Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ghoulish Stuff and Ann Progress

Yesterday, I met up with Terri at the Ghoultide Gatherings show in Northville.  We had fun, but I think we were both a little disappointed by some of the prices.  I think that the highlight of the time we were there was meeting Lori of Notforgotten Farms. 

She is a great lady and after Terri and I introduced ourselves, there were hugs all around and I asked if I could take her picture.  She was happy to oblige (although I think I heard her mumble, "Do I have to??" - LOL).  So I took one, and then she allowed me to take another one.   She came around the table and:

FLASHER!  LOL  Do you not love it!  She had witches stockings on!  What a hoot!  I'm still cracking up!  She is so funny!  I think that we're both glad we met her!  Terri and I both picked up these cute little pins from her display:

But that's about all we bought.  The prices were pretty high.  But there were some great things there:

I think that box in the first picture ran about $300.00!  Yikes!  A little rich for my blood.  Oh well, I love the pin!  After that I needed to stop by my the not-so-local cross stitch store for some thread and hoping for maybe some stitchy stash purchases.  I've been working on Ann too long - I needed a fix!  So off Terri and I went anticipating spending with reckless abandon!  Not to be.  The store didn't go to Market so there was NOTHING!!!  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!  Do you know how that feels to be all reved up and there is nothing to buy????  Almost like all dressed up and nowhere to go!  Well, I think we both bought some fabric (they don't have hand-dyed linen - ugh), a chart each, some needles and that's probably about it!  So disappointing!  Maybe God's way of telling me I already pre-ordered too much stuff!  LOL

Progress on Ann has been a tad slow!  This is about a week and a half worth of work.  Reason being is that I've been sick with the flu and it's been horrible!   It's been two weeks with this thing and I have good days and bad days.  I'm still coughing and stuffed up!  Sleeping a lot has been a plus, but not so much for trying to get anything done!  I almost had heart failure one night because instead of stitching I only had the energy to watch some lame criminal show on TV, and during the commercial break, I picked up the the directions for Ann and read over the directions for the next section (I'm getting antsy to get there).  But, OH MY GOSH, it's entirely filled in and the whole background is ----done in tent stitch ----one over one-----on 35 count fabric!!  I'll tell you, Ann almost got sent back to the WIP dungeon.  I can't handle all that in tent stitch.  But when I felt better, I looked over the pattern again and think that I can do two over two in that section and be fine.  If I had to do tent stitch, it would never get done.  The hair, face and the hands on the dude above took me two hours!  It's not the easiest fabric to stitch one over one on!

Anyway, work on the craft room has stalled to a dead standstill.  I'm really hoping that I can get in there this week (after I catch up on everything).  I did make a couple small accomplishments.  I hung up one wall unit without taking down the wall:

And I dug out some of my rulers and hung them up.  My FIL backed the insides of my craft table with peg board and it's perfect for keeping them out of the way, but within close reach. 

I know, not much accomplished, but just getting that small bit done made me feel good.  A lot of the past couple weeks I've been sleeping 14 hours a day!  Now to actually get down in the room and use it!  The room still looks like a tornado went through it, so ,therefore, no grand pictures yet.  But it all will get done......hopefully this week after I catch up on all the housework that has piled up!

Right before I came down with this nasty bug (actually the day I came down with it so I probably infected everyone I came into contact with), I visited my local antique dealer and he had found this for me:

Yeah, a silver one!  Now the collection is up to nine or ten!  Where do I stop?  DH would hope that I stopped soon!  The man also had a vaseline frog that glowed under neon lights, but unfortunately he's not known for having the best prices sometimes.  I bartered for this one and then called it a day!

Well, have to fold some clothes (my poor kids were down their last pair of underwear) and maybe a little cleaning (very little - I don't want to strain myself here), and try to catch up on the past three days of emails and blogs.

Have a great week and make a lot of x's.


Jennifer said...

witches stockings!! LOL LOL
I need a pair of those!

Ann is looking good. Your progress looks pretty doggone good for the flu, girl! Whew!
I hope you feel better soon.
Yes, laundry, I need to be doing that but I put it off everyweekend until I have nothing to wear anymore......LOL


Patti said...

Love the stockings. My legs are much much too fat for them that's for sure (well the tops anyway)! I love Notforgotten Farms designs and you guys were so lucky to meet Lori. As Jennifer said your progress on Ann for somebody that had flu is a-maz-ing! Well done girl. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Doris said...

i am stitching 1x1 now (etui pyramid) and,,is hard to do, i am so slow in 1x1.

y love the withc stockings! i one for me!.

Anne look great, (ugh! 1x1).

Cari said...

Oh Deb - I am envious that you and Terri got to spend time together and met Lori. I'm just livin' in the wrong part of the good ol' USA or I would have been right there with you. Cute pics of Lori's stockings!!

Your work on Ann is something else girl. If I were sick there would be no stitchin and no posting.

Thanks for sharing you trip!! HUGS

The Evening Stitcher said...

Deb....Isn't Lori B. the cutest? She is a free spirit to be sure! I was unable to go to the show, but I ran in to a friend who went and she couldn't believe how high the prices were, she didn't buy anything either except for a pin by Lori!

Sorry you were disappointed at the cross stitch shop...some of them just don't get it!! I am saving my money for a trip to Berlin OH on the 16th...good shopping there!


Margaret said...

Oh wow! I love the pictures from the Ghoultide Gathering -- too bad the prices were so steep. Lots to drool over. I think I still would have liked to go. What a bummer about your LNS too. :( Bleagh! Poo on them! My LNS didn't go to market either, but she's been saying they're getting everything in quickly so I'm hoping for the best when I go. Ann is looking so great! I like your plan on the tent stitch part -- makes sense to me! And I love that frog too! You have a great collection! Your stitching room is going to be great once you get the time and energy to get down there and work on it. It's already looking good! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Alice said...

I must get a pair of those stockings!! : ))Can one trick or treat in them? Sure glad to hear you are a bit better Debbie. I had a nasty cold for a few days but nothing in comparison to what you went through. Don't start carrying things around too soon!! Your craft room is going to be so awesome when everything is in place. Its taking shape slowly but surely. Ann sure is a challenge. You are doing great so don't put it down now!!!
Your latest frog is the Queen of frogs. : )Speaking of frogs, I am working on a frog project for my mom's birthday. I am sure your daughter would love this pattern.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great pics of the Gathering, Deb. Your Ann is looking so amazing and your room is coming along. i can't wait to see it in all it's glory!

Can't believe you and the flower frogs! This one is absolutely gorgeous!

Nancy M said...

Her pose is priceless! I have some green and black ones, since I was the wicked witch last year! Your new silver frog is so pretty!! I really need to take another stroll into Allen and look for some. I think my DH has the same thing you have. He's had it a week and is still coughing! Glad I got my flu shot over 3 weeks ago. I started posting my blog on blogger now case you wanted to follow me easier than through Multiply.....because I know you want something more to read!

Missy Ann said...

Ah geez, you just reminded me! I need to run some laundry.

I really need to get my dreamed of craft room done. hahahahaha (if you knew my dh you'd be laughing too) I covet the hanging rulers. I would dearly love to have all my rulers in one place let alone neatly hung.

tkdquintmom said...

Where are you finding all of your frogs! Oh how I love them! And I love a woman who is not afraid to show her true self in public by wearing witch socks...too cool. :)

Gabi said...

These stockings are priceless. Pity that everything was so expensive. I have the same problem here in Australia. Most of the times it's cheaper to order online then to buy here. Almost half the price in most cases.
The silver frog is awesome, love your stitching.

JOLENE said...

Deb, I hope that darn flu bug decides to take a hike....two weeks is two weeks to many!!!

It's too bad that your trip to the Ghoultide Gathering wasn't as exciting as you had hoped for. It's a shame that things were so high priced that it made it hard for people to purchase their work, especially with the economy the way it is today. But hey, picture taking was free and you got to show us some of the goodies you at least laid your eyes on. I bet Lori had some fun designs, I love her witchy style...

Don't fear Deb, your Ann project is coming along nicely, keep up the good work. I hope you get renewed energy this week and can start having some more fun!!

Love to Stitch said...

Glad you had fun with Terri, even if you didnt really 'find' anything! What a let down though, when you go to a LNS and they dont really have much-- well they have alot, but nothing your really interested in... Ann is moving, slowly but surely, too bad you dont feel well. I hope you feel better soon! CANT wait to see the craft room all done :)

Annemarie said...

Deb, your blog post was nearly as good as being there in person would have been. Cute witch you met there!
Ann is gorgeous. Well, the guy is. oh, tent stitch isn't so bad, is it? Or *is* it?

mainely stitching said...

Those witches' stockings are just totally cracking me up!!! Love the pin, too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love love love the flower frog ! Lucky you to have found it. I have five gass domes in various sizes and am afraid that if I were to bring back a 6th one, it might be hurled at me... ;-)

Giovanna said...

Too funny!

Great progress on Ann, wow!

Ranae said...

How fun!! The witches stockings are awesome. I have been to show's too and the prices are outrageous, but really neat primitive things. I have bought some small stuff.
I hope that darn bug has flown off and you are feeling better.
Love that frog!!! ribbit! ribbit!

Hazel said...

Ann looks lovely. You just have to keep on with her. I can't wiat to see more progress. x

woolwoman said...

awwww poor Deb - hope you are feeling better now - and not even a shopping fix to make it all better LOL - I would have loved to meet Lori - I have several of her rug canvases - I'm doing another rug workshop Halloween weekend and I'm starting her Peace and Plenty - can't wait! Her things are awesome - too bad they were out of sight on the prices. Your Ann is awesome woman! what is that long legged thingy? a dog? interesting with that long curled tail - reminds me of my afghan hounds LOL - You'll be rocking in your new craft room soon it looks like - Mel

Cari said...

What a bummer that your shopping excursion was a bust - at least you had good girl time with Terri!

Love the 'flasher' picture - just too funny.

Good for you for persevering with Ann a little longer - you'll have to have a stitching celebration when she is complete - what an amazing feat to have even chose such a project :0)

Your room is so pretty - I hope you find some free time to enjoy it.

Hope your daughter's team wins tonite!

Ivory Spring said...

What a fun post, Debbie! Your Ann is looking VERY pretty!!!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Deb, sorry you have not been feeling well, really can slow you down.

Love that you meet Lori from NFF and her stockings are great - what fun!!

Your sewing room is looking good, love the peg board idea.

Happy stitching -- Roberta

Lori said...

OK Girls!!!

now that I see what I look like showing off my stockings in that pathetic 'Betty-Boop' pose, you can bet your broomsticks that I won't be doing that again! HA!

Thanks Deb, for your friendship!
Blessed be!
Lori (the shy one) from Notforgotten Farm

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb,
Love the witches stockings. Very cute. They would go well with my broomstick ha.
Ann is looking good. It is such a lovely sampler and is worth all the hard work involved.
Love your craft room. I love your rocking horse. I have one also. Mine is over 100 years old. It belonged to my Grandfather. He was the 2nd youngest of 9 children so it is really old - Sandra.

Michelle said...

Love the witches stockings! Sounds like you had fun looking, even if you weren't buying. But how disappointing about the LNS! Ann is looking amazing. Your craft room is looking fantastic! I love the color of the walls. Hope you feel better soon, my sister!

Siobhan said...

Oh, I LOOOOOOOOOVE your Ann! I love that little guy/gal/whatever there. Too flippin' cute. You're jammin' away! :)

The tights--too funny. I go to a folk art shop in Delaware that sells the carvings that you showed in that first picture... the name of the artist escapes me, but omg, if I didn't have to think about the issue of cost, man, I'd drop a wad on that stuff! I love the Sleepy Hollow rider. Too cool.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Neat stuff and loved those stockings...hehe~

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

I'm so jealous. I am such a Notforgotten Farm. Great post. Way to go you are making progress on the
Ann project! I'm so impressed. You are going to be so happy when the room is finished, can't wait for more updates.


Loraine said...

Oh my Goodness Deb! How did I miss this post? I'm so sorry to hear that your sickness hung on for so long. What a pain!
It's the worst feeling in the world to not feel like stitching.
It bites that you didn't find anything great at the Halloween fair. I'm sorry, but $300.00 for those boxes is not worth it!!! I don't care how special of a designer you are.
Your Ann is looking great! I'm going to start on Shores again, at least that's what I keep telling myself. I have several Christmas projects that I'm itching to work on, but it's hard when it's Fall. I love the silver frog! It's a beauty. What a great thing to collect.
I'm also loving your sewing room. Can't wait to see the final product.
Take Care! Hugs to you.

Kellie said...

Deb, sorry to hear that you have been sick. Hope you are feeling better.
Ann is looking so good!
Those stockings are hilarious! I wish I had the legs to be able to wear them! LOL!