Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When The Moon Hits Your Eye

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope that you all had a great Memorial Day and got a lot of stitching done.

I'm doing a happy dance because I got Block 4 on Shores finished up this weekend. I don't know about anyone else that's stitching this, but this block was kind of ugly (sorry Kathy B). Is it just me? I couldn't get through it fast enough. Something about those squares inside that moon - kind of reminded me of the TV scrambling or something - you know - when pixels go awry. But I forged ahead. Actually, it wasn't that bad because it wasn't as stitch intensive as some of the other blocks!

So now I'm one-third of the way done! Ya Hoo! Quite honestly, I didn't think that I would get this far, but now that the moon block is done, I have a better attitude about the whole thing. Of course, my tune can change when I get to Block 5 - there's a whole lot of stitching goin' on in that block. I'm now back to the City Stitcher A&E. I am really hoping to get that one done in the next week or so.
I have to thank everyone for comments and emails about my oral surgery. Things went pretty well. The doctor was good - I didn't even know that he pulled the tooth. Now the sawing into my upper bone was not the most pleasant thing that I've been through, but it was more the noise than anything. I didn't have sedation for this, just a ton of shots. Only caveat to the whole thing is that the sinus augmentation couldn't be done because the root of the tooth in front of it was too close to the area, so the doc put a spacer thing in there and sewed me up. He's going to do the sinus thing when the implant is put in - a few months down the road. For all the anxiety he put me through, the office sent me flowers the next day.

I thought this was nice. DH's comment was, "With what the hell he's charging you for this, you better get something out of it". LOL Anyway, it was a nice touch. Never had that happen before, but DH has a point.

Cleaning of my craft room continues. Slowly, but surely. I've managed to get through the cross stitch books and to my sad realization, I only emptied out two binders, but yet have a whole Rubbermaid bin full of charts and kits. Of course, I came to the conclusion after I looked at the cabinet and saw no new space awaiting future stash purchases (I should be shot even thinking about future purchases), that I've just accumulated too much stuff (there was a lot waiting to be filed). So I guess I'm going to have to do another run-through here soon. I know that I did hang on to things that I probably will not stitch, but it's like a child going off to school - it's hard to get through the initial separation - after that - you wondered what all the anxiety was about. So I'm going to have to do Round #2 shortly.

I was going to reorganize all my threads. Something that desperately needs to be done, but instead I opted to start in on the cabinet where I keep the quilting stuff and came across some interesting things that I forgot I had. Some stitchery things. You know, for when you want a change from cross stitch.

Not the greatest picture. I had forgotten I had these patterns, but should have remembered. I've made a few of the angel pillow at the bottom of the picture. I think the little stitcheries are cute because they have some fabric applique along with the stitching.

Then I found this one too, and pulled it out because I figured it would be a really quick project. Looking at the pattern I realized that this was an old pattern from Brenda Gervais of Country Stitches dated 1999. It's also Pattern #250 so now I'm wondering just how many patterns she's done.

Sitting next to the patterns were these bundles of quilt fabrics:

Okay, be still my heart. I know the pile on the right was for a Buggy Barn quilt I wanted to do, but I can't remember what the other bundle was for. Further digging into the quilting stash will probably reveal the answer. I also found some more quilt tops that I did, but I'll save them for another time when I really don't have anything to write about
Yesterday I was reading Margaret 's blog and she talked about a contest that asked for pictures of collections. I don't usually get into doing this, but I was bored the other day - exhausted from gardening and didn't feel like entering the craft room, so I took a shot for the contest:

A Tempest of Tea Cups. Not the greatest photographic endeavor on my part, but I decided to take a picture of some of the teacups that I inherited from my grandmother. The one in the lower left (with the violets) is one of the ones that she painted. They're sitting in a large birdcage until I can find an antique teacart. Anyway, I didn't win the contest, but it was an opportunity to take a picture of them. Rechelle (the person who ran this contest) wanted to know why the teacups were in prison - what had they done? LOL
Well, that's it for now. I am realizing that the kids get out in less than three weeks, and I've got a million things to do. Life changes considerably when school lets out!
Have a great week everyone!


Vonna said...

At least your teacups get to have conjugal visits with their saucers ;) LOL!

I love your shores...the block I agree about...sorta weird...seems like she has one block in each of the Hawks Run Series that is ugly. Like the graveyard in the Village and cow one with the shooting moon in the Houses.

Karen said...

It is a treat to see what you are working on and have already made. The angel pillow is very cute.
My daughter used to collect fancy teacups. She hasn't added any in a long time but still has them on display.

Mel said...

Glad to hear that the surgery wasn't too horrible.
Your shores is looking so lovely!

Margaret said...

I'm so glad your surgery wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. Nice that they gave you flowers! I'm enjoying your stash cleanout and all the lovely things you're finding as a result. Love that angel pillow! And your teacup picture is so nice! I thought it was funny what Rechelle said too. :D

Tammy said...

Shores looks wonderful-love that moon! I also love that angel pillow-so adorable!

karenv said...

Glad your surgery went OK. The teacups look great in their "prison" LOL.

Shores is looking fantastic, congratulations on getting 1/3rd of the way through :)

woolwoman said...

Isnt' it funny Deb how we can recognize what a pile of something (yarn/fabric/wool/linen) is for after years of having it hidden in stash LOL - your treasures you uncovered are so wonderful. I am giving Shores another shot however I am just on block one so I'm not able to commiserate with you about the ugly moon block - I'm glad you thought the dental surgery went pretty well - it sounds horrific to me but I agree the flowers were a nice gesture - I've never heard of that before. Melody

Nancy said...

Your Shores is looking beautiful! Congratulations on getting through the moon. This is one project I want to do in the future.

I love your angel pillow! And, your teacups are beautiful. I have a dish that my great-grandmother painted with violets, and it's one of my favorite treasures.

Happy stitching!

Alice said...

Nice progress on Shores. So glad the tooth surgery is over and you are done with it. Its a bit of a trip down memory lane sorting out your craft room. I also love old porcelain and how original to have them in a cage. Lovely motifs on the cups.

Anonymous said...

Hello Deb,

I just stumbled across your blog via The Scarlett House. Wonderful blog, and wonderful work!

I don't get to stitch as much as I like, but I do enjoy seeing the work of others.

Kathy said...

Your Shores looks great and the angel pillow is too cute.
I love the teacups. I have few that belonged to my great-grandmother.
Glad your surgery went well.

Loraine said...

Love the stitcheries and the cute angel pillow! Isn't it fun to discover things that have been put away. I love the fabric as well. Perfect for Buggy Barn, I agree. I don't think I would ever tire from the dark country colors, (BTW I can add to your quilt stash if you need some other ideas for the fabric that you bought but can't remember what it's for! LOL)

Funny about the stash dilemma. I don't know what to tell you, because I have gotten rid of charts in the past, and then regretted the decision. One thing we did in my stitch group that help with the "separation anxiety" was to start a library. We donated charts we had stitched or ones we didn't think we would get to, and let others check them out. It's nice to do that, because then you know you can always get it back if you want. We have a librarian for a year, and we switch out people so that no one has to store it "forever". Just a thought for your guild.

Have a wonderful week! I was thrilled to see your post. I just reading about what's going on in your life!
I'm totally jealous seeing your 4th block done. I'm going to have to do a marathon stitch session this weekend. I'm still working on the water in block 3. I don't like block 4 either, but it looks easy to stitch, so I welcome that!
Hugs! Oh, and I love the teacups! So cute!

Annemarie said...

Ooh, a tempest of teacups, very nice!
Love your stitcheries.
My goodness, what kind of suergery was this??? It sounds like a scene from a horrormovie, and still you claim it was not so bad? You're just a very brave person, I know you must be.

I think I must be an oddity, because I really like Block 4 :o)

dianemi said...

Deb... a dentist who sends flowers the next day? Love it (love what DH said too)! lol YGG on the Shores block. I'm dancin' with you. I bet you have A&E finished in no time. I LOVE the angel pillow (sure wish I had one) ;) The teacups look so cute Deb. (Now ok woman, where is the one where you stitched the top? I do so love that one)!! :)

Siobhan said...

I'm glad that the surgery wasn't too bad--and flowers. Wow! When I had a tooth pulled, after not being able to save it via the root canal route, I could hear them pulling it and OMG--I swear I still hear the sounds of it.

Congrats on your progress on Shores! YGG! Love all the stash you're finding, too!

Doris said...

beautiful finish of the four block.

i am glad the surgery was good. i hope you can recovery soon.

the stash is pretty, oh the angel pilow is cute.

Oh teacup!! i love it!

Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie,

Thank you for visiting me back and leaving the kind kind comment. I am really glad to make your acquaintance, and will definitely be following your wonderful blog! :)

The Scarlett House said...

Your comment about that moon is too funny. I'm not planning to stitch that one, but I agree. Over all it's a neat design though.

Jennifer said...

Deb, I love reading your blog!
I can relate to the stash cleaning. I just tried to get my threads organized and this took 3 hours Sunday. Everytime I thought I had them all, I found some more! LOL
Your stitching is very pretty.
I've got to go through my charts. My hubbie laughs at me because I have alot of "stash boxes" around. Being a cop when he first heard the word stash box, he was taken by surprise! LOL
Glad you are healing well from the surgery too. Flowers from a dentist is pretty cool.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

The flowers must have been quite a surprise...
My daughter collects mugs - they in turn collect dust... It would be much better if they were in a cage with a roof...

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

If I'm singing the That's Amore' or whatever the pizza pie in your eye song is, I'm not gonna be happy and I'm going to call you early in the morning, singing it to you!

Love your progress on Shores - and I'm loving all that great stash and your teacups in prison is a great shot!

I love that angel pillow, too! Lucky me one of the ones you made was for me! It's one of my favorite things to bring out every year.

Brigitte said...

Great to hear that the surgery went well and is over for now.
Congratulations on finsihing a block of Shores. It's true, it's not the most beautiful of them all but it's the entire piece that counts, lol.

Solstitches said...

You're making such great progress on your Shores. I still have HOHRH as a UFO and know how long those blocks can take.
How I love the finished piece in your blog header. The frame is absolutely beautiful!


Sally said...

Love your progress on Shores Deb. I kinda like that block!

Glad your dental surgery went OK. The flowers are a nice touch:)

You're finding some gorgeous things in your clear-out:)

Tanya said...

Interesting, I received teacups from my grandmother too. My great grandmother had a whole collection.
Glad your surgery when better than expected. Loved seeing your stash and Shores.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing the moon block! It's a shame that you're not so fond of it, but I'm sure you'll love block 5, that one is just gorgeous.

Love to Stitch said...

I love your shores! It is really coming along too! Now on to #5? Cant wait to see!!!! I love your fabric too- is it V autumn gold? Love seeing some of your framed pieces, its just great to see items done and hung up!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your SOHH is looking terrific, I debated whether I wanted tos stitch that one and I am not up to the challenge, congrats on your dedication and skill on it.

I checked out the blog that hosted the group of objects and some of the entries were so cool.

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

So glad the dental surgery wasn't too bad. I hope the implant part goes as smoothly! My hubby would have said the same sort of thing had I gotten flowers! LOL

My mom collected tea cups like those - you have a lovely collection!!

Angela P said...

Love your Shores WIP, I have that one on my stitching list for someday too :) The dental surgery sounds rough but glad to hear it all went well! I hate the dentist so it made me cringe a little.

Ranae said...

Shores is looking great.
I am glad your surgery went well.
That angel pillow is adorable.
take care!!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Oh, I am SO glad your oral surgery wasn't as involved as they anticipated. Misery put off for another day is ALWAYS a good thing, in my opinion. :) I really love Shores... I hope you stick with it - I'm so slow I doubt I'll ever get it stitched, so I've been enjoying "Stitching" it vicariously through you ladies! Love those fat quarter bundles!! Faaabric... oooh faaaabric (I think I have a problem - I've only made one (very small very very simple) quilt but I am addicted to fabric - is there hope for me??). I hope you're having a great weekend!!

Isabelle said...

Oh! Debbie, I love very much the shores you are stitching : lovely colors over a nice linen color : great choice :-))
And your angel pillow is so cute !
I wish you a very nice Sunday,

Jan said...

OH gosh, Deb...trying to play catchup here on my blog reading, and realized I had missed this post of yours!! I am always just thrilled when you post, always lots of eye candy and good reading chatter too!

Anyhoo, I love your teacups, sorry you didn't win, but loved seeing your collection!!

Those fabric bundles are to die for!! Can't wait to see what you do with them, and also a pic of your quilt tops!

Glad to hear that the dentist wasn't too bad, although I know it was not a fun day, and you most certainly deserved that wonderful bouquet of flowers!! Maybe if more dental surgeons did this, they might get more business?:)

I am curious here, as always, what are those two stitchery pics above the angel? They look neat, how about a close up and info? Love the angel too!!

I can't wait to see your City Stitcher A&E soon and your Shores is looking super, congrats on the block finish!! Have a great weekend and don't overdue!

Jan said...

I meant to say 'overdo'...sheesh!! LOL LOL

Kajsa said...

Way to go finishing up Block 4 so quickly! Looks great!

I hear you about that separation anxiety, I have a very hard time weeding out my stash too.

Michelle said...

I love the little angel pillow! Amazing what you find in the depths of your stash, huh? You're really moving along on Shores. I need to catch up!

doris said...

What great pictures! I'm completely wild for the angel pillow. Shores is looking so great.