Friday, December 4, 2009

So Little Stitching

It seems like I just can't my stitching mojo back since I've returned back from my trip.  Of course, you know it took me at least three days to clean up the mayhem that resulted while I was gone!  Then, of course, there was Thanksgiving and trying to get the tree up, etc.   I've barely gotten any stitching done this week:

Sorry for the rather dark pics.  Winter came to Michigan last night with a dusting of snow on the rooftops and deck.  And the sun doesn't want to stay out for anything.  Anyway, I stitched up the border to the point that I've gotten to (have I ever mentioned I don't like borders - bad for someone who likes samplers), got the grass in with more of the Florentine stitch and made no mistakes like I did with the upper portion.  Then I ran out of steam when I got to the over-one letters.  That and that fact that I've been so enabled by everyone's blogs who are doing Christmasy things that it's made me feel like a Scrooge.  So I went into the stash pile and picked out a couple of things to do.  One was Angel Song by Shepherd's Bush.  I had seen Isadarina's start on this a while ago and decided that I needed to do it.  Well, I pulled it out, but didn't start it (figures).  I started this instead:

Hark the Herald Angel
Ewe Eye & Friends (Twisted Threads)

Again, bad pic, but I thought this would be a fun, quick stitch to work on.  Considering I've only worked on it two nights, I've made good progress for me!  I also finally rounded up the supplies for the PS Alphabet SAL and hope to start in on that this weekend.

I received some goodies in the mail this week.  Be still my heart for these fabrics:

Fat quarters from Moda's French General line thanks to Kim (Enabler Extraordinaire)!  She was the one that made me order that Phebe quilt that I alluded to in my last post.  Twisted my arm and everything!  Only kidding, but ya gotta blame someone, right!  Anyway, I can't wait to get the rotary cutter in hand and go at these.  Although I still haven't settled on a quilt to make with them yet.

Speaking of the Phebe quilt, I finally found a fairly good picture of it:

I am so in love with this quilt.  The center reminds me of a sampler with those two A&E-ish people.  I can't wait to get it.  I can wait to do the applique because I'm not very good at that, but I will learn.  I want this quilt too badly not too.  There is another quilt from this company too that I would like called the Civil War Bride quilt and you can see it on this blog - Civil War Bride Quilt  But that one has a lot more applique, so I think I should get my feet wet with Phebe first.

Then a couple weeks ago I won Jennifer's giveaway and received this Sensibility chart from The Sampler Girl and Jennifer included a fat quarter in with the chart:

I love them both and I think the fabric is going to look great in the Phebe quilt when I make it.  Jennifer's and my wedding anniversaries (18 years for me) are the same day - the day after Thanksgiving.  Kind of a cool thing knowing someone who was married the same day as you!  Speaking of Jennifer, she's having a great give-away on her blog so you may want to check it out!!!

Pathetic person that I am, my tree is still being decorated.  I keep begging for one of those pre-lit trees, but DH whines in the background, "But this tree still looks so good" (read - I am cheap!  LOL).  Well, it does, but my hands look like a disaster after I put the danged thing together.  Last year, after I took it down, I managed to drag the thing in its box out to the curb for the trash collector.  DH intercepted it and I walked down the basement a few days later and discovered it partially hidden in the corner of the workroom!  UGH!  Like seeing something out of horror movie!!!  This will be my last year - mark my words!  Anyway, when I get all the lights on it, there are over 3,000.   I'm surprised I haven't burned the house down.  But it's still not finished, DD and I will do that tonight - she insists on doing the tree trimming this year.  Our tree is nothing fancy, but encompasses ornaments from our lives:

This one I painted probably 24 years ago when I had a little Yorkie and was in my artsy-fartsy painting mode.

These two I just collected - the bear for my daughter when she was little and the hot air balloon , just because I liked it.

Then, of course, there are always the ones that the kids make you in school.  This one is compliments of my DD.

Well, that's about it for me this week.  Now I'm off to peruse Ebay, Amazon and assorted places to see what items my kids have on watch for me to buy for them!  There's no telling what's in there!  DD has probably marked everything that has a Peace symbol on it as something she wants - she's going through a stage with Peace symbols.  But, heck, it makes life so much easier sitting at the computer and not having to fight the crowds.  Then I need to string garland up the stairs, lug up the rest of the ornaments (which if DD has her way, every single one will be on that tree), and do some other decorating. 

Thanks for all your comments again.  I'm so happy that you stop and say hello.  Have a great weekend and make a lot of X's.


Debs said...

Ooh, can't wait to see your tree! And do get that pre-lit one, maybe after Christmas, if there are any left? It's such a joy to pull the tree out each year and not have to fight with the lights--which have to be placed "just so"! Maybe we should all show a pic of our tree when we get them up--mine is still in the back room, yep, hubby still home and I just don't have the Christmas bug yet.

Catherine said...

You've certainly been busy! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics!

Berit said...

Ugh; what a terible shock--that tree lurking; lying in wait for you in the basement! Let this be your last year facing off against your nemesis! :D

Cari said...

Oh, your A&E is coming along wonderfully! And, I like your new start - I have not seen that pattern before.

The quilts, the quilts, oh my! Kim is definitely an enabler. I have changed my tune from - "quilting when I retire" to "quilting when I graduate" - only two more years to go! And why not start big, the Civil War Bride is just amazing. Oh, and the Home Sweet Home by BBD that you posted a couple weeks ago.

I love Christmas Ornaments. When my brothers and I left home, we each received a box of all the ornaments we made and the ornaments given to us over the years - it's fun to pull them out and decorate with. Now my husband and I buy an ornament when we go on vacation. After ten years, we have a box full of them and we always have fun reminscing about our trips as we hang the ornaments. I hope you and your daughter are able to complete all
the docorating this weekend.

Patti said...

I can't wait to see your tree. I LOVE trees. I love your stitching too. even though you don't seem to be loving it right now. But quilting is good and the fabric your bought is gorgoeus. I just adore Moda fabric. It's just the best and my firm favorite. So go for it girl.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Glenna said...

I love your stitching--all of it, and particularly the Ewe & I, which I have never seen before. Trust me, I always think I've seen everything, and then I see one more thing I want. I agree on the quilt. I'm not much of a quilter, and certainly not much of an apliquer, but why start on an easy project? I looked at several quilt patterns on that Australian site and drooled over them and thought, well, why not... I'll be looking forward to seeing you tackle it, and might do it too.

Doris said...

i like the idea about put rniesspecial for the family, is more special...
i do my shop in, they are fast and,, very original,and helpfull; especially when I can barely walk because of my back ...

Blu said...

Your new start looks very cute. And that fabric looks awesome. I want!!!
Good luck getting rid of the hideous tree~

Margaret said...

Your Adam Alone is wonderful! And so is your EEF start. As for the Phebe quilt, here's a link to a blog that has great pics of both that and the CWBQ.
I want to do both quilts too -- it'll probably never happen though. We still haven't gotten our tree yet. I'm the only one in the family who thinks a fake tree is great. Everyone else wants to stick with tradition and go cut one down. Sigh. :D Good luck with all the decorating and present buying!

Laurie in Iowa said...

You've been very busy! Your A&E sampler is fantastic and I love the angel that you chose to start. Your comments about decorating and the 'tree' made me smile. Love the ornaments... it's the ones with stories that mean the most.
Oh my gosh... I can't believe you're going to dive back into quilting with the Phebe quilt. It's gorgeous... but that's a masterpiece quilt.

Love the French General fabrics. I ordered some of the fabric tonight with my Birthday discount at Colonial Crafts... can't wait to get that package.

Missy Ann said...

Oh that French General fabric! I love that line soverymuch, I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Online shopping is where it's at. 95% of my Christmas has been done online. That's right HAS. I'm very close to being done and the packages have been arriving all week. :D

Cathy B said...

We haven't pulled our tree out yet, but it will be decorated much like yours -- with ornaments that have a special meaning and remind us of special times!

JOLENE said...

Hi Deb,

Adam is getting so close to be being finished, I bet you are getting excited! The hark angel is going to be a fun addition to your tree, can't wait to see it finished. Now, for the Phebe quilt, it is gorgeous, but holy cow,it would take me forever to get that one done. YGG!!! If only I lived closer, I would come over and help you out with your lights and decorating, I love stuff like that, call me crazy, but that's me.

Isadarena said...

Hi Deb , congratulations on your start which is really lovely :-))
What !!! already , in Brittany ,it is worst, rain and wind : a horrible weather ....perfect to stay at home close to the chimney !!
Good luck with your Christmastree and ......what a beautiful quilt : I love quilts :-))
Have a great day ,

Hazel said...

Lovely wips! and what cute pics of the tree ornies. xx

Brigitte said...

No wonder that your stitching mojo hasn't come back yet - you were way too busy these last weeks, lol.
I'm abit like you, I don't like to stitch borders, I just love to look at them.

Lori said...

I love the Phoebe quilt! I'm sure youll be able to do that bit of applique when you get started:)
I like your newest quickie cross stitch too. Enjoy the holidays! They go by much too fast.

Katrina said...

Everything is gorgeous. Love your A&E piece and the EEF angel is so cute too.

Loraine said...

Hi Deb,
Funny about the tree! That sounds like something my DH would do. Hopefully you can get a pre-lit on an after Christmas sale. And BTW, at least you have a big tree! I'm still using my 3 little trees I've had since our apartment days 16 years ago. Every year I say I'm going to buy a big one, but that hasn't happened yet! LOL
I can relate with the stitching not happening. So much going on this time of year. I love your sampler, however, and it is going to be incredible when it's done.
Love the anniversary sampler you won. So neat!
Take Care, and have a great weekend.

Suzanne said...

Your stitching looks lovey and the new start looks great.

I love all that fabric.

Ranae said...

I want to fondle those fat quaters,lol
I must get that Hark the Herald Angel, that is so different.
The Phebe quilt is awesome.
Don't seel so bad we made it to the tree farm and the tree is in the stand but undecorated,lol maybe one of these evenings,lol

Anonymous said...


I always enjoy reading about what you've been up to in life! :)

I have done NO stitching either except for smocking -- too busy quilting! :( But I so want to finish my Gameboard.

I like your tree ornaments. They look so sweet.

Giovanna said...

Great stitching on the sampler! And the angel is lovely too.

Carol said...

I loved visiting your blog--so many beautiful inspirations here! And those cute ornaments that the kids made--I love them! We were just putting up our tree last night and reminiscing about the cute ornaments the boys made in elementary school that we still decorate the tree with each year :)

woolwoman said...

Such a funny story about your tree Deb! I love your A&E - it is just beautiful and the little angel piece - I simply must pull out something christmasy to stitch every year - I want to start BBD Tis the Season (the one out of the newest book with the cardinal) but I just can't stop knitting! I've seen that civil war bride quilt - OOOOOOO - beautiful and Phebe is spectacular too - I don't doubt you will tackle the applique with ease when you get to it. take care and enjoy the season - mel

Siobhan said...

Hey you!! I LOOOOOOVE your Adam Alone! It looks great--the colors are fantastic. Love the E&E&F angel, too. I've never seen the larger designs like that, until I saw what you & Doris were both working on. Lovely stuff!

OMG, the quilt fabric. GULP. I love it.

Love the walk down memory lane with the ornaments, too. As much as all the extra mess bugs me (we get to do ours this weekend... oh joy), I love pulling out the various ornaments and remembering who gave them to us, when we bought them, etc.

I'm thinking of you even if I do suck at e-mailing!! I will e-mail soon... much to blather on about, and 97% of it is just stitching. ;) xo

Michelle said...

Adam Alone looks fantastic! Love your new start as well. I keep thinking a prelit tree is the way to go...maybe some day.

Marie-P said...

Progress on your angel ornament looks good.
And that MOda fabric is awesome as is the Phebe quilt. I need to check out the designer...very nice!
Your Yorkie Ornament is adorable...I have two yorkies and could use that for my tree. :)
I will be joining you this weekend stitching the PS Alphabet as well.

The French Bear said...

Fabric inspired by the French General!!!! What could be more exciting then that! Well, except al your stitching, hee hee! It is way too busy this time of year.
Thanks for entering my giveaway, good luck!
Margaret B