Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some Stripping, Stitching & a Possible Head Exam

Hi everyone!!  I have to thank all of you for your wonderful comments on the Farmer's Wife quilt.  I still look at it and can't believe that it's finished.  I'm almost sad that journey is over.  One little thing I didn't mention when I posted last time was that when I sat down at the machine to clean it up, oil her and start on a new project - the foot pedal took off like a demon with its tail on fire!  I don't know what I did -   I must have been pushing it too hard, but that foot pedal is shot.  Thank goodness I had another one from the other 301A that I have, and a totally new one arrived this week.  Can't be caught without a foot pedal!  But again, thank you for all your wonderful comments and encouragement while I was working on it.  But again I'm kind of sad it's finished - so sad that I decided to get myself into another mess - and this may be the reason I need to have my head examined:

The Phebe Quilt!!!  I have lusted (okay, maybe not lusted) but have have really, really wanted to do this quilt when I first spied it a couple years ago.  I know - truly crazy right?  I don't really know how to hand applique either (I have an inkling, but I haven't done it in quite a number of years - like when the dinosaurs roamed the earth according to my kids - so let's say I know nothing about it, shall we?).  But the quilt reminds me so much of a sampler in the middle that I just had to go for it.  How could I not?  So I ordered the pattern when I saw it and there is sat for the past couple years.  But the Gods must have been shining on me because I found a BOM program and it starts next month!  I can't wait, but I think I'm going to need a lot of encouragement on this one (and probably that head examination - this is one large project)!!  And don't look for any quick finishes on this one either - I have a funny feeling the applique part won't be until the fall when I have time to sit down with it.

Even though the weather has been beautiful and my trusty companion Bailey and I have gone on more walks and field runs than I can count, I did manage to get a little stitching in:

I'm making slow but sure progress on Ann Rayner.  Still loving the colors and can't wait to have her finished.  Although I think that is going to take a while.  I'm barely past the half-way mark on her and there is a lot of grass at the bottom, but with the absolutely stupendous weather that we've been having here the past couple weeks, I've been hard pressed to sit down and stitch!  I did find that I made a mistake counting in the right hand border so that's something I'm going to have to address soon (ugh-FROGS), but she is a joy to work on.

Now the stripping - no, nothing offensive here - this is a PG-rated blog, but I have been stripping - with fabric:

I had to keep myself occupied while waiting for Phebe so on a couple days when it wasn't that great out, I started stripping.  I only have to make about a bazillion of these things.  They will be cut up and made into Nine Patch blocks something like this:

This is a scrappy quilt and you're suppose to cut the strips into new strips and then put them together in a random order to make scrappy nine patches.  I'm still sewing strips, but maybe this week I'll get those finished up.

We've been enjoying the most unseasonable weather that we've ever seen in Michigan for March - like can you say 86 degrees on Thursday and temperature records broken all over the place?  It's been wonderful, and things have blooming right and left:

The bright side of all this weather is seeing everything bloom and green up and it was still winter!  The down side is that we're in for frost this week.  Not good and could play havoc with our fruit producers in the state.  Our state is big on apples, cherries and peaches, among other things.  Fingers crossed that they're very mild frosts.

And on another note, please send thoughts and prayers for my MIL.  She's almost 85 and took a tumble down her stairs this week.  Actually this is the second time she's done this.  The first time she was just scraped up a little, but on Friday she took another tumble and fractured her pelvis (hairline, thank goodness), fractured her shoulder and her wrist in five places.  She's in good spirits and will have surgery on her wrist on Tuesday.  That woman is a little spitfire and can run circles around me.  She's going to hate having to take it easy for a while.

Well, that's it for me this week.  I hope that everyone has a great week and gets a lot of stitching in and some great weather too, and thank you again for all your comments on the FW quilt.

And now I think I need to get back outside.  I just mentioned to Bailey that it might be time for another walk:

Is he smilin' or what???


Margaret said...

Ok, what BOM? lol! I need to know. I love this quilt too, as you know. Of course I can't join another BOM, but you need to tell me anyway. :D And your Ann Rayner looks wonderful!!! Bummer about the frogs -- I hate frogs. But I like real frogs. Bailey is so cute. He definitely needs more walks!

Me and My Stitches said...

I really do love the new BOM, but you are lots braver than I!! I'm sure that applique will come back to you (just like riding a bike, yes?) and the quilt will b a treasure!

diamondc said...

Bailey looks so adorable and a walk is so wonderful I do wish we had a dog our Peanut went to heaven in august.
Lovely quilt, I am someday going to learn to quilt.

Jackie said...

Bailey is most definitely very adorable!

I'm looking forward to seeing you Phebe quilt progress. It's a beautiful quilt. I couldn't do so much applique by hand. Small doses can be enough of a challenge for me.

Ann Raynor sure is a beauty. That is one that's been calling to me for a while too. I had hoped to see it stitched when I was at The Attic last year but they didn't have it.

carol fun said...

Oh I love the Phebe quilt! It does have a sampler vibe that would be hard to resist. I think that a BOM would be great for this. Taking it a little at a time.

And that Chippewa Nine Patch pattern has been calling my name too. I indentified a piece in my stash that would work for the plain blocks - now to find other fabrics to go with it. So many wonderful projects - so little time!

Thanks for sharing yours - it is inspiring!

samplerlover said...

Oh Deb, Ann is looking really lovely. Love that one. Looking forward to seeing Phebe's progress. You are so right about this one. It does look like a sampler in the middle and whats more it has sheep lol. Love sheep. My thoughts are with your MIL and family. No fun breaking your wrist. I speak from experience as you know. Bailey is such a cutie. Love his new hair do. - Sandra.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

You are one brave girl--the Phebe quilt is beautiful. I would have to take a huge dose of courage to take on such a BAP. I am confident your Phebe will be as beautiful as your other quilts.

Yes, I totally understand about being a little sad when you finish a project. I felt that way about AAWFAA. I got over it when I saw all the projects waiting for me.

Bailey--he does look like he is smiling. I think he is one happy fellow.

Andrea said...

There she is! I just got done emailing you with Ann being one of the subjects, lol)and then see there's a blog update from you!
She's quite gorgeous so far and I don't see where you need to frog, but know how irritating that is, to know you have to do it :(
Your future quilt project is amazing! I wish I were so talented to do something like that!
Bailey is a doll! I bet he's so happy about the unseasonal weather!
All of the blooming flowers are so pretty. I worry about the drought happening again here in Texas like last year, that everything will die again, but hope springs eternal I suppose ;-)

Mouse said...

mouse *shines a torch into debs ears * mmmmmm ...nope looks fine in there soooo you are ok to do that gorgeous quilt hahahhah can't wait to see that progress ....
sorry the frogs have been and glad you've been able to get out and about as Bailey's smile is gorgeous :)
love mouse and bentley sends a wag too :)

marly said...

Phoebe is fabulous! The center is gorgeous but it's all so great, I would like it even with all patchwork. Your strip fabrics have some really nice patterns. Ann is looking damn good! You may not post often but it's always worth the wait!

Laurie in Iowa said...

That is a gorgeous quilt. I'm glad you found the BOM and you're taking the applique challenge.
Ann R. looks wonderful... but yuck to having to frog some of the border. Maybe you can just fudge it a bit.
Bailey is adorable!

Melissa said...

Oh, that Bailey is grinning alright! I'm sure his tail was a'waggin too!

Love that Phoebe Quilt! I can see why you want to stitch it. We will all be cheering you on!

Ann R is coming along nicely. I know, I dread when grass/lawn, big house need filling in. I wish I had a machine to do those parts!

Have a lovely week!

Ellen said...

Beautiful quilt, love the centre panel! Ann R is gorgeous, love it!


Deborah said...

Ann is coming along nicely. She is beautiful. You have picked some beautiful colors of the new quilt. I look forward to your progress. You will do great with the hand work.

Sylvia said...

Great progress on Ann - she is so lovely.

I saw that BOM program on Phebe, and yes, it is so tempting. That is one gorgeous quilt!! I think broken down into little parts it should be doable.

Diane (di) said...


Ok, that may have been a 'lil loud, but woo, hoo you're going to make that quilt! It's beautiful and I bet once you get going the hand applique will be a breeze. Thank you so much, Deb... Phebe will look FABULOUS in my home. ;)

Ann and Bailey are looking terrific, too. :)

Giovanna said...

All the best for your MIL's surgery, I hope everything goes as it should and that she'll recover soon. Ann Rayner is so pretty!

Isadarena said...

Oh Deb, I love your next project: Phebe quilt with a sampler in the center.I'm sure you won't have probelms with Appliqué : is a relaxing technique .I think that a BOM would be great for this.
Your stithcing is also very nice:-)
I wish you a lovely week with many walks with Bailey :-)

Chris said...

Your new quilt project is going to wonderful, that is an amazing design.
Ann is looking beautiful too. I love this sampler.
I will be thinking of your MIL.
Have a great week.

Susan said...

Healing wishes to your MIL. I hope she's up and around in no time flat.
Yes, Bailey does look like he's smiling, but with the weather you've been having I can't blame him. My folks live in Oscoda and they've got flowers and trees blooming already - rather strange. Ann is looking great - sorry to hear about the frog visit, hopefully it's not too bad a fix. I love the new quilt pattern and I don't think there's any need for a head exam - you do have to stretch your talents on occasion and this one will be like all the others - one stitch at a time.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous quilt, I've contemplated Rosewood Manor's Phebe cross stitch project more than once :-). Ann is coming along too!!! Very pretty piece.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I am so excited that you're doing that quilt - you know it's the one I loved the most when you showed them to me. It will be stunning and I have no doubt that the applique will not be any trouble for you!

Ann Raynor is really looking pretty - great colors!

I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. Hope her surgery goes well.

Bailey is adorable - Sophie and Gracie have been on lots of walks too and just loving it. Brrrr... it sure feels COLD today, doesn't it?

doris said...

Best thoughts to your mom-in-law for a speedy recovery.

Phebe looks like quite the undertaking. You go, girl!

Ann is looking great!

Cari said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful new quilt project !!! I checked out the BOM web site and am thinking about this one too. I LOVE appliqué quilts. I have one wool one complete and one in the works. Way too much fun!! Your Ann Rayner is many fun colors! And yes BAILEY is smiling!! He know you've been writing about him and that he gets to go on his walk now. (Not to mention another sleeping blankie in the works....LOL) Hugs dear friend!!

Penny said...

What a gorgeous quilt!! I love stars and the middle does remind me of a sampler. So pretty! I just love the colors in Ann - beautiful stitching! Love the fabrics for the nine patch too. Sending prayers for your MIL - sounds like she has a great spirit. Bailey has a lovely smile. :)

Carol said...

A PG-rated blog? Oh, darn!! No, seriously, Deb, that is one fine quilt you are working on--love the colors. And your stitching on Ann Rayner is looking great as well. Where do you find the time?

So sorry to hear about your MIL. My mom will be 85 in May and it is so hard to see her health fail. It sounds like she is one strong woman, though, so I hope she heals quickly :)

Cathy Lloyd said...

Oh my dear Deb, Phebe is fabulous and if anyone can do it, you can! It is as breathtaking as Farmer's Wife! Enjoy the journey! Hugs!

Loraine said...

Hi Dear Friend!
I'm drooling over that fabulous quilt. Hold me down... I may have to do that one someday! It's gorgeous. You can do it too! Everything you do turns out great.
I am so sorry to hear about your MIL. I hope she will recover quickly, and that surgery goes well. I'll say a prayer for her.
Your sampler is looking great. I love the colors. Perfect for the lovely weather you are having.
Hugs to you dear friend. I'll write you back this week. It's been so crazy that I think I'm on the verge of taking a self imposed vacation! LOL
Hugs to you!

valerie said...

Whoa, that Phebe quilt is a-maz-ing! Wow, I can't wait to follow your BOM progress. Love Ann...the colors are wonderful. Best of luck to your MIL for a speedy recovery. Those tumbles can be very scary!

mdgtjulie said...

I missed the finish post, so grats on the finish. And the new quilt looks very complex. Good luck!! Your stitching is looking good too. I love the colors in Ann as you do. Enjoy!!

Veronica said...

That is indeed a gorgeous quilt. I'll be here cheering you on :) Ann is looking great. You've certainly made a lot of progress.


Lanie said...

Phebe is an absolutely gorgeous quilt! It looks like it will be wonderful to work on...can't wait to follow your progress. Ann is looking lovely as well. I put mine aside about a year ago. Seeing your progress reminds me why I like her. The colors on this one are more pastel than I would choose, but it's fun to step out and do something a little different.

Kathy Ellen said...

No wonder that you want to make that gorgeous 'Phoebe Quilt'. What a true beauty, but definitely challenging. I love applique because it is nice handwork,which I enjoy.

Ann Rayner is coming along beautifully too! Yummy colours! Love the new fabrics that you have been 'stripping' for your 9 Patch quilt.

Joy said...

What a beautiful quilt...I love hand applique. Ann is beautiful!

Peg said...

Wow you really are a glutten for punishment aren't you girl lol. It will look fabulous when finished though. Your sampler is gorgeous and I believe is one I have in my stash, I've missed my stitching lately, have a quilt that is going on for to long.

I look forward to seeing your progress, I'm sure Bailey will be beside you to help as are my motley crew whenever I could do with them sleeping elsewhere!

Peg x

Nancy M said...

All I can say is WOW, you really love those small projects don't you?? I showed my friend your blog and the picture of your last quilt and she "pinned" it on Pinterest. She is doing the same one, but only 70 some squares. Crazy weather, huh? We have already mowed twice! And I golfed 18 holes on St Pats day in shorts!

Nat said...

Oh I love! Wat wonderfull next project!
J'aime énormément cet ouvrage, je te souhaite plein de merveilleux moments et je te suivrai dans cette merveilleuse aventure
Gros bisous de Belgique

Lynn said...

That is one gorgeous quilt!! I can definitely see why you are attracted to it.
Ann is looking so beautiful!! I love the bright colours in this one.
Sorry to hear about your MIL. We are going through the same thing here with my MIL who is 93. She has had several falls lately. It's so difficult watching them fail.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are crazy at all which might actually be saying something about me. I love the center and first border - there is a cross stitch pattern created from that. Have you seen it? I may have to join you for the center of this I need another project. :) ~Kelly

Sherry :o) said...

Did I see some of my beloved French General in those strips? It looks like a fun, easy quilt to do when you need a break from Phebe...which is gorgeous!! Your stitching on Ann is progressing - very pretty.

I will miss seeing you today - I am off to visit Mom today (still in hospital) so I will not be at KSSG. Let me know what I miss...

Karoline said...

That's a gorgeous quilt, I look forward to seeing your progress.

Ann is looking lovely.

Annette said...

As a Doodle mommy, we have a Labradoodle, I love seeing updates of your Baily. He is a cutie. Your stitching is also lovely.
Happy Stitching!

Marie said...

I know what you mean about feeling a little at a loss as a project is completed - it's sort of like reading a wonderful book - you just don't want it to end. And I adore Phoebe too - I first laid eyes on here about 18 months ago and she has haunted me ever since. So far I have resisted buying the pattern but a BOM might change all of that - I'd love to get the details.