Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Start and Startling Discoveries

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I have to thank everyone for your wonderful comments on Adam Alone!  I loved reading each and every one of them.  And thank you too for the concern about the bat.  We did find it, but I'll get to that in a little bit.

I had a new start this week.  Yes, another Adam and Eve.  If I don't do them, I'll never get my wall done.

The Yellow House Sampler
Sheepish Designs
DMC Threads and 35 ct. Pearled Barley

This is going so fast!!  And I'm lovin' every minute of working on it!  I don't know why I'm on such a tear with the Sheepish Designs charts at the moment.  Probably because they've been in my stash for so long I figured it was time to stitch them before I stitch some of my newer A&E's.

I received in the mail this week a very special something from Cari:

I just love them.  It seems that Cari and I share the same affection addiction to Adam and Eve samplers.  It's alway great to have a partner in crime.  Thank you so much Cari!!

Nothing much more on the stitching front this week except that I also worked on another Mary Little pillow for a friend of mine.  After three attempts of stitching it - two times on the wrong sized fabric - I finally got it done!  AUGHHH!  I don't know what I was thinking.  It was one of those head smack moments.

I've gotten myself into a real cleaning mode lately.  We had numerous boxes on shelves in our workroom that I had been through before, but decided that since a year had gone by, and I hadn't used anything in those boxes, it was time for purging.  The Salvation Army got two van-loads of things.  But in the past, almost five years that we've lived here, I had never gotten around to my boxes and bins with quilt things in it.  I realized that I hadn't really quilted in seven years, and the urge has come back strong.  So I finally went through the boxes and what great things I found:

Seeds of Change
Kansas Troubles
Moda Fabrics

Hmmmmmm, I don't remember ordering this.

Are these fabrics not gorgeous?  I plan on taking the ole rotary cutter to these this afternoon.

Then I found this box of Moda fabric rolls.  If I remember right, it came with two wooden spoons, but I think I needed one at some point.  For the life of me I can't remember if they're for a certain quilt or not as I usually box the pattern in with the fabric.  Kim, do you have any idea what these fabrics could possibly be for (I'm relying on a Moda expert's opinion here - LOL)?

(Edited to add that Kim did identify the fabric and asked if the pattern was under all the fabric - but that, of course, would be too easy.  Well, Kim guessed the fabric correctly and yes, there was a pattern under all the fabric called Hearth and Home.  Thanks Kim!!!!!)

Next up is Old Glory from the book  Summer Weekend by Blackbird Designs.  I had originally thought that my first attempt at a BBD quilt would be Home Sweet Home, but since all the fabrics are wonderfully arranged for me (thanks to a BOM program I was in) I'm going to start with this one.  I'm not a hand quilter, but you have to start sometime.  This will be a great project to work on while DD is dancing.  For some reason I hate lugging cross stitch around.

Then another BOM from a shop.  I've been aching to work on a Civil War Quilt - I've seen a few on the blogs that I just love, but I'm trying to make 2010 the year of being frugal,  so since I've found one in my stash, the wallet is safe for a little bit!

And the next one (and last - I won't bore you with all of them now), is the Mother of all Samplers (kind of like Ann Medd, but in the quilting world):

The Jane Stickle quilt.  All 225 blocks of loveliness.  Another BOM, so all the fabrics are at hand!  This one is going to be a challenge.  But I figure that I have no deadline on this - it's only been sitting around here for the past seven years.  So now is the time.  It will probably take me seven years to complete, but what the heck!!  What thrills me more is that the software that goes along with the quilt is compatible with my old computer (which still runs if you talk nice to it), so I think I'm all set.

And now the bat  It was found and safely removed from the house.  It showed up at 3:45 Saturday morning in the guest room where I had fallen asleep reading.  Luckily I had pulled the covers down and gotten under them when I was reading.  Because when I heard that thing, those covers flew over my head!!!  UGH!!!  At one point I reached out and turned the reading lamp on and saw it on the floor, but was afraid to move.  I didn't want to call anyone either for fear that it would fly out of the room when the door was opened.  I finally got the nerve to high-tail it out of the the room, shoved a towel under the door and wake up DH.  We called a Bat Removal service who was there an hour later, walked into the room (the bat was hanging from the window treatment) shined a light on it and removed it with tongs.  Humanely, by the way.  He takes them back to his shop, makes sure they're okay and then releases them.  So all's well that ends well.  But what a fright!!

Well, that's all the fun for me this week.  Tomorrow I'm finally having the sinus lift and implant done.  I'm not looking forward to this at all.  I guess I'm suppose to rest for a few days after this procedure to prevent excessive bleeding being surgery in the head (bloody noses, etc), so I'm thinking that this just may be a good excuse to sit and stitch.  What do you think?

Have a wonderful week and thank you again for all your wonderful comments.


KarenV said...

Good luck for your surgery tomorrow Deb! Hope all goes well for new.

Your new sampler is looking great so far and just look at all that quilty loveliness! I particularly like the Jane Stickle quilt - what a beauty :)

Anonymous said...
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Margaret said...

Ugh! I hope that surgery goes well tomorrow! I also hope you can manage to sit and stitch! I love your Yellow House Sampler so far! How could I have missed that A&E? Ah well, another to look for! lol! And all those quilts all ready to be sewn!! Argh! I love them all! What fun! Nice to know I'm not the only one who collects BOMs. lol!

Margie said...

I hope everything goes well! You certain have some NICE quilting stash. :-) I can't wait to watch you work through it all.

Nic said...

Good luck with the surgery! I think sitting and stitching is just what the doctor ordered to help your recovery, and quilt fabric fondling probably comes into that category too :o) You've got some lovely projects to choose from!

Kim said...

Ooooh! I love all of your quilty finds, Deb! The basket with the spoon is full of Brannock & Patek fabrics! Hmmmm....I'll have to think about what patterns they put out when that line came out. That's been a while ago! Is there a pattern hiding under all the fabric? ha! That would be too easy!

Glenna said...

Oh, boy, what a treasure trove, Deb. I can't wait to see the quilts underway--it'd be hard for me to decide between the BBD and the Jane Stickle. And I love your newest Sheepish Designs. I feel the same way about SDs.

Best wishes for your surgery to turn out pain-free. But just in case, better stay in bed/chair and stitch!

doris said...

First, it's been great catching up with you. I've missed your corner of blogland.

My nose and sinus surgery a year ago was much better than I thought it would be, and I hope yours will be as well.

You have so many great quilts in the making! I can't wait to see your progress on them.

The Yellow House is looking wonderful. I don't think I've ever seen that one. Or maybe I did and can't remember (much more likely).

About those tongs ... kitchen tongs or special bat tongs? What's wrong with me that I'm trying to picture capturing a bat with tongs?

Catherine said...

Wow! What great quilting stash! The fabrics are lovely - great colors!

So glad you got the bat - hopefully it will be your last.

Good luck on your surgery!

Berit said...

Best wishes for your surgery tomorrow! My favorite of the quilts is the first one you showed--kansas something, I think.

You've made such progress on your new A&E; wow!

valerie said...

Isn't it amazing what you find when you go through boxed up stuff?! Great finds. Love the progress on your YHS.

So scary about that bat! I'd have run from the room screaming. You were very calm! I'm glad a bat guy was able to come out fast to take care of it. Whew!

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow!

Cari said...

Oh Deb, that sounds like quite a procedure - I'll be praying that all goes perfectly and your recovery is swift.

You are tempting me! I may have to put Liz down and pick up the Yellow House. Actually I need to put down all stitching and pick up my homework :-)

All those wonderful fabrics and quilt patterns - what fun. I'm always surprised at the treasures I unearth when I 'clean out' closets and other storage spaces.

I'm glad you like your little A&E cards. I'm going to have my husband drill holes in mine so I can use them for thread cards (which is what I thought they were when I purchased them).

Have a great evening (glad the bat is gone!)

Cari said...

Deb - best wishes on your surgery tomorrow. I hope all goes well and that you'll be relaxing and stitching away by the weekend. You take care... Hugs

Danielle said...

Good luck with your surgery--stitching should be just the thing to feel better! I love that Dear Jane quilt. If I was a better quilter I'd attempt it. I think it's gorgeous!

Lois said...

Deb I hope everything goes okay tomorrow, that definitely sounds like something you would not be looking forward too.

I loved seeing all the fabric you unearthed and I am looking forward to seeing you start to make them into quilts! Love your new start, I have a huge soft spot for Sheepish Designs too.

Glad the bat was caught and is now gone!

Alice said...

Yikes. Where do I start? The new sampler looks great, those quilts look amazing...love the fabric! I had two kids dancing a few years ago and spent tons of time stitching while waiting for them. The bat? I wouldn't have had the courage to leave the bed ever.

Dona said...

Deb, I hope your surgery goes smoothly.

Don't you love finding things you didn't remember you had? It's like getting a gift all over again.

Beautiful quilt projects. I espcially like Old Glory and Women's Voices.

BeckySC said...

Deb, I am absolutely drooling over this post...look at all those fabrics!! YUMMY :)

Sending prayers and good thoughts for you tomorrow :)

Blu said...

What gorgeous gorgeous fabric! Can't wait to see your quilts!

Glad the bat's gone. Hopefully he won't be back!

Good luck with the surgery.

Melissa said...

Wow, there are a lot of goodies you've hauled out. Kinda like Christmas all over again, isn't it?

I love the Yellow House Sampler and hope to do it one day.

Good luck with your surgery!

Michelle said...

I'll be thinking about you and your surgery. Please let us know how it goes. What a find with all the quilty goodness! You are all set for awhile. Love your Yellow House too!

Missy Ann said...

Glad the bat story has a happy ending.

I'm head over heels in love with BBD's Old Glory. Those eagles are killing me.

And there's a blog out there called "That Quilt" that is going through Dear Jane one block at a time illustrating how to piece each and every one.

Jackie said...

What a great quilting stash you're rediscovering! I can't wait to see your progress.

Good luck tomorrow!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Wow Deb! You are moving right out on that sampler! Good golly, you're fast! Unbelievable quilt projects - I am especially drawn the the BBD quilt with the eagles - would love to do that for Matt one day, but never will..... You have so many fabulous projects to choose from - I knew you had stash but so much GOOD stash, that I didn't know.
Good luck tomorrow! Call if you need ANYTHING!

JOLENE said...

First of all good luck on your sinus lift and implant tomorrow. Things will go well and think about all those stitches you'll get done while you're recovering. You will probably finish your yellow house design. I love fabric, too. Then again, is there really anything I don't love that involves color, texture or design??? Not!! Anyway, I really adore the patriotic BBD quilt kit, it's fabulous! I can't imagine what I'd do if I had a bat in the house!!! Too bad it wasn't Halloween, he would have made a nice touch. HaHaHa! Take care Deb!!!

Kathy said...

Good luck with your surgery, Deb.
I'm sitting here drooling over your fabrics. They are all beautiful. I wish I were a quilter and not just a fabric lover.

Siobhan said...

Deb, wow. Your new start looks great! As Karen said, all that quilty loveliness--lucky you! I can't wait to see what you do with it all.

Best of luck today with the surgery. I'll be thinking of you!

Giovanna said...

Great new start, and goodness aren't you flying along with it. All the best for the surgery, I hope you recover really quickly.

Vonna said...

Thinking of you Deb. I hope it all goes well, painlessly and recovery is quick. In the meantime, look at all those goodies. I'm jealous! And that one pattern that you found under the jelly rolls... Oh my...when you get that finished, you have my address, right?

Carol said...

Your new start is so pretty--love the color of the house.

I wish you all the best with your surgery and recovery :)

Isadarena said...

Oh , Debbie, all my best wishes for your quickly recovery after your surgery act . Let us know how do you feel !
I love your new stitching : the yellow is the sun color, right ?? so I hope your next days will be very bright .

Loraine said...

Deb! Thinking of you, and hope your surgery goes well. That does not sound fun at all!
I was seriously dying reading about the bat in your house! What a crazy thing to have happen. I'm glad it worked out okay, and that he is back where he should be!
I am in love with all of the quilts you've discovered! Holy cow, I want that Blackbird Quilt. I've never seen that book before. What a lovely quilt! I am on the hunt now! (Thanks a lot.)
I am starting Dear Jane this year with my Mom and Sister-in-law. I don't think I will make the entire quilt. I was thinking a nice wall hanging, with my favorite blocks. I've been collecting fabric for the past couple of years for it, so it's time to get going. Want to join us? I could send you the things we are doing.
Many hugs and hope you recover soon. Sorry I was silent on your last post. I've been out of the country. More later!

Laurie in Iowa said...

I hope your surgery went well Deb. Sending healing thoughts your way. OMG... all those wonderful, fabulous BOM quilt kits. I wouldn't know which one to start first... they are all wonderful and I can't wait to see them completed... so get busy with that rotary cutter.
Your progress on the Yellow House looks great.

Suzanne said...

I hope that your surgery went well and you have plenty of rest.

I love the new start. I hope to get some A&E samplers done one day. I love all the quilt kits you have, all are beautiful.

Eew, the bat experience sounds like an unpleasant one. At least they were able to catch it and keep it safe.

corinna said...

i vote for old glory and dear jane
whatever you choose, I hope you are doing very well...take care of yourself
stitch therapy.....sounds fantastic

Katrina said...

OMG, OMG, OMG, the bat things would freak me out! You were so brave to get out of that bed, LOL.

Love your yellow house piece, it's gorgeous. And the quilts, wow, they are all fabulous.

Hope the surgery goes well, lots of good thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Deb - you have your quilting fun cut out for you!!! :)

I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery.


Gabi said...

Oh my gosh....these fabrics and patterns are GORGEOUS. The BBD pattern is fantastic...never saw this one before.
Yellow House Sampler looks now already great.

woolwoman said...

Deb - what a GREAT post - I'm just catching up on my blog reading after rug camp - thanks BTW for your comments on my new crewel rug. You'll be hooking soon but I think you'll be struggling to find time with all those gorgeous quilt stashes you uncovered - OH MY OH MY - I loved them all but the BBD one gets my vote for a first to start. Hand piecing - YGG - and the Yellow House is lovely - what a great design. Can't wait to see more - Oh dear Deb - I hope your surgery went as well as could be expected - it sounds so yuck and painful - hope you felt like stitching - update us when you can - hope you have a peaceful and relaxing weekend - Mel

Kajsa said...

Good luck on the surgery!

Nice progress. All those quilt fabrics and patterns are just lovely.

Tanya said...

I love your Adam alone finish! And your quilt fabric and patterns. I will look forward to seeing them finished.

I hope your surgery goes well.

Valerie said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You Adam and Eve's are lovely. I am intrigued by your Civil War Sampler Quilt. I love CW quilts too!

Nancy M said...

I am slowly catching up on my google reader! I hope surgery went well and you have a big update for us this week! My mom quilts, but she doesn't have the gorgeous colors of material that you have!!! I noticed you have my Multiply site on your blog roll. I didn't know if you know I have a blogspot blog if that's easier for you to follow! http://ndmurdock.blogspot.com/

Jackie said...

We had bats behind our shutters on the front porch and in the window of the attic. Not my favorite thing.
I have the Jane Sickle CW book and have made several of the squares. I hope to work more on it this year. One of my quilting members finished it. Lovely!

Brigitte said...

Congratulations on finishing Adam Alone. I have just seen it in your other post. Your new project is such a beauty, I love Sheepish Designs so much.
Your quilt stash is a dream. I can't wait and see what you are doing with all these wonderful fabrics. The Dear Jane quilt is also on my list of quilts that I will do after my retirement.
I hope the surgery went well and you are recovering fast.

Jennifer said...

oh, DEB! You have a great stash!
I love that Jane quilt and the Civil War one especially.
I can't imagine how to take all that and cut for quilts with you to dance instead of cross stitch. I'm not a quilter so I guess I don't understand it but that was one good thing about monochromatic pieces, you don't have to spread out all the colors and pattern and such. But it makes good conversation starters!

Have fun cutting fabbie today.


Jennifer said...

oh yeah, and I love the Adam and Eve measuring cards. I've looked at some of those in another pattern and almost ordered them. I may have to now. There is one in a blueberry house sampler I want.
So,off to online retail therapy today.

MyLifesAStitch said...

I hope your surgery went well, and that you're feeling just fabulous! Adam Alone is wonderful, Deb! YGG! (Sorry - belated congrats... I'm catching up) Love the new start, it's going to look great! What a crazy thing re: the bat!! Good for you to call the Bat Removal Service! I would have tried to trap the thing and de-bat my house myself! Thanks for the info Terri! Now I'll know better than to do that!

Angela said...

I hope you are doing well after your surgery, it sounds painful! Love, love all your fabrics for the quilts they are just beautiful. Your new Adam and Eve looks fabulous too :)