Friday, January 16, 2009

Update of Provence

I've gotten some more stitching done on Provence. Actually, I've been done with this part for a few days and am now working on the next section. The eggplant is finished and the border next to it (minus some beads). This border will be stitched three more times around the design. Considering how cold and snowy it's been around here lately (-25 with the wind chill this morning), I've taken advantage of the cold and stayed indoors. I normally don't do any stitching during the day, but you can only clean the house so much before you say enough. The kids have a "weather day" today due to the cold (do you hear my son screaming on Xbox live and so happy because his mid-term finals have been put off until Tuesday?), so I may not get any stitching done - you know how it is when the kids are around!

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