Monday, June 10, 2013


Hello Dear Friends - I feel like I'm confessing to the Priest when I say that it's been a month and a half since my last blog post!!  I can't believe it!!  Seriously!!  It seems like it was May 1st just last week!!  The month of May went by like a blink of an eye.  And it went by so fast that I didn't get all that much accomplished.  But between my son coming home from college and the weather finally starting to warm up, it seems that the days have just slipped by.  As a result, not a whole heck of a lot to report on the stitching or quilting scene around here.

After my last blog post it seemed that the house not only was invaded with my dear son coming home, but with a rash of viruses and nastiness.  UGH!!  I was down for the count for about two weeks and doing much of anything definitely didn't float my boat.  I kept wondering why that didn't happen during the winter when you can snuggle up with a blanket and watch old movies instead of wishing that you could get outside and do something.  But whatever - I'm better now and I've managed to get a little accomplished.

First off Mary Gail - she is such a joy to stitch!

A large flower - the whole time I was stitching this I kept singing The Star Spangled Banner with the line, "the bombs bursting in air", because it reminded me of fireworks (and excuse some of these pictures -  I still haven't purchased a new camera yet).

A pretty red/pink flower.  I wasn't singing anything with this - I was gnashing my teeth because I kept counting wrong.

Love this vine, but again gnashing teeth because I kept putting the leaves in the wrong places.

And the whole piece so far.

Mary Gail
40 ct. Vintage Autumn Gold and AVAS silks

Not a lot of stitching for the past month or so, but seriously, it was hard to wrap my head around this when I wasn't feeling good.  I should mention that the fabric is a much warmer looking fabric.   I should also mention that this pattern was charted so that the entire background is filled in.  I chose not to do that and used the Vintage Autumn Gold.  A better representation of the fabric is in the picture below from my last blog post:

On the quilting side, after finishing the Chippewa Nine Patch, I didn't know what to work on.  Well, I did, but everything that I wanted to work on needed to be cut out and with my head feeling like it was going to explode and not thinking that I could wrap my head around cutting something out without slicing myself to bits with the rotary cutter or cutting things out totally wrong, I thanked the Quilting Gods that I'm one of those people with Startitis!!  Sometimes it does pay to start things and not finish them (sometimes I think I could be the Queen of Startitis - don't know if that's a good thing or not).  So I dug around in the craft room and pulled out a box with a quilt that was already cut out.  Although with the project that I picked up, it was a serious WIP.  Over 10 years ago I started this quilt for my children - thinking back it might have even been 12 years.  But no matter - it's done now!  Everything was cut out and so it was just a matter of sewing it together.  Doesn't take too much brainpower to do that!

I Spy Quilt
from the book, P.S. I Love You Too

You should be able to click on the picture to enlarge it, but some of my favorite blocks are below.  I ran pictures through the printer and put them on transfer fabric to include in the quilt.  And ignore the seams that don't line up quite right in the pictures.  Some of this was a bear - probably the product of using two different sewing machines to piece this and I swear that the 1/4" feet are never true from one machine to another.  But as Brenda Papadakis of Dear Jane fame says, "It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be done"!  I like her way of thinking!  I should probably cross stitch that saying and put it over my sewing machine!

My son celebrating a birthday (bad pic, I know).

My daughter trying to look like her father going to work with glasses and holding one of my son's little boy ties under her chin - upside down I might add.

Me and the kids on the beach near the Mackinaw Bridge.  Please ignore the crazy permed hair on me!

Then some fun blocks - a hog on a hog:

And we can't forget a Pokemon character - my son's favorite when he was little.  And a pig eating pizza!

Since my children are now 16 and 20, I guess this quilt will now be awaiting the first grandchild!!  Although both my children are calling dibs on the thing, so I might have to make another.  With the rate I go, hopefully they won't give me a grandchild for another 10 years or so!  

Now what should I work on?  

I seem to have a few things to choose from.  Ms. Sylvia's Bridal Quilt is going to get the attention first as I'm down 20 blocks and the next installment of the quilt is probably on its way to me now, so I need to do some serious catching up.  The other things are projects that I'm finally taking the bull by the horns and doing something with all the pre-cuts that I have.  I love buying those pre-cuts!!

But then, of course, while I wasn't feeling well, I had to do a little shopping.  It doesn't take a lot of effort to troll around on the computer!!

(Disclaimer:  not all stash purchased during illness, but you would all think I had a serious problem if you saw the entire pile of stuff that seemed to find its way through the postal service to me)

I'm so excited with all these patterns!!  Di Ford's book in the upper right is a true gem and I can't wait to make something from the book.  And darned Instagram for seeing pictures of the Steampunk Quilt (in the center).  Totally not the type of quilt that normally floats my boat, but now I have to make one!!  

In other news, I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Not only did my son come home from school for the summer, but he presented me with a wonderful surprise.  My husband did also, but I think that my son's surprise topped my husband's, if that's possible.

My husband presented me with a dozen roses and a beautiful pearl necklace - something that I have been wanting for a long time.  Of course, you know I'm going to look stunning wearing them with my workout gear and sweats!  LOL  But the true surprise is that my son presented me with his acceptance email to Business School at Michigan State University.  That, in itself, was the best thing that I could have received.  I'm so proud of him.  A perfect Mother's Day!

And speaking of my son, he's doing landscaping work for one of the larger nurseries around here.  He's lost almost 20 pounds in just a few weeks and comes home filthy dirty and tired!!  Some weeks he works seven days - great for the paycheck, but it's exhausting work.  Or so he says.  Seems that one of his co-workers took a picture of Nick on the job:

Looks like he's working real hard, doesn't it?  LOL

Well, that about does it for me.  I have a lot of other things like finally some framing, etc., but I'll save it for the next post.  It will inspire me to try to make blog posts a little more often.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and thank you for keeping up with me when I've been such a bad blogger.  I truly love reading each and every comment you send!!

Have a wonderful week!


Margaret said...

Oh wow! Ok, that's the kind of job my DS needs. lol! My DS needs to lose that freshman 15 he gained this past year. Good for your DS -- wow! Love that pic of him. lol! So where did you get the Sweet William quilt pattern? Did you get the fabric too, the BOM, or just the pattern??? I love that one! I bought the Steampunk pattern too. lolol! Love your Mary Gail. So pretty! Maybe I should start that one. Hmmmm. And all your stash -- I'm sighing and drooling. Lovely Mother's Day present indeed! Congrats to your son! So is this part of his undergraduate degree then? So exciting!

Margaret said...

Oh, and that quilt for your kids -- LOVE it!!!!!

Cole said...

Great post! That quilt is so much fun!

Congrats on your son's acceptance, how exciting! Enjoy being a proud mama :)

Kevin said...

Love your Mary Gail sampler. The colors are amazing in that one. Also love your quilt. Wonder where you find those quilting projects/charts? My mom is starting a class on quilting this coming Saturday, which I think is great. She used to sew all the time,so I think it will be a great hobby and stress reducer for her.
Congrats to your son on his business school acceptance!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Mary Gail is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing her progress. Am sure both your children lay dibs on the quilt--so fun and sweet memories. Yes, I have quilts who think they are antiques because they have been laying in the unfinished pile for years! (Gulp)

Maybe I should go to work for a landscape company--I could sure afford to loose 15 pounds.

Congratulations on the best Mother's Day gifts!

Melissa said...

Oh wow, lots of good news for your Mother's Day! Excellent. Congrats on your son's admittance!

Love your progress on Mary Gail. I noticed on the website it said stitched over one. Since you are using 40 ct I am assuming you are stitching over two? The colours are gorgeous.

The I-Spy quilt is wonderful and I can understand why your kids would be fighting over it!

BTW, you have to stop showing the Sajou scissors! I am weakening every time I see them I want them! lol. I'll see if I can wait for a sale to happen somewhere and treat myself.

Happy Stitching, Deb!

be*mused jan said...

Beautiful work on Mary Gail ~ that's going to be gorgeous! As a just once-in-a-while x-stitcher, i'm wondering what kind of frame you like to use? I've always used a hoop but am not happy with that choice.
What a lovely Mother's Day you had. Congratulations on your son's school acceptance. I've known that satisfaction as a Mom ~ nothing better.

Algodão Tão Doce said...

Amei conhecer o seu blog,achei maravilhoso.Visite:
Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


Beijos Marie.

Penny said...

Love Mary Gail!! Love all of the different blocks on the I Spy Quilt too! And your quilting stash has me drooling. :) Lovely Mother's Day - and congratulations to your son! Silly diets - looks like I just need to get a job with a landscaper. :) Enjoyed your post!

Vickie said...

The I-Spy quilt is great!
Good for your son!
So glad to get caught up.=)

Kim said...

Definitely some spectacular Mother's Day gifts you received! Way to go DS! Love your Mary Gail! And the ISpy quilt is wonderful! Your stash enhancement looks a bit like mine as of late! ;o) Oh well...keeps us out of the bars! ha!

woolwoman said...

I loved seeing mary gail - I have it too but am planning on trying silk gauze for the first time and I do want to fill in the backround with wool - my love of needlepoint is pulling me there. yours is beautiful! Sorry to hear you've been sick - my poor DM has had the same thing for 2 weeks too. The I Spy quilt was sure a blast from the past wasn't it - love your stash enhancement - too cool to shop when you are sick. After all have to keep up the strength in the fingers right ?? Take care Mel

Helen said...

What a wonderful quilt. Your stitching is beautiful .
Congratulations on your sons acceptance.
Thank you for sharing , great post !!!!!!!!!!

Ellen said...

Great post! I love Mary, she is gorgeous and progressing well. Wonderful quilt! Love your stash too.
Wow, you have a great Mother's Day. Congrats to your son! Love that photo of him, really hard work ha ha!


Catherine said...

Such a great post! Beautiful stitches, projects and goodies! Congrats to your son ~ he deserves a nap!

Lois said...

Loved reading your post over my morning cup of tea! Perfect start to the day! As always, you have so many nice projects and plans. I think Mary is so lovely even if it has involved lots of teeth gnashing! Glad you're feeling better, definitely some stash enhancement is the way to go to help a girl feel better. Great news about your son, love the pic!

Annie said...

You sure are productive for someone who lost all that time feeling ill. Mary Gail looks lovely and lot of stitching is done (and even more than we see since there was that pesky frog to deal with).

Love the I Spy quilt. What a treasure! I'm amazed it sat un-sewn for all that time after you had done the hard work!

Retail therapy is the best cure.. we all know that!

Lucky you to get those roses, pearls and great news about B-school from your son! That is one fine Mother's Day!

Anna van Schurman said...

Love your firework flower! That piece is going to be gorgeous. Congratulations to your son.

Katrina said...

Mary Gail is just wonderful!!!!!!!! The colors are fabulous. The quilt is just amazing, love how personal it is and the pictures are so cool.

Great present from your DH and congrats to your son.

Nancy M said...

The colors of Mary Gail are very pretty and bright. I would hate to be sick as the weather warmed! So much to accomplish in such little time! Landscapers work hard (you wouldn't know by the photo :-)) but 20 lbs is quite a bit! Maybe it's less beer drinking too! LOL Great news about MSU.

Jackie said...

Isn't that Pikachu?

Thankfully, Steampunk isn't calling my name at all! I've not done any curved piecing before so I'm really glad it isn't.

Poor Nick...he looks all bruised up too! Congrats to you all on his acceptance! Mary Gail looks good and I like how it looks against the linen vs having a fully stitched background. You should share a pic of you wearing your pearls - even with sweats!

Teresa S. said...

Its always good when you check in our your blog-even if it has been over a month!

The quilt finish is adorable! All that fussy cutting. Good thing you had them already cut out.

Wow! Pearls for Mother's Day-you are a lucky lady!

valerie said...

Deb, your Mary is looking fantastic! The colors are so fun! And congrats on finishing your iSpy quilt. It's a wonderful achievement and so cute that your kids each want it! Glad that you are feeling better and had a great Mother's Day. The pearls are beautiful! I was having a similar issue. Why do I want to buy a fedora when all I wear is hoodies. They don't go! But I still want the!

Annette-California said...

Oh Deb what a fantastic quilt you finished. Mary Gail is a beauty - those flowers are stunning in silk colors. And Your pearl necklace is gorgeous - heck yes I would even wear it going thru "the drive thru" LOL. Great post and you have been very busy. love Annette

Chris said...

Great update!
Mary Gail is so stunning. Such gorgeous colors to work with.
That quilt is amazing too. I can see why both your children want it.
Looks like a wonderful Mother's day.
I am looking forward to your next update to see which quilt project you pick.

Carol said...

What fun to read all your news, Deb--congratulations to your son!! What exciting news :) And your quilt is so dear--just love that idea...

Hope things slow down for you over the summer, but if your house is anything like mine--the summer seems busier than ever!

Brigitte said...

Owning a lot of started projects is exactly what I liove too. I love toi go through my boxes and and just wait and see what calls my name the loudest, and then pull it out and continue stitching where I stopped the last time - no matter how long away it is, lol. Mary Gail looks so great, I think I'll have to buy and stitch her too. I just like the vibrant colours.
With precut fabrics it's a bit the same as with started stitching projects, the projects you want to use them for just seem to be more attrractive than others. I love the picture with all the fabrics. What fabric line is the one in the middle of the top row? It looks fantastic, maybe I can get it somewhere here, when I know the name.
Congratulations on your finished quilt with all these funny kid's motives and the pictures. A great quilt!
And congratulations to your son on having been accepted at Business School.

Sherry said...

Great to see you post! Love all your stitching and quilting. That is a great I Spy quilt. Congratulations to your son!

Carin said...

Ohhh I LOVE your I spy quilt, thats beautiful done and I love those beautiful fabrics you used for it.
Your stitching is beautiful as ever ;-)
I made also 2 blocks of the SBS and will post them tomorrow on my blog.
You have a lot of stash and those patterns are great (I also LOVE that book of Di Ford !).
Great news from your son and what a nice necklace you got.

BTW. Did you see the new applique quilt that Esther is doing on her yahoogroep? Its a reproduction of a antique quilt with a lot, I say A LOT of applique in it. Wel ... I'm in :-)

Susan said...

Congratulations to your son! I remember when State sent me my letter (back before email). Love, love, love the colors in Mary Gail. I remember doing an I Spy quilt for DSon - should ask him what he did with it or maybe not...

Anne said...

That bloom is bursting Deb! Love Mary Gail! She's a bright and fun sampler even with the teeth gnashing!! That quilt is so special and I can imagine the squabbling over who gets it!! Looks like you have some great quilting projects lined up. What a beautiful pearl necklace from your husband. So sweet. Congrats to your son for getting into university!! Perfect Mom's Day!!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh I love your post very beautiful colors your stitching, and the gift for you mother very adorable

bisous de FRANCE? Marylin

Sherry :o) said...

Why not pearls with your workout gear...all the gals will be so jealous! I love the pic of your son...I think mine would be doing the same, only parked in the shade. Love the fabrics - what is the name of the brown in the upper left corner - and the other "breakfast" is it fig tree - LOVE IT. Your stitching is coming right along...Congrats on the MSU business school!

Giovanna said...

Love the huge, colourful flowers on the sampler, and well done on the gorgeous quilt.

Jane in Wales said...

I love the pictures in your quilt! Your sampler is beautiful!

Loraine said...

Fabulous post Deb! I love seeing what you are up to this summer. Your quilt is darling, and will be a true heirloom for your kids. What a great idea to put pictures in it.
I love Mary Gail too. She has beautiful colors, and it looks like you are making great progress.

Sorry it's taken so long for me to get a comment on here. It's summer. Need I say more? The picture of your son in the wheelbarrow is too funny! I feel like doing that myself.

Hugs to you my dear friend. I hope your summer is just the way you would want it to be.