Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Do You Do After Finishing Up a BAP?????

That is what I've been asking myself the past couple weeks.  What do I do after Ann Medd?  But first, I have to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments you made concerning Ann's finish.  I was absolutely overwhelmed!  All your comments made it so worth me finally finishing her up and I thank you so much for each and every one of them.  I was just blown away!  And I hope that maybe one of you will have your own Ann Medd adventure too.  Even though she's large, she was an easy and fun stitch.  I do have her back from the framers, but I can't get a good picture of her and will do that as soon as our crazy, overcast skies clear up and the sun's at the right angle!!   My husband, sampler enthusiast that he is (NOT) asked me where I was going to put her.  HA!  Do you know what I was thinking at that point about where to put her???  You probably do so I won't say it.  LOL  Seriously, she WILL be residing in the stairway with ATS.  Finally some company for ATS!!

After I was finished with Ann, I didn't know what to do.  It's just like reading a really good book, and you don't know what you want to read next.  I really felt like starting something new - I thought that I deserved it!!  Going back to a WIP for me felt like trying to get my kids to eat vegetables - I don't wanna do it. But I did and picked up Ann Grant.  She lasted a night.  I picked up Susanna Lane.  She also lasted a night.  Then I picked up Elizabeth Clayton, and she whispered softly and said, "Pick me - Finish Me!"  So I have worked on Elizabeth.  She's not quite done, but I'm getting to the fun part - Adam and Eve:

Not a lot of progress for a couple weeks - just a lot of wording and the borders.  But now comes the fun part - a little more lettering and then that fun couple in Eden and the scene around them.  Shouldn't take me too long (I hope)!

No sewing has really taken place, unfortunately, - well a little, but I've only completed two blocks out of the 16 required for my Civil War Chronicles BOM, and nothing on the Farmer's Wife.  But a little bit of antiquing has.  A while ago, Terri posted a little sewing machine that she had found in an antique shop.  This made me remember that when I was young I had a small Singer sewing machine, but didn't know where it was.  So the hunt was on.  Did I find it?  No.  I'm sure that it's packed in a box somewhere.  I thought it was in a couple trunks that I had brought from my father's, but I didn't have the keys.  I eventually found the keys stuffed in the back of my husband's workbench (where else?).  But no sewing machine - some cool vintage things that I'll show at some other time, but no sewing machine.  So during this time of trying to figure out where the machine was, I hit the antique store and score!!!!

Not in too bad condition and a good price.  The shop was having Thrifty Tuesdays and 20% off any purchase!!  So this baby came home with me.  Since that time, I've found three more through various places and I'll post those at a later date.  But I thought it would be so much fun to have a variety of these machines lined up in.....where else??  My sewing room!!

I also found another flower frog:

Another amber frog.  This one joins two others in my collection:

My husband just shakes his head every time I come home with another one.

The only other crafty thing that I've come across lately is some wonderful things I found on a blog.  The blog is Me and My Stitches, and the girl that makes these wonderful things is named Julie.  Being a sucker for anything stitchy or quilty, I had to purchase a couple of her things and I love them:

The pendant and earrings I bought for myself, and Julie, sweetheart that she is, sent me the scissor fob as a gift.  There is a link on her blog to her jewelry website and I know that she would love to hear from you.  She has some wonderful things and some quilt patterns too, so give her blog and website a look!! Julie and I have struck up an internet friendship of sorts.  She calls me Satan!  The reason for that is that now I have her on the hunt for little sewing machines!  With her living in Iowa, at least we won't be fighting each other at the antique stores!!

The only other thing that has been going on worth mentioning (you don't want to hear about all the errands I run all the time), is that my daughter finally has been able to give up her glasses (she had a lazy eye which was corrected with glasses) and got her braces off.  This was a monumental day for her because she feels that she is no longer - in her terms - a geek.  I think that she looks so beautiful (and way too old - sigh):

Ignore her attempt at trying to look like she's one of Eminem's possee!  Just look at the smile.  I think it's a gorgeous one!!  And one more picture of her and her favorite canine:

They are great buddies!  He follows her around like a shadow.  And he is looking much better now that his hair has finally grown out a little bit.

Well, that's all I have for now.  Not too much.  But thank you all once again for the wonderful comments you left me.  It really warmed my heart and I think it was because of some of you cheering me on, that finally got me to finish Ann.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!


Gabi said...

What a pity that the light is not good enough (yet) to admire Ann in framed glorie.
Elizabeth is a beauty as well.
Lol about your husband. Mine is the very same I'm afraid.
Beautiful machine and gorgeous frog. Just lovely.
Now crossing fingers here that the light conditions are soon better :)

Love to Stitch said...

Tempt us tempt us!!! LOL. I am sure that your Ann is even more beautiful then before being all framed up-- that was quick too, wow you have a great framer!
Love the vintage sewing machine, amazing how we have come to boring white ones now. Your daughter is gorgeous, and I am sure she is going to be enjoying her 'new look' (PS, nothing wrong with eminem!!!! LOL) Great progress on another BAP/WIP. You are an amazing stitcher :)

Alice said...

From one mom to another, it is sometimes a very wistful experience watching those little girls bloom. What a pretty girl! Love your samplers! I got a huge laugh out of where Ann might be put. :-)

Nancy said...

Hope the light changes quick so we can see Ann framed! Elizabeth is lovely too!

Glad you found the Singer, I've never seen one like that. And the flower frog is pretty too. (My husband shakes his head a lot too!)

What a cute pendant and earrings and scissor fob!

Your daughter is lovely! She has a beautiful smile! Glad she is done with the braces and the glasses!


Sherry said...

Elizabeth is looking wonderful. I love the little sewing machine and flower frogs. Your daughter is lovely. Congratulations to her about the glasses and braces. I know braces can be a real pain.

Bertie said...

Oh yes decision time!! another epic sampler, I don't know how you do it LOL, gives me such pleasure to look at yours though:))
Elizabeth is lovely, I love houses on samplers.
The Singer is just wonderful, lucky find!! and does it work?
Beautiful daughter and dog, what more do you want:))

Pointed Stitcher said...

I can't wait to see Ann framed, she must be gorgeous!! I love Elizabeth and you're making good progress.

Margaret said...

Your daughter really is a pretty girl! Congrats to her on being able to rid herself of the glasses and braces. Braces made a huge difference in my son's smile too! As for glasses, he will have to wear his to drive, but he never wears his otherwise.

Love your Elizabeth! So pretty! Can't wait to see A&E! Love love love the sewing machine! I want to start a collection so badly, you have no idea! Love the flower frogs too!

Oh, and Bailey is adorable with his playmate!

BrendaS said...

Nice to see a post from you:)))

Elizabeth is looking very pretty. I know what you mean about finishing a big project and then you don't know what to do. Like we have nothing else in our stash (LOL)!!!

Your daughter is a very pretty young lady. I remember when my daughters got their braces off. It was a grand day indeed:)))

Have a great Easter.

Me and My Stitches said...

Well, hello Satan! Can't believe you are teasing us all on that sampler! Your daughter is a pretty girl - I remember when I got my braces off (it's been a week or 2!) - I got contacts the same day. Enjoy the fob and jewelry!

Catherine said...

Can't wait to see Ann!! Love all your other goodies too!! Congrats to your daughter - she's beautiful!

Cari said...

Your stitching is lovely as always, but this time...your daughter takes the cake! She is darling. I love the pic of her and Bailey. They look like they're quite the pair. When I finish a BAP I usually get out the vacuum...LOL !

Hugs and have a great weekend!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

AWEsome progress on Elizabeth. Definitely on my to-do list!

Miss C is just gorgeous!!! Congrats on losing the braces and glasses.

Love the amber frogs - I really don't know how you find so many!!!

Nick said...

I always feel the same way when I finish something that I've been working on for a while, or that I've done from start to finish without rotating other things in and out. I guess you just have to dive back into another piece! Elizabeth Clayton looks great, I love those old samplers. The sewing machine is very cool as well. What did the framers say when you came in with The Scarlett Letter? I'm sure they had to do a double take! lol

Jennifer said...

Have a great Easter, Deb. I loved Ann that you finished and can't wait to see it framed.

your daughter is beautiful! Love your scissor frogs too!
You have a gorgeous collection.


Annie said...

Elizabeth is another beautiful sampler. You just churn out one after another!

And your house is probably going to burst from all those fabulous finds. You'll soon need one room for the flower frogs, one room for the sewing machines.. and 'sew' on....

Your daughter looks terrific! What a great time for her.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Vonna said...

What to do when you finish a BAP...well finish another? :)
Looks like you are well on your way!
Your daughter is GORGEOUS :)
Katie is hopefully getting her braces off really, really soon!

valerie said...

Elizabeth is looking great! I can understand feeling lost after Ann Medd. She required a lot of time and attention. Some great finds you have there! And congrats to your DD on the glasses and braces. I had both as a kid...hated it! I still have my glasses them and have no patience for contacts. DD sure does have a beautiful smile and she'll be happy that her parents paid out for orthodontia! :)

Cathy Lloyd said...

Can't wait til the sun shines in Michigan...if you get Utah weather eventually, then don't count on it anytime soon...we've been having gloomy days! BLAH!
Hey! I have a little old Singer sewing machine that I got for Christmas when I was a little girl. It's white with a blue I need to go find it in the basement mess. Your daughter is darling! Congrats again on Ann!

Berit said...

For some reason the Banner Heading up top with the A & E is so soothing to me today--which one is this chart?

You sly thing she's already framed!? That's gonna be a quite a picture to get but of course we're looking forward to it.

Great "new" stuff including the antiques and DD's new look. :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful progress on your WIP. Yay for being almost to the fun part! Love the Singer - what a score! I do hope you find yours though. And the amber flower frogs are lovely (as is your daughter!!!!).

Siobhan said...

Great progress on Elizabeth, Deb! She looks great. I love your choice in fabric--mine was a little darker than I probably should have gone with, since I used one strand of DMC. I love that sampler, though! I can't WAIT to see Ann Medd!

Great score on the sewing machines & flower frogs!

Your daughter is SO pretty--I'm sure she's thrilled to have the glasses and braces gone!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Deb ~
Your sampler progress is amazing! If you can't decide what to stitch, you can always go back to hooking :)
I love the little Singer. I've given them as gifts to my sister but don't have any of my own :(
Your daughter is beautiful. I bet she takes after mom.
Happy Easter.
Pug hugs :)

Mouse said...

oooo love the one your doing now as well ...the little sewing machine if I recall correctly is a tailors one for cuffs n collars :)I have a hand machine and an 1860ish treadle machine that is sat proudly in my lounge ... I used to sew with it years ago :). isn't it great when the braces etc stop ... your beautiful dd will be beaming all the time now :) love mouse xxx

Natalia said...

Deb, I love Elizabeth and I am so glad you decided to work on it !!
That is the cutest Singer machine... how do you guys find all these cute things. I never find anything worth buying !! LOL !! Love the flower frogs too !
I bet your daughter is happy without glasses...
Happy Easter to you too !!

Jackie said...

First off, your daughter is gorgeous!!!

Did you know that I picture you driving down the road with flower frogs just jumping into your car? And all the amber ones? Wow! You must have the best shops up there! The sewing machine is pretty awesome too!

Glad you found a project that whispers to you!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your Elizabeth looks fabulous and I can't wait to see it after you've stitched A&E.
Love the sweet little sewing machine. I'm going to have to look for one when I go to the antique malls.
Love the pic of your pretty daughter with her best friend!

sampler lover said...

Hi Deb, Elizabeh is looking fabulous and it is always fun to get to the part that we always want to do.
Love the sewing machine and your new flower frog. I really don't know how you find these wonderful little finds that you are able to get.
Beautiful photo of your Daughter and I love the one with her best friend. He looks wonderful in his new clohes lol - Sandra.

Angela P said...

All of your project choices are just divine, I don't know which one I love the best :) Love the antique sewing machine, wish I could find on here. Same with the flower frogs.

Your Daughter has a beautiful smile and it's nice to know that glasses can fix a lazy eye because that is what my Son has.

doris said...

Oh, my goodness! I'm just now reading about Ann Medd, and I'm in shock at her size and beauty. You must be thrilled beyond words. I can't wait to see her framed. Congrats on a remarkable finish! Elizabeth seems like a wonderful follow-up project, and I have no doubt she'll be finished in record time.

Your daughter is gorgeous. She must feel truly free after years of glasses and braces.

marly said...

Whoa. I look at the projects being worked on and completed and I wish I could get my mojo in gear. Your Elizabeth is enviable! I have (had) one of those little Singers but along with a bunch of other things - can't find it!! I have the old box and book, but no machine. Big puppy and a beautiful perfect smile - what a great post.

Deborah said...

love the sampler! the colors are gorgeous. You scored with the sewing machine and the frog. I really love the amber glass.

Loraine said...

Oh Deb! Love your sampler. You will have another beautiful one to show off real soon! Can't wait to see Ann Meade framed too. "She" is going to be gorgeous next to ATS.
You lucky girl finding a sewing machine. Good idea to start a collection! That way when your machine from your childhood shows up, you can add to it. Beautiful frogs too! I have hunted around my little town for some "dishes" to put the frogs into, but I never find anything. I need to make a trip out there, don't I?
Your daughter is gorgeous. She looked great before, but I love her beautiful smile now. I'm sure you have to fight off the boys!
Hugs to you. More later. :)

dianemi said...

I was having a really good morning til I saw that picture of Catie. Dang, I feel sooo old. :) I remember her when she was such a tiny little thing. **sigh** She really is gorgeous Deb. As for Miss Elizabeth... beautiful! Love that sewing machine too. Gotta pop over to Julie's site now, because I love that scissor fob!! Have a wonderful Easter Woman (make it hexi). lol

Sylvia said...

Wow Deb, another fabulous sampler. You really know how to pick them.

Your daughter is so pretty - and her smile is gorgeous. Congrats to her on being done with the glasses & braces.

Lois said...

Can't wait to see Ann but I do love your progress on Elizabeth. Great finds and what a lovely daughter you have! What nice pics and I can just imagine how thrilled she is to be done with the braces and glasses.

Nancy M said...

Unfortunately you are going to have to wait until June for a proper picture here in MI!!! This weather just sucks. You always seem to find just what you're looking for and then some! Being an RDH working for an orthodontist.....I know the feelings your daughter has getting those braces off. We see such wonderful changes when the kids get rid of the glasses and braces around the same time and their personality just explodes!! Congrats to her!

Carol said...

Beautiful stitching, beautiful daughter, beautiful finds at the antique store, Deb!

After finishing Ann, I'm surprised that you didn't take a long break :) I can't wait to see her framed--she will be amazing indeed!

LiahonaGirl said...

Lovely projects! Looking forward to seeing framed Ann Meade. Fabulous finish! (PS: Took me a minute to figure out what BAP stood for -- but finally figured it out.)

Pam Schaffner said...

Belated congrats on the BAP finish. I have set a goal of finishing my HHRH in 2011, and skip out on it periodically to stitch something small and BRIGHT! Love your flower frogs, too. Snagged a milk-glass one off eBay to fill it up with scissors! Love your blog!

mdgtjulie said...

Hiya Deb. I'm new to your blog and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Julie, from Cincinnati, OH and I found your blog through Nancy M's blog. You have so much on the go!!! Grats on the big finish. It's always wonderful when you finish a BAP!! And your daughter is gorgeous. You'll be beating them off with a big stick!!

woolwoman said...

Can't wait to see that framed photo of Ann - I'm sure it is just stunning. Another great sampler almost finished - you are such a prolific stitcher Deb. BTW - is Bailey a Labrodoodle? He looks so poodley but not exactly. Most of the ones I've seen are chocolate or black - never cream. I bet your DD is happy happy to begin a new phase. Enjoy the weekend! Melody

Nicole said...

Beautiful progress on Elizabeth Clayton, Deb!! I love the fabric you are using!! It's so pretty! :)

Your daughter is a beautiful girl - congrats to her on not having glasses or braces anymore! :)

♥marylin♥ said...

oh very beautiful your sampler

Happy Easter

Bekca said...

I always like to finish small projects and ornaments after I do something big, but I will admit, I've never finished anything quite on the same scale as Ann! I bet your daughter's very pleased to have her braces off and her and Bailey do look like best buds! Happy stitching to you.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful work on your sampler. I find that the lettering can seem to take forever as well.

Great finds you have, especially the sewing machine.

Your daughter is beautiful! She must be pleasede as punch to be free of the braces and glasses.

merumo said...

Elizabeth is looking very nice and I understand how you feel after such a huge project's finish. Yes, you deserve to have fun and good rest as well :) How lucky you have good antique shops around. There isn't any good one in our area. And what a lovely jewelies you found!! They look so pretty and I'm tempted to buy one for myself. Say hi to your cute pup from Ms. Limo. He must be a good buddie of your DD!!

Karoline said...

Elizabeth is looking gorgeous, great progress.

You got some great finds.

Congratulations to your daughter, I can really relate as I got glasses and braces with a couple of weeks when I was a teen. Fortunately the braces are long gone but not the glasses

Sally said...

Wow Elzabeth looks amazing!

Josefina said...

I like your beautiful work and I congratulate them
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