a lot of stitching time.  And this chart is a real adventure with some mistakes in the key and a symbol totally missing from the key!  But it's fun to stitch, but that border is looming in the horizon and I don't especially like borders even though they're so essential to the piece.   And because the borders are really making my skin itch, I think that I need to start something else.  I am realizing that a lot of people just have a lot of WIPs going and I think that I need to adapt this philosophy in stitching.  But I need smaller things and I've pulled a couple out.  Who says you have to stay on one project to the end (not that I ever do, but......what's a few more???)

Anyway, part of the reason there has been no stitching time is the fact that I've been spending the evenings with my son honing his entries into the Business Professionals of America competitions.  He recently won 1st Place in Entrepreneurship for a business plan that he put together and 3rd Place on his speech on the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis in the Regionals.  The State Competitions are in March and we're just trying to get a jump on fine-tuning them because, as luck would have it, the ACTs and a couple other things he has going on are also about that time and I prefer he doesn't have a lot of stress with all that going on.  Anyway, he's looking forward to the State's  - he gets to be away from Mom and Dad (and pesky sister) for three days!  So by the time homework is over, we go over those papers and it's after 10:00 before the stitching chair can even become part of my evening, and I'm usually dead tired by then.

I want to thank everyone for their wishes about my oral surgery.  It went very well - much better than I anticipated.  When they told me it was going to be a three hour ordeal, I had some fears, but it only took a little over an hour and I felt pretty good after (although don't think for a minute that I didn't milk the whole thing for what it was worth for a day or too!)  LOL  My periodontist sent me flowers once again:

And once again, my husband said that he should keep the flowers and spare us a little on the total cost of the whole thing.

For all my attempts to get into the sewing room and whip up marvelous quilts for you to all ooh and awe over, I got this far:

Sorry for the dark picture - but it's only 16 squares - 9-1/2 inches square.  That it's.  All I got done.  I have 16 light squares the same size to do and some miscellaneous strips, etc., but the rotary cutter gave up the ghost and as luck would have it, I didn't have another blade.  So that's all I got around to this week.  Pathetic.

But as I was cutting these squares out, I had a lot of fabric ORTS, so I ended up thinking about ORTs and those SALS where you show your ORTS.  So we have quilt ORTS:

And we also have thread ORTs:

I put them in a Longaberger basket I have.  I also think that it's fun to dump the whole thing over some times.  Hey, different strokes for different folks, right?

You wouldn't believe how compacted this mess of threads is.  In a couple months, in the spring, I scatter them in the backyard and let the birds take them to make nests out of them (just have to keep metallic threads out of the ORT pile).   I may do that with the quilt ORTs too.  I think it would be kind of fun to see a piece of my fabric hanging from a nest!

The only excitement I really had this past week was getting some new scissors that Yuko had for sale on her blog.  Being a scissors whore, you know that I just had to have them.

But I didn't want to display them in one of my frogs, and found this cabinet at Home Goods to display the prettier scissors that I have.  I'm also going to cover the back with a better fabric than the beige that is in this.

I have to thank Kim for her help last week in identifying some of the fabric that I had AND also giving me a clue as to where I could find the pattern - RIGHT UNDERNEATH THE FABRIC - DUH!!!

These fabrics:

Will make this quilt:

The pattern was right underneath those rolls of fabric the whole time.  Thanks Kim!!!

Well, as you can see it's a been an unproductive and boring week.  It hasn't helped that just as I get my stride every morning this week (i.e, a few cups of coffee, a hot shower, etc.), the kids have been back in the door because of finals week.  UGH.  Next week should prove to be better.

Thanks again for all the wishes for my surgery, and all your wonderful comments every week.  I love getting them.  Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Catherine said...

Wow! You certainly have been busy. I can so relate to being tired by the time I sit down at night! I love how you dumped out the orts! I am planning on doing the same thing for my birds in the spring - we might see some colorful nests out there!

Bobbie said...

Oh Deb...I only wish I could accomplish half of the stitching you get done! I can't seem to find time to finish anything...I have just about given up stitching on linen..I have such a hard time and it takes me forever. I am thinking of going back to 18ct Aida and just hand dying it myself. I love your scissors! I just bought a small cabinet at Home Goods myself..but have yet to put it up. I am a "Home Goods" Junkie! Glad your surgery went well! It's always fun reading your blog...


Margaret said...

That's funny -- it's finals week here too! Talk about making it hard to stitch! lol! And we had a super windy day as well -- it was scary windy! I was cowering in my stitchy chair until the blessed sound of no wind came. Love the Yellow House Sampler!! It's great -- I may have to do this one sooner than I'd thought. :D And your quilt pattern under the fabric -- lol! Nice that Kim knew! Bummer on the rotary cutter dying. I had that happen the first time I pulled it out after years too. It was so annoying!

valerie said...

Great progress on your Yellow House Sampler! I know what you mean about being too busy to stitch. I'm stuck cleaning and organizing at night and I've only put 100 stitches in the whole week which isn't a lot. Glad to hear your oral surgery went ok...and nice flowers!!

Melissa said...

Well your Yellow House Sampler looks great, just great! It's on my to-stitch us (with all the other things screaming to be stitched!)

Glad that your surgery went fine. Isn't that funny about the flowers!

You've done a lot since your last post. You may not think so but we do!

And the scissors are lovely! I am looking forward to seeing how your display cabinet will look!

Berit said...

*Grabs Coat and Muffler, heads out the door in the direction of local Home Goods*

I'm such a copycat--have been thinking of making just such an animal as this, but why make when you can buy (and free up stitching time) ;)

Deb, you are as fab as ever! I feel smug in the knowledge that I am immune to scissor envy 'cause I already owned 2 and THE OTHER TWO ARRIVED EARLIER TODAY FROM YUKO! HAH! :D So there. Oh, Scissors!

Your stitching looks good, too. As for smaller in-between, WiPs stitching, make yourself a little Valentine. I am, and it's wonderful! ;)

Missy Ann said...

Nice! You can find frames like that at Michaels too (in someone one out there in blogland needs one and doesn't have a HomeGoods). I think your new scissors will look brilliant displayed in it.

Glad your dentist visit went well. I've found the person doing the work/surgery makes all the difference. That and getting in to see them before the issue becomes a huge problem.

Jennifer said...

Lots of orts there, Deb!!!!

That means you have been busy, busy with your creativity.
I love those flowers and what is up with a peridontist sending flowers???? LOL
I think it's great though, I 've never heard of any medical practice doing that around here in Georgia but it's definitely a cheerer-upper!

I think that's great about your son!!! Smart boy!

Your stitching progress is awesome.
I wish I could stitch that fast.
So glad you said that about putting out for the birds. We have a few around here in the spring but our cat runs alot of them off.
Take care,

Cari said...

It's hardly boring and unproductive to read your blog Deb.... Your stitching is wonderful, looking at your quilting ideas is wonderful, and hearing about your family is wonderful!! So....keep up the good work!!

KarenV said...

Glad your surgery went well :) The yellow house sampler is looking gorgeous so far, such a cheerful piece!

BeckySC said...

(((hugs Deb))) Glad to hear your oral surgery was not as bad as you thought and that you are doing OK :)
Your stitching is just as fabulous :)

woolwoman said...

Deb I'm so relieved the surgery went better than expected. Your Yellow House is wonderful - LOVE IT! I saw your post on jackie's blog about starting rug hooking classes in 2 weeks - COOOOL - I'm excited about that too. Your son sounds like a whiz kid - good for him - much luck in his pursuits. Mel

Debra said...

Wow! That stitched piece is going to be wonderful! and so is that quilt!!

Anonymous said...

I love all your scissors!
whose design is your alphabet sampler? I really love your work.

Michelle said...

I am so glad to hear that your surgery went well! And it was very sweet of them to send you flowers...I would totally appreciate that. Love the dumped out orts. And you've made some good progress with all you've had going on. Love love love the new scissors - can't wait to see them in their new spot! P.S. - did I mention I had to have a flower frog just like you? I am such a copy cat!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your Yellow House Sampler is looking great... but I hate to hear about chart problems as I want to stitch this myself one day.
So glad to hear your oral surgery went ok and the flowers are lovely.
Congrats to your son for his accomplishments.
Love the quilt pattern that was buried under the fabric. Hey... you have more squares cut this week than you did last week... so give yourself some credit. You are that much closer to a quilt top.

Jackie said...

A whole lot of nothing? Your post is full of delicious stuff!

Your sampler is looking wonderful. I love the fabric too...I really love the gold/rusty fabric next to the red. I've never thought of putting my orts out in the yard for the birds. What a great idea!

I have never gotten flowers from any type of doctor! How sweet! I'm glad your oral surgery went well.

Your son is so smart for getting busy early. It's always good to work to prevent the mad dash to the finish line!

Jackie said...

I forgot....the scissors are just wonderful!!!

mainely stitching said...

What a great post! Lots of eye candy to drool over, from the gorgeous scissors to that amazing quilt fabric ... not to mention your gorgeous WIP!

Blu said...

Don't know about the "nothing" part. There's a ton of stuff going in the post!
Lovely WIP and that quilt is going to be gorgeous!

Gabi said...

Great stitching. Looks beautiful.
Glad to hear your surgery went well. And the quilt will look fantastic

Ranae said...

I just love those colorful orts and them scissors, They were sold out by the time I got there, but I will keep trying.

Congrats! and Good Luck to your son. How fun!!!!

My hubby says the same thing about the flowers, think they are jealous??!!!

Love to Stitch said...

A whole lot of nothing?! Look at that Yellow House Progress :). Love your new scissors!! How fun to collect those orts and spread them around the yard! I bet the birds just love it--and to see it in their nests. Amazing! I cant wait till spring time-- and for you I hope it gets warm soon!!!!!!! Enough with these coats **)

staci said...

Your YHS is just beautiful! I have NEVER been a one-project-at-a-time kind of girl...the more the merrier in my little world, LOL ;)

Your scissors are lovely, can never have too many of them!

Tanya said...

I love your new scissors! I really like seeing your progress on SD. I know the feeling about cold weather. I was happy to see the sun today. Congratulations to your son!

Cari said...

I love how you start your post 'I really don't have much to talk about' yet your entry is the size of 5 of mine combined. Your posts are always wonderful and newsy!

What a month - a sinus lift and a visit to the dentist! The flowers are a nice gesture for the pain he caused, LOL.

What a smart guy Nicholas is - congratulations to him on all his accomplishment and his hard work. I look forward to hearing all about the State Competition.

Oh, YH looks wonderful, what great progress you have made. I need to return to it so if I get stumped, I can call you for help while the answers are still fresh in your mind, LOL.

Can't wait to see what you do with the quilt squares and your blue pottery ort bowl is wonderful. That ort basket is a hoot, but I like your idea of giving them to the birds.

Aren't the scissors from Yuko wonderful! I haven't tried cutting with them yet, I'm just enjoying looking at them.

Have a great weekend, Deb!

Lois said...

Your Yellow House Sampler is looking lovely! Congrats to your son, that is a wonderful achievement. I'm glad your surgery went well and you're doing okay. The flowers were a nice touch. Love what you found to put your scissors in. Stay warm!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

You are just a crack up! The pattern under the fabric! LOL - really! Love your progress on Yellow House and I swear - what you think is a little, I think is a HUGE amount of progress. If only I could stitch as fast as you do....

Good luck to Nick with his big project. Matt participated in that in his junior and senior years and it was a lot of fun (and work). Remember when Ty and Nick were Wilbur and Orville? They've come a long way, haven't they? Good luck to Nick!!!

Can't wait to see your quilts - love the fabrics, Deb! And, you got a few more scissors from Yuko than I did and I can't wait to see how you work the display case.

Have a great weekend!!!

Vonna said...

Hey Ho me way down here on the bottom of the list and I want to say, I LOVE that yellow house sampler and your going gangbusters on it ! :)
And your posts are always just so fun to read and I don't know what really to say next other than Thanks for starting my day off the Deb way :)

Carol said...

To me, it looks like you got a lot done this week! Love the progress on your Yellow House Sampler, Deb--it is looking as lovely as everything on your blog :)

Giovanna said...

Wow, that's a whole lot you've done on the sampler - well done! Glad the surgery went well. And great new scissor acquisitions (said by another scissors nut).

Isadarena said...

Your stitching surely will be very nice Debbie : you madeanice progresson it !! and how I live your quilt :-))

Lori said...

Busy! Busy! it sounds like your son has a great opportunity. How exciting!

Love the scissors! Oh my! Are they old? Who knew scissors could be so beautiful!?! (besides you!)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Not boring at all! you've made quite a bit of progress on the yellow house! Love your scissors and the cabinet! Great idea!

doris said...

So glad the surgery wasn't a hideous ordeal. It's always nice when it's better than expected.

I'm positively drooling over your Yellow House Sampler! I know it's not nice, but I'm coveting it. Thank you for allowing me to stitch vicariously through your progress pics.

My solution to mind-numbing borders is to stitch a little at a time while I'm doing the body of the sampler. It doesn't make me quite as miserable that way.

Kellie said...

You are one busy lady! Congratulations to your son on all his accomplishments and good luck to him in state. Sounds very exciting! :)

I love Yellow House Sampler. I am going to have to go back in your blog and find out more details about it. It is not one that I am familiar with. It is absolutely beautiful.

Give in to the WIPs...join the dark side with the rest of us. LOL! I find that I do not get as bored with certain things if I can step away from it and stitch something else. Having a lot of WIPs and new starts is all part of the fun, I think. :)

I am impressed that your periodontist sends flowers. Our doctors only send bills where we live. LOL! Glad your surgery went well.

Love the new scissors! :)

MyLifesAStitch said...

Umm... hold on.... okay, the drool makes typing difficult. LOVE the scissors - you ladies are seriously contributing to my descent into scissor whoredom, lol!!

Love your Home Goods "score"! That store is seriously dangerous to my bank balance!

Despite your claims to the contrary you are making blisteringly quick progress on the Yellow House. Can you sprinkle some of your stitchy dust on me??

Glad your oral surgery went well!!!

Good luck to your DS with his endeavor! I'll look forward to hearing updates!

Brigitte said...

It's so good to hear that your surgery went well and that you are feeling fine.
I always love to see progress pictures of the Yellow House Sampler, it's such a lovely sampler.
I love the idea of putting the collected orts outside for the birds' nests. I think I'll be doing the same with mine.
The quilt pattern is very lovely. Looking forward to seeing the start on it.

Redwitch said...

Sounds like you've done loads, don't be too hard on yourself! Glad your surgery went well and good luck to your son in his competitions.

I love your orts sculpture :)

Looking forward to seeing your quilt progress, lovely colours.

Siobhan said...

You're making wonderful progress on the Yellow House Sampler! YGG! I think it looks great. The A&E look so cute on this sampler. Love the quilt progress, too--every swack with the rotary cutter is progress. ;)

Congrats again to your son. You have every right to be so proud! Best of luck to him with the state competition, too.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful stitching!

I love looking at my orts as well, don't know why, but I am sure you understand. I picked up a few pairs of scissors from Yuko as well, can't wait till they arrive. I am planning to display my scissors in a similar way, way up high away from curious little fingers.

Anonymous said...
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Stitch By Stitch said...

I understand the tired by the timeI sit down at night, boy do I understand. Sometimes it goes that way. Oh well, we can always think about our lovely stashes:)

Country Prims said...

Hi there, thanks so much for visiting and your lovely comments-I am so glad you did as I have found your amazing site-wow but you have done some stitching:)I love cross stitch too but there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do all the projects I want:)
lovely to meet you and I will visit soon, ~Shazy x

Anonymous said...

The scissors are marvelous. I'm a scissors whore too; they're just so much fun to keep around.

I happy to hear your surgery went well.

By the way, how do you stitch so fast? It would take me forever to do what you did that in short amount of time. Jealous!

Loraine said...

What a great post! Read it the other day, but didn't have time to comment. I'm looking forward to all of your wonderful quilts, and seeing more of your samplers come to life. You have the greatest things!

LiahonaGirl said...

Deb -- your stitching projects are fabulous. I'm looking forward to seeing the lovely quilt you create with your great fabrics.

Isn't stitching and quilting a great way to "endure" the Michigan winters? I lived in Ann Arbor while in high school, and the Utah winters are so much nicer (the sun actually comes out and we have sunny blue skies after the storms). Cold, but usually not windy or gray!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Littlebit said...

Your Yellow House Sampler is coming along beautifully!
Love your scissors!! And I can't wait to see pics of the quilt. Beautiful fabrics!

Anonymous said...


One can never have too many WIP's, or.... scissors, hahaha!


Nancy M said...

Boring week? I'd hate to see when you have lots going on! As an orthodontist, there is a fine line between doing too much to thank our patients to making it appear we charge too much! The flowers are pretty. Your quilt colors are very rich looking.

Annemarie said...

Well, it may have felt like a boring week to you, but it definitely makes for some entertaining blog-reading! Like you, I'm not particularly fond of borders, so I try to do as much as I can bear before I start the fun part of the design.
Be sure to post a picture if you find a quilted/orted bird's nest this spring! I would love to see that. What a wonderful idea :o)

The Scarlett House said...

Since I've gotten behind the eightball in blog reading, it's taken me some time to catch up on all that you have been up to. Your Yellow House piece is really cool. I want to start that one eventually. Love the scissors. I need to get a pair or two myself.
Glad that your surgery went well, too.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I just join your list of followers and added your beautiful blog to my blog roll. A girl after my own heart!
Thanks for posting my giveaway. Best of luck in the drawing.

Katrina said...

Deb, love your Yellow House piece, I am going to have to start watching for it on Ebay. It's gorgeous.

Huge congrats to your son, what an awesome accomplishment.

Your DH is too funny and just like mine, I'd have gotten the same comment about flowers from my dentist, LOL.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Wow, it sounds like you've been really busy!!! I'd love to see you anytime you can make it out. Have a peaceful day, Dawn

Karen said...

Your stitchery is coming along nicely and I love the scissors.

Patti said...

I can't believe I never left you a comment on this one - guess I misplaced my brain! Like Bobbie I wish I could accomplish half of what you do. I am so happy your surgery went well and your stitching is gorgeous! I love all your fabrics too.
Patti xxx

Anonymous said...

My week has been all about work, work, and more work. Yours has been pretty eventful as compared to mine ! I am trying to make progress with a small Carol R.'s sampler and not geeting any near its end - and it is small, believe me !

Danielle said...

It sounds like you've been very busy so no surprise you've felt unproductive on the needlework side of life!! Your sampler is lovely. Strangely I like working on borders--I can zone off and watch TV as I work (though the sampler I'm working on--I've caught myself three times making mistakes and had to unpick). I'm notorious for having half started projects and then moving on to something new--am trying to be better--one larger project and one smaller. So far so good! Hope you're feeling better after your surgery!

Lenora said...

What a great way of dealing with those orts, I think I will start saving mine for spring. Hope you are feeling much better now.

Michele said...

Love your new scissors! I have a few on order from Yuko too .. aren't they fun!