Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Crazy Time of the Year, Computer Issues and 10 Book Challenge

It has been such a busy two weeks and I'm sure it has been for everyone!  I always feel like I've been sucked up in the tornado that went through Kansas and dumped down in a heap after the holidays!  But I do love it so, especially because my kids aren't getting any younger and I know that in a few years I'm going to be missing all the hustle and bustle, kitchen with flour and sprinkles from one end to the other, the kids being excited on Christmas morning (well, DD still is, DS is getting too old I think). 

Not a lot of stitching to show since I last posted:

Some of the verse on Adam Alone.  This over one stitching is killing me.  By the time I've been landing in the stitching chair, my eyes are just about crossed from sleepiness, but I've been plugging along.

And progress on my Prairie Schooler alphabet.  This is stitched one over one too!  I've already messed this thing up, but I'm going to keep plugging along.  I made the length of the block one square too long so there is an extra row above the A, and then for some reason I made the bird's tail one square over into the margin, but I think I can work around that.  I love how this looks and have set my goals on one block a month - we'll see what happens.  All of this stitching over one makes me want to pull out something else that's a little easier to work on, but I'm trying hard to resist.  Although I'll tell ya a little secret - I ordered a new pattern - Ann Rayner - that I hope arrives soon so that I can have her as a New Year's start -  Gotta have a gift to yourself, don't you think?

Other than that it's been cooking, baking, last minute shopping, wrapping, etc.  But then thrown into the mix to make me crazy was an emergency run to the Orthodontist for DD as she broke two brackets on her braces (she thought that she could just eat a couple Fritos - NOT), a couple items that needed to be picked up for relatives that DH forgot to mention, our computer crashed big-time so I'm hopelessly behind on all the blog reading (so bear with me - I'll get there) and I broke a tooth.  I was scheduled for my sinus lift and implant on January 4th, but it now seems that I need a root canal on this broken tooth, so that will have to moved once again.  How did I get so lucky to get all this excitement?  LOL

And I figure I can publish my list of books that I read for the reading challenge.  I didn't make ten - I made nine, and the book I'm reading now is probably going to take me through the end of the year.  But here's what I did get read:

1.  My Life In France by Julia Child
2.  Julia Child by Noel Riley Fitch (was I on some kind of Julia kick??)
3.  Mental by Eddie Sarfaty
4.  The Guersey Literary and Potatoe Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer
5.  Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout
6.  Finger Lickin' 15 by Janet Evanovich
7.  Twinkie Deconstructed by Steve Ettlinger
8.  The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
9.  Audition by Barbara Walters

As I said, I probably won't get Audition done as it's a large book.  I am enjoying it though.  I never was a huge fan of hers, but I'm enjoying her book.

Well, that's it for me.  Still more baking to do for our Christmas feast tomorrow night!  My in-laws are Polish and always have their big dinner on Christmas Eve.  And yes, there is homemade kielbasa, periogies, the most wonderful mushroom borsht and just about anything else you can think of as being Polish.  It's a sweatpants kinds of meal!  LOL

Hope that everyone has a wonderful, peaceful and joyous Christmas.


Margaret said...

Your Adam Alone looks gorgeous! Is it all over one?? I just started another over one project too -- must have rocks in my head! lol! Your A is looking good too! And I like your 10 books challenge reads. I haven't read all of them, but I'd like to get to some of the ones I haven't read yet. Does listening to books count in the challenge?? :D Have a great sweatpants type of Christmas! :D

The Evening Stitcher said...

Hi Deb....I know how you children are all grown, but now I have the grandchildren, so still the hustle and bustle..but I love it! Your stitched piece looks beautiful! I went to the RH yesterday and bought a couple of patterns...they have a huge clear was fun! I want to read Julia in France also. It looks like a nice book.

Have a wonderful holiday..and enjoy your family!


Melissa said...

Wow, Deb, you are one busy gal and you managed to do all that stitching and over one!!! Good for you!

Your Christmas Eve dinner sounds yummy! And you are right, enjoy the Christmas craziness while the kids are still young enough to still appreciate it. I think I'm out of that stage and it still feels wierd!

Merry Christmas!

valerie said...

I love your Adam Alone...the verse over one is coming along well not to mention I like the verse! Great progress on your ABCs too. I hope you enjoy your Polish Christmas...sounds yummy!

Hazel said...

All the wips look lovely esp The Adam one. Over one can be tough - seems so slow going but result is worth it. x

Berit said...

Mmnn, mmm!

All that food sounds fabulous! Yum! Adam Alone is looking good, but all that over one!! Insanity!

I'm glad you ordered your new year's start; I'm also awaiting an order (Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler--I know, it won't be done in time...but It's wintry enough, right?)

Good luck with the rest of the year and all the doctoring your family's undergoing!

Kellie said...

Merry Christmas Deb! I think your description of being sucked up by a tornado aptly fits the season. LOL! That is how I feel every year too but have never heard it described so perfectly. Your Adam Alone looks fabulous! And I admire all the over one stitching. Wow! I love the look, but lack the patience. :) The PS alphabet A is looking great as well. Enjoy your sweatpants Christmas dinner! :)

Pam said...

Your stitching looks gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. I am working on a HAED that is stitched over one, which for me is somewhat trying, but when I put that project down and stitch on something that is over 2 the stitches look so big to me. Have a Merru Christmas.

Suzanne said...

Your stitching looks beautiful. I really love the Adam & Eve design.

Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.

Jackie said...

Both of your stitching projects looks wonderful! I've not tried working over one but I think I might soon.

Sounds like you've had some unexpected things happen lately. I'm surprised you've had any time at all for stitching!

Have a happy and safe holiday!

Daffycat said...

Have a merry Christmas, Deb!

doris said...

I'm loving Adam Alone, and I know exactly what you mean about sitting down too tired to stitch. Good going on the PS Alphabet. You're definitely in an over one phase.

As I was catching up with you today, I also saw what a slavedriving mom you are!:) Thank goodness for big kids who will help. She did a great job on the tree.

Hope you and your family (in sweatpants, of course) have a great Christmas.

Brigitte said...

Adam Alone is a great piece and you made some very nice progress on it.
The PS letters over one - what a challenge. I was thinking about joining the group as well but then decided against it although I'd like to stitch this alphabet as well. Maybe later. Great progress on yours.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with your family. And no more broken teeth, lol.

Laural said...

Have a wonderful Christmas too!!!

Your projects are looking great but I understand really needing to be in the mood to do over one.

Katherine said...

Deb: My last at home is 17 and seems to have lost his Christmas magic - just doesn't care. Since my eldest is 30 this coming year, and now celebrating Christmas with his daughter, I know the youngest will eventually turn away from the dark side of the force. You're right to enjoy the kids while you can. Gosh, my mouth is watering! Your description was very tasty - maybe that's why you were drawn to Julia!

Cari said...

Oh my, what a crazy week you have had - Christmas is chaotic enough without all the unexpected extras you've had to deal with. I hope you get to spend the weekend just enjoying Christmas.

Adam is wonderful! I know the over one is such a chore - but it is beautiful!

Love your start on the alphabet - mine should be here any day. I'm working on my A&E and have several mistakes - I just keep telling myself that's what makes it unique to me - when in reality, I'm too lazy to tear it out :-)

It's been such a joy to visit your blog this past year - your stitching is so impressive (and enabling). And, I'm grateful for the added pleasure of getting to know you!

I pray that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Alice said...

My goodness! Your Christmas eve meal has me drooling! I love the progress on your PS sampler.

woolwoman said...

Deb I'm so sorry to hear about your problems - just something to drag with you into the new year - I guess that's the case with many of us this year.

Wonderful you can focus on Christmas and that wonderful meal with your inlaws - WOW - and Adam Alone is coming along beautifully - I love this sampler. your little A is so cute - I wanted to get started with my B is for Blackbird but can't find my stashed linen. AAACCCCKKKK - maybe a project for this weekend - Merry Christmas friend - Mel

FayeRaye said...

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!! Faye

Sally said...

Both your WIP look wonderful Deb :)

Merry Christmas!

Lois said...

Deb your Adam Alone is coming along so well. I am full of admiration for all that over one you are doing at the moment! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Susan said...

Deb, what a week! Sounds like you'll need some quiet time after Christmas to sit, stitch and gather your thoughts. Both your projects look great and I do hope you get some time to work on them.
And thanks for publishing your book list--I see some titles there that I have been wanting to read.

Karoline said...

Your wips are looking gorgeous. I hope that you and your family have had a lovely Christmas

Tanya said...

Deb, Merry Christmas! Your Adam Alone is just gorgeous!! I am enjoying your PS progress. I can't wait to see your Ann Rayner start.

Siobhan said...

Your Adam Alone looks great, Deb, as does your alphabet! YGG! I like your book choices for the book challenge. Some I hadn't heard of--I'll have to take note of them! Happy 2010!

Nancy M said...

I didn't have a computer crash, but I am trying to catch up as well. First day to *relax* since last Wednesday. Your over one is acting the same as my 2 pieces with specialty stitches....ah, just to do some *normal* x's!! My niece posted a picture of downtown Rochester on FB. OH my!!! How beautiful. I wish they had done that when I lived there. It must be so fun driving around there at night. Hope you holidays were fun.

Anonymous said...


Your stitching is looking so good.... stitching over 1 can be quite a challenge, can't it? But the effect is well worth it. I am slowly learning to "work around" my boo boos when working over 1.

Vonna said...

I'm with your on the are we doing it? :)
And I must say that your Adam Alone is GORGEOUS...stunning! And your go girl! I'm working on A myself. I am not making goals for next year because I never stick to them anyway...LOL!
I'm just going with the flo....
or going with Flo, I don't know which. HUGS and love for a Merry New Year!

Loraine said...

Hope you had a wonderful day! I've been ignoring blogs for a week. How I miss it!
I know what you mean about being sucked into a Tornado. Where has this month gone!
Take Care and many hugs.

Michelle said...

Adam Alone looks awesome!! And your PS Alphabet does too - I love it over one. Congrats on your book challenge - you read some great one!! Happy New Year!