Monday, May 4, 2009

And All I Wanted Was A Flippin' Thread

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone had a stitchy weekend! I'll explain my title to this entry in a minute! This may be a long entry (with pictures, of course), so grab some coffee (or tea).

It's been a busy week around here! Cleaning, and more cleaning. I actually got to spend more time in my stitching room. I took pictures of the god-awful mess I've made down there, but I'll hold those until I don't have anything to talk about (like that's really going to happen - LOL). Okay, since I know you want to see it - I'll show you a pretty clean closet.
Well, it's prettier and more organized than it was before. I'm kind of hoping that I can convince DH to build shelves in here instead of using the wire shelving, but it works for now. It's been a lot of fun finding things I've completely forgotten about. And also going through some boxes that haven't seen the light of day since we moved almost four years ago. I haven't even started going through the charts yet. DD keeps saying "Oh, I like that Mom", everytime I'd put something in the donation/Ebay pile. Can't get rid of stuff like that!
Anyway, let's get to the stitchy stuff so if you get bored with the rest of my ramblings you can high-tail it off to another blog!
Block #3 is done! YES MAMA! I like this block the best so far! I had the fleeting thought of going on to Block #4 as it doesn't look too stitch intensive, but decided to get out of the water before I turned into a pruney mess. So I picked up The City Stitcher's Adam and Eve and made a little bit more progress on it.


I absolutely love stitching this. Yes, it was some wonky quarter stitches and backstitching, but I am really enjoying this! I'll probably work on this for a few more days and then put some time into Cape Cod Girls.

Okay, now I'll explain my title to this entry. I needed a thread. Just one stinking thread. Yes, I probably could have subbed in something else, but I'm anal (yes I'm the one with the alphabetized spice rack and my charts alphabetized by designer and then all the designer's charts alphabetized), and I'm damned proud of it. Anyway, I needed the thread so I jumped in my car and drove at least 50 minutes to the LNS. I did try the two needlepoint stores in the area for naught first, though! Anyway, you just can't go into this store (The Rocking Horse) and just buy thread. You just can't. The store has floor to ceiling framed pieces of cross stitch. Next time, I'll take my camera. It's unbelieveable.

Well, you know how it is, you see a chart and think - UGH!!, and then you see it in person - stitched and framed! Well, that's what happened to me.
First off, a couple La-D-Da charts. The Leaping Cat one I saw stitched one-over-one on 40 ct. silk gauze. Now, before you think I'm some kind of nut case, I don't think I'm going to go there, but maybe one-over-one on 32 ct. In The Forest was also hanging there framed and both pictures combined into one. Kind of made me think of Adam and Eve of the rabbit world, so...........need I explain myself here?

After seeing that evil enabler (opps - did I let that fly out of my head), pardon me, Stitching Sister, Siobhan 's Stories to Live By - Eve, I knew that it would be an excellent addition to the A&E wall. But I couldn't stop there, I also got Jonah, because, goes with the nautical bathroom theme!
Moving right along with the religious theme, I also picked up these two. The one on the right is a book put out by Leisure Arts quite a few years ago, but what makes it cool is that Diane Arthur of LHN did these and for $4.00 and eight designs, I had to have it.
Okay, now this one I ordered from the Online Needlework Show. Sorry the picture isn't better. Have to tell you, that I can't wait to start this - I found a piece of fabric in my stash. But if any of you are familiar with Heaven and Earth Designs, well, that's what the chart is like. But at the rather moderate size of about 5" x 10", it is highly doable. When it's doable is the question.
Then, like I think I'm going to have all the stitching time in the world, I had to pick up these - French Heart and Thoughtful Heart. Mainly because the guest suite is Shepherd's Bush and these are not the normal long samplers. I needed some smaller pieces to balance out the wall. Then there was the To Thine Self Be True by LHN that I just had to have. A quickie is a good thing once in a while! (Okay, get your minds out of the gutter)! DH asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. No, I didn't tell him a quickie (may hamper my stitching time). I handed him the bag and told him the wrapping paper was in the closet! LOL

This weekend I missed my monthly Guild meeting. Dang, and they had a lot of fun too as Terri mentioned in her blog. Check it out. They had a class project of a Mermaid pinkeep. Our Guild President designed it. It's so sweet! And then one of the women brought her almost completed Dutch Beast, oops, I mean Dutch Beauty. It is truly stunning! But it looks big enough to sleep under. Anyway, the meeting sounds like it was a lot of fun, but I had my reasons for not going. This weekend was the first of my daughter's recitals. She has three.

Here she is in her Jazz costume:

Such a sweetie! That make-up is a little bit over the top though with those cat eyes!

And in her ballet costume. She's been dancing with most of these girls since she was three years old. I remember her with a pull-up on under her tights just in case she got too excited dancing and had an accident! And by the way, for those few that haven't seen her in a while - she's 5"1" tall and her feet are as big as mine! Where did my baby go???

Well, if I haven't bored you enough, I'll probably bore you with this one. It's the continuing saga of my tooth and the cracked root. I finally had my periodontist appointment this week. Prognosis - remove the tooth, do a sinus lift due to bone deterioriation (okay what the heck is a sinus lift - I'd rather have a breast lift, butt lift or face lift - not something that no one is going to see). Then they will implant bone crystals. After a few months, they will put in the implant post so that the new (read: fake tooth) can be put on. Now the total cost of this (and you will understand why I went on the stash splurge now - there will be no money later)- are you sitting down????? $6,700!!!!! For one FREAKIN' Tooth - of which my dental insurance only covers $600. Also, not included in the cost of this is the actual fake tooth that goes on the implanted post! Oh, my aching mouth. Or it will be aching. I'm now on my third round of antibotics and the surgery won't be done until May 20th! Definitely not something I'm looking forward to.

Okay, I hope that I haven't bored you too much. Maybe I should learn to post more often. But I always think that I have nothing to say, and then suddenly it's like I can't stop! Like eating potato chips.

Anyway, hope that everyone has a great, stitchy week! It should be a fun one here - Tuesday DD and I are going to a sheep shearing at a local farm, and Friday I'm meeting up with Terri and a couple of her friends for Girl's Night Out in Holly (antique city). So have a great week and thank you for all your wonderful comments. I love hearing from you and visiting your blogs too!


Coni said...

OMG! How have I not seen your blog yet! Woo Hoo! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say please excuse me...I need to go read every single thing you have ever written and lust over every single project you have ever stitched!

Margaret said...

Great stitchy stash! You should know by now, you can't go to an LNS for just one thread! lol! Over one on 32ct -- it'll be wonderful! Shores is looking good, your stash closet is looking good, and your daughter is beautiful! Takes me back to the days of my daughter's recitals. She was the same way -- dancing since she was 3.

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh boy - this post hit home with me. First of all, my daughter danced from age 3 until she was a sophmore in college. By high school she preactically lived at the school. She danced in many National competitions and on a cruise ship even! Your daughter looked adorable in her costumes. The stage make up can be dramatic huh?

And dental implants -I have 3 of them side by side due to bone loss. I could have bulit an addition onto our home for the money that went into my mouth. All due to a dentist many years ago that improperly did a root canal.

I wish you luck with yours!!

Jan said...

First of all, Debbie, your daughter is a doll! My two girls took dancing for several years, but didn't stay with it. I think because we moved and they just didn't like the new dance studio, plus several other reasons, I am sure. Anyway, you should be proud!

Love your new stash acquisitions, isn't that just heaven? And I am really envious of your organizational abilities, I am the opposite!:( You just keep on being that way, I think it is great!

Also envious of your A&E start, if that is the City Stitcher pattern, do you know if it is still available anywhere? I would love to have that one!! Shores is coming along wonderfully!

Sorry about that dental work, nothing like a double at the pain thought and hours in the dental chair, but also the cost! Goodness!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week!;)

Loraine said...

Hi Deb,

Where do I begin! I'm laughing, cheering, sighing, then wincing in pain during this great blog post.

First of all, Good for you cleaning out your closet, and getting progress done on Shores. I'm going to have to do some major catch up this month. I really hate that!
love the stash. I'm glad you found so many great things. It's Mother's day, so you deserve it!

Your daughter is adorable. I have a 12 year old son. Maybe we can set them up in about 10 years LOL! I hope she did well in her dance recital. My 7 year old is drooling over her costumes!

The pain over your tooth! I'm so sorry. How can you stand it! It makes you crazy to spend money on something that no one will see. I'm with you, plastic surgery anywhere else would be a lot more rewarding. At least you will be able to chew your food. (Sorry for the bad humor, I know this can't be easy!)
Have a good one!

Tanya said...

I loved your story. I have done that many times, gone to buy one thing and many $$ later, look out many more years of stitching. Your Shores is looking good. Your daughter is very pretty all dressed up & ready to dance.

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb,
What a great collection of stash. You have some lovely charts there. Isn't that the way with us stitches. You go to get something and end up with half the store lol.
I love your sewing closet. It looks lovely, so organised.
I love stitching over 1 on 32ct. My Dutch Beauty is done that way. I find after you have stitched about a dozen stitches its a piece of cake.
Your daughter looks lovely in the costumes. I have 3 sons so we never had recitals. I must have done something right though as my eldes son is going with his wife to see the Australian Ballet tonight in the Sydney Opera House. I think he was looking forward to it. - Sandra.

Doris said...

.- About the new stash: I'm drooling, i love it all(especially the clock).

.-Children grow very quickly, your little girl look very pretty and happy in his performance.

.- is going badly when your teeth hurt, that higher prices for just one tooth! impressive. I hope all goes well in surgery and that you feel well soon.

Pam said...

You got some great stash. You're like me, though. I could never walk into the LNS and only get one thread. It's just impossible, so I totally understand the additional purchases. Have fun with them.

You DD looks for beautiful in her dancing outfits. I think that it's great when they stick to something like that.

Yikes, that alot of money to fix a tooth! Aren't you glad that you have dental insurance so they can only pay $600 of the total amount it will cost? I guess it's better than nothing. I hope your tooth feel better.

Mistea said...

They are gorgeous future projects, lucky you didn't leave them behind, you may not have found them again. What can I say you deserved some fun stuff to do while you recover from the golden tooth!

Von said...

I am so feeling your dental bill pain! No dental insurance here, so all those dental appts. and orthodontia for seven kids over the years has really hurt and to be honest, we didn't really start with regular dental checks until the kids were almost ready for braces. The budget can only take so much. Luckily the kids had pretty good teeth, just crooked. :D

Love your new stash! It'll keep you stitchin' for a good long time.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What a great newsy post! First and foremost, I have to tell you how gorgeous and statuesque Kati looks! I know you were proud of her! You got incredible stash and because I'm getting old, I've already forgotten the name of that really intensively stitched piece but I CAN'T WAIT to see you start that thing. You are a crazy woman!
Love your closet - your closet is as big as my entire craft room, I think!
Hang in there with the tooth, kiddo. It will get better. And, can't wait till Friday!

Jennifer said...

I love reading your blog, Deb! You're a hoot! Your daughter is beautiful by the way.
So sorry to hear about your dental bill, YIKES!
Love, love your new stash additions. I know I need 1 skein of DMC 221 right now and I'm going to try and see if Walmart still has floss tomorrow while I"m in Dahlonega. But if I were going to the LNS, I would be tempted too!
Little House Needleworks design is so tempting.

MyLifesAStitch said...

Oh, Deb... ugh... sooo sorry about your tooth! As if your mouth isn't painful enough, they need to add insult to injury by otting the hurt on your wallet, too! :( Shores is looking great, and your Katie looked lovely!!

Debs said...

First Deb, if you call that a little progress on your City Stitcher piece--wow--you got a ton done. Looks great. Love your stash closet--it looks very organized and now must be easy for you to find everything you need. Your stash shopping sounded like so much fun and love those SB kits you got.

You are very lucky to have a daughter, she's very beautiful and I'll bet she dances like a dream. Is she interested in doing it when she gets older? Loved that pic of her in her ballet outfit.

Your tooth: OMG, I know what you mean. Most of my bottom teeth have fallen out due to bone deteriation from diabetes, but instead of the bone crystals, the dentist wants to make a prothesis that would "snap" in. Yeah, like I want snaps in my mouth. Whe asked what that process could run us monetarily, the dentist said, about the cost of a car--upwards of $10,000. Yikes! Wonder if there are any dental colleges around here? Great post though, I felt like I had visited you at your house, and had coffee with you and your family.

Isabelle said...

Oh Dear, you daughter is so sweetie and so pretty !!
What a wonderful stash you have gotten you, i can't send an order without many items : my god .....there are so many temptations on the web : it is terrific but so wonderful !!!
Have a wonderful day, Debbie,

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Deb! Thanks for the nice comments about Ashley's shower. The cake was just adorable! I think Ashley and Kim are going to work with me on Friday night, so you'll get to meet both of them! Have a great week, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing block 3 of Shores! And your A&E WIP looks great too!

Sally said...

Wow!!! Lots of lovely WIPs piccies and new stash! I think I need to come to your house! Lol! Love your progress on Shores. The more I see this the more I think I may just have to purchase it; as if I don't have enough to stitch but I guess a stitcher an never have too much!

Lovely photos of your daughter. She is so pretty.

Good luck with your dental treatment {{{hugs}}}

Mel said...

You got some lovely pieces to add to your stash!

Dona said...

Hi, Deb! THe fabric I'm using for One Seed for Another is Lakeside's 40ct Vintage Pearled Barley. I ordered it from Elegant Stitch.

I just looked at your stitching albums and enjoyed seeing your work! SO many of the designs I want to chart are in your album! Beautiful!

And your daughter looks beautiful in her dance costumes. I'm sure the recital was a lot of fun!

And you've got a lot of great stash there!

Siobhan said...

Your daughter is too cute!! I miss those dancing days. My younger daughter never was interested in dancing, and my older daughter gave up Irish dancing when she was about 11 or so. Fun, but busy years!

WOW!! Fabulous progress on your City Stitcher A&E!! I am amazed, YGG! Shores looks incredible, too. Great stash! And hey, it offsets the hurt that dentist bill caused, right?!

Love to Stitch said...

Debbie, you are too funny!! You had me in stitches. Great job on cleaning your closet out, it is amazing what you can find in there! And oh so organized...I am the same way, alphabetizing, organizing, and we are not anal, we just know where things are!! You are doing a tremendous job on both Shores and the A & E! I want to do that one so bad!!!!! Soon, I think I will have to bite the bullet. You know going to the LNS is like going to the supermarket for milk. $250 later, you have your milk and then some!!!! Cant wait to see more on A & E!!! Sorry about the dentist, that is always the worst, especially when you could be spending it on more stash!

woolwoman said...

I am so sorry you have to endure the pain in your mouth and the suffering in your pocket for that dental work - urghhh - sounds dreadful - honestly I don't even know where I would get that kind of money - hummm - I better get off this PC and make a long overdue dental appt.

Your Shores is looking great - I am just picking mine back up again - on block one but enjoying it a lot - you and Siobhan are partially to blame for that being at the top of the rotation! Love your A&E and your little daugher is so precious. Take care melody

PS Stitcher said...

Wow!! This is the first time that I have been to your blog and I think that it is great!! My daughter is younger than yours, but she LOVES to dance. She is in tap and ballet as well. Her recital is this Friday and I am so excited for her!! If you have a chance, stop by and see my blog. I have been thinking of taking pictures of my sewing room as well to post, but still have some work to do in there! LOL!! Well when don't I!

Great blog anyway!!


Ranae said...

I love all your stash. I am drooling all over my keyboard. Thank goodness for needing one thread, lol.
So Sorry about that dental work.
Your daughter is very pretty.

Vonna said...

I've been waiting to see if someone bought that Adam and Eve clock deal...does it say how much the clock is? I LOVE it...I sat looking and looking and looking at it. I really want to stitch it too...but I don't think it would look very good in anything except that clock.
I'm sorry to hear about your tooth...I just had one worked on. I've never had any true cavities, but I have had "spots" so they do this resin deal...owie...

Tammy said...

Your daughter is too cute. And what a stash of stuff--awesome stuff at that! Oh, I so feel for you for your tooth. The cost is pretty outrageous isn't it? Dental insurance doesn't cover much it seems. I just had a crown, so I know!

Virginia said...

This third block was also one of those I prefered.I thought I was swimming in a carribean sea while I was stitching it ;o)
Time flies with children ...

PaulineD said...

Wow, funny post- love all the stash you bought! And your daughter is gorgeous!

Youch! I feel your dental pain- that money could buy oodles of stash. Just imagine- no, probably not a good idea.

From another spice rack alphabetiser!

Katherine Aucoin said...

So many times I go places to buy one thing and get carried away! I love that you have a sticthing room. What a great way to keep everything organized.

You daughter is beautiful. I remember the dance revue days with my two girls. I miss them sometimes and sometimes I don't.

The Scarlett House said...

Glad that you are working on the A&E. It was a fun one. Now you have much more waiting in the wings. Great added stash. Sorry about the tooth situation. I've been there, too.

Michelle said...

Great progress on your A&E and congrats on finishing that block on Shores. I'm thinking of starting mine over. I must be nuts. Love all the stash you picked up - what a fun time that must have been. So sorry to hear about your tooth woes though.

doris said...

First, gorgeous dancing daughter!

I love your new stash items, and you deserve them. They'll be keeping you busy during your dental trials and tribulations.

CS's A&E is in my to-do pile, and it keeps calling to me, as do so many other projects. I'll try to think of you as encouraging rather than enabling. :)

Chiloe said...

Wow ... that's a lot for one little tooth ...

Seems like you had a lot of fun at the LNS ;-)

YOur daughter si adorable ;-)

Alice said...

What an organized craft room. Why do I find myself blushing thinking of my own craft room up in the attic? Love your new stash. Don't feel guilty girl, its not as if you do it everyday...or??? Pretty daughter you have and she does look like a sweety pie. She evidently loves her dancing. I had a filling two weeks back but before I got it done I nearly went through the roof with pain but eventually things got back to normal. Yes, dentists are RICH folk. Our bank account also took a nasty knock. Now we know what profession we should encourage our kids to go into. Nice progress on both projects. ; )