Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Head Spins Sometimes

I'm still in the throes of not really being able to find a project that I just want to settle on to stitch to completion. Nothing seems to be really calling me - you know - something that screams, "Do me, do me, do me" (sounds a little obscene, doesn't it?). I told myself that I would clear up WIPs this year, and that's what I'm trying to do - but it's just not exciting. Plus, I really like the idea of working on one project at a time. You wouldn't know it by the amount of WIPs I have. But I tend to pick out BAPs and not things that are more manageable.

I've have made a little progress on Provence:

This was getting really interesting and I was loving that border, but I find that if I stop in a place that I enjoy what I'm doing, I'm more liable to pick it back up again. It wasn't screaming at me loud enough to keep going though.

And I've made a little bit of progress on Ann Medd

So far only the flower and pot to the right of Adam and those two verses that you can see. I remember now what else had made me put this down in the first place. It wasn't so much that I was one thread off, but the fact that on either side of the flower pots are dogs - one on each side of the pot facing each other. The chart only has the dog facing to the right, but not to the left. I can barely walk and chew gum, let alone stitch in reverse! So, I have to make a trip to Kinkos to have a reverse image made. I never got there before, so I put poor ole Ann down.

I'm still waiting for the fabric for Frances Eden (which I thought would be here by now). And then to add insult to injury, my Sampler Guild picked their choice for this year's SAL - The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow:

Now, this I have in my stash (what don't I have in my stash), and I really want to do this (as I wanted to decorate my bathroom in the basement in a nautical theme), but there is an issue.....or rather......a couple of issues. I have started The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow......

.......and I've started the Village of Hawk Run Hollow:

As you can see, I have an extreme case of Startitis and no Finishitis. So do I really need to start Shores? I'm not sure. It's another BAP. But the other side of the issue is that it is in my stash and something that I could knock out if I take the time. When I took the picture of Houses and Village, I got perked up a little bit. Ann is somewhat drab so I actually felt a little spark of enthusiasm starting on something a little more colorful. One caveat to this whole thing though is that I'm not a SAL type of gal! Seriously! I've tried it and it didn't work out. Of course the project was rather large (the CHS alphabets). I had all intentions of keeping up, but I didn't. But maybe if I treat each block as a small project (and do one a month), I'll get through this puppy and be finished by next March!

Then there is the issue of doing some smaller projects because now I've got a bunch of BAPS - Provence, HoHRH, VoHRH, SoHRH, Convent's, Ann Medd, Marquoir de Justine (almost forgot that one) and then the infamous, fabric-waiting Frances Eden - all started (except Frances and Shores) and going nowhere fast.

Anyway, the other day my friend Terri told me that she had finished her Merri Cox hornbook

This was a project that we received from our Sampler Guild as Merri was not able to schedule classes with us, so she sent these hornbooks. I had started this, but was doing it with tent stitch. I think that I wasn't quite sure I liked the stitching on it, and put it down (stupid really, because it could be done in a night). Terri mentioned she did hers with a whole cross, so thanks to Terri - I think I'll follow her lead. I've pulled this out of the bin and it will be my carry project since it's already started. I was about to start one of the pinballs, but I'll finish this hornbook first and then move on to one of them. Seems that I'm always sitting waiting for my children somewhere and instead of reading, I'll just work on this.

Speaking of hornbooks - I love them! Again, it's just a case of finding the time to work do them

The one of the left is The Sampler Hornbook by the Prairie Sampler that I finished last year. The center hornbook is actually a cookie mold ( that I bought a couple years ago when my daughter had to spend two days at the Stoney Creek Schoolhouse here in Rochester. The school is located in the Stoney Creek and Van Hoosen Farm Historical District and they spend two days dressed as prairie children, learn their lessons from hornbooks, are reprimanded by spending time with a dunce cap on their head, etc. A lot of fun! For the occasion, I found this hornbook cookie mold and made all the children cookies. They were a big hit! The hornbook on the right I ordered from Bloom Woodworks and if you look closely have my initials carved into it. It's actually to be used as a scissor fob. I probably have got another five hornbooks that do need stitching to finish them off. Perhaps those become the smaller projects for the future.

Well, I think that's enough whining for me today.


Michelle said...

I know what you mean about having so many BAPs on the go, and feel like you're getting nowhere. As for your dog problem, if you can scan that part of the chart in, I think Adobe has a function where you can flip the image. That would save you the trip to Kinkos. If you can't do that, and want to scan that part and email it to me, I'll flip it for you. I wish my guild was doing a SAL for Shores - I love that piece and so want to stitch it. It would give me an excuse to start it, no? Love your hornbooks!

Patti said...

You have not whined at all (well not much anyway). I know what it's like to stitch one thing at a time because me the serial starter has been doing that for the last year and I hated it so I've started being a serial starter again.

Michelle why don't you start your own SAL for Shores - not that I am going to do it but I'm sure loads want to. I want to stitch HOHRH over one but not until I have stitched ATS over one and I still can't find a fabric that I like!!!! Oh well now who's whining??? Moi? NEVER. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Siobhan said...

So I take it your DH doesn't read your blog? I know my DH would have something to say about the 'do me do me'. ROFLOL!! Sorry, I couldn't resist!! ROFLOL. Ahem. Okay, in all seriousness, hello spinning sister, I could have written this post!! I suffer from the same affliction. Love me some BAPs, I want to stitch on everything at the one time, but only in theory, because in reality, I am quite content to continue working on one project at a time. Until it gets to the middle of a project and then I want to run it over with my car or use it to light a bonfire. (This is why I believe the ghost of Hannah Pepper is haunting me.) Truly, I don't know what the answer is. I've done SALs, usually not too well, I've done rotations--I suck at rotations--and I have tried to do one day spent on a project type things, too. None have really worked. I have decided that this year, and hopefully from now on, I am just going to stitch on what I like, when I like, and try just to enjoy the process and not focus so much on what I finish. Enjoy the journey instead of being so spastically compulsive. So, all that is to say, I have no answer for you, just understanding! The one thing I do have to add is that I realized just how much the smaller, quicker to finish samplers make the big BAPs zing, so I do try to allow myself to stitch them. At times I feel like 'why I am working on this when I could be finishing up a BAP', but they do make the BAPs shine.

Okay, sorry for the huge comment. Your WIPs are gorgeous, absolutely stunning. I love the hornbooks--I want a collection of them, too. I was thinking one in each room. So far I have one stitched and a collection in my stash. I am so envious of your awesome guild. I have Shores here, too, btw, and after I just listed how I suck at SALs, I'd love to SAL with you, maybe Michelle would want to join us!! I know a couple other bloggers are working on Shores, too. It's a thought...

Deb said...

Michelle and Siobhan - Why don't we do a SAL???? I know, I know, I said that I stink at SALS but, honestly, how bad could it be? Do the block a month thing????

Michelle - thanks for the heads up on the reversing dog thing. I'm going to try that out. I never think of all the amazing things I can do on the computer.

Siobhan - No my husband doesn't read my blog! Thank god! LOL He hates samplers anyway - he thinks that they are all "dark". You know, with all their verses about death - that's why I do the Chatelaines - more his style. And wasn't Hannah Pepper (which is also in my hope-to-do stash and I have coveted yours) the one where you wanted to snatch you hair out or was that run over it with a car? LOL I can so relate!!!

Anyway, I'm up for a SAL with you two and maybe we can pull a few more into the fray while we're at it????

Siobhan said...

Woohoo!! I'm in for a SAL! All righty! Poor Michelle, if she agrees, she'll probably have a finish and we'll both be whining that we haven't started, LOL. Nah, we'll be good, promise, Michelle! Anybody else want to join us?!?

And yes, Hannah Pepper was my nemesis. I wanted to cut it up into small, tiny little pieces, light it on a bonfire and dance around it, run it over with my car, etc. Over one on 40 ct--a lot of it. I can only now look at it with admiration that I managed to finish it, but never again will I jump into something like that!

Oh, and hey, Michelle & I, and Tanya from the boards--I think she goes by tanyapear?--are SALing on CHS A&E, we haven't started yet. We'd love for you to join us...!!

Deb said...

All right! This will be a lot of fun, and promise Michelle, if you finish it before us we won't hurt you! LOL

You know that I saw your post somewhere (CHS board?) about starting the A&E sampler. I am so tempted! I have a long wall going to my laundry room that is screaming to be filled with A&E's. So....after much deliberation (okay, not that much).....I think that I will join you. Didn't take much to twist my arm, did it? This could count as a small project, don't ya think? Sure it could (I can talk myself into anything). I don't think I have that chart (how the heck that happened, I don't know), so I think that I'll order the chart and fabbie and join you. This will be fun! When are you planning to start? Maybe this will get me out of my stitching doldrums!

Any ideas for the SoHRH? I was thinking a block a month would be doable. Maybe we should hear comments from Michelle too and then go from there. To get cudos from my sampler guild, I think I have to finish it by next March. But the two of you (and whoever else wants to join us) could kind of work at their own pace.

Off to hunt down the chart and place the order. You're such an enabler, Siobhan. Okay, I have to blame someone!

Oh and Hannah, over one....on 40 count????? Good grief, there has to be some kind of award out there for you for the sheer determination. That is beyond belief. No wonder you wanted to do grave damage to it!

Carol said...

It was so nice to meet you today at the guild meeting, I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful work - Ann Medd and the other piece whose name escapes me. And I see we have some samplers in common. Frances Eden has been in the corner of our family room, one would think she's being punished!
I'll enjoy watching your progress.

Deb said...

Carol - It was so good to meet you and be able to put a face to your name (from Legacy). The other piece I brought was Provence. Thanks for the kind compliments. Ann is going to take me a long while - probably Provence too. Now, Frances Eden, that's another thing. More colorful, so she'll probably get more attention. Hope to see you at the next Guild meeting.

Carol said...

I think I figured out what BAP is (big a projects?) The ones in the corner with Frances are Dorcas Haynes (Darlene's version) and the SL quaker sampler... then there's a box of samplers on scroll rods which haven't seen the light of day in a few years. I really don't need any new projects, just want to finish something - anything!
About flipping an image, I think you can do that with the photo programs. Or scan/print on a thin paper and print really dark so you can see through the paper. might work, not sure.

Michelle said...

Ok, seriously, you guys are did I get myself into this...oh yeah - I think I suggested it. Ok, you got me on Shores. I will order some fabric and a few threads - just enough that I can start and my husband won't kill me. LOL! I am dangerous with the commenting, look what I did! ; )

Carol said...

Deb, I just checked in at Legacy, hadn't been there in many months. I'm surprised no one has set up a board for the KSSG sampler group and maybe that would be something you'd be interested in doing???

Deb said...
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Deb said...

Carol, I don't think it would be too much trouble or time to have a board set up for the Guild. I should probably run it past Sharon first and if she doesn't mind, talk to Val about it. I think the Guild would get some good exposure from it.

Carol said...

Do talk with Sharon as I think she'd be very much in favor of our info being out there on Legacy.
It has been another week of much time spent on cat health issues - one of ours hadn't pooped in several days and today - yea! Amazing what will me me happy. Hope you've had a good week.