Thursday, June 3, 2010

Words That Start with "F"

I know that I've been so remiss with blogging lately and I'm going to try to do better. Every time I turn around I realize that it's been two weeks or so since I last posted.  Always busy, but this past week has been filled with words that start with "F": - Friends, Fun, Fabric, Festivities and Framing!  It's been a great week!!!

I'll start with the framing:

Adam & Eve
The Goode Huswife
40 ct. Daily Grind & DMC Threads

Woo Hoo - another finish for the A&E Wall! I just love the frame for this one - really picks up the blues in the piece - what little there are!!

Last Saturday was a really special day.  Terri and I got to meet up with a dear blogging friend, Robin.  We had such a great time.  You know how it is when you first meet someone - you're nervous, wonder if you'll have things to talk about.  Well, no fears here - Robin got in the car, our mouths started going and we spent the rest of the day jawing to beat the band - I don't think we ever stopped talking - well, except when we were all lost in the antique mall.  We had such a great time!  We hit up two little antique stores, two quilting stores and then a large antique mall.  Such great fun!!!  It was about an hour's drive, but we stocked up with breakfast sandwiches and sweet tea and we hit the road!!

I managed to get a couple pictures of the girls at lunch:

Here's Robin holding up the gift that Terri gave her.  Aren't they cute?  Or for that matter, isn't Robin cute?

And here's Terri showing off the wonderful pincushion that Robin had made her.  Sorry for the glare behind you, Terri. We stopped for a quick lunch at Arby's (a wonder of fine dining) and Terri was sitting near the window.    I think we were going to try for a little fancier place to eat, but we spent so much time shopping, that we had to do a quick lunch.

This is the pinkeep that Robin made for me:

Isn't is wonderful?  I love it Robin and how did you know that blue is my favorite color?  Thank you so much dear friend!!

Now, no pictures of me.  I'm camera shy you see.  I don't like having my picture taken.  Ask anyone that knows me - I run from cameras.  Even my wedding photographer had a lot of issues with me.  I blink, I scowl or just plain close my eyes and grimace.  Both Terri and Robin wanted to post a picture of me and I told them no.  Well, Robin was a little bit concerned about that because if there wasn't a picture of me, then it wouldn't look like I went on this trip.  She asked if she could put a smiley face over my head.  I told her that was fine - or how about someone like Heidi Klum?  Well, I was just kidding, of course.  But lo and behold, Robin came up with my picture:

Okay girls, there I am in startling proportions!  Heidi Klum!  LOL  Is this picture not a riot?  I've been told I have a big head........hmmmmm!!  When I saw this posted on Robin's blog this morning I couldn't stop laughing.  Not good because I had a dentist appointment and all my makeup came completely off and I had to run quick like a bunny and repair it before I left.  I was just about crying I was laughing so hard!  Great job Robin!  

Now truly, I don't look anything like Heidi.  Heck, if I was Heidi Klum I wouldn't have a blog about stitching.  No way!  I'd have a blog telling you all about the new benefits and youthful appearance your breasts would have in the latest Victoria's Secret underwear - how your "girls" would kiss the sunshine, five times bigger than what they are, and your rear would look like two beautifully risen loaves of bread.  All the while telling you how Seal and I are going to have our 15th child tomorrow, and then the next day I'm going to be back into shape prancing down the runway for a VS fashion show!  LOL   Of course, I suppose that I could stitch some cute designs on the backs of the underwear or perhaps come out with a quilted bra!  Can you tell that Robin has a wonderful sense of humor?  I can't wait until I can meet up with her again.

Now, there was some buying going on that day and the charge card was melted - or semi melted.  It melted the rest of the way a couple days later.  Anyway, look at all this wonderful goodness:

For a black, red and white quilt that I want to make.  I forgot to take a picture of the pattern - OOPS.

Some cute trims - the toile box came from another shopping trip I did a couple days later with my girlfriend Diane (more on that later).  It's another one of those wonderful Moda kits I couldn't resist.  I don't know if it was the fabric and pattern (again no pic) or the cute toile box that got me.

More beautiful Moda fabrics - ymmmmm!!

Sorry for the dark photo - but some new patterns which I need like another hole in the head - and some hexagons.  I'd like to try my hand at that one of these days....soon.

And more beautiful fabrics that I still haven't unpacked yet (or at least weren't unpacked at picture time).
We had such a wonderful time.  I did pick up some antiquey finds, but I'll post them later.  

Since Saturday things have been really fast paced.  Monday was my birthday and I'll post one of the highlights.  The cake my kids and DH got me was beautiful, but the camera with the picture in it is nowhere to be seen - probably my daughter took it to school since it's nearing the end of the year.  But one of the gifts that I got that was very special to me was this:

This gift was from my sister.  She loves to paint and she painted this picture for me and I love it.  It reminds me of her place on Long Island that I love to visit.  Not her house exactly, but when you walk out her back yard to the Sound, there is a house to the side that reminds me of this picture.  Then she also sent me a bottle of Ice Wine since Long Island has quite a few vineyards on it - pop that baby in the freezer for a while and enjoy!  Pure heaven.  She also sent me a copy of Barbie Collector.  Yes, I collect Barbies.  Haven't bought any new ones in a while but I have tons of them - from the very first one that came out in the striped bathing suit, to all my dolls and their clothes from when I was growing up.  My collection grew over the years - I guess it helps that my mom used to work for Mattel toys.  But this catalog gives the news on the latest dolls.  And for you Twilight fans - feast your eyes on this:

Yes, now you too can have dolls from the Twilight series.  My daughter's already got her wish list put together!!!

Well, I have a million other things to yak about, but I'll save them for later.  There were more gifts, thrifty purchases and antique finds from last weekend, and of course, dear old Ann Medd and quilt blocks.  I managed to get almost caught up sewing those on by birthday.  That was one of the gifts to myself - spending the day sewing away, plus I bought myself a little present (shhhh, don't tell and I'll post that next time too).  

Thank you again for all your wonderful comments - they truly make me happy.  And I am thankful for all the friendships that I've made through blogging.  I thought it was so wonderful to actually meet a blogging friend this past week, and I hope that I have the opportunity to meet more of you in the future. 

Happy Stitching! 


Andrea said...

What a great post Deb, so much great stuff to read about!!
I loooooove your A&E sampler so much, it's gorgeous in that frame! Seeing your finish, back when you first posted it, prompted me to pull my chart and start on it. Haven't made very good progress because of being sick this past week, but I've kept returning to your blog to look at yours, it's just so pretty and inspiring!
Love that you had a nice visit with Terri and Robin, what a special day!
Gosh, I gotta go reread your post, there was so much to look at I think I forgot what all I was going to comment on, lol!


Teresa S. said...

The frame for Adam and Eve looks wonderful! Don't forget to post a picture of your wall when you get it hung up.
Your sister is so talented. I have never been to Long Island, but it makes me want to go there!

Alice said...

Deb, I cannot remember ever seeing that A&A but it looks beautiful in it's spiffy new frame. Its lovely to see three girlfriends and fellow bloggers having a great time out. Hie hie, love your photo Deb. Naughty girl!!! Nothing as fantastic as plastic, and yours worked overtime, but it sure was worth it and the fabric is gorgeous!! Yes, better not show all your buys just in case DH takes a peak lol. I love your gift painted by your sister. I had such a giggle about the Twilight dolls. I had better get writing to Santa. : )I had no idea you had such a collection of barbie dolls. It sounds incredible. I have seen some old barbie's and they are really special. Bet most of yours are still in their original packaging which makes them even more valuable.

Alice said...

Ok, that would be Adam and Eve I meant and not Adam and Adam. What is the world coming to. Tsk tsk! : ))

woolwoman said...

great post Deb and yes you have been missed and happy happy belated b-day to you ! WOW - what a stash haul of fabric and patterns - must have had a blast with terrie and robin - wish you guys lived closer - love your framed A&E - awesome - it came out so perfect. happy June ! Mel

pj said...

Deb, Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good weekend and fun with your blogging friends. You already know that I love that A&E and you did a great frame choice! Some of my weaknesses too...Moda tins! ha!

I would love to meet up with you sometime also. Antique shopping always gives me a thrill when I find a treasure.

Thanks for sharing and bring it on...more shopping! pam

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time to love that photo of you with the big head!! LOL...
I love the fabrics that you purchased!! And what great gifts you made for each other!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a message...the hills of Tennessee sure were full and pretty this year.

Ranae said...

F is also for Fantastic
What a fun fun time you had, I am green with envy.
The frame is gorgeous and really sets off your beautiful stitching

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Deb! Another fun-filled post full of wonderfulness. Sounds like you, Terri and Robin had a great time. It's like you've become a Heidi Klum bobblehead...look at those proportions! lol I love the teacup pincushion you received and wonderful framing on your A&E.

Elaine said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time meeting your blog friends Deb.
Beautiful new fabrics to play with and your A&E is just gorgeous.
Belated birthday wishes, lovely picture from your sister.

Kim said... crack me up! LOLOL Great stash haul...fabbo frame and what FUN it is hooking up with bloggy friends! Looks like a great time was had by all!

Bertie said...

Looks like you had such fun at the antique mall, your head is fantastic, but show your real one next time LOL.
Lovely presents too!!

The frame is gorgeous, you seem to find these only in the USA and its not fair Deb :-0))

Lovely fabrics too, the toile jelly roll tin is so lovely.

Laurie in Iowa said...

What a fun post and what a fun day the three of you had. TFS Great stash haul Deb. Can't wait to see the birthday present you bought for yourself.

Farm Girl said...

Laughed my way through this post, you have a gift with words! and stitching, and quilting! Love your framed finish, and all that new fabric too. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday, belated birthday wishes from NZ.

corinna said...

looks like fun all around
framed sampler is classy
as is the 3 friends pic!

Cari said...

Great post Deb!! Love the frame on your latest A&E. It's just beautiful. I read Terri's blog about your trip with Robin and now yours....looks like you all had such a great time. The quilting fabric and patterns are right up my alley the red and black fabrics..stunning. I've been doing some hexagon's lately. They are fun to do when my eyes are tired, or the light's just not bright enough to stitch. A belated Happy Birthday!! I'm looking forward to more fun stories. Hugs

Littlebit said...

What a fun post! Your A&E is beautiful and the frame perfect! I am so like you when it comes to that camera! I pretty much has never been kind to me! :)

Sherry said...

I always love to see a new post on your blog! A belated Happy Birthday. I hope you had the wonderful day you deserve. It looks like you had a great time out with the gals. I love the picture of you aka Heidi! A&E is stunning. When are you going to show us the A&E wall?

The Scarlett House said...

Gee Deb, that black, red, and white quilt will look just smashing in my craft room. It is soooo sweet of you to make it for me. Seriously, another fun post, another excellent frame choice (I've used that molding a lot), another tid bit that I didn't know about you re: the Barbie collection. I love'em, too.
Cute picture of you girls, especially of you hmmm... Heidi!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Awesome framing, Deb! I can't wait to see your wall! I hope Robin can come again soon - it was a blast seeing her and hanging out for the day! Love the painting your sister did for you - where will you put it?

Looking forward to your b-day lunch prior to guild!

Myra said...

Adam and Eve is gorgeous! I love the frame you chose. What a fun time the three of you have and oh my, aren't you beautiful. :o)

Loraine said...

Holy smokes girl! Sounds like you had a fabulous visit with Robin. I just love meeting blog friends. It's nice you all go along so well. Cute presents too.
I love the fabric you picked up. Happy Birthday to you! How could you ever resist? The colors are so scrumptious
I have all my old Barbies too. My DD is not as in to them as I was, and I haven't really pushed it much. I really have fond memories playing with my Barbie dolls. If there would have been AG dolls back then, I would have had those too. LOL.
Have a great day. Love your A&E framed. The frame is perfect!

Margaret said...

Fantastic! Love your framed A&E! And your quilt fabric stash -- yum! I'm like you -- hate having my picture taken or posted. Hey, Heidi Klum is a great way to go! :D Great presents all around as well. It was fun seeing everything! Oh, and that picture your sister painted for your birthday! Wow! It's lovely! Reminds me of going up to Maine. :D

Nancy said...

Your F week sounds perfect!

Your time with Robin and Terri sounds so fun! You're right - the picture is a riot. All the fabrics you bought are just beautiful.

I love your framed A&E sampler! Can you believe I have a sampler in that very same frame!

Jackie said...

Happy birthday!

Your sister is quite talented! Her painting is just gorgeous.

Love your A&E and you know I love the fabric. Do I see a toile like print on a kahki background? I'm a red lover and I really like your selections.

Angela P said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I love the frame for your latest A&E piece. I used to have a large collection of Barbies too and still love them all. Looks like you had fun with your stitching friends :)

Nancy said...

P.S. Belated Happy Birthday, and I love the painting your sister did for you!

Glenna said...

What a fun post--everything from the framing (gorgeous) to your sister's painting (also gorgeous), and jeez, Heidi, can't wait for the antiques post. Happy belated birthday!

samplerlover said...

Hi Heidi I mean Deb lol. Isn't that a great photo. I can see why you couldn't stop laughing. I hate having my photo taken as well.
It looks as if the 3 of you had a wonderful day together. It is always nice to make a new friend.
Love the way that your A&E came out framed. Beautiful frame BTW.
What a great collection of stash. I also love the red and white fabric. The piece with the writing on it looks interesting as well. - Sandra.

Melissa said...

Oh my, Deb, what to comment on first? Love the A&E framing! The day out with Terri and Robin sounded wonderful. How nice to actually meet your blogging friends!

Ivory Spring said...

Great post, Debbie... That framed piece is BEAUTIFUL! I love that second picture where it's taken in front of the green foliage!

And those fabrics --- I am going to swoon!!

Happy Stitching and Sewing!

Blu said...

Sounds like an amazing time! That picture of you/Heidi is hilarious!

So... can we get a photo of your Barbie collection? (Not so much a polite hint/nudge as an outright demand! LOL)

Kathy A. said...

Belated but heartfelt birthday wishes to you!
What a fun interesting post. I smiled my way through. Glad you had so much fun with friends. And that you made that credit card smoke!

Anonymous said...

This was a very fun post! First, happy birthday! Second, if you ever do find a way to make your hiney look like two perfectly risen loaves of bread without having to be Heidi Klum, you have to promise to tell us all!
And lastly, I am drooling over your quilting fabrics. Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous frame, love your A&E :-).

Looks like a fun, fun, day, love the fabric and all your other bits and piece ;-).

Sherry said...

happy birthday...i was almost afraid to open your post...all the f's lately this post and See you soon!

Siobhan said...

Fantastic framing!! You picked a great frame for your A&E--love it! I'm glad you & Terri & Robin had such a good time--it looks like you had a blast! I love the painting from your sister--how neat. A special gift to treasure. Love love love the fabrics... and hey, I'm lovin' that hexagon package. ;)

KarenV said...

Happy belated birthday Deb! Your framed piece is gorgeous - wonderful choice of frame - and I love the fabrics you got, particularly the black and red ones, just beautiful! I can't wait to see what you make with those. those trims are fantastic too, love the giant ricrac :)

Kaaren said...

Super post, Deb. It sounds like the beginning of a blossoming friendship for sure.

And what a great day of shopping. Love the fabrics you came home with. Now I can't wait to see your antique-y finds.

Annie said...

The A&E piece looks fabulous all framed up. Great new stash too. Your sister is very talented.. nice to have a close family member like that.

It's so nice to see stitching friends enjoying each other's company. I'm camera-shy too so I empathize with you.

Alice said...

What a good post! Happy Birthday! I love the frame you chose for your new A and E sampler. Great pictures, it sounds like you had a lot of fun with Terri and Robin.

Carol said...

Happy belated birthday, Deb (or should I say Heidi--too funny!!!)!

Your newest framed stitching looks wonderful--just love that beaded edge on the frame. Sounds like you had a delightful day with Terri and Robin. You got some luscious fabrics and trims--can't wait to see what you create with them...

Kajsa said...

The picture your sister painted for you is wonderful! Happy belated birthday! I have quite a barbie collection too, they are quite addicting.

Giovanna said...

Beautiful A&E sampler! What a fun time you've had, and I love your new supplies.

Karen said...

Wonderful post Deb!

Mylene said...

Great post, Deb. I always enjoy my visit here and sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

The framed piece looks gorgeous!

Happy weekend!

Barb said...

Hello Heidi! I love your show Project Runway but I love love love the framed Adam and Eve. That frame is beautiful! Sounds like you had an fantastic week.

BeckySC said...

Deb, I LOVE your frame-it looks so nice :)
What `a SPECIAL time with friends :)
Have alovely weekend :)

Nancy M said...

Always fun to read your blog. Sounds like you really hit it off with your blogger friend. It's nice to finally meet someone and truly get along well. Very pretty frame for your A&E piece too!

Berit said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time!

Those red-and-black fabbys look the best--looking forward to seeing what you make of them! :D

Rugs and Pugs said...

Deb ~
What a wonderful post. One of your posts equals a month of mine!
I love the frame you chose for the A & E.
You had me in stitches with your Heidi Klum repartee.
Oh, I can't wait to see all your antique finds.
What fun you got to meet a bloggin' buddy.
Happy belated birthday!!!
Pug hugs :)

Lois said...

Enjoyed reading about your getting together and the fun you had! That picture of the three of you is priceless!

What a lovely frame for your A&E, it's perfect! I'm still drooling over all that yummy fabric and new quilting stash.

Belated happy birthday! What a nice gift from your sister, one to treasure.

Have a good weekend!

Isadarena said...

Hi Deb, it is always a great pleasure to see a new post on your blog : so many funny things to read : Robin's picture is too funny : you have apretty smile ...!!!
I love your sampler so much, it is really gorgeous in that frame!
Can you believe I started on mine :-))
I wish you a wonderful week-end,

MyLifesAStitch said...

Now you've got me rolling!!! "two beautifully risen loaves of bread" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :D You are HI-larious!! My DH read it and lol'ed too. :)

I also had a wonderful time, and can't wait to do ti again... if only we lived closer, eh?

Love the painting from your sister! She is very gifted, and it is just beautiful!!

I had no idea you were a Barbie collector! How cool! Give us some pics of your collection, please?

I hope you're having a reat weekend! One more load of laundry, then I'm going to try finish that quilt top. :)

Karoline said...

Happy birthday Deb.

Your framed A&E is lovely, congratulations. It sounds like you all had a wonderful day out and you've got some wonderful fabrics

Katherine said...

Wow, Deb, did you know you look a lot like Heidi Klum? Very enjoyable post!

Susimac said...

Whata a wonderful fun post.

Love your A&E the frame is absolutely perfect.
You sure looked like you had a great day with Robin and Terri, how wonderful to meet fellow bloggrs and the gifts that you all received where gorgeous.

Hillery said...

Are you starting a new blog? The Singing Needle?
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Suzanne said...

A&E looks great, the frame is perfect. What a great time you had and I love all that stash!

Anonymous said...

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