Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Small Pic

Yes, you'll notice I changed my screen. I couldn't stand that pink background I had. I have been trying to get a new background for my blog for a couple of weeks without any luck. For some reason, I can't get the script copied from the Cutest Blog on the Block - or anywhere else for that matter). Oh, it did save it as a screensaver on my computer (how that happened I don't know), but just wouldn't copy over to the blog (thank goodness, I noticed a comment from someone else that she was having the same problem). I'm really computer stupid - I mean big-time. It's pretty bad when your 15 year old son and 13 year old nephew have to show you how to use the video cam (and in fact, my son will have to show me how to change my screensaver back when he gets home - no, not really, but there is just a lot I don't know). In fact, if anyone has a clue as to how to get those tools off the sidebar of my blog, I'd appreciate the help. Seems I came across something about it, but you know how that is - I wouldn't be able to find that site again in a million years).

So, anyway, I copied Terri's template (terriboog) who just set up a new BLOG. Go check it out! It's listed on the side - Chocolates for Breakfast,......... I'll change my background soon Terri - promise!!

Anyway, I started Frances, but as you can see, I have only gotten one motif done (probably because I've been spending all my time trying to work out the blog thing and some other computer related things). Hopefully, over the next week I'll get a lot done. The kids are off for three days next week and I take advantage of their sleeping in and get a lot of stitching done.

I have to say though that I've fallen victim to some of the new Nashville releases. I swore I wasn't going to do that. A couple of them are of the A&E variety from Praiseworthy Stitches and The Primitive Needle. Which got me thinking (not a good thing sometimes). Please keep in mind that I'm a SAH mom who has inhaled a lot of cleaning products over the years. Anyway, I'm thinking about Adam and Eve in the garden and Eve giving Adam the apple. Thus, they sinned. Now what was up with Adam???? Surely, he had thought of this before Eve provoked him? And he's a man right? Where was the drive? Where was his sense of adventure? Well, perhaps he needed some prodding. Perhaps he needed some directions. That's it - men don't ask for directions, do they? LOL. Shows that women definitely have more of a handle on things then the men do. So I continue to think that if they had not sinned, where would all the rest of us be? Seriously? We wouldn't be here to blog and stitch. Thank goodness, Eve had the guts to cross the line or none of us would be here, would we?

Told you I inhale too many cleaning products!


Margaret said...

I love your Adam and Eve theory! lol! And I just wanted to pop in to say 1) sorry I don't tend to post comments, but I've discovered your blog and love to read it; 2) thanks for pointing out Terri's new blog! and 3) I want to do Frances Eden too! I love your little start on it!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great start on Frances, Deb! Oh, and I LOVE your new background! It's really pretty and rich looking ;-) hee, hee, hee!!!!

Yep, without that wily Eve, what in the world would we stitch?

Siobhan said...

Yeah, we owe a lot to Eve, don't we?? She's always the maligned one but I wonder what would be said if we had the Gospel of Eve or something. ;)

On the blog thing, I am so new to this that there's a 75% chance that I don't know what I'm talking about, but only you can see those little tool thingies near each gadget/widget whatevers. Are those the tools that you're talking about? I see them on my blog, too, and asked my two sister friends if they saw them as well and each time I asked, they said no. I guess they are visible only to the author of the blog.

For the cutest blog on the block background, mine was messed up till I changed my setting/template in blogger to minima. I think that's it. My friend could tell from looking at my blog that I was set up on Script. ?

Your start on Frances Eden is fabulous!! YGG! I ordered Lisa's A&E immediately and am now jonesing over the Praiseworthy STitches A&E. Who am I kidding, I am probably going to order it within the next week. LOL ;)

I'm so glad that Terri started a blog. :) Now I can stalk her on her blog as well as on the boards!

Deb said...

I thought that you'd like that background Terri! LOL And Siobhan, you're right about the little widget thingy. One of these days I'll figure out the background thing. I quess that the designs I picked on the CBOTB just wouldn't copy over. One that I didn't like so much became my screensaver. And you know, as far as Frances goes, I'm a little shocked at the brightness of the colors. Probably because I thought samplers were traditionally more muted. I almost abandoned her, but the more I stitch on it, the more I like it.