Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yellow House Finis And Sweet Things!!!

Can you hear me whooping it up over here????  Well, I am because I finally finished the Yellow House Sampler yesterday (envision me dancing like Snoopy!!!!).

The Yellow House Sampler
Sheepish Designs
35 ct. Pearled Barley and DMC Threads

This sampler isn't large at all, but it gave me more fits than my kids do!!  The chart was a little mixed up as far as colors go and just about drove me to distraction, and then I made the fatal mistake of saving the border pretty much until the end!  DUMB!  Not loving borders, that was a lesson learned.  Don't do that again!!!  Anyway, this would have been finished during the Super Bowl when I parked my butt in the stitching chair, but I ran out of the green thread for the leaves!!!  I tore my stash apart, every project, every conceivable place where floss may be, thinking that surely I would have the color!  NOPE!!!  Thank goodness the boys were engrossed in the Super Bowl because I'm sure that they would have had me committed or gently led me to bed and told me to sleep it off!  Anyway, a quick trip to Joanne's yesterday remedied the situation and I did something I never do - slapped my behind in the stitching chair, turned on the noon news and finished the baby up.  For all the fits, I do love it!!!  

Michigan is finally, yes, finally getting some snow today!!!  I know, you people on the East Coast are probably mumbling obscenities under your breath at me (or possibly speaking in loud, nasty tones), but I'm thrilled.  I'm so tired of seeing brown grass!  I am hoping that the snow gods will look kindly me (and all the other mothers) and not give us enough snow that the kids have to be home tomorrow!  LOL  But they're predicting 6 to 10 so we'll see what happens.  

On the quilting front, I have almost all the blocks assembled for my quilt:

I just have to finish up sewing the last row on the blocks, and it's time to line them up and put the baby together!  

The scrap bowl is overflowing!!!!

I'm already dreaming about the next quilt.  I've got a few lined up, but the one that calls me the loudest involves loads and loads of circles, but I think this is going to be a fun one:

You basically cut out three sizes of circles, sew them on top of each other on a square base, cut those into quarters and reassemble.  You don't have to line the circles up, just go for it!  Sounds kind of fun, doesn't it?  After quilting, you throw it in the wash and because you sew 1/4" from the edges of the circles, the circles fray giving it a time worn look!  I can't wait to get started.  I'm so anal though, the directions say to cut the circles freehand.  Yeah, right!  My severe anal side probably won't let me do that.

And speaking of quilts, I was just minding my own business last week, taking an innocent drive (well, maybe not so innocent, I was in pursuit of spending money on stitching supplies - fabric to be exact), and I came across a quilt store that I hadn't seen before.  I don't drive up to this town very often, so that could explain why I never saw it.  But don't you just love coming across something unexpected like that - ah, the small joys in life!  Well, I hesitated checking it out because I know me, and the end result could be a smoking charge card.  I don't know what happened, but that darned van, she just turned the corner, went into the parking lot and refused to budge!  LOL   So, of course, I had to get out and investigate the store.  And after an hour, I came out with this - some Sweet Things - Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes:

I have been very intrigued by the new things out in the quilting world, like Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, etc., since I haven't done much quilting for the past few years. But they sound good enough to eat, don't they?   Well, I couldn't pass up this Layer Cake from Moda called Aster Manor!  Ten inch squares of loveliness packaged together.  The colors aren't very true, due to no sunshine here today, but I just love the fabric, and of course, I needed a pattern for it!  

I also had to pick up a Jelly Roll (on the right) - it was on sale, (and you know when it says it's on sale, I'm drawn to that word like a magnet),  a book with different Jelly Roll quilt patterns, and then BBD's When The Cold Wind Blows book that I've wanted to add to my collection for some time!!  Ahh, quilty goodness!!  This store has the greatest things, so I'm sure that I'll be back there again (and my DH hopes that it's none too soon!!!).

Then I went to Stitches N Things.  The shop is small, but she's the only game in town for hand-dyed fabric.  I don't know how I managed not to come out with anything but the BBD book, Joyeaux Noel (love the cardinal piece in the book), but I did come out with the highly coveted fabric:

Do ya think I bought enough?  Well, I was so desperate for linen, and I'm not a fan of ordering through the mail, especially for a pattern where the fabric is no longer available and I don't have a clue what to order for it.  At least here, I can floss toss, etc.  And I love looking at all of it - touching, etc.  And btw, they do let you touch the fabric there!!!  Anyway, I don't think there is going to be any excuse for not getting in a lot of quality stitching time!!!  Now I'm wondering if I can convince DH that these were fraudulent charges.  A couple of weeks ago, our charge card was compromised with some lame brain charging computer supplies.  Do you think I could get away with telling DH that some crazed woman went on a craft rampage and the charges are all fraudulent?  Nah, he'll know it was me!  LOL

Well, that's all for me this week.  Stay safe and warm, especially everyone on the East Coast.  I hear that you're in for even more snow!!!  I can't believe all that you're getting.  And to all that read my blog, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving the wonderful comments that you do. 


KarenV said...

Oooh! Look at all that lovely linen :D I would love to be able to go into an LNS and fondle a bunch of hand-dyed linen but sadly, that isn't possible over here :(

Love your finish, it turned out great, even if it did give you fits! ;)

Margaret said...

Oh wow! I just love your Yellow House finish! It is gorgeous!!!! Love the colors! I really must get to this one.... Love the quilt too -- very pretty! And all your stash! Yum! I wish we had a good quilt store nearby but the good one closed. :(

I hear you on the snow front. We're the same way -- we've never had more than 4 inches at once this year so far. We're supposed to get a good one tonight into tomorrow though! Just one is enough, so hopefully this is it! lol!

Melissa said...

Oh you lucky gal, to be able to buy all those goodies at Stitches n Things! Those linens look lovely! And the highly coveted linen - do you mean Pear?

Love the Yellow House Sampler! I have it on my to-stitch list and will have to watch out for the frustrating bits like you had mentioned! You were very clever to overcome the challenges though!

doris said...

That Yellow House is too wonderful for words! What a beauty. You're such a speed demon.

The quilting supplies are stashilicious. I haven't pieced a quilt in more than a decade, I'm afraid, so I only know what I see when I'm in those stores looking for backing fabric.

Oh, the linen! I'm coveting those gorgeous colors. What's better than an empty piece of linen? Many empty pieces!

BeckySC said...

Deb, it's just gorgeous :) Congratulations :)
I am drooling over your linens :) YUMMY!!

Catherine said...

What a fantastic finish!! And all that new stash - the quilting fabrics and linen........yum!

We are set for our second snow storm in less than a week - bring it on and get it over with, I am ready for Spring!

Marjorie said...

What a beautiful finish! Your linen haul looks great too. If you have any luck with your DH and the
credit card thing, please share your tips with the rest of us!

Michelle said...

Yellow House looks amazing! I love the colors in it, especially the blues! And congrats on your quilting - what fun that will be when you get your blocks done. Excellent stash haul - love it!!! Ooh, and linen....drool!

dixiesamplar said...

Gorgeous finish on the Yellow House sampler...have been watching your progess, and it turned out beautifully!!

The quilt supplies are very nice...I love Moda fabrics/patterns too! I used them to make my grandaughter's first quilt...it was a dream to work with, and the color choices boogle the mind!!

Wow, I just love your linen choices...you must be in heaven! Those will make some beautiful finishes in the future...enjoy!
One of them may work well for the giveaway pattern I have on my blog right now...check it out when you can.


Amy said...

Love your finish. Happy dance for you!!

I love log cabins. I have the Aunt Amy book, because I am an Aunt Amy.

Those cake pieces are just the best thing. I was looking at them in Ohio, but didn't buy because I knew I didn't want to pack any more for the move south.

I do much more cross stitch now. My space is very limited. We are staying with my hubby's sister. I may pick up my quilting again someday.

Have a lovely day.

Alice said...

Ah, a shopping trip to drool over! I love your pile o' linen. I am one of those cursing (not quite out loud) East Coasters... I would give anything to see my grass! I don't remember the last day my kids were at school...last Thursday maybe? But snow days do involve stitching time! Can't wait to see your quilts.

Kim said...

DEB! OMGosh I LOVE The Yellow House! I'm going to need that one! Your quilt block looks amazing! And you will too be able to cut the bullseye circles free hand! Trust me! It gets so raveled in the end....and you want them all to not match up in the end when you piece it back together! I've made three of those quilts and I love them! Okay--I only kept one...the other two were gifts, but I love it!

A gal after my own heart with the BBD Joyeux Noel just for the Cardinal! And ooooh the linen! YGG!!!

Awesome haul of stash you've got there!! :o)

Andrea said...

Your Yellow House sampler is just gorgeous Deb! I love every little bit of it!

Great quilting projects! I admire your talent :-)
I have to admit, collecting jelly rolls and charm packs is the most I usually get done in the quilting department, lol!

All of that wonderful fabric, great score! Looks like a big pile of fun!


Ranae said...

Wowza! A beautfiul sampler finish.
I wish I could quilt, so I will really enjoy this coming together.
Yummy Fabric!
I ordered the BBD Joyeaux Noel this last weekend, and just because of the cardinal piece.
We have 5" of snow as of right now and will probably expect a couple more thru tonite.
Stay Warm

Jennifer said...

OK< I'm doing the happy dance with ya!!!! Beautiful sampler and so detailed and pretty!!!! YEAH!
You always stitch so pretty!

Glad you going to get snow, post some pics in your neck of the woods!!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I LOVE your Yellow House sampler, Deb! It is really beautiful! Man, when you buy linen, you really do it up right - my kind of gal! I need to get out there one of these days.

Your quilt stash does look yummy! Can't wait to see your projects. You sure do get a lot of stuff done!

I'm hoping the snow starts falling a little harder - I'd like to be out of work - Yeah, like that'll ever happen and wouldn't even mind if school was out, too.

See you Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I always love your shopping reports, Debbie! :) Those fabrics are beautiful.

What a great finish! I really like the yellow in the yellow house.

Your quilt blocks are nice too -- It looks like you are going to be kept busy with those "cake ingredients" and patterns. It's amazing how quick the scrap bowl fills up, isn't it?

Re: my HST's -- I am having to make 110 units. I am almost there... :)

ohiofarmgirl said...

Love the yellow house. Dianntha

Loraine said...

You are so funny. We must be made out of the same gene fabric. We can't help ourselves when it comes to buying from quilt and stitching stores!
What a great bundle of fun you got. I can't wait to see your progress. I've always wanted the BB book. And I can't say enough about Astor Manor! Gorgeous!
The linen in beautiful! What perfect colors to add to your stash.
Your Yellow House is adorable. I love the little A&E on there. So sorry it gave you so many fits! How frustrating is that. I know what you mean about leaving the borders. I did that with my Bent Creek monthly snappers. It took 3 months to complete the border, and I vowed to never let that happen again!
Take care dear friend. Thanks for the wonderful post. It was so fun to read!

woolwoman said...

What a stash haul Deb !!!!!!!!
Man look at that pile of linen - WHOOOOO - too cool. and the fabric and a new quilt shop uncovered as well. I love your Yellow House finish - it is just wonderful and I can't believe how fast you cranked that out. I know what you mean about the newest BBD book - I had great hopes of stitching that cardinal piece - had all the belle soie silks on hand and the linen and was ready to go but somehow it never happened or not yet anyway! there is always hope for the future and I did manage to get the little Noel bird piece stitched but not mounted on the box. Oh for a snow day ! There is nary a single snow flake in sight here in NE Florida!

LiahonaGirl said...

You have been busy -- stitching, sewing and shopping! I love the Yellow House sampler and the log cabin blocks. Log cabin quilts are my all-time favorites. There are just so many cool ways to set the blocks and so many variations on the blocks themselves (and easy-peasy to sew up).
Great job!

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb, Yellow House looks lovely. Congratulations on finishing her even if she gave you fits lol.
No I don't think your DH will fall for the story of the crazy woman let lose with the credit card. I know mine would say that she lives in our house lol.
What a beautiful lot of linen. That should keep you going for a little while. I know what you mean though about buying it over the internet. The 2 times I have tried I have got something totally different from what I thought I was buying. - Sandra.

Berit said...

Woo-Hoo! I think I wound up saying everything in my email to you, but as ever you are a master of packing the goodness into a blog!!

Blu said...

Yellow House looks great! Congrats. It was a really fast finish!
All that fabric is gorgeous! And your pile of linen too.

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! I adore the colors.

And yes, the good east coasters are wondering how on earth you could possibly want more snow! Jeez, you midwesterners! ;)

I'm so jealous that you can go to Stitches 'n' Things on a whim and buy that gorgeous fabric. YUM!

Gabi said...

What a GORGEOUS finish. Congrats!!! Yellow house looks fantastic.
Lucky you to have such a nice shop for your linen nearby. I have to order everything online - mostly from the US. And its so much nicer to see what you buy and to touch and fondle first.
Love your quilting projects. All of them. You're quite an enabler here.

mainely stitching said...

Your linen haul is just too glorious! I love your taste!! And so's your quilting stash. :D

mainely stitching said...

Forgot to say how great your finish is! Oops!

Jackie said...

You know how to shop!!! Deb, I need to go shopping with you as you know where to find all the good stuff! You really got a nice variety of linen color wise and the quilting supplies are wonderful.

Your Yellow House finish is superb! You really seemed to crank that one out. It doesn't look like it gave you fits at all.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your Yellow House sampler looks fabulous! Congrats on your finish. I like the looks of those quilt blocks too... and all that lovely quilting stash. YGG Oh... and all that linen... wonderful! Enjoy it all.

April Mechelle said...

Yellow House is bautiful !!! Love all the fabric !! I always say hubby can rave later but I am basking the the linen glow!!! lol
Pretty linens ! I am in ALABAMA and I order from Deb some. Take care up there in the snow!!

corinna said...

looks like you had fun and are still having fun with your new purchases
good for you,
and the sampler finish is wonderful....
i can hear the charlie brown music playing in my mind, whilst you do the snoopy dance and wave your sampler against the blue sky....
happy doodle done!

Nancy M said...

First congrats on the finish!! I don't really care for borders either, so I try not to leave them for last. I've been to SnT's, I think it's about 2 hours from me. How far away is Tecumseh? Timeless Stitches is there and it's a nice shop too! Do you have projects in mind for all that linen? I tend to buy for a specific piece, unless I'm in a FOTM club. I need some neutral colors though! Love the quilt projects and the snow??? Yes we are getting it now! I doubt anyone will have school tomorrow, unfortunately I still have to drive 35 miles to work!

Karen said...

Of course you had to buy the linen -- you can never have too much, and besides, what if you get an overwhelming attack of startitis? You have to have a good selection of linen.

Your Yellow House is beautiful -- very nice!

valerie said...

Woohoo! Your yellow house sampler is amazing! Congrats on a wonderful finish.

I love your stack of linens! Are their needlework shops that don't allow you to fondle the linen?! I can't imagine!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Fabulous post GF!!! Congrats on the Yellow House finish!! YGG!!

And re: the snow going on in MI - What I'm actually saying is: "BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" ;) Seriously, though... there's something really wrong w/ the world when us MD'ers get more snow that you Michiganders, lol!!

I see yet more evidence that we would get along juuuust fine IRL. :) I had to have that Astor Manor fabric as soon as I saw it, too. Can't remember if I got the JR, or the LC... hmmm...

And, last but not least, my little heart is wrung out with jealousy over your awesome fabric stash. Can't wait to see what beautiful treasures you whip up with it!

Enjoy the snow there!!

mbroider said...

LOL,my dear this is the only fraudulent charge that he will not believe:))

Berit said...

Wowzers!! I love it all! What a delicious-looking stack of linen!! *drool*

Nic said...

Congratulations on the finish - it looks lovely! And some great stashing too :o)

Vonna said...

YAYAYAYAY! On the yellow house...that's gorgeous Deb ;)
And the BBD quilt book...nearly bought that one myself. I'm thinking of translating some of their blocks into wool...in betwixt all this stitching that you know I have planned ;o)
LURVE all the new fabric too! You're the second gal I've seen this a.m. with a pile 'o fabrics. I think I'm getting a little linen envy going on ;)

Katrina said...

LOL, you are too funny Deb. I just smiled my way through your post, vans with minds of their own, fraudulent charges on your card :-).

Love your Yellow House piece, just gorgeous and all the quilting fabric makes me want to get my sewing machine out. Thankfully I can resist that compulsion ;-).

staci said...

Congrats on finishing your Yellow House sampler...I really love it! The design is really gorgeous and your stitching is so beautiful!

I'm drooling over your linen!!!

Kellie said...

Hi Deb,
Congratulations on finishing Yellow House. It is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love the quilt and all your stash too! That stack of linen just looks fabulous!!!!

We are out for our second snow day and wondering if we might get another one tomorrow. :) Of course, I am hoping because that means I don't have to work either. :)

Have a great rest of the week!

Annie said...

Thanks for the visit and nice comment on my blog.

This is just a gorgeous sampler. I hate slugging through borders, but it's worth in the end.

Have fun with all that great new linen!

Siobhan said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Congrats, Deb! It looks amazing. I love it. Great job--you must be so psyched. :) Love the new stash, too! I am like Karen, wish I could go into a shop and fondle some fabrics and see just what I'm getting. Great quilt blocks, too!

Alice said...

Great finish on the yellow house Deb! Aaaww, I do hope to get to mine sometime before I die lol. Fantastic quilt projects you have going. I can just admire your energy. I really do understand you needing all that linen and you are so right, no way that you can choose colours over the internet, and its just that "must have it" feel when you touch it that makes it so worthwhile to walk out well stocked up. : )
Be careful what you wish for when it comes to snow... : )))

Mylene said...

wow! Look at those linens...i really envy you, wish we can buy those over here.
Congrats on the beautiful sampler.

It snowed here today and just CHAOS everywhere!!

Daffycat said...

Oh Debbie, the YHS looks fantastic! The border is lovely; it must be worth all the fits it gave you! I think it never fails there is one color missing whatever I'm stitching!

Missy Ann said...

You can never have too much fabric. So don't even think it.

Love the sampler, especially that little blue bird with the red stripe. Wonderful.

Great quilt square. I really like how the little row of blocks marches diagonally across. Don't even want to think how my corners (wouldn't) match.

Nicole said...

Beautiful finish Deb! I love it! I love all your new stash - quilting and stitching! I'm going to Michigan this summer. My dad lives down the road from Stitches 'N Things and I plan to go there a lot (for sanity purposes). I'd love to meet up if you're around! :)

Susan said...

Love your yellow house finish!
The quilt supplies are great - can't go wrong with Moda (at least it looks like Moda in the pic).
I love the linen - they look great. Are they all the same stitch ct? Just curious.

Tanya said...

Woohoo! Congratulations on such a cool finish. And your linen stash -to die for.

Sharlotte said...

Beautiful projects Debbie! I love , love, love those hand dyes!

Lois said...

Yellow House is gorgeous!! Congrats on the finish, I love the colours! As for your fabric stash, well, I'm another one who never has the chance to go for a fondle so I'm very envious of anyone being able to go, see, fondle and buy! Looks like you bought a wonderful selection. Last but by no means least, love the quilt start!

Natasha said...

Love all of that linen...I agree it is so much better to see it in person.. Look forward to seein gyour quilt progree.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brigitte said...

The pile of linen is a dream. And looking at layer cakes and jelly rolls always makes me drool. I have two books of quilts made of jelly rolls, the only thing I can't get here are jelly rolls, lol.
Congratulations on your absolutely stunning Sheepish finish. A great piece!

Brigitte said...

And I just wanted to add - I stitch borders always as I go. I don't like stitching them so this is the only chance for me to finish them. If I had to do them all at once I'd leave them away, lol.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Deb, love the yellow house and congratulations on the finish. Now your linen purchase is to die for, and I look forward to seeing your 'circle' quilt with hand cut circles???!!

Have a good weekend - it is snowing here in Middle Georgia.


Solstitches said...

What a beautiful sampler. I don't think I've seen that design before.
I love your quilt blocks and wow, you have lots of lovely new quilty stash. I shall enjoy seeing what you make from it.


Carol said...

Your Yellow House finish is so, so lovely, Deb. Sorry you had trouble with the chart--don't you hate that!!

I'm so jealous that you live close enough to a LNS to actually see and touch the linen. I have to order everything except the basic DMC online--very tough to make decisions. (And expensive when my decisions turn out to be wrong!)

Our snow count is up to 30+ inches and more is on the way for next week. Hope you enjoy yours while it lasts :)

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on finishing your Yellow House. It's a beautiful finish. I love all that linen, I went on a big linen shop two weeks ago and can't wait until it arrives.

I love all the quilting projects.

Karoline said...

Your Yellow House is gorgeous, congratulations

Valerie said...

Congrats on the Yellow House finish! It is gorgeous...what a beautiful piece! Also, those layer cakes and jellyrolls sound delish! I saw them on "Quilt in a Day" a couple of months ago and thought, "hey, maybe I can do that!" Looks like fun and can't wait to see your progress pics!

Oh, and thank you for the encouragement to keep on trying with the sewing in hand method. I am slowly but surely getting there. Hope to be flying through my stitching soon!

Anonymous said...
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Sharon said...

Your finish is gorgeous! Congrats!

Michele said...

Love our finish! congrats and nice Snoopy happy dance :)

ohhh I'm drooling over your fabrics! love them.

We've had a horrible pathetic winter this year .. unseasonably warm .. enjoy the snow!

Thelma said...

Congratulations on finishing the Yellow House Sampler, it's lovely! You did a wonderful job! I just love counted cross stitch because it's perfect!

Tammy said...

Mmmmm, all that pretty fabric and linen!!! Your finish is so so pretty-gorgeous actually! And that quilt is going to be luscious! I need to get cracking on a quilt project very soon! Oh and you were right--the plane ride was SO worth the trip! Thx for your encouraging words!

Giovanna said...

Sorry I'm so late, but I have to congratulate you on this lovely finish! I've just been to Terri's blog and read what happened to it, and wow, I really admire your cool :-) I hope you were all able to minimize the damage.

Dona said...

Yay! Yellow House is finished and it's very pretty!

I don't quilt, but I sure enjoy reading about quilting. Especially seeing the great patterns and gorgeous fabrics. Confetti Cake is pretty! As is all of your new linen stash!

Sherri said...

Love the yellow house, it's beautiful! Congratulations on toughing it out. Your quilting stash is amazing, it makes me want to start quilting, too. I especially like the idea of the quilt made from circles.

Sally said...

Yellow House is absolutely fantastic!

Wonky Girl said...

Glad you shared the book- Quilts From Aunt Amy. Looks fun so I ordered one tonight. Do I also see a Circle Quilt in My life?