Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Finishes (Lots of Pics)

No, this isn't going to be a weekly event - Friday Finishes.  I'd love to do something like that - like Kim's Thrifty Thursdays, etc., but in the real world, I'm lucky to get a finish a month or so.  But it so happened that this week I have Friday finishes - three of them!  Woo Hoo!!!!

First up, I finally finished one of the samplers that I've been working on here and there - not a biggie, a small one, but a finish is a finish, right?

The Apple Tree Sampler
Hawkins House
DMC Threads and 36 ct. Buttercream

I didn't know what I felt about this sampler as I was stitching it.  All I can say is that stitching the tree was a PITA.  I made so many mistakes on it and frogged so much that I'm surprised to see it finished.  But here it is.  I think I'm going to do something different with this one and make it into a pillow instead of framing it because it's not very large.  I'm still sitting on the fence about that.

The rest of my time has been spent putting pedal to the metal in the sewing room and trying to catch up those pesky Farmer's Wife blocks!!  And I'm all caught up!!   I really have to learn not to leave the trickier ones until last because they just about drove me nuts.  But I'm all caught up (at least until the end of the month when one day I'll open the mailbox and that crazy Psycho music will start up again).  The first batch:

If you blow the picture up, that block in the upper left - well, that one may be a redo.  When I was finished with it, it stood up like a cone!  AUGHHH!!  A lot of pressing got it to settle down, and it measures the right size, but I'll probably redo it.

Second batch:

The block in the lower right still is not completely finished.  I have to miter the points of the red strips, but that's hand work.  I tried to cheat on the machine and that didn't work out too well.  It's also the only block that I've paper pieced so far because the first one looked like a train wreck when I finished it.

All stacked up and waiting for the next month.  Only seven more months to go!!

Once those blocks were done, I felt like I had a huge load off my back and finally, after having a few problems with the instructions, whipped off my sister's quilt:

If the instructions hadn't been so poorly written this would have been done a long time ago.  But in my usual fashion, I got a little too frisky with this one and cut the striped border wrong.  The stripes were suppose to go lengthwise, not from center to edge.  But I like it so much more this way - I think that it gives the quilt more character (and I'm hoping my sister thinks so too - well, there's not much she can do about it now, is there?  LOL).  It won't be completely finished by the time I see her (next week), but it will be at the shop being quilted.

Then it was time to move to something else.  I finally started on the Bliss quilt and managed to get sixteen blocks done.  Here are just a couple of them:

This is a really fun and easy quilt to work on.  It will look like this when it's finished:

(courtesy of Cluck, Cluck, Sew)

I should have these blocks done in no time.  They work up really fast.  So, what should I work on next?  I picked a couple things and I hope that I can get them done.  But with my trip to NY coming up next week and the holidays, who knows.  But I picked one new and one old project:

The new project is another jelly roll project (I'm just loving these jelly rolls) with fabric by Three Sisters. This one should work up fast.

Then I picked another one that I've had in my stash for years.  This one will take some time, but I figure that if I work on one old project and one new project, then I'm not only having the joy of working with new fabrics, but I'm also cleaning up stash at the same time.  Years ago I made a Jinny Beyer quilt, Mirage, as a shop model.  It's hanging on my staircase now with the hopes that DH will hang in in our foyer (I'm probably dreaming on that one):

I think this would look much better hanging it's full length on the wall (someone poke DH for me please).  LOL  This is one of my favorite quilts - I love Ms. Beyer's quilts, so I decided to start working on this one:

I'm doing the pink version since that fits in more with the decor where I'd like to use it.  This one is going to take me a while, but it will be so worth it in the end.  I hate fussy cutting border fabric!!

And then I went back to an oldie stitching project:

Frances Eden.  I laid her down quite a while ago because the colors were just so wonky to me.  But I've been seeing this pop up here and there on blogs like Laurie's, and decided to give it a whirl because I love how hers looks.  

I have to thank everyone for your comments on my trusty assistant!  He is a handful.  But he did actually come downstairs the other day with me, plopped himself on the couch and asked me to turn on Animal Planet!!  No, not really, but I did and he seemed to enjoy it for a while until he fell asleep.  Good Dog!!

You'd think with the bazillion toys in the house that paper he found blowing in the yard would be the last thing he'd want.  But he's like a kid and toys - give them a paper box and they're happy!!

In other news that's not stitching or quilting related, my son got early acceptance to two universities!  Indiana University and Michigan State University.  He's still waiting for two more responses.  I'm thrilled, but secretly hope that he picks an in-state college (if U of of M doesn't accept him, he tells me that Green (MSU's colors), don't necessarily suit him.  He's a diehard U of M fan and he has all fingers and toes crossed in the hopes that they accept him.  But you know, mom and dad would love that In State tuition - more crafting money for mom!  LOL  No, not really, whatever he decides is fine - I'm just thrilled for him.  

Once again, thank you so much for all your wonderful comments.  They mean the world to me.  Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!!  


Annie said...

Beautiful finishes! Feels so good when you get some things done, especially when you had to slog through re-doing parts!

Congrats on your son's good work!

Patty C. said...

Lovely stitchy finish and your quilt blocks are impressive - Great work - you should be proud

The quilt on the banister is gorgeous !!!

Cari-in-VA said...

Congrats to your son - hoping he will here from UofM soon!

Love your finished A&E - I like the unique tree on this one. Your bliss quilt is beautiful - of course all your quilts are wonderful.

Enjoy your weekend.

Sharlotte said...

So excited to see a post from you today! Love those Farmer's Wife blocks! The Bliss quilt looks great! I am really beginning to love the fabric by 3 Sisters. I have yet to buy the jelly rolls but I have gotten the charm packs. Loved seeing your trusty assistant Bailey again too!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, those quilts are all so beautiful. Just beautiful.

Love the photo of Bailey. Glad to hear he likes watching AP. My Rory prefers any of the CSI programs. :) (He does stop and listen to the music.)

Melissa said...

You've been busy, Deb! I'm always amazed at all the quilt blocks and quilting you manage to get done! This time is no less amazing. Your A&E is really sweet.

Congrats to your son. Hope it works out all around, if you know what I mean.

Bailey is getting cuter all the time!

Angela P said...

OMGosh, I just don't know where to start, LOL! Those quilts are absolutely breathtaking! Not something I could do but it looks like so much fun. My favorite is the one you made for your Sister, it is WOW!

Your finished cross stitch would look fabulous as a pillow but that is just my 2 cents worth :)

Have a great weekend!

WoolenSails said...

You have been very busy with so many projects and all so beautiful. I love that quilt on the stairway, it looks stunning against the white. I tend to keep my walls light too, I like it simple, so I can display things on the walls.


Hazel said...

Lovely finish and I love your wips too. I think your finish would look lovely as a cushion. Great quilts. xx

Ranae said...

Here you are!!!! I have missed your post. The finishes are fabulous.
Congrats for your son
hugs and kisses to the poochy

Margaret said...

Wow, so many finishes! Love the A&E! And Frances Eden (I know, a WIP but still). And your quilt projects! You're amazing! Huge congrats to your son too!!!! I hope he gets into U of M as he wants. Fingers crossed!

gracie said...

I scrolled through twice to admire all your work...very nice....

Teresa S. said...

I just pulled the threads for Apple Tree Sampler and here it is all finished! I love it! I better be careful when counting that tree, huh? Great job!

Nicole said...

Love your A&E finish Deb! It turned out so pretty! All of your quilt blocks are beautiful and the sailboat quilt too! Frances Eden is looking great! I think I have to add her to my must-stitch-in-2011 list! :)

Nicole said...

P.S. That's great about your son! Hope he gets UofM. My mom went there and loved it!

BrendaS said...

Love your Apple Tree Sampler finish. Very pretty colors. All your quilts are just beautiful too! I especially like the Farmers Wife blocks and you certainly can't go wrong with Jinny Beyer either.

Your little pup is really growing up! How is she doing with her house training?

Congratulations to your son. I sure hope he gets into UofM. I grew up a HUGE Michigan fan and lived about 45 minutes from Ann Arbor. GO BLUE!!!!

Thanks for sharing


Cari said...

Holey Smokes Deb....WOW oh WOW Girl you have been busy. I love the Apple Tree Sampler. It looks so fun. And all your quilts...WOW. They are ALL beautiful. You are one talented lady!!

Love the pic of Bailey too. He is just too cute !! We love our pets don't we?

Hope your son gets into UofM too. WOW oh WOW again! Thanks for a great post!! HUGS

SilkLover said...

Congrats on all your finishes. It must have inspired you to action when you posted about your UFCs. And the quilts are beautiful, even the wonky squares.

Congratulations to your son! You all must be very excited!

Catherine said...

Love all your stitchyness!

Congrats to your son!!

Kathy said...

Love your sampler, Deb. And, as usual, your quilts and quilt blocks make this fabric junky drool.
Congrats to your son. Hope he gets into the U of M.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Deb ~
My! You are one busy lady!
I love that quilt hanging in the stairway! The stairway is gorgeous, too.
Hugs :)

Myra said...

This post should be titled Fabulous Friday Finishes. I am drooling over all the lovely fabric and quilt blocks. Have a great weekend!

valerie said...

Congrats on your finishes and to your DS on his acceptance letters!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Congrats on all your awesome finishes. I love the Beyer quilt. Congrats to your DS on his acceptance letters.

Kim said...

Wooohooo for DS!!! Awesome!! As is your stitching....AND your FWQ blocks!!! You are rockin' this week! Two thumbs up!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Dear Bailey,

Thank you for being a good assitant and letting your mom finish all of her work! As you can see, she has created some AMAZING things. So amazing that I am having a hard time choosing a favorite. However, the samples and the quilt made out of the Bliss fabric are calling my name :0)

Have a good weekend,

tina said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww,,,it' very very beautiful!!!!

tina said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww,,,it' very very beautiful!!!!

Lois said...

Oh my, more gorgeous quilting pics to drool over!!! Love your A&E finish, look forward to seeing more progress on Frances Eden and, last but not least, congrats to your son on receiving two acceptance letters!

Robin said...

So pretty! I am just starting to dabble into quilting and you surely do inspire a person. Your fabric selections are gorgeous! I struggle with making my fabric selections and second guess. Love what you have done.

Cathy B said...

Hi Deb - it was fun to catch up with you; love all of your finishes. I wish I knew how to Quilt -- that Farmer's wife quilt is going to be gorgeous!

Have a great weekend!

Carol said...

So many beauties here, Deb, I'm not sure which one I like best! That quilt hanging from your staircase is stunning, though--I just love it...

I well remember the stresses of going through senior year and waiting for those acceptances. I do hope the word from U of M is positive for your son. It would be wonderful to see him in a school where he really wants to be next year...Keeping my fingers crossed :)

Susimac said...

WOWEEE Wonderful finishes, both xstitching and quilts. Love the quilt on your staircase it looks stunning

staci said...

Congrats on finishing your AT samper, it's gorgeous! I love all those FW quilt blocks, gorgeous! And your other quilts are just stunning!

Congrats to your son!

Nancy said...

Everything is so pretty! Congratulations on finishing your Apple Tree sampler. I think it's gorgeous! I love all the colors. Frances Eden looks like a fun one too.

Missy Ann said...

As always, fabulous pictures. I love the little pink A&E. A pillow could be a good idea - if the puppy is well behaved. And the kids. The husband too. ;)

I adore those quilt blocks, first picture - brown block the first from the bottom on the right - LOVE it.

Bertie said...

Lovely pictures, and your quilting blocks are fabulous!!

Alice said...

Your quilts are scrumptious! You have a lot (a lot) more finishes than I do. Ever. Beautiful stuff.

Roberta said...

Good for you on getting caught up on your quilt blocks (until the mail comes with more LOL)

Love the other quilts.

Good for you son - fingers crossed.

Bailey is just too cute.

MyLifesAStitch said...

Hi!! :)

Great A&E finish!

And the quilts! Ooohh the quilts!!! Where to even begin... love the Farmer's Wife blocks. That is going to be a stunning quilt.

Your sister's quilt looks awesome! I love how the border looks, and I think if the designer ever happened on this post, she'd be kicking herself for not designing it with the borders that way.

Love the bliss quilt - I may need to get that pattern. And the next jelly roll one you're going to work on... that is a gorgeous pattern!! Another to add to my mental list. :) I think I probably have a jelly roll that would work beautifully with it, too.

And the Jinny Beyer... w.o.w. Do I really need to say any more?? ;) You rock gf!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - CONGRATS TO NICK!!! And to you guys! Early acceptance is impressive no matter what school it is! I'm sure he'll be hearing from UofM in no time!


Sherry :o) said...

Very productive, Deb! Love the progress on your massive quilt - like the stack in the bucket...

Hmm - maize & blue, or green & white! What a choice when you live here!

See you, maybe today, in a couple hours at K.S.S.G.

Susan said...

Congratulations to your son! The college application process can be so stressful for seniors (and their parents!) so I'm glad he's gotten some early answers.

You are one brave woman to persevere with The Farmer's Wife. My guild is doing Sylvia' Bridal Quilt as a BOM (really a block of the week since we do four a month). I did the first couple of months and then decided they aren't in my skill set right now. Love your Bliss quilt and can't wait to see that one finished.

Jackie said...

As always, you've been busy with some wonderful stuff.

Congratulations to your son! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets accepted to an instate college that has colors that suit him! :)

Tell your husband that the quilt hanging over your beautiful staircase is not just any ole' quilt. It's a JB quilt and needs to be hung up as it deserves!

WhoooooHooo on getting the FW blocks caught up! They look beautiful (and tiny with lots of pieces)!

Giovanna said...

Great finish on the A&E, congrats! And what beautiful quilting. And Frances Eden... sigh... one of many languishing in my stash... she's looking lovely.

Vonna said...

Well here I sit and all ready to cry over the lovely, gorgeous stuff to be found here at your place :) The A&E is wonderful, all the quilts are just gorgeous, Bailey is a true and trusty friend and YAY to your son...maybe he'll choose IU and you can come live with me every other month or so? :)

Julianne said...

I have to say I love the navy, red and white sailboat quilt....very close to my heart at the moment!
Also love your canine companion - they do love to help with the sewing!!

Mylene said...

Great post, Deb. Congrats on all your beautiful finishes. Well done!!

Nicole said...

Gracious, you do get a lot done! The Jinny Beyer quilt on your stairway is breathtaking. Congrats to your son!

Karoline said...

Congratulations Deb, your A&E and the quilts are gorgeous

Ivory Spring said...

You are one amazing lady, Debbie. I always love seeing pictures of your work!!

Siobhan said...

CONGRATULATIONS to your son, Deb!! You must be so proud. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him that he gets his first choice.

I am so jealous that Bailey will allow animal programs to be shown on TV. Duffy barks at anything remotely animal on TV. It is REALLY annoying. I have to make sure he's snoring before I put on my New Moon DVD, LOL.

Your finishes are fantastic! I love your latest A&E. The tree looks a bit like the tree on Ann Nelson, don't you think? I think that's the name... the sampler by Threads Through Time. The quilt blocks are SO pretty. Love the WIPs, too, both stitchy & quilty!

Nancy M said...

Your quilt squares are so pretty! My mom's quilting really doesn't hold a candle to yours. Your cross stitch doesn't look bad either! LOL I had a stitching get together last weekend, so I am catching up on blogs now. Hope your son gets the college he wants and it's in state for your sake!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Woo Hoo! You could share one a week to have Fabulous Finish Friday - this was at least a month's worth! And they are all beautiful! Congrats to DS - you have the right to be very proud!

Patti said...

Beautiful finishes and I just love those quilts. i love quilting and using my sewing machine but I have just trouble cutting the blocks. I need to get an Accuquilt Go and then I will be up and away. But once again it is £'s for $'s here in the good ol' UK! We'll see because next year I hope to come to the States and as I never won any of the Go! Giveaways guess I'll just have to save up.
Patti xxx

Alice said...

I can always discover samplers on your blog that I have never seen before. Your sister must have her quilt by now and what a lucky girl she is. I like the border the way you stitched it. ; ) The bliss sampler has the prettiest colours. You think of ice cream, summer, meadows and water. Don't give up on your DH just yet. Mirage has a great impact. Sometimes one needs a bit of wonky colours. It keeps life interesting. Your assistant is growing by the day. I hope you are getting more sleep lately. I had quite a night of no sleep. I tried herbal sleeping tablets last night, no effect. Then went back to chemical sleeping tabs and could still not fall asleep and finally had to go onto Xanax to knock me out at 8am! I was very worried about an appointment today but I think my insomnia is due to a lot of anxiety that I am not aware off. A flaw in my personality...tsk tsk!
Have a lovely thanksgiving.

Alice said...

I forgot the most important part. Congratulations on your son's acceptance and in TWO universities!!! I know how much work you have put into your son education and his future so pat yourself on the back...great job!!! I am so proud for your family.

Michelle said...

Oh your finish is fabulous...I don't think I've ever seen that one before and it's so colorful. I might have to come visit so I can slip that chart into my purse! LOL!! Love all your Farmer's blocks - they are amazing!! I applaud you for doing those (wish I was!). And you definitely need to get DH to hang that quilt - it would be so pretty hanging full length. I have a Jenny Beyer kit that I've never started - it's called Aberdeen I think - so pretty, too bad it's languishing!