Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back to Business (Lots of Pics)

I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I posted a stitching update.  But I haven't stitched much in the past month, so maybe having the Accquilt giveaway was a blessing in disguise.  It's been a busy month (when isn't it busy?), but I have gotten a little bit done here and there.

I've been working on Sun and Moon:

Sun and Moon
The Scarlett Letter

Not too much accomplished for a month, is there?  I have to tell you that this sampler has been giving me all kinds of fits.  I was going to take another picture and put arrows all over it where I've made mistakes, but then you wouldn't be able to see the sampler!  Seriously!!  It's been one mistake after another - like putting that border in on the left five times!  Yep, five times and it's still not right.  Well, I know my limits and I'll just do some fudging somewhere along the line.  Like I've said before - small samplers and I don't play well together.  I just don't know what it is.  I've been also working on the Mary Allen sampler, but it's just more words and just words are boring for a photo op, so I'll show a picture of that next time around.  And no mistakes on her so far - but she's a bigger sampler.  I don't understand that!!

And I've been doing some quilting - and - I FINISHED THE FARMER'S WIFE BLOCKS!!  Ya Hoo!!  Here are the last ones in all their glory:

Whirlpool and Windblown Square look suspiciously similar, don't they?  Well, they're the same block just different fabric.  I don't know why there two of the same pattern, but the quilt is big enough that you'll probably never notice them.  But, do you know how excited I am about this?  At least 18 months in the making and they're finally finished.

I was so excited that I snuck down to the sewing cave and started putting them together.  I couldn't wait (helps that the weather is hotter than Hades around here and it's cool down in the cave). This quilt is going to take a long time to put together, but this is how far I managed to get:

Four blocks pieced out of 111.  Yes, 111 blocks!  And you know what?  I want to do another one!  Sick, I know!!!  This quilt is going to be huge - well, maybe not huge, but Queen sized!! I can't wait to get this one finished, but I have a funny feeling that it's not going to be until fall sometime.

Other fun things that have happened is that my son came home from Spain.  He had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back again (hopefully, on his dime)!  And sweetheart that he is, he brought me back some goodies:

Three pair of scissors from Toledo (the tape measure is an antique find)!  Was I excited?  You bet!  I only asked for one pair, but he knows how much I love scissors so he brought me three.  He also brought me a Matador spoon:

I don't collect spoons, but if my son is going to become a world traveler, I guess that I will!

The same day that Nick got home from Spain, a dear friend came into town - Robin.  We met up last year and decided to meet up again.  Her mother lives up in my neck of the woods, and she drives all the way from Maryland to bring her daughter up to stay with her.  We had a great time quilt shopping and antique shopping, and in my usual fashion I forgot to take my camera, but I did get one of her with my cell phone:

Not the best picture Robin!!  Sorry!  But we had a wonderful time and she came bearing gifts:

A vintage spool holder, a jar of vintage thimbles and Stitcher Girl socks!!  Love them all, Robin!!  We did have a great time and she'll be coming back up at the end of the month and is going to bring her daughter (who is 6) to see the play my daughter will be performing in - Suessical The Musical.

Anyway, we had a great day together, but I didn't find anything antiquey, although Robin came out of the shops with her arms loaded.  I wish I had taken my camera - she got some great things!

Last weekend, I spent a wonderful couple of days in Chicago!  I had the best time!  Unfortunately, no real pictures here either.  Well, there is one with me in it, but I'll spare you - I looked like something the cat dragged in - it was a hot day and my hair goes all beserk in heat and humidity (you get the picture), so I'm not going to show that one, but I do have one of this - All Saints:

Not the best picture.  I had heard of this store in New York, but had never seen it, so it was fun to see this one in Chicago.  Hard to get a good picture with the sunshine!  You know any store with a lot of sewing machines in the window will grab my attention.  And you're probably thinking I've lost it - with all the beautiful things in Chicago - like the shoreline and parks - I take a picture of sewing machines!

And speaking of sewing machines - I found another cute one a couple months ago at an antique mall that I had never been to before.  I keep telling myself that I don't need more than a couple....but, well, you know.....they're like potato chips and I couldn't pass it up - I love these little things:

A little nicked up, but I had to bring it home.  The needle is still in it and an old spool of thread on top.  

The big antique find recently was a new flower frog.  I had gone to an antique market a couple months ago and saw it and wanted it so bad, but the price.....well, it was a little high and I couldn't justify it.  But all I thought about after was that darned flower frog.  The market comes around every two months, so I woke up bright and early to be there when it opened last Saturday (envision one of those Christmas commercials with the women with their noses pressed against the store door waiting for the sales saying OPEN, OPEN, OPEN - that was me).  I found the booth, but no frog on the tables.  I was so disheartened.  But it pays to ask, right?  So I asked the woman who ran the booth and she told me she had sold it.  Again, my heart fell.  But then I asked again, trying to draw a picture of it.  A smile came over her face and she said that she did have it, in a bin, under a table.  She didn't have enough room to put it out because it was large.  So she went through the bins and in the very last bin there it was!!  COME TO MAMA!!  

LOVE!  I also found the tape measure for a mere $2.00.  But can you say LOVE???  Now I won't use this for scissors, although I probably could.  The frog is in two pieces:

The larger bowl measures about 14" and the frog itself measures 8" and both pieces are stamped on the bottom "Made in England".

So I could use it for scissors:

Or use it for it's intended purpose - Flowers:

I think this will be used for flowers!  Maybe!  

Well, that's all that's been going on this month.  I'll start posting on a more regular basis soon!  I have a lot of blog reading to do and hope to catch up with everyone soon and visit the blogs of my new followers.  I love finding people with the same interests!  And I want to thank everyone who entered the Accuquilt contest.  It was fun to have it and I was thrilled that Blu won (although I wish I had one for everyone who entered).

I  hope that you're having a wonderful weekend and if you weather is anything like ours (HOT!), you're inside stitching!


Quiltingranny said...

Your hand work is beautiful! I am in awe. The only embroidery/needlepoint I can do is if it is pre-stamped. I certainly wouldn't have noticed. The scissors and your finds are amazing. I am a new follower and really like your blog! Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself with us!

Margaret said...

Sun and Moon is really pretty! Hope it doesn't give you anymore trouble. Huge congrats on finishing all those farmer's wife blocks! Wow! It looks great so far all put together. Can't wait to see more! Lovely presents from Robin -- glad you two had a good time. I can't believe how you keep finding these wonderful toy sewing machines! So unfair! I guess I should be content with my one. lol! Nice flower frog too -- she must have put it away just for you. :D Your son really knows how to treat you too -- wow! Even a vintage tape measure. I'm impressed! You trained him well. lol!

Melissa said...

Well, I'm just going to have to tell (and show) my son how well your boy did on treating you with goodies! What a sweetheart and knows his mom well I see!

I am envious of all your goodies!

Sun and Moon looks wonderful. I must look that one up. Sorry you had troubles with it. Isn't it funny it's always those "small" pieces that get you!

The Farmer Wife's blocks look great! You've been busy!

Katherine said...

Oh, Deb, I'm so glad he came home safe and sound - and bearing many giftys! The scissors look wonderful! I like the flowers in this frog too. Blu was SO lucky to win that die machine. The quilt blocks are amazing and beautiful. And the shop with all the featherweights in the window is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

I hope you beat Sun and Moon into submission (and not vice versa)! I have no idea where you made mistakes so whatever it was, it looks great.

Congrats on finishing your FW blocks! Are you going to follow the layout from the book? I have been reading about this quilt in blogland, many have said that paper piecing the blocks one traditionally would not paper piece results in more accuracy. Do you have an opinion on that?

Glad to hear your son is home! I'm sure he had a fantastic time and is full of wonderful stories to share. He did really well on the gifts too - bonus!

merumo said...

Sun and Moon is looking great and big congratulations to FW's blocks!! I love their scrappy look. They will all look nice with the sashings, cornerstones and setting triangles!! And lucky you about your scissors collection and more antique finds! Your cute little sewing machine seems to be still in working order?

Bertie said...

Congratulations on your FW blocks, they look absolutely stunning:) Love Sun & Moon, nice and bright.
oh that gorgeous sewing machine, so cute!! great post.

Lindsay said...

Sun and Moon looks fab.

There's a store in Manchester with 2 windows full of sewing machines and I can't help but have a good look at it every time I go

Me and My Stitches said...

I'll start off saying that I love your whole post and all of the pictures. But...I have to expand on FW. LOVE IT!!!!! I love the sashing and setting fabrics too - it is going to be amazing!!!!

Laurie in Iowa said...

I'm doing a Happy Dance for you. Congrats on finishing all 111 of those Farmers Wife quilt blocks. YGG I'm so looking forward to seeing all those blocks sewn together into a massive quilt top.
Sorry Sun and Moon is giving you fits. Hope it's kinder to you in the future.
Wonderful gifts from both your son and your friend.

Sherry :o) said...

Sun & Moon, even with mistakes, is beautiful! I LOVE the quilt...can't even imagine what it will look like when completed. I can't wait to see it. And yes, inside and getting ready to's 97 degrees and climbing just up the road a bit, from you. Take care, Deb!!

Faye said...

Now thats a flower frog!! Congrats on all your finds....You find the neatest things! Faye

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Don't you wonder why some pieces give more forgging opportunity than others? I always do... Great gifties and finds, and a lovely quilt to boot!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Deb ~
I just love your blog. Your posts are always so full of news!
How neat that your son brought you 3 pair of scissors. Like I told you, Spain is very dear to me.
I can't believe that quilt has 111 blocks and you want to make another. You go girlfriend :)
I love the little sewing machine and am so happy you got the flower frog that spoke to you.
Pug hugs :)

Siobhan said...

Sun and Moon looks great! You've made great progress despite the problems it's given you. I can't BELIEVE you are done with your Farmer's Wife blocks!!! Wow wow wow wow! I can't wait to see it all together. Loved the antique finds and the pic of Robin! :)

Annemarie said...

WHat an incredible post, Deb! I hardly know where to start with my comment. LOVE your SL samplerette and I KNOW what you mean: small samplers are not my thing either, but if I remember correctly, we already discussed that some other time.
Your quilt is astonishingly pretty - or at least it will be once you've put all of those blocks together. 18 months... Wow!

Great finds, too. That shop in Chicago looks like the sort of place we need in The Netherlands. Preferably around the corner from me.

staci said...

Gorgeous stitching on Sun and Moon. And I adore your quilt blocks! Your quilt is really going to be stunning.

Such sweet souvenirs from your son!

Michelle said...

Congrats on finishing those Farmer's Wife blocks! Now you've got me wanting to make that quilt!!! And your Sun & Moon is fabulous. What fabric/threads are you using for it? I've been thinking of starting this one.

Myra said...

Sun and Moon is just gorgeous Deb - even if it has given you lots of trouble. Congrats on the Farmer's Wife blocks - that quilt is going to be fabulous. Love the unusual flower frog too!

Annie said...

Sun and Moon is looking great. When I have that much trouble on a piece, I always just invoke the 'no frogging' rule and modify as I go to make it work out.

Love the quilt blocks. And the part you've sewn up looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm anxious to see it grow.

Sound like a lot of fun goings on this summer. And lots of new goodies too. My heart is melting over that cute little sewing machine!

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb, Sun and Moon is looking lovely in spite of all the problems she has caused you.
Congratulations on finishing all your Farmers Wife Blocks. I am looking forward also to seeing it finished. Oh your scissors are lovely. DS has done really well. I know that you were thrilled to get them all.
Wonderful antique finds also. I can't believe the things that you are able to find. Simply amazing. - Sandra.

Robin said...

Oh my gosh! So much to comment on. I am glad you explained the whirlpool and the othercsquare. I was wondering. The whirlpool is my BOM for July so it is fresh in my mind. Your quilt is awesome as are all the other things you posted about. How large is each square?

Loraine said...

Oh my goodness Deb! What a fabulous post! I think this is the first time I've checked blogs in 2 weeks, and I'm so happy to see all of your fun stuff.
A huge hug and congratulations for finishing your Farmer's wife blocks! WOOHOO! What a beautiful quilt. I am so impressed, and can't wait to see it all put together.
How I love your new sewing machine find, and the beautiful flower frog, and the gifts from Robin are wonderful too.
I'm so behind on everything, but sending you an e-mail now.
Big hugs to you! How is Mary Allen coming? I have some serious make-up stitching to do, but I will get it done if it kills me. Sorry to hear the frog had to visit you 5 times on Sun and Moon. UGGG! Send that frog to my house, and I'll put him in my pond. :) TTYS

mainely stitching said...

What a fun post! Wow, your quilt blocks are just amazing!

Yvette said...

I love your Farmer's Wife blocks. You will get that together before you know it. I look forward to seeing it since mine is at least a year away from being finished.

I met a couple of blogging friends yesterday at a cross-stitch store. I thought of you while I was there. I had no idea it was even there.

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, you have so much going on, I don't know where to start. Grats on the acquisitions. The sewing machine is cute, and I like the frog. Good of him to bring you back so many scissors!! I have a few things that I brought back from England, and I just love them! Glad you had fun with Robin, even if you didn't buy anything. It's always fun to get together with a friend. And she even brought you gifts!!! Your quilt is gonna be flipping gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see it all done. Blocks you've shown look smashing. Keep up the good work, and it'll be done before you know it! Even though you didn't make a lot of progress, progress of any kind is good. Keep going, and it'll get done eventually!! Hope you get some decent crafty time with the heat outside!!

Catherine said...

Sun and Moon looks great! And those blocks - wow!! Can't wait to see that all together!

So glad your son made it home - and what great gifts!!

All of your goodies are fantastic - wish I could be so lucky!

marly said...

OOOOH Sun and Moon is wonderful - colors are gorgeous! The blocks are great - your colors and patterns are so well done, and the stitching is perfectly aligned! If I tried something like this, I can imagine how big that fire would be. Nice scissors and frog too. Enjoyed the post!

Tanya said...

What a fun post! I really like the colors of Sun & Moon. Congratulations on getting all the blocks done. I can't wait to see a picture of it finished. Your son is so nice to bring you gifts from Spain. Sounds like you and Robin had a great time. I am going to have to get to Chicago so I can see the sewing machines. I think I can make it in a couple of hours.

Carol said...

So glad to hear your son enjoyed his trip to Spain, Deb--what a sweetheart he was to bring you those scissors and tape measure!!

Your Sun & Moon WIP is gorgeous--love the little angel in the sky :)

Deborah said...

Wonderful post! The stitching and the quilting look great but the scissors and the tape measure and the frog and the sewing machine. Awesome.

tina said...

Ohhhhhhhh...Sun and Moon it's fantastique!!!
Tina from Italy

Bekca said...

Congratulations on finishing the Farmer's Wife quilt blocks, they all look so good. I can't wait to see the finished quilt, I bet it will be very impressive. I love your antique sewing machine, it's so pretty. And how sweet of your son to bring you back some scissors from his trip. Best wishes and happy crafting to you.

wendy111 said...

Thanks for sharing all your goodies - stitching, quilting, gifts and lovely finds!

I could get inspired to do the Farmer's Wife quilt, especially when I see you putting your blocks together.

Everything is gorgeous.

Giovanna said...

It's the socks that I really envy, lol - they're smashing! Great stitchingon S&M!

Gabi said...

Gosh Deb...where to
Sun and Moon looks fantastic. Pity that it's a stubborn one that likes the frogs. Looking forward to see a pic of Mary Allen. I'm busy with kitting up and hope to start her in very near future too.
LOVE your quilting.
Ohhhh...those scissors are gorgeous. Your son did a great job. You don't collect spoons (YET?)?. What's one more collection in a woman's life??
And love all your findings, from spool holder to flower bowl. I have to admit it looks stunning with the flowers

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your Sun and Moon is really pretty, Deb! I will have to pull my pattern out and start it someday.... Your FW blocks are stunning - can't wait to see the whole quilt! So glad you and Robin had fun - she brought you some nice gifts. The scissors Nick brought you are wonderful - did he find the tape measure or did you? All very pretty and your new frog is gorgeous - love it with the flowers.

BrendaS said...

Deb --
Lots of things to share with us! Congratulations to you on finishing all your Farmers Wife blocks! What an accomplishment.

Nice progress on your sampler.

What nice gifts your son brought back for you. Love your flower frog too! Lucky you:))

You've been a very busy girl but doing all things fun it sound like.

It's hotter than HOT here too and I'm glad my stitching room is downstairs too. Nice and cool:)))

Have a great week and thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Gosh, Deb, I don't know where to start.....all looks so good on your posting! Very cute!!!!
Enjoy your goodies and your time in your stitching room.


Nancy M said...

Sorry that darn sampler border is causing such trouble! But you've got your quilting to bring it all back to normal! I thought the quilt my mom made was huge. It was to go on my king size bed. When it was done, it wasn't really big enough and had to switch beds upstairs and put the queen bed in there. I like the quilts to hang over the sides pretty well. Another couple of nice antique finds! I think of you every time I drive by the antique mall on my way to work!

Pointed Stitcher said...

I love Sun and Moon, your stitching is beautiful. Lovely goodies you received from your son.

Nancy said...

That quilt is going to be beautiful! Glad your son is home from Spain and so nice of him to bring you scissors! That frog is gorgeous, definitely us it for flowers!!

Ellen said...

Love those scissors and the unusual flower frog! The flowers are gorgeous in the frog. Wish I could find one frog in Singapore.

Love your quilt blocks!


Lois said...

What a nice way to start off my day seeing all those gorgeous blocks and fabrics,your fabulous finds not forgetting your current A&E!

Katrina said...

I love Sun and Moon, I'd never have looked twice based on the picture on the Scarlet Letter website but it's so pretty. Gorgeous quilt blocks too and I love the little sewing machine :-).

woolwoman said...

great post Deb - OMGosh - that quilt is looking so great - and your wonderful gifts from Spain - OOH LA LA - how neat are those - Love that huge flower frog - it is very lovely - wonder what the age of it is. your sampler stitching is looking great too - lots going on in that cave - must be aladins cave where magic occurs - enjoy the coolness when you can - Mel

Dona said...

Sun and Moon is so cool, Deb! I love the colors and how happy Eve looks.

Glad your son is home safely and how nice to have new scissors!

Great work on your quilt!

Sally said...

Sun and Moon is gorgeous and I love your quilt squares!

Sherry said...

What great goodies you got! Sun and Moon is just beautiful! And your quilt squares are breath taking! What a special quilt this will be! I can't wait to see if you do another one and the colors/fabrics you use on it!

Karoline said...

Sun and Moon is looking lovely despite the frogs. Hope they keep their distance for the rest.

Congratulations on finishing the Farmers Wife blocks

Berit said...

Umn, OMG you finished the Farmer's Wife Blocks!? Woman, you are a marvel. I finished up my tiny Fig Tree tabletopper last night and when it came out of the dryer I thought, "Amazing!! But it's so small. Why is there a quilt that can't go on the bed, lol! Next quilt, I need to make it a bit bigger. Ahem.

Also LOVE that grapevine tape measure. :D

Valerie said...

Wow Deb, you have been one busy bee! I know what you mean about being frustrated with a stitching piece. I am there with Richmond Sampler right now!

You have made great progress on your quilt! What a beautiful project! I will enjoy wathching it come to life!

Glad to hear that DS is back safe and sound from Spain...and what a dear to bring back such wonderful gifts for you!

I too love antique malls and I love your finds! That flower frog was meant for you! So pretty!

Susan said...

Congrats on finishing the Farmer's Wife blocks! I'm just starting on that journey and have a whopping 2 blocks finished. I joined a group at my LQS that keeps me motivated and moving forward with this project. I'll be looking forward to seeing your quilt when it's all pieced!

Sue-Anne said...

Congratulations on your Farmer's Wife blocks! They look fantastic.

Pleased your son had a wonderful trip and I just love that silver tape measure - what a bargain!

Patty C. said...

Lovely post - So many beautiful things !!!

Heidi said...

Just finished Squash Blossom myself. :-) Great job on doing all the blocks. My quilt group are doing 50 of them for the theme quilt. But I divided mine into 2...a sampler for me which I am quilting now and one for my mother. I am loving hers and told her if it is not what she likes to tell me. I will keep it. :-)

Love your little child's sewing machine. I have 3 and adore them. They are fun to decorate with.

Hugs from Holland ~

♥marylin♥ said...

vraiment adorables !

bisous de france