Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Couple Small Finishes

My BAPS were wearing a little thin, so I decided to tackle a couple small projects. After getting those done, I came away with some sense of accomplishment.

Stash Keep by Homespun Elegance. The pattern called for a Moss Belle Soie Silk, but I ended up using a GAST to match the box (and thanks Terri for the hint about stuffing this).

And the Merri Cox hornbook. I ended up crossing the tent stitches and finishing it up.

I remembered, after I had posted those hornbooks last week, that I had another one lurking around here. This has been done for a while. It's one of my favorites by Hillside Samplings. Sorry the picture isn't clearer - it's pretty cloudy here. BUT, it's going to be 60 degrees - a record high!!!! After all the absolutely foul weather and snow that we've had around here - it's going to absolutely balmy! Have to enjoy it though - it's going to be freezing again in a day or two. But at least we've gotten rid of a good portion of the 2+ feet of snow that's been lurking around here for the past month!

Little progress has been on Ann Medd. I started working on the over-one dogs and have had to rip them out twice. I'm on my third attempt and they will stay however they turn out. This is suppose to be fun (I keep telling myself that). No progress pic yet as one of the dogs is sporting a fifth leg (I accidently started over too far and haven't ripped it out yet)! I don't think anyone is really interested in seeing a mutated dog! As far at the mirror image of it, I did end up going to Kinkos. I tried a few programs on the computer and couldn't get a mirror image.

My fabric came (finally) for Frances Eden! Ya-Ho! I'm looking forward to getting started on that. Then I ran into a dilemna on SoHRH. Our guild meeting was this weekend and it seems that not everyone was liking the Shores. What's not to like????? Anyway, the Guild decided that we could pick out one of the Hawk Hollow charts to work on. I sat there mulling over whether I should forge ahead with Houses (of which I'm on Block 5), pick up Village (of which I have all of one block done), or do what a true Startitis nut case would do - start Shores. Well, you guessed it (and it helped that I had a little persuasion from that Enabler of All Enablers - my friend, Diane), I'm going with the Shores (plus I'd probably have Siobhan and Michelle to answer to if I didn't - LOL!!). I do have a specific purpose for that piece (my basement bathroom), so I might as well go for it. And funny thing, I have the fabric for this! Why am I not shocked.

In the acquisition department, I ordered the chart and fabric for the CHS Adam and Eve so I could join the SAL with Siobhan and Michelle. I really need something else to do like another hole in the head, but this will fit the requirements for getting that A&E wall filled and also will be a smaller project that I can carry around while waiting for my kids.

And no, I'm not turning this into a cooking blog, but while I was going through all my dilemnas with "what to stitch", I baked. I needed comfort! This will just about take care of any ill that you have. It's a gingerbread upside down cake. My kids love gingerbread, so I took a recipe for Pineapple Upside down cake and kind of made it my own. I love this stuff too, but only ate a small piece. Serve it warm with whipped cream - oh yeah, baby! But like I said, I only ate a small piece. I've been spending too much time lately with my new best friend, Wii Fit, to ruin what I'm trying to accomplish!

So now I'm feeling a little better as far as the projects go. I'm working on Ann until the end of the week, and then it's flipping between Shores, Frances Eden, the CHS Sampler Ball and A&E whenever it gets here. It will be interesting to see if I can do this. I love all of them, but again, I'm more of a "stay on one project at a time" person. But we'll see how this goes.

Well, I'm going to go outside and sunbathe! Not really, still a little chilly, but I should take advantage of getting the Christmas wreaths off our windows that we haven't been able to get to for all the snow! Heck, Valentines Day is Saturday! Hope everyone has a good week!


Siobhan said...

Hey, great finishes, Deb!! They look wonderful. YGG! And that cake--yumm-o! I would love to try the Wii Fit but I heard that it announces your weight. No thanks!! LOL

I am so glad you & Michelle are in for Shores and A&E. Woohoo!! I think one block per month is definitely doable. On A&E, maybe we could work on it each week and have a day in which we post our progress on our blogs? Tanya doesn't have a blog, we'll have to work on her for that! ;)

Terri (TerriBoog) said...

Hey Deb! Love your finishes!!! And I love gingerbread, too! What a great looking cake!!

While I no longer have a strong desire to stitch the SoHRH, I think I will do the VoHRH as my guild SAL project. I've got an idea, why don't you just give me the part you already started on the Village!!?? Then you can start Shores without feeling so guilty about having so many WIPs (not just WIPs but BA WIPs, to boot!!!). Yeah, I know, it's a sacrifice for me not to stitch that first block myself but it's something I'm willing to do to help out a friend! Really!!!!

I'll enjoy watching you and Siobhan stitch the A&E sampler. I'm sure as soon as you're done I'll wish I had joined in! TTYS! Looking forward to lunch!

Terri (TerriBoog) said...

Hey Deb! Love your finishes!!! And I love gingerbread, too! What a great looking cake!!

Guess I'm one of the "what's not to like" folks regarding Shores. Loved it when it first came out but now, not so much. BUT, I do love the VoHRH and the HoHRH so may stitch one of those this year for the Guild SAL. I can barely wrap my brain around doing one of them and you will have all three of them going at once? You are my hero!

I'll enjoy watching you and Siobhan stitch the A&E sampler. I'm sure as soon as you're done I'll wish I had joined in! TTYS!


dianemi said...

Oh yum, yum, yum Deb... that cake! I'm lovin' those smalls, too. Your needles are really smokin', my dear. Sooo glad you got the fabric for Frances Eden. That is such a gorgeous pattern. I am NOT going to touch that comment you made about the dog with the fifth leg... I'm just not gonna do it! lmao Oh and excuse me?!? I'm the Enabler of Enablers? Just how much enabling does one have to do when discussing Hawk Hollow charts over a Long Island Iced Tea and a top shelf Margarita? (Dang... did I say that out loud?) I'm cheering you Siobhan and Michelle on... can't wait to see WIP pics.

Michelle said...

Love your finishes! I'm glad that you decided to cross your tent stitches and were able to finish your little hornbook - so sweet! I'm sorry flipping the chart on your pc didn't work, and sorry you're having so much trouble with the dogs. Send them to obedience school! Can't wait to get started on A&E and Shores. Glad you decided to go with Shores anyway!!

Deb said...

Siobhan - I'm up for whatever schedule we come up for the A&E. And we can do the BOM on Shores and if someone wants to go quicker, no problem! Also, you can skip that weight s&%t on the Wii - who needs to see that first thing in the morning!

Terri - I was having a real hard time with SoHRH and VoHRH, especially after I saw the colors in that first block. Now, I would love to be a great friend and give you mine, but I think that I'll hang on to it and maybe even put some stitches into it here and there (yeah right, who am I kidding?) LOL See you soon!

Di - Those Long Island Iced Teas and top shelf margaritas can convince you to do anything, right? LOL Hopefully, I'll have started it by the next time I see you and BTW, your St. Petersburg looks absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see it IRL!!!

Michele - the dogs were relegated to the WIP pile in the spare room and Frances slapped on the rods. Shores will be put on rods today (but probably not started - I'll wait for the rest of you). I'm just hoping that the A&E stuff comes soon.