Monday, October 31, 2011

Seriously Bad Blogger!!!

Well, October was just about a wash around here for getting much of anything done and I have been such a bad blogger - I apologize!  Things have just been so busy that I honestly haven't spent much time on the computer.  I thought that life was suppose to get easier once you got one child off to college and the other one was old enough to take care of herself (for the most part).  But that doesn't seem to be!!  I hope that you didn't come to see what I was up to expecting grand finishes!  This has been such a wild month that not a thing has been finished - not a stinkin' thing.  But as we all love finishes, in keeping with the time of the year, I present this:

Witches Brew

No, this just didn't come hot off my sewing machine.  I haven't had a finish in what seems like months!  So pathetic.  So I have to show something that I made a long time ago and since today is Halloween, I thought it would be perfect.  Actually, this was a model that I made for a shop quite a few years ago, and I always got to keep the models I made.  I never quilted it as I actually don't hang it up.  I suppose I should - so today it's hanging from my craft room door.

And it reminded me of another quilt that I made around the same for my son when he was little.  I'm sure I'll probably see one or two Pokemon characters trick or treating for candy tonight.  Is Pokemon still popular?  I'm not sure if it is, but when my son was little he lived and breathed Pokemon:

I remember being so excited to see this quilt in a magazine while I was grocery shopping.  I ran home and ordered the fabric and had it finished within a week after receiving the material.  Which poses the question. Now that my kids are older, why don't I get more things done???  Hmmmmm.

So what have I accomplished this month?  Well, not much.  As I said it's been one of those months.  DD sprained her foot quite severely so that Pointe ballet is something that she can't do at the moment - tap and jazz she seems to manage now that a couple weeks have passed, but getting on her toes doesn't seem obtainable right now.  DS came down with Pneumonia while at school (I knew this would happen because he doesn't know when to slow down) which meant some trips up to see him.  I broke a tooth eating of all things, a peanut butter sandwich, which necessitated a trip to the dentist.  Well, more than one trip - a few trips.  Actually quite a few - for two crowns as one tooth broke and a filling was cracked in another.  I wonder where the dentist is planning on going on vacation this year - on my dime???

Then on top of that, I had an incredibly busy day one day a couple weeks ago - in and out of the house all day.  The final trip was to DD's dance class.  Just before we left she told me that she needed pink hair spray for something at school the next day - Pink Day if I remember right for Breast Cancer Awareness.  We were running late for dance as it was and having to make an unexpected stop at the Halloween store was something I hadn't planned on.  Well, it true scattered form, I fly out of the driveway and BAM!!!  Straight into my husband's car!!!  Can you say OUCH!  Two cars with smashed parts!  Not just a scrape, but major league damage!!  My husband's worse than mine.  Did I mention that a couple days prior we had really high winds and something flew through the air and shattered my son's windshield in the driveway?  OY!  And as you can imagine my husband was oh, so pleased that I decided to play bumper cars!  Oh well, he'll get over it!  LOL

So what have I accomplished?  I knew you'd ask!!  I'm still working on my sister's mermaid.  I've got 20 days to get this baby finished.  I thought I'd be done with it last week!  HA!  What was I thinking?

She's coming along and she's quite pretty, but I still have a lot to do on her.  For some reason I thought that I could just whip this out!  I guess not!  LOL  Notice the little crab needle holder?  That was a gift from Terri that she picked up when she was in Georgia.  I figured it was the perfect needle holder to use with this mermaid.  I think that it's become my favorite because the magnet is incredibly strong.

I have managed to get a little quilting done.  I abandoned the Civil War Chronicles quilt for a while as I was getting tired of making a million half-square triangles - those things just drive me nuts!!  So I went with something easy:

Miss Rosie's Quilts - Schnibbles

This one is a lot of fun and almost a non-brainer since my brain seems to be in some scrambled mode lately.  Just exactly what I needed.  I've never made a Schnibbles quilt before just because the size is so small, but it's been a lot of fun to work on.

Then because of my crazy fascination with Pinterest as of late and pinning all things crafty, I got the urge to do some crocheting and managed to make a couple blocks for a afghan that will probably be done, in my normal slow fashion, in about 5 years.

This afghan is comprised of 63 different blocks.  Two down - only 61 more to go!   It makes a great carry-along project when DD dances since the lighting in the studio isn't conductive to stitching even with my little scroll light.

Then because the knitting/crocheting thing is just calling my name, I had to indulge in these:

I've never been attracted to Granny squares all that much, but for some reason this afghan is just calling my name!  No, I haven't started and probably won't for a few weeks, but I think that the afghan is just so pretty (and also is the same colorway of one the quilts that I use on the beds).

And last but not least, I discovered another sewing machine for my sewing room.  No, not a big one - just a small one discovered at a local flea market that was held a week or so ago:

I'm starting to accumulate a lot of these.  I'm going to run out of room soon, but it's so hard to resist buying them when you find them for the right price

Well, there you have it - the month in review!   I'm hoping that the next month is better, but it's going to be another busy one with my DD's confirmation coming up and my annual trip to NY.  I can't wait for that.  I'm hoping the weather holds up and they're not hit by a snowstorm like this weekend.  How freaky is that?    But with fingers crossed, the mermaid will be done and I can go on to finish up (or start) other things.

Happy Stitching (and if you can, send some stitching time to me)!!  :o)


Cari said...

Bad Blogger??? I think not !! I love your post today. The witch quilt is adorable! And it's perfect for the sewing room door. I love the crocheted afghan pattern you have chosen. How much fun will that be...along with all the colors. I love to work with a blend of cotton and bamboo. It feels so good in the hand.

Too funny (sorry) about the bumper bash. I've actually done that myself. It's amazing to me how much damage can be done in the driveway!!!

Love you girl...enjoy the week! I look forward to watching all your fabulous projects come to life. Hugs

Annie said...

It's amazing how much great progress you've made on so many different projects with all those mishaps! Who knew that peanut butter could be so lethal!

Love your latest list sewing machine too.

Denise said...

Boy I should send you a pic of an old portable machine I have in a green case. That thing weighs a ton!

For not having a finish to your name - my goodness - you have a lot of things being played with!

Sorry to hear of the car, medical, and dental issues in your family! Oy is right!

Glad you posted - we have missed you!

Anonymous said...

Your mermaid project looks beautiful and I love the little sewing machine you found. I have a love for old sewing machines as well. As for a bad blogger, Ha,ha....I've soooo got you beat!! LOL,


Diane (di) said...

Ooooo, I remember the witch and Pokemon quilts!! Love them Deb. As for the mermaid, your needles are most definitely smokin'. I'm cheering you on big time and I'm hearting the Schibbles quilt, too. Great job woman!! :)

krisgray said...

Whew! You've had a busy month! Your projects look great - sorry about the dentist and a the cars.

Pokemon is still popular - uggh. My 4yr old watches the original ones on Boomerang and they are still making them on the Cartoon Network. We just got a dvd and a book at the library this pm.

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful pieces. I started a mermaid design, never did finish it.


valerie said...

Love the witch wallhanging! And the progress on Queen Mermaid. She looks great! And the quilt piecing and the crocheting. You always manage to get a lot done even if you're not finishing something. I hope you get the mermaid done by your deadline though. I leave for NY in 4.5 days! Can't wait! I'm all excited and nervous and scared it will snow! lol

Sorry to hear about the bumper car scenario with the hubs car. How terrible! I hate it when the frazzle ends up making things worse. Hope you get it all straightened out and that your son and daughter are feeling better!

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb, your Mermaid is coming along nicely. I am sure that your Sister will love this when she gets it. Love the witch wall hanging.

Hope that DS and DD will be feeling a lot better soon. - Sandra.

Cyndi said...

Hey Deb! Gee, sounds like you have had an October similar to mine! Must be something in the air. That witch quilt is soooo cute...I love it! And the mermaid is beautiful. I know you'll get it done. I also really love that granny square pretty!

Hang in there, October ends tonight and tomorrow starts a new month. Breathe! :o)



Me and My Stitches said...

I'm with you - time just seems to fly by with not as much accomplished as we hope! all of the things you are working on. The mermaid is beautiful, and I like the Schnibbles. Can't wait to see your progress on your crocheted projects!

Jackie said...

So sorry to hear about your busy month that has been fraught with challenges. Bumper cars and sick kids do not sound fun. Your projects, however, are beautiful!

marly said...

What the heck kind of peanut butter was that?? Ouch! And it was HIS fault for leaving his car in the way. When we were dating my husband bought a new sports car. I sat in the driver's seat and he showed me how to drive a manual shift. I left it in neutral and moments later we heard lots of scraping. Looking out the window we saw his brand new low to the ground sports car, drifted out of the drive, went over the curb, a flower bed, and some rocks, ending up in the neighbor's front yard. He married me anyway.

Christine said...

The vintage sewing machine is gorgeous.
Great stitching and I like the look of that afghan

Mouse said...

oooo you have been busy but not quite in the way you expected ,,, ouchies to you and DD and hope she can go up en pointe again soon :) and double ouch for the car ::( . love your wall hanging and the new started quilt and mmmmm oh yes that little machine is waaaaayyy cute :) love mouse xxxxx

Kajsa said...

Oh, busy times. I have almost done the same thing to my husbands car so I know how easy that can happen.

I hope you all are healthier, accident free and avoiding the dentist in November!

Lois said...

Wow Deb! Life has been hectic for you lately! Ouch on the car damage!! Sick kids are never fun be they at home or not. Love the new sewing machine addition and enjoyed seeing projects old and new. Hope November is a little less hectic for you!

staci said...

Sounds like things have been crazy for you. Doesn't it always seem like everything happens at once???

Love all your projects...LOVIN that grey sweater pattern and the colors you've chosen for your granny square blanket are gorgeous too!

Michelle said...

The mermaid is looking beautiful! And I love the Schnibbles quilt you're working on - so fun! I hope that things calm down for you and you can at least catch your breath if not stitch/quilt/crochet a bit.

woolwoman said...

Love that witch quilt piece Deb - I've been such a bad blogger too - not able to read thru my favorites either I've been so busy at work. Love all your knitty/yarny projects. The Noro taiyo scarf from the past post is GORGEOUS! Have you heard of the beekeepers quilt (check out RAV) - please friend me on RAV too when you have time. I'd like to see your projects. Anyway you'd love knitting hexies out of sock yarn. The Loopy Ewe (you can find on my sidebar) even had a special kit made up to get enough sock yarn for people who don't have a huge stash of sock yarn. Anyway - more trouble for you ! Love the Mirabilia mermaid - don't think I've seen that one. My dad stitches them for me and I thought I knew them all. Take care Mel

Brigitte said...

What a great newsy post full of stitching, quilting and knitting adventures. And with a hot little sewing machine in the end. Such fun!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, Deb, you've had a rough month. Here's hoping things improve for you!! And that you get some more stitching time. All of your stuff looks great. Love the quilt and the craft door hanging (for now). Your mermaid looks fab too.

Penny said...

Always so many lovely things to look at in your blog! Hoping everyone is healthy soon and your dental woes are over. Your sister's mermaid is looking beautiful and what a sweet little sewing machine.

Loraine said...

Hi Sweet Deb,
How did I miss your great post? I haven't looked at blogs much this week, but it's so fun to actually see what you have been up to. It made me smile, and you should feel very accomplished. Look at that Mermaid! Oh my goodness she is gorgeous. A ton of work too. I know your lucky sister will love her. I Love the crocheting and quilting too. I think you should definitely quilt your witch. She looks great on the door! I have never seen that pattern before. Is it a designer that is still around? Cute quilt you made for your son. How would it be to finish projects in a week?
Great job on the post. I will attempt to get one done soon as well. I think my mojo maybe returning for doing a post.
Big Hugs dear friend. I hope you have a lot better week, with no accidents or sickness. :)

Jennifer said...

take care girl! I've had a busy couple of months too and just getting back into reading blogs. But just want to tell you I LOVE the confederate colors on that quilt piece. they are gorgeous.

Hope you have a great week!


Siobhan said...

Yikes!! I can't believe how far behind I am in commenting--I'm sorry!!

Loved your post! The Halloween quilt is adorable! I have a quilt that is about 3/4 of the way quilted where I was hand quilting around these doll/kid type figures. It's up in the attic somewhere--maybe I'll finish it when my kids have kids. ;) Love the Pokemon quilt!

You're getting a lot done for somebody who says they're not getting much done! ;) I love all of your varied projects. I need a refresher course for crochet but am looooving the crochet stuff on Pinterest. For now I'm having my DD do some for me but I might cave eventually and get hooking.

Sorry to hear about the car damage! Shortly after we bought Roxanne, I got too close to a wrought iron fence and managed to attach the car onto it and it dug through the 'skin' (who knew cars had skin?!) and had a lot of damage. I was SO upset. Big hugs--I know that $$ hurts!

Sherry :o) said...

LOL Deb, sure looks like progress to me...I love the schnibbles quilt - pretty! And the witch and pokemon (yes they lived here too) are cool. I think your sister is going to LOVE her mermaid! Hope to see you at KSSG.

Karoline said...

The mermaid is looking lovely, you're still getting a lot done even if there are no finishes.

Hope everyone is feeling better now.

Berit said...

Okay, I totally love that Pokemon quilt--what a great idea/finish!

Suzanne said...

Looks like you had a bad month as well. Sorry to hear of all the problems you have been having. I hope that all is well again and that the rest of the year is very uneventful.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Debbie, What s great blog! I love the Adam & Eve in the header, I think I have that chart, it is City Stitcher, isn't it? I have to get it out and start it.. I can't believe you think you never get anything done... I have NEVER known anyone that finished Ann Medd! I am in awe of you!!!! I see you belong to the I am a sampler stitcher thing, I have always wanted to join. How do you do that?
Merry Christmas,

Jennifer said...

Deb are you ok? Missed your posts. Love them all!