Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Framing, Some Stitching and Some Quilting - But Not a Lot!!

Don't you find that this time of year puts a real cramp on all things crafty?  It seems to for me - so much shopping, decorating, etc.  I usually love the holidays, but this year it's like trying to drag a cat to water to get me in the holiday spirit.  Perhaps I need a trip to the mall to see decorations or hear the music, but it's been so cold around here I hate even sticking my head out the door!!   Maybe part of it is that now that my kids are older, their Christmas lists are smaller (although not necessarily cheaper), and they don't hold Christmas in awe like they used to.  I honestly miss those days!!

Anyway, a while ago I picked up some framing and forgot to post it.  I don't know how that happened, but the past couple months have been rather crazy with family things and my trip, so without further ado:

The Yellow House Sampler
Sheepish Designs

I went with a very simple frame for this one and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, although I think that I would have liked the frame to come a little closer to the design.  Anyway, another step closer to the A&E wall.  I was going to try to take a picture of this outside for a real artsy fartsy shot, but like I said, it's cold out there and the wind is blowing like crazy!

I worked a little more on Frances Eden:

Not the best pictures because it's draped over the scroll rods and when I took the picture it was one of those cloudy days.  I was getting a little worried though and went a little further down along the house because as you can see, I'm getting dangerously close to the bottom edge.  There is still a few more stitches to go to the bottom of the house and then wording underneath it.  I think that I'm going to make it though with about 1-1/2 inches to spare.  Whew!!  I usually leave 3 inches.

But in my true fashion, Frances just wasn't holding my attention any longer so I jumped back to this:

Susanna Lane
The Scarlett Letter

I don't know why she's been calling to me so much, but I am loving working on this again.  

Have you been reading about the 15 Project Challenge - work on a new project each day for the first 15 days of January?  Oh my gosh, pure lunacy!  LOL  I've got at least 16 WIPs in the pile and I can't imagine adding 15 more!  But, I've kind of gotten myself caught up in the 15 Project Challenge.  I'm not going to do it in the normal way though - I picked 7 WIPs to work on during the year, and picked 8 newer projects (most smaller that the BAPs I work on) to hopefully complete or get near completion by the end of the year.  And the newer projects I can't buy things for - it's got to be in my stash - okay, maybe a thread or two if I run out, BUT, no kitting of new projects!  That in itself is a challenge for me - not to buy anything!  LOL  I'm still working my way through my list picking out my challenges for the year and I'll post it when I've got it figured out.

On the quilting front, I'm caught up once again with the Farmer's Wife blocks!  Yahoo!  These were so easy peasy that I almost cried in relief after the past few months of blocks:

Please excuse any sneaker threads that made their way into the pictures.  But I'm doing such a happy dance.  Only six more installments to go!!!!  I can't wait to get this baby together!!

From there I was going to start cutting out something new, but then common sense came over me (wow, that doesn't happen very often), and I decided to go back to one already in progress - actually two.

Remember this:

Well, I decided that I should finish this one up, along with my Women's Voices Civil War Quilt to get a couple quilt WIPs out of the way too (and yes, I do have a Challenge List for those also for next year).  But anyway, this is as far as I got:

The first borders fussy cut out and not a rotary cutter in sight for the next blocks to go around the quilt.  Sheesh!  I was also going to cut out the remainder of these:

Never got there.  But both these are on the top of my 2011 quilting hit list (along with three BOM's that I signed up that are starting next year - but we won't talk about those!).  :o)

So besides a little stitching and quilting and trying to get ready for the holidays, that's been about it.  I did find a couple little somethings at one of my favorite haunts - Home Goods.  I was suppose to be shopping at the mall across the street, but like quilt shops, antique stores and cross stitch stores, my car has a mind of it's own and I end up going where I'm not suppose to.  But I found a couple cute things:

A cute birdcage inspired rack for hanging miscellaneous things from with clothespins.  I had seen one of these in Utah when Jolene and I were wandering around and I wanted it, but it wasn't for sale.  This one is a little smaller, but it will do the trick.

This mannequin.  I thought it was different from the usual ones I see so I snatched it up.  I think that I'm going to put a coat of white paint on it and then rough it up a little to make it look more vintage.

So that's it for me this time around.  I'm off to check blogs now.  I was doing so, so well for a few days, and then life got in the way and I've fallen way far behind again.  But I hate missing out on anything.  I see so many wonderful things that everyone is working on.  That's probably why I'm having a hard time coming up with my challenge list.  Each and every day I see something, like Cari's recently framed June Morning - it's gorgeous!!! - (check it out along with the rest of the framing she recently had done) - and I know that I have to add it to the list.

Until next time, take care and I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!


Annie said...

You really have been busy. So many beautiful things! That Frances Eden piece looks like so much fun to stitch --- I'd never switch til that was done.

Good luck on your plans for next year. I'm sticking with the boring, but guilt-free, one project at a time!

Kelly said...

Your cross stitch and quilts are great. You are making good progress on some very big pieces.

Good luck with the challenge. I just cannot commit to that. I would still like to get my Guild challenge piece done before the January meeting. Right, like that will happen:)

Vonna said...

WOW! The Yellow House is just gorgeous! Perfect frame for it too ;)
LOVE your WIPS...including those gorgeous quilt tops...YOWZA!

Your cute little things purchased for your room are cute as a button! I really love that little dress form.

I'm taking the 15 WIP challenge myself this year. I've got to tighten my belt and whip out some things that I've already started....

Hope you soon get the Christmas Bug...and that the season fills you with peace :) HUGS!

Cathy Lloyd said...

Oh wow! You've been very busy! Love all your projects! I hear ya on the holidays interrupting the stitching schedule...but fun anyway!

April Mechelle said...

I am tired from reading what you have been up to!! So Busy... LOL I love all your pictures of the samplers and quilts! Keep on stitching !!!

Robin (Samplerbird) said...

I always drool when I see pictures of your samplers and The Yellow House is no exception...BEAUTIFUL!
I love the colors in Frances and Susanna, they are both going to be gorgeous sampler finishes, too.

Margaret said...

I love how the Yellow House Sampler came out! Gorgeous!! And Frances Eden and Susanna Lane -- OMG! Both are wonderful! I have to put Susanna on my wish list. Love your Farmer's Wife blocks and all your quilty projects. So pretty! Oh, and yes, this time of year definitely puts a cramp in my crafty style. lol! I agree -- xmas is very different with almost grown kids. Well, at least we have our furry babies, right? :D

Rugs and Pugs said...

Deb ~
You always tell us you haven't gotten much done, but you always have so much to share!
I love your Yellow House sampler.
Cross stitch WIPs, quilt WIPs. What about hooking WIPs???
Hugs :)

Laurie in Iowa said...

Deb - All your stitching and quilting WIPs look fabulous. YGG
I had to check to make sure my Frances Eden was going to fit too... just a bit over the inch for the bottom border.

Kim said...

Love that dang Yellow House Sampler! Stop it! I don't need to add anymore to my list! ;o) And Frances...oh Frances. That's it...I'm restarting her in 2011. Love love love the colors in her! It looks great! We don't have a HomeGoods around here...and that's probably a good thing! Love what you found!

BrendaS said...

Deb --
Your Yellow House Sampler is gorgeous. Love the colors on Frances Eden. I'm glad you will have enough fabric at the bottom. That would have been a shame to end up short.

Your quilts are wonderful too! The color combinations are just beautiful.

Thanks for sharing. I hope you find the Christmas spirit soon. It's very cold in the Chicago area too but at least the sun is out today.

Have a great week. Always good to read your posts.

Catherine said...

Your framed piece is stunning! And your others stitches will be just as stunning!!

Love your quilty things too!

Bertie said...

Love your framed YH sampler, looks really wonderful, SD did do such great patterns.
The WVCW Quilt is stunning:)the colours are so vibrant and remind me of old Dutch fabrics.
Wow what a lovely mannequin, and the birdcage!! love it, can see great ornaments on that:))

Jackie said...

Your Yellow House Sampler is gorgeous - you selected the perfect frame! I always enjoy seeing what you're working on and this post is no exception. Like you, my stitching, quilting and knitting slows down this time of the year. There are so many other things to do and families activities to prepare for. I don't mind a bit! i know I'll get back to it soon.

I can't imagine starting 15 new projects in 15 days. I like your combination of new starts and WIPs. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've selected and seeing your Quilting challenge for 2011!

Cari-in-VA said...

Deb, so good to see all the wonderful things you have been working on. Love, love your Yellow House sampler! Your twist on the 15 in 15 days challenge is a great middle of the road idea.

Enjoy your week.

Jennifer said...

All your WIPS are sooooo pretty! They always are and your quilting blocks are coming along well.

I thought I would have trouble with Christmas spirit but I just focused on listening to music as I decorated the house and then planning giving and that puts me in the spirit.

December is a slower month for stitching for me. Seems so many things to get done by the end of the year, busy work, etc.

But, those long January nights are right around the corner!


Myra said...

Your framed piece is just gorgeous. I really like the simple frame. You are making good progress on your WIPS, I love the brighter colors. Nice finds at Home Goods - wish there was one near me.

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb, Your Yellow House Sampler looks really lovely framed and Francis is coming along nicely.
Your quilts are looking good and I can see why you are excited to finish this one.
One a wonderful interesting finds that you have discovered. Love the bird cage.
Yes, Christmas sort of loses it when our children start growing up. I suppose in the order of things it becomes neat again when there are Grandchildren. - Sandra.

Nicole said...

Your framer did a beautiful job on your Yellow House Sampler. I love the frame you chose!! Beautiful progress on all your wips too! :)

Roberta said...

The 'Yellow House' is framed beautifully, feels good when something is done and finished.

Like your idea of splitting the challenge into WIPS and New starts.

Your quilting fabric is great and I am liking Women's Voices. Do not have a quilt shop near so I miss out on some of these wonderful patterns that is going on.

Enjoy the season.

Susan said...

The framing and the stitching is perfect - GREAT JOB!!
I like your idea of the WIP and new stitchs combo- I joined the crazy challenge also. I also like the idea of the quilt challenge but I may have to take up machine applique (I ususally hand applique) if I am to be successful in quilting too.
Happy Stitching!

Michelle said...

Love the framing! And it sounds like maybe we need to discuss the quilting WIPs too - and cheer each other on. I have a BUNCH of those stashed away as well. One day I swear I will finish things!!!

Barb said...

Your framed Yellow House is lovely! Isn't is so great to have something to hang on the wall and not sitting in a drawer?

Know what you mean about getting into the holiday spirit this year...it just isn't happening for me either. I have just started thinking about gifts and the kids say they don't want anything! Maybe I need to start cross stitching for them!

Giovanna said...

I'm so in love with your Frances Eden! Definitely a must-stitch. Everything else is gorgeous too, and congrats on your shopping finds.

Sherry said...

My, you are a busy gal! I just love Yellow House! The frame is perfect. All your quilt blocks are wonderful as usual too. What a cute birdcage and mannequin. Did I spell that right? lol. Sounds like alot of us are having trouble with getting into the Christmas spirit this year!

woolwoman said...

all your framed pieces are gorgeous - love the quilt progress photos - and the stitching WIP's - ooh la la - all so beautiful - enjoy the season ! Mel

Sherry :o) said...

The Yellow House looks great - isn't that the sweet tea sampler? Your other projects look great - good progress and boy, it has been cloudy here in MI...contrary to your comments - I love the cold and snow but I want sunshine too!

I totally know what you mean about when kids get older - the past couple Christmas mornings were a bummer - gifts were picked out ahead of time and even though wanted, it was void of surprise - well I got him good this year. I am sooooo excited for Christmas morning!

Hope to see you Sunday - pray for drivable weather!

Karoline said...

Your Yellow House Sampler is lovely, great framing.

Susanna and Frances are looking gorgeous.

Le blog de marylin said...

just beautiful

marylin france

Lois said...

Love your framed Yellow House Sampler! Just gorgeous!!! You have been busy!! Loving the quilting and nice progress on Susanna and Frances.

Siobhan said...

Your framing turned out great! The moulding is a perfect choice for the sampler. You must be thrilled with it. :) I love how Frances & Susannah are coming along, too! I am twitching with anticipation of sitting down and plying my needle through some linen. I feel like I am going through withdrawal symptoms.

Beautiful quilt blocks, too! Love the treasures you found at Home Goods. I love love love that bird cage piece! I found a gorgeous candle holder thingie done in wrought iron with birds on it at Pier One and didn't buy it--I'm still kicking myself.

Sally said...

beautiful stitching and quilting as always :)

Berit said...

Looks like we're once again on the same "mojo wavelength". I wonder if the cold is also killing my "Holiday Hoopla".

Frances is looking GREAT--but I would so love your opinion on what sort of animal the "black Hyena-Goat-Dog" is!

Just realized that it reminds me of one of two Pokemon:



Or Possibly "Houndoom":



Berit said...

P.S.--Oh, Homegoods!!!

mbroider said...

I hope to be like you one day - cross stitching and quilting

You amaze me with your penchant for Adam & Eve theme!!

Love your fabric of Wisdom of the Heart too...

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

WoW, Deb! What a great post! I love how the YH sampler turned out - the frame looks beautiful with it! The quilt is gorgeous! Wasn't that the fabric you bought at that cute quilt shop you took me to? I remember the black and red - SO pretty!
FE is an amazing sampler and I would love to see it in person next time we're together. I will keep all beverages at a safe distance, I promise!
Your farmer's wife quilt (is that right?) is going to be stunning - can't wait to see it all together!

Has DS heard from UofM yet? Keeping fingers crossed for him.

Merry Christmas to you, the kids and to D and Bailey, too!

Nancy M said...

Your framing choice looks nice and should be great on the wall with all the others. Having a granddaughter changes Christmas a bit again. Although she still doesn't understand it this year, she will be more fun than last year! This cold streak can end any time now. Makes you not want to even go out to shop!

Yvette said...

I can't imagine starting 15 projects in January. I would like to complete 15 projects, not make new ones. LOL!

You already know how much I love those Farmer's Wife blocks. I am supposed to start that one in January but I may put it off until SBS is done. I am already feeling overwhelmed.

tina said...


Pointed Stitcher said...

I love your finish, it's beautiful. ALL the pieces you are working on are beautiful.