Friday, January 16, 2009

A Little Bit of Bragging

My eleven year old daughter, Catie, is very outgoing. It's my opinion that someday she will be a lawyer or someone that really likes to be out there and talk. Because she can talk! She also has loved to dance and she has done that since she's been three. She surprised me in the fourth grade when she came home and wanted to enter the Dream Career Speech contest at school. I could never imagine getting up in front of a lot of people at that age and telling people what I wanted to grow up to be. She picked the career of Archeologist! ARCHEOLOGIST! My daughter?????? Well, she had gone through a phase of catching every conceivable critter she could find and if it was dead, so much the better! She would cut it open and look at it under a microscope! YUK!! But she did win the school Dream Career Contest!! Thankfully, she did get out of that stage of cutting things up and now it seems like the acting stage is her love.

Last year she did a Summer Theatre program through our school system. She did not get a large part - they did Beauty and the Beast and she was a villager and a spoon. But the bug bit. When casting calls were put out for the Mikado at school, she ran right for it and landed the part of Yum Yum. She did a wonderful job! I was so surprised. No nervousness, no hesitation. She was truly fantastic! Of course, this is her mom talking here, but our phone didn't stop ringing for two hours after we got home last night! I think that it's gone a little to her head though. Now she asks if maybe there's a chance that she could work for Disney! Oh lord! I truly think that her real motivation for this request is so she can meet the Jonas Brothers (I wasn't born under a rock, you know). You did a wonderful job, Catie!!!


dianemi said...

Wow Deb! She's sooo grown up now. You have gotta be so proud of her. A STAR IS BORN!!

I think you should strongly encourage the 'Disney' thing though. She can get us in for free and we can sit beside Mickey and stitch all day! lol

Deb said...

You know Di, I never even thought of that. There would be large lapses of time - we could just sit and stitch in the warm sunshine!!!