Friday, October 16, 2009

If You Can't Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Baffle Them With......

........FRAMING!  Ha!  Okay, I know that I'm not going to baffle anyone with framing, but I didn't know what to put as the title of this.  So bear with me.  I do have more framing this week and that's just about it.  I've been spinning my wheels doing absolutely nothing!   Well, I shouldn't say that - I've been busy, plus DS has been out the door every morning at 6:00 a.m. for AP Chem and Physics study groups (God love that boy for being so diligent), but God help me for being deprived of sleep.  By the time I sit down in the stitching chair, I'm dead tired.  Also, have been having some computer problems that sparked a call to the Geek Squad.  Mucho $$ later, it works, but it's still a little quirky.  I am so far behind on blog reading, so bear with me on that too.  I'll catch up hopefully soon.  Anyway, here's some more framing I picked up:

Home is Where My Heart Blooms
Blackbird Designs
I was surprised that the framing turned out so well.  Joanne's did this one and the fabric was hopelessly stretched out of shape even though I worked on scroll rods.  The framer was a little dubious of the outcome, but he did a great job.  I did it on the called for fabric (whatever that was - too lazy to look it up - LOL) and he was concerned because not only was it out of shape, but was stained and crumpled.  I assured him that was how the fabric was suppose to be.  He raised an eyebrow like I was telling lies.  I think he thought that I'd driven over it with my car and spilled tea on it.  In fact, he asked if I had spilled something on it.  But he worked his magic and it's perfect.

Sampler of Stitches
Drawn Thread
I was a little bit on the fence with the framing on this one - I'm not into these types of frames, but IRL is really looks good.  I really enjoyed stitching this piece even though there were some errors on the charts.  I think that in a couple of places I changed out some colors and stitches.  I know that there was one metallic red that was only used in one small place.  Well, dang, when you buy a whole spool of a thread, you want to get some use out of it, so I replaced a couple things here and there so that I could feel like I got my monies worth out of that thread.

I did make a little bit of progress this week on Ann.  Are you getting bored with her??  I certainly am.  Although I have to say that I have my days - some days I can't stand looking at her - and some days I'm in love with her.  I think that if I could get some good stitching time in, I would feel the love so much more.  When you only get about 20 stitches done in one night, it gets a little frustrating because of the size of this thing.

Not a whole heck of a lot of progress at all.  I'm working on the lettering over to the right now, to catch up to the middle section so that I don't have to do all the lettering at one time.  Although, to tell the truth, I could just about do that lettering in my sleep (now there's a thought!  LOL  Wish that were possible).  I hope that it goes quickly, as I'd like to get the woman in so the man doesn't look so alone (although he does have a dog and squirrel to talk to).

Last weekend, Terri and I went to a Bead Show before our monthly Sampler Guild Meeting.  It was a trial trying to find a restaurant after the show even with the help of her Garmin.  I think her Garmin sent us to two closed restaurants!  It was fine though - I like to call those types of adventures "Scenic Tours" and just go with them.  It was funny!  I think that Garmin needs to update its system a little though.  The bead show was fun.  I'm not a beader in the least, but it's so interesting to see what there is to offer.  Of course, you know me, I can't walk out of anywhere without buying something.

I found these three wooden beads that I thought would look great at the end of scissor fobs - a frog, a mermaid and a snake (the mermaid can't sit up straight on her belly - perhaps the tatas get in the way!).  Now all I have to do is learn how to make those fobs.  I've been assured that it's not hard at all.

Then I found this fob and scissors.  The price was $15.00 and I was sure that it was only for the fob, but it wasn't!!  I thought it was a pretty good deal.  Especially because......

......the scissors actually fit into the end of the fob to keep the points safe!  I like them and it saves me from having to make one and I got a pair of scissors out of it.  Speaking of which, Jolene asked if my porcelain artichoke frog is full yet.  Well, almost Jolene (waving at ya).  I have to find three more pairs of scissors and it's filled.  I don't think that I'll have a hard time the way I've been going.  I'll take a picture soon.

The weather has been quite crisp up here in Michigan.  Unseasonably so.  I should take some pictures of the country roads around here because the colors are breathtaking!  Anyway, reading what blogs I could this week around all the computer problems, I stumbled across people working on knitting projects (yes, Mel, you've managed to pull me over to the wool side!  LOL)  So, I started hunting around in my stash for some knitting.  I found this wonderful Noro yarn.  Last year, I was going to make a sweater out of it, but when I got done with the back, even though I was on gauge, it was too small.  Well, I decided that I'd make a Entrelac scarf instead:

That's the back of the too small sweater on the right, but don't you just love how that works up?  This is going to be my travel project.  I find it easier to knit than to stitch in a car and will be perfect for working on while waiting for DD at dance and at her basketball games.  I have a hard time just sitting with nothing in my hands to work on.

I did manage some more thrift shopping this week, but I'll save that for another time.  It's amazing the stores you can find when you're trying to find a vacuum repair store!  LOL 

Well, that's all for now.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Again, thanks so much for your comments.  I love and appreciate every single one.  Make a lot of X's. 


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

The framing looks beautiful and I love your Ann piece han in there with it. Sounds like you had lots of crazy travels and shopping with some fun discoveries. I am on the knitting train right now to, maybe like you because it can be easier to do on the go. CJ ok;-)

Ranae said...

OMGosh! That framing is beautiful on both pieces, Deb.
I would never get bored seeing Ann, keeping chugging on her.
Nice scissors and FOB find.
Our GPS likes the scenic routes too, lol
Pretty yarn for a scraf.
The air is crisp here too.
Have a great weekend :)

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Awesome framing, Deb!!! I love both of them and can't wait to see the alphabets in person. You found MORE fun shops? You have got to be the queen of finding fun, funky stores.

Have a great weekend!

Vicki in CO said...

Nice framing but I like the stitching even more! Great find on the scissors and fob. I think I need to find one of those frogs for my scissors.

Jan said...

Dear Deb, what awesome, awesome frames! Isn't it the greatest thing to get something back where are you hanging these lovelies??

I see progress, girl, and that is all that counts! Once you get over being sleep deprived and I do hope it is soon, you will get that stitching mojo in full gear and see lots of progress on Ann! She is such a beauty already, I am much in awe of her!

Wonderful find on the fob and scissors, wow, those are very neat and different! Love your beads too, can't wait to see the scissor fobs you make with them!

Enjoy that knitting, that is a beautiful yarn!!

Enjoy the weekend, dear!!

JOLENE said...

Wow, some more beautiful framed pieces!!! I don't think I could ever get tired of watching your progress on Ann, but I totally understand how something can get so mundane. You are definitely getting there Deb, keep that needle flying!! How exciting...the frog is almost complete!! That's great news! But the next question is, what will you collect next????

Marion said...

Framing is absolutely stunning!!
Makes me envious when I see all these gorgeous pieces framed!!!

Love the yarn!! I have to kit up something for a car project for me too.

Take care

Nivaira said...

Congratulations !.I love your framing, specially BBD's frame.

Have a nice W-E !!!

Alice said...

I love your newly framed pieces. I must stitch "Home is where my Heart blooms" but right now I seem to be having startitis so I had better stop this and get some finishes done. Ann is superb so just keep at it, you will be rewarded at the end. Start thinking of the frame that you want around it. Those wooden beads are adorable. Nice new scissors too. My word you are multi talented Debbie. Is there any craft you don't excell in? I love the colours of your scarf. ; ) Knitting sure is relaxing. Who will be wearing the scarf when its done?

Missy Ann said...

Sampler of Stitches is gorgeous!

The fobs are easy and remember, if you don't like it or get bored with it, just cut the wire and re-string. :)

mainely stitching said...

Wow, your framing is gorgeous!! And so's your current stitching. And knitting! :D

Love to Stitch said...

I love it when you show us framing!! Your choices are always fabulous. The Drawn Thread piece is outstanding too! Thanks for the last post about the new Gingher scissors with the plaid, of course I too, had to have them. The 2 Joanns that I went to were sold out already, so instead of wasting more stitching time, they are on there way in the mail! Love the tiny frogs! :)

staci said...

I'm dazzled by your framed pieces! Chuckled at your comment about the framing guy wondering what the heck you did to the fabric :)

Have fun with your entralac scarf, it'll be gorgeous with that Noro. I knit an entralac stole with some Brooks Farm handdyed yarn and it turned out beautifully ;)

Patti said...

Deb I love the Framing! I'm sitting here looking at my over one Home is Where the Heart etc. and I love them both. I love the wool your scarf is going to be done it. Just my colors!
Patti xxx

Jennifer said...

heyDeb!!! Oh, man, you've had a busy week.
The computer problems are enough alone to give a person a stroke......
but seems you had some good times to balance that out.
I laughed and could get a visual at the framer raising that eyebrow......was it like one of those bushy eyebrows you know......LOL LOL
The Black bird design is so beautiful that I won't to throw down everything I'm doing now and start it! I LOVE THAT ONE!
I also think Ann is looking nice and beautfiful colors. I think of Ann Taylor/clothes everytime you talk about Ann.
Love those scissors. That was an excellent buy if that was the scissors with the Fob! Wow!
Oh, you shouldn't have put that knitting picture up there. I have still my unfinished little scarf I was making...the size for Ren in my beginner knitting class last year. I got stuck and couldn't figure it out....but it probably is easier in a car which gives me thought about our 13 hour Chicago trip in Dec. NO......that would be too tempting to use those knitting needles if me and honeybuns husband argued on his driving! LOL just joking, absolutely....but funny.

See ya girl!

Angela P said...

I love the frames you chose for both of the finishes. I'm not tired of seeing Ann yet :)

Loraine said...

Hi there! I love your framing finishes, and cleaver writing, of course!
You did a wonderful job on both pieces. I have 3 or 4 of the Drawn thread patterns, but haven't acquired all of them. I love the extra red in there! Beautiful job. Maybe I'll have to kit this peice up soon.
The Blackbird finish is wonderful! I'm surprised That the framing guy hasn't caught on to the fact that we like wrinkled and tea dyed fabric. I get annoyed when I order a piece of over dyed and it doesn't have enough wrinkles and stains on it! LOL.
Sounds like a fun time with Terri. I can't wait to meet you two! Nice gift to Terri BTW. You are so thoughtful!
Have a great day. I'm off to enjoy this incredible Fall day! Sun is shining and it should be in the 70's. I love an Indian Summer!

Charlene said...

The framing is great on your beautiful stitching! Great deal on the scissor w/ fob!

doris said...

Great framing! Those are two wonderful projects.

Your huge, enormous sampler is coming along. I think it's so difficult to stick to something longterm.

I'd love to knit, but when?

Andrea said...

Oohh, I love the framing, they are both perfect!! I wonder if it's just your Joann's and the framer they have, that turns out such fantastic results? Because I've never heard of such good results around here. Maybe I'll take in something small and see how they do, as seeing your wonderful frames makes me want to try!
Love those beads, very unusual! I think Teri can help you out with the fob thing, can't she? I have some beads I've never done a thing with because it's all way above my head, lol!
YGG on filling up that flower frog with scissors :-)

Margaret said...

Wow wow wow! I love your framing! That frame on the BBD piece is really cool! And so is the one for the Drawn Thread piece! Good choices! Ann Medd is looking so pretty. I'll never tire of seeing your progress on her. And those beads!!! Wow! They're like those Japanese tiny bead thingies -- they have a name but I can't think of them. I love them! Can't wait to see them fobbed up! Speaking of fobs -- OMG! That fob is so cool! When I saw the shape of the bead at the end I was wondering if the scissors could go in it and there you showed it! :D Oh, and the scarf -- it's going to be really pretty!

Doris said...

lovely frame,the first one remember me a leaf.
lovely scissor fob, the keep-point is very useful.

Nancy M said...

Love the frames. It's nice that your JoAnns does such a nice job! Your scissor fob looks great too!

Vonna said...

WOW, framing is gorgeous! And your Ann piece...stunning! You're booking on that one now :)
Beads, FABULOUS...all this and you knit too? You are THE woman ;)

Kathy said...

The framing is perfest. They look fabulous. I love the colors on your wip. beautiful.

Those bead show sounds like fun. Love the beads you brought home.

woolwoman said...

BWHAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAA - sucked ya in did I now missy! LOVE that Noro yarn you had stashed but that is dreadful that your back was too small - EGADS - that is awful however the entralac scarf will be wonderful - I would rather beat myself with a stick than do entralac - it's just not my thing. Your framed pieces are gorgeous - LOVE the DT piece and the frame is exquisite - so perfect - I think I have used that black moulding before - you know great minds and all that LOL - Ann - what a gal ! she is going to be spectacular - hope you get along well with repurposing your Noro - it's very vitalizing to repurpose a stagnant project and inject new life into it - much luck with the car knitting - Mel

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb, the framing looks beautiful. The frames suit the samplers.
What interesting bead that you found. They will look lovely in your stitching room.
Ann is coming along and is looking lovely. Look at it this way, that's 20 less stitchers that you have to do lol. - Sandra.

Stitch Wizard said...

Your framed pieces are just totally beautiful! I love them all so much and I also would love to get the Alphabet Sampler from Carriage House Samplings that you have in your header. It is so beautiful! I am glad I am not the only one who feels tired at times and can't get up the energy to stitch. I get like that too and I need to try and stitch a little most days. Your blog is really fun to read and I love all of your photos too!

Anonymous said...


Those framed pieces look soooo yummy!!! I love that Drawn Thread - it looks like a large piece.

Nina said...

Hello dear Deb.

This framing work is perfect, this frame looks so beautiful with this design!
I mean both frame ;)
Your new pair of scissors are fabulous!


Giovanna said...

Beautiful framing! Both are pieces that I want to stitch, so it's great to see them all framed up. And I LOVE those wooden beads, great find!

BeckySC said...

Deb....OH MY!!!! I am drooling over your framed pieces-they look absolutely gorgeous-what wonderful frame choices to go with your brilliant stitching!!!!!!! AND, your WIP-is simply beautiful. WOW!!!

Siobhan said...

OH MY GOSH! Deb, your framing is FABULOUS. You must be so psyched with it. I especially love the one for your BBD. I have that in my to be framed pile and will have to remember how sharp it looks with the frame you chose.

Ann is looking great--you're in the home stretch! ;)

Fab discoveries, too.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Oh my, what a fun entry! Love your framed pieces, in awe of your "Ann M." progress, and love the yarn and beads. It's great to hear you had fun shopping in the Fall air, Deb. That's one thing I miss being in our consistently warm and summery weather. I miss Fall in New England... :[ Sending Hugs, Deb

Tammy said...

Great framing!! Wonderfully finished projects. Beautiful!

ginger@bearbits said...

I came by and got lost reading all about your work and the treasures you have here. You have such patience - good grief! Anyway, the stitching is lovely and I am impressed! Thanks for posting the link to my giveaway. Good luck and thank you for visiting my blog!

Cindy F. said...

Love the fob!!
Absolutely gorgeous framed finishes too!

Behind on of my life lately:)

Suzanne said...

Wow, what great framing. It's amazing how a frame can enhance the stitching.

Love the scissor fob!

Anonymous said...

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