Monday, June 20, 2011

Stress Relief and Framing (Lots of Pics)

It's been another couple crazy weeks around the old homestead - drama, stress, you name it!  But in times like that, I seem to get things done.  Why is that?  There are times when I don't feel like sleeping as my brain is going 100 mph and having your mind focus on something that you enjoy doing really helps you not think about the stress and drama!   So,  I started two new pieces.  Yes, I know that I should continue with the January Challenge, but after knocking out Sarah (and I did want to knock her out, remember - or burn her?), I pulled out two that I've been wanting to stitch.  Not a lot of progress, but some:

Mary Allen Sampler - Samplers Remembered
32 count French Vanilla
NPI Silk Thread

I've been wanting to start this piece for a long time.  I am having a lot of fun with it being on 32 count.  I wanted it to fit into a specific space on a wall so 32 ct. fabric fit the bill.  Finally, after some back and forth about what sampler to stitch together, my dear friend Loraine and I decided to start on it.  We're going for a page of month (think I'll make it - me who never finishes a SAL?).  Loraine and I met last year at the Shepherd's Bush retreat and she has become a very, very dear friend to me.

Then, when I got tired of playing around with words, I started another A&E (always need to have one of those in the fire):

Sun & Moon Sampler - The Scarlett Letter
36 ct. Edinborough Sand
DMC Threads

This one is working up so quickly - except those pesky frogs came again.  The border is a little bit of a PITA as it's in two colors.  Where my needle is - well, I have to "frog" out all of what I already stitched below because it's one stitch off!  AUGHHH!!  But, as I've said before - I can't stitch a small sampler without those frogs coming to visit.

Then for those nights when I couldn't sleep, I did some slicing and dicing (luckily I stopped before I sliced and diced myself with the rotary cutter):

Oh, those little pieces in the Farmer's Wife quilt are going to be the death of me!!!  But, out of the 15 blocks that I needed to cut out so that I was closer to the Grande Finale, I only have two more to go! Woo Hoo!!  Then I can start putting this baby together.  It's been a fun 18 month journey with this quilt, but I think that I'll be doing a happy dance when I'm finally finished.  I still have the sashing to cut out, but the blocks are what takes so long with all the template cutting.

And I managed to pick up some framing and Mr. Tom the Framer didn't disappoint:

Elizabeth Clayton

I was hesitant about this frame, but Framer Tom assured me that I'd love it - and he was right - I do!!  And I also picked up Sarah:

Sarah Esh

I think the frame is perfect!  

So, why all the stress and drama?  Well, I won't bore you with the drama.  And I guess it wasn't really stress - maybe more apprehension.  I was just being a typical mom and realizing that my son is grown up - my first born.  My baby!  Not such a baby anymore.  He graduated from high school with Honors:

The baby picture is one of my favorites because that huge smile (actually looks like a lion roaring to me) is how I have seen him throughout his life.  Always with a big smile and a great sense of humor.  

I'm so proud of this young man!  He has worked so hard, taken so many AP classes (although the AP Bio about killed him), and he never flinched.  Just kept going and never complained even with all the late nights of homework (but teens are definitely used to late nights - right?  Although I think he'd rather have been playing Xbox).   He set goals and achieved them!  And he has barely given me a bit of trouble over all his 17 years (well...there was that one time........LOL).  As you can imagine, it was one of those emotional days seeing him walk across the stage to receive his diploma.  Then not two weeks later, it was time to put him on a plane to Spain:

All of the students seemed so excited to go - and who can blame them?  Me?  I was so anxious for him, but I survived (obviously if I'm writing this!).  It was hard making sure he had everything he needed especially when he assures me that he only needed to take a t-shirt and shorts - oh, and a change of underwear and deordrant.  For two weeks?  I know that men tend to be minimalists, but that was taking it a little far!  First reports from Spain -  the plane ride was way too long and all the buildings in Madrid are so close to each other!  That's all I got out of him - he's a minimalist when he talks too.  He didn't sleep on the plane and had been up for quite a while and he was ready for a shower and to hit the hay.  He's got a busy couple of weeks ahead of him visiting museums and cathedrals and a five day stay with a family there.  Such a chance in a lifetime!  But all of this is just a precursor to be sending him off to college!  I guess it's time for mom to realize that he's not a baby any more!

Well, I think that's all the news that's fit to report today.  With all the ups and downs of the past coulple weeks, I've also had some exciting news, but I'll share that with you next time!  I think I've posted enough today!  Oh, and before I forget - I'm still having some problems with Blogger and commenting and my wireless cutting out.  Now that all the end of the year stuff and getting my son off to Spain is over with, I guess I'll have to hunt down a new wireless. It only happens when I go into blogs, but this router is getting on in years, so it's time.  It's the only thing I can think of that could be causing my issues - beside the occasional Blogger blips that we all seem to be encountering.  So just so that you know, I have been reading, just unable to comment at times.

Hope that everyone has a great week.  And thank you again for all your wonderful comments and emails!!  


Yvette said...

How can you leave us hanging like that? I want to hear the exciting news.

April Mechelle said...

Those new starts of stitching are looking great! I love the frames! Congrats to your son on graduating and going to Spain WOW!! Happy Stitching!

BrendaS said...

Deb --
I don't know where to start -- LOVE your new starts. Isn't it true about all the little projects taking longer than big ones?

Your framing is beautiful. You picked out just the right frames.

Of course I can't wait to see your Farmers Wife all put together too. I'm sure you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A very big congratulations to your son. I know this is very hard for you (been there with both of my girls) but this is what we raised them to do:)))

Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear what your exciting news is!

Glenna said...

Love the framing! AND your new starts. I'm familiar with M. Allen, but the SL Sun & Moon is new to me, and I'll have to go off and see what it looks like. So funny about your son's minimalist packing (you and I would need a suitcase for our clothes, one for our needlework, and one to bring back all the stuff we bought). Of course, your son can't answer this, but I wonder if there are needlework shops in Spain?

Deborah said...

The framing on both pieces is perfect! Look forward to seeing the progress on both WIP's. Congrats to your son.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Great new starts, Deb! Your framing looks wonderful and your Farmers Wife quilt is going to be amazing.
Congrats to your DS - I can't wait to hear all about his adventures.

Annie said...

All of your new pieces and your framed ones are fabulous. That's so much progress, I can't stand it! Busy people always seem to get more done than everyone else. And I'm glad you only sliced and diced fabric! ;-)

Yea for your grown up son. I'm sure he's pleased to have his baby picture on the internet now!

Mouse said...

wonderful new starts there :) and why not .. love the framed finished ones too lovely job he has done... ooo nearly finished all the cutting well done :) and hope DS doesn't find out his photos' been plastered on here hahahah .. cute one of him though ... glad he seems to be enjoying his trip :) take care and happy stitching :0 love mouse xxxx

Me and My Stitches said...

No wonder I haven't heard much from're being all productive! You go girl!! Way to throw that tease out at the end. Don't make us wait too long!

Jackie said...

Congratulations on your sons graduation! He's going to enjoy every second of his trip!

Your framed pieces are wonderful. A good framer is not over rated!

Margaret said...

No fair. What's your exciting news? :D :D

Love all your stitching projects! I was thinking of starting that sun and moon sampler too. lol! The framing came out beautifully! Love the frames! And congrats to you and your son. Hope he has a wonderful time in Spain. They grow up way too fast, don't they?

Shelly said...

The framing looks great! For some reason, the Blogger problems for me have cleared up and I've been able to leave comments. I have WIP's to finish for this year but have been itching to start something new. I am now going to lose myself in my stash pile!

Anne said...

Those frames are fantastic! I really love the Sarah Ash frame and the pattern. Congrats to your son! You must be very proud of such a good young man.

marly said...

Sounds like your son is a happy, motivated, responsible young man. And cute. What more could you ask for??? You did a great job Mom!! And Elizabeth is FABULOUS - I love it - I have it - haven't touched it - don't want to!! Mary Allen too. Geez I wish I had the desire to do a larger piece. For now I'll just keep watching you!

Dena said...

The frames are perfect for your work.
You also inspired me to put photos of my boys on my blog. I don't normally do that but I loved reading yours that I thought I would just this once.

Lee said...

Beautiful stitching and congratulations to your son!

Loraine said...

Oh Deb what a wonderful post. You are moving right along with our SAL. I will post my progress tomorrow. Right now I'm thinking I better get off the computer and put in a few stitches so I can post without embarrassing myself. You are doing great! I'm not nearly as fast as you, but I will get my page done, even if I have to pull some all nighters. :)
I love the new frames. Both look fabulous. Good thing you listened to Tom!
Your FW blocks are going to be wonderful. I can't wait to see the whole quilt! Such a fabulous accomplishment.
Oh, I'm boohooing over your son too. Why is it I feel like one of my own kids is leaving. He looks so happy though. I hope he is having the time of his life. It is a great age, isn't it? He is a good kid too, so you can rest assure that he won't get into any trouble...I'll pray for that!
Have a great day. Thanks for posting! TTYS and hugs to you dear friend!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Deb ~
Congrats to your son. You have every right to be proud. As I've said before, I'm so jealous he is in Spain!!!
I love the frame you've chosen for Sarah Esh.
Pug hugs :)

Catherine said...

Congrats to your son on his graduation! I'm sure he'll have lots of wonderful stories to share with you when he gets home from Spain!

Love your new starts - and your framed pictures look fabulous!

You certainly have stirred up some curiosity about your exciting news!! Do tell!!!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Love your new starts, especially SL's Sun and Moon sampler. Keep plugging away on the FW blocks... I'm anxiously awaiting your finished quilt top.

Gabi said...

What exiting news??? Now I'm SO curious.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your new starts. Especially Mary Allan. And am now so very tempted to buy chart and silks to start it too. It's gorgeous.
The colors for your upcoming quilt look great too. We do share the same taste I think. :)
Gorgeous framing. Love them all.
Your son did great. You have all reasons to be proud of this fine young man you raised. :)
Hope he has lots of fun in Spain.

Brigitte said...

What a newsy post. And so much eye candy as well. I love your framed pieces, they look perfect. And oh, two new starts, great projects as well.
What a chance for your son to spend some time in a different country. And I can understand the minimalist in him - I once travelled through France with just three sets of underwear, three t-shirts, two pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans. And I always managed to find a laundramat when I needed one. A great experience.

Siobhan said...

WOW!!! Congratulations to your son! You must be so proud. I hope he has a great time on his trip to Spain. I had to laugh at the minimalist thing. My son is exactly the same way. He went to Rome and Pompeii a year ago and I couldn't WAIT to hear all about it and he spent maybe 5 minutes total telling us about the week long trip.

Your framing is fantastic!! Great job!!! Framer Tom made a wonderful choice with Elizabeth's frame, and Sarah's looks great, too. Love the new starts!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, lots going on with you!! I love the frames, especially the one you weren't too sure about. They're wonderful!! And you son is so handsome. I'm glad he has the opportunity to go overseas and spend some time exploring that culture. From the sound of it, you've done a great job raising him!! Your WIPs are looking good, sorry about the frogs though. We all have problems sometimes!! Have a great week!!

Carol said...

So glad to hear your son arrived in Spain safely, Deb. I know how hard it is so send a child across the ocean like that--he'll come home seeming so grown up and self-assured after his adventures :)

Your stitching is lovely and oh, those framed finishes are gorgeous...Hope things slow down a bit for you this week!

Giovanna said...

Love your stitching and your framed pieces, congrats! And huge congrats on your son's graduation, well done to him.

Cari said...

Your framed pieces are just over the top Deb!! I love them. And I know you're proud of your son....he is one talented young man. Congratulations!! Hugs

Valerie said...

Love your two new starts...the colors look wonderful!

I had to laugh at your "slicing and dicing" moniker! One day I will try to start quilting so that I can "slice and dice!"

Your framed pieces are just beautiful! I just love Elizabeth Clayton...and Sarah Esh! I need to add her to my stash soon!

Congrats to your son on his graduation with Honors!! I hope that his trip to Spain is loads of fun but also uneventful!

Nancy said...

Great starts! Love the framed pieces! Congratulations on your son's graduation! Not fair leaving us hanging like that...!

Terri said...

Love the stitching and framing!

What a handsome son you have! Congratulations to you both on his graduation and I really hope he enjoys his visit to Spain. I hope he brings you something stitchy!

Michele said...

Congratulations on the graduation and the framing! :)

Bekca said...

Congratulations to your son for graduating with honours, what a fantastic achievement. Your framed piece look fab and I do hope all the drama has calmed down now. Best wishes.

Nancy said...

You chose such beautiful frames for your samplers - they look wonderful! Nice new starts too - I especially like the second one.

Congratulations to your son, and I hope he has the best of times in Spain! You must be so proud of him.

Barb said...

Congrats to your son! I remember getting my daughter ready for her trip to Europe when she was 16. Turns out she took way too much stuff of course! Guys are so different, simpler, not so worried about that kind of stuff! It will be easier to pack for college too.

Great framing. As usual, your finishes amaze me. You have tons of energy!

Sally said...

I LOVE your new starts and your framing is wonderful! Isn't it nice to have a framer that you trust?

Congratulations to your DS. I hope he has a fantastic time in Spain:)

Vonna said...

Framer Tom is a genius to your stitching dynamo :)
And a BIG hug congrats to your handsome, accomplished son! Pat yourself on the back've done a stupendous job! Take a bow!!!
May your DS return home safely and with many happy memories of his time abroad!

woolwoman said...

HI Deb - I hope your son comes home from Spain safe and sound and has the time of his life. Your framed pieces are gorgeous - love the frame choices and all your pretty WIP's - WOW - you can really crank out the progress when you are stressed - I am the opposite - the sitting and biting nails type. try to relax - DS will be home soon - Mel

Myra said...

Your stitching and framing is always beautiful Deb. Congratulations to your handsome son. I know you are one proud mama!

Lois said...

Gorgeous frames!!! Suit each piece perfectly. Love your new starts, look forward to watching your progress on these. I hope your son is having a wonderful time in Spain. What a fantastic experience for him!

Edgar said...

Lovely starts and beautifully framed pieces!! Congrats!!

Sherry said...

Love your new projects and the framed pieces are beautiful. Perfect frame selections. Congratulations to your son, too!

Katrina said...

Huge congrats to your son!!!! And I hope he had an awesome trip.

Love your new projects and the framing is gorgeous.

KarenV said...

Framer Tom (I read it as Farmer Tom at first LOL!) did a great job! I love the first frame with the edge detail particularly.

Great WIPs too - I'm interested to see more of the Scarlett Letter sampler, the motifs look like fun.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I know what you mean about The Farmer's Wife being the death of you; I'm in the same boat. Still plugging away though. My goal is to have it sewn and quilted in time for fall - hopefully of this year.

Great post!

Sherry :o) said...

Whew! I just caught up from January 'til a long comment. Ann Medd is awesome - if you can manage it, bring it to KSSG sometime - although I understand if it is too big to cart around. BAP - boy you aren't kidding!

Congrats on the iPad - what a gift. Congrats on the "55 Best Blog" mention too - that is so cool! Congrats on the graduate in your house - I know the verge of tears feeling!

Don't you just love the WTNT Mystery Sampler? I am awaiting my part one and two (with my absence from everything for a couple months, I missed ordering it right away) and I also am getting the silk conversion...and the silks. Where is that postman??

Hope to see you in August at KSSG. Unfortunately I am missing July (what's seven months away from guild). My m-i-l's memorial is the day after the meeting and I will be out of town that Sunday because of that...

Take care - hope to see you soon!

Suzanne said...

Thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog.

Congratulations to your son on his graduation from HS!
I love both of your new starts. I want to make some new starts as well, but thanks to a certain needlework store that still hasn't processed my order after two months and a very demanding three week old I haven't had the chance.

Your framer did a fantastic job on all your pieces.

Nancy M said...

Fantastic frame jobs! I just found out this week when I went to Battle Creek, that my LNS and frame shop closed in May!!!I've been going there for decades! Now I don't know where to go for my framing! Congrats to your son for the accomplishments and hope he has a wonderful time in Spain.