Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stitching and Stuff

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Hope you all have gotten some good cases of stitch butt and you're having a great week so far!!

This has been a good week. Lots going on as usual, but some fun things for once. First off, I finished up another section of Ann:

Sorry for the somewhat distorted picture here - I don't know what happened.

Just a note here concerning the chart - you see two little birds (barely) on top of the red flowers - well, the bird on the right is not charted, but shows up on the pattern cover photo. So if anyone is thinking about doing this, make note.

A couple people asked me about the lettering and whether it was cross stitch....backstitch.....or a pain to do.....was it boring?

.....well, I guess that monotonous would be a good word for it. But each line goes fairly quickly and I switch back and forth between some of the lettering - like a line or so - and then switch back to the center portion. I was saving the lettering to do all at once and it was making my skin itch because I wanted to stitch the "meat" of the design and not all lettering! I'm doing a happy dance because now I've just two sections to go and am over half way done! The next section has the Colonial A&E type figures (that I can't wait to get into) and then that solidly stitched Mermaid scene (gulp) on the bottom. Any bets on me finishing this? Aw, don't waste your money. I'm sure I'll slip somewhere. LOL

Last Friday I was on a mission to find a new cooktop. DH has finally had it with almost setting himself on fire. HA! I know how to talk to the cooktop from Hell - he does not and since he likes to cook on the weekends, he doesn't go through it on a daily basis. I finally got the new dishwasher a month ago (yeah, no more dishpan hands, Madge!), so he must be feeling generous. "Don't question, just go for it before he changes his mind" is my motto here. Anyway, while I was driving hither and yon, I saw a cute store - or what looked to be cute - so to give myself a break (really I was hoping for a ladies room because....well, I wasn't close to home and had put down an entire bottle of water driving), I went in and found some wonderful frames. I just love this black one:

And then I found a white one too:

I have no clue what pieces are going into either of them right now, I just knew that I had to have them. And the owner says she gets these in every week. She either leaves them as she finds them or makes them look old. Quess I'll be making a few trips over there. Very reasonable prices. She's also trying to get me into sewing for her store - you know - cute little pillows, simple quilts. Hmmmmm, could be a money making proposition for me, but yet I barely get time to do what has been lurking around here done yet. Great way to make some stash change, but the money would probably never leave the store - she has some great things!

Then on the way home that same day, I hit a couple garage sales. My car seems to be developing its own sense of radar for Estate or garage sales and just magically finds it's own way there - wonder how that happens??? Fridays are great sale days I've found! I think that my DH is going to commit me soon if I bring any more of these flower frogs home. I was surprised to find one because I don't normally see them at garage sales:

I also picked up the easel because I thought it would look great holding instruction books on my new table (yes, pictures are coming soon). Then I also found this lamp for the craft room:

All this great stuff for $9.75. Yes, I was doing a happy dance (or maybe I was dancing because I needed a ladies room again). I think the shade is a little overpowering, so I'm going to hunt down another one, but for the price - $5.00 for the lamp, $4.00 for the frog and $.75 for the easel, I was one happy camper. (BTW, that's my grandmother in the picture on the right).

While I'm on the subject of frogs, I have to post these pictures for Kim (she's at the threadheadsunite blogspot - Blogger is being stupid and won't let me link it). She is a collector of flower frogs too, and also a great thrift shopper and she mentioned putting hers in a birdcage. After I rescued my tea cups out of mine when I got the flower cart a couple months back, the birdcage got some new occupants:

That, of course, is not all of them. They're scattered around the house - on tables, etc. I'm going to need a new cabinet to display all of them. Yeah, like DH is going to go for that! LOL

Last Sunday was the monthly Sampler Guild meeting and they've got the greatest projects going on. The first one is this pinball which was suppose to be finished up for last week. Was mine done?? Of course not, you know me. I've been feeling the love with Ann, but I think that now that DD's dance lessons have started and I have 2-1/2 hours to kill waiting for her, I'm going to take these along with me and try to knock them out.

I just love it. Next month, we're doing (or should I say they're doing - LOL) the companion fob (do you not love that skeleton face in the flag?????):

Both of these pieces will be great to display with Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. Well, they will be when I get all three of them done! Could be a while. Maybe when the love with Ann subsides. And speaking of Shores, have you all seen Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow? I'm sure you have. I would like to go there, but I've already got three of these going. I can't even think of it right now. (yeah right.....I'll order the darned chart I'm sure, along with a few others - I think I've abstained for at least two months - that's a lifetime to me - and market is coming, don't ya know?? LOL).

Other things going on - DD found out that she made the school basketball team. YA HOO for her! I was really happy for her. She didn't think that she would make it and we were a little worried because some of the games are going to be played on Monday nights. Not a big deal except she dances on Monday nights. Always the way, right? Well, fortunately both the Coach and Dance Instructor were very willing to make compromises for her - so she'll be splitting her time between each - basketball getting more of the nights because of the shorter season. This meant going from First String to Second, but she was happy with that. Go Catie!!!! Mom is especially proud because that's what I played in school.

Work on the craft room still continues. I've got stuff heaped all over the table otherwise I'd take a picture. I always think I can spend some time down there and then get interrupted with something. I've been waiting for DH to get some things on the wall for me, but he is slower than molasses in January and if I continue to wait, we'll all be looking down at all this from above. LOL You may find this hard to believe and wonder if I've been living under a rock, but I've never installed an anchor into the wall. I've always used those museum type hangers where the hole is nano-sized. But I've got some things to hang that are a tad heavy. Now before you think I'm prissy or something, it's because my husband does all the painting in our house (read: too cheap to hire someone - did I say that?) and he's so anal (seriously so) that he doesn't like holes put into his walls! Yeah, his walls! Last time I looked.........Well, enough of that. I went in and smiled at the friendly guys at Home Depot last night and they gave me step-by-step instructions so that I don't make holes large enough to put a semi through. So I'm ready - drill found, bits found - I'm ready to crank the baby up and go for it. HA!!! Maybe I'll put in some heavy metal music on while I'm doing it to set the mood!

Well, that's all the news that's fit to report today. Tomorrow is my day off - a trip to the cider mill for one of my two annual cider and donuts and drive days (the second is when the fall colors are at their best) - and to see a man about a frog -flower frog, that is. Quess I can call him my stash dealer. HA!

Till later - make a lot of X's.


Missy Ann said...

Oh wow! So much good stuff. I need to go garage saleing with you. :D

That mermaid/pirate fob!!! Is there anyway for me to get my hands on it? Designer? Shop? It is calling my name.

Siobhan said...

Oh wow Deb!! I love love love your progress on Ann. She looks great! The frames you scored are wonderful--YGG! I love your other thrifty finds, too. Great stuff!

Natasha said...

Those frames are lovely. How big are they? And what a great find at the garage sale the easle and the flower frog. I am going to be on the hunt for a flower frog for myself. They make such pretty display peices.

Your stitched piece is coming along nicley. I always wait to do BS becasue I hate it LOL

Margaret said...

Deb, you always fill your blog posts with so much news I don't know where to start! lol! Love Ann Medd -- gorgeous!!! I don't need to be tempted! lol! Will Ann fit in one of the frames or is she too long and skinny? Love that black one! Nice sale stash too! And congrats to your daughter on making the basketball team! I need to learn how to put anchors in the wall too. Either that or make my hubbie do it. Which will take forever. lol! Sound familiar? :D

Cari said...

Your frames are wonderful! And your thrifty buys - very nice! You need to join in Kim's Thrifty Thursday or maybe yours should be Froggy Friday :-)

Ann is just amazing - I tend to switch off on subjects/lettering/borders - that way I don't get bored. All that lettering - I'm very impressed that you have stuck with it for so long - is this week 3?

Lauralness said...

Great progress!! I love those frames too. What a neat place to find.

Jennifer said...

hey, when I first saw that pretty black frame it reminded me of the LHN one that I ordered for the Heart of America I'm working on now but yours is so much prettier!!! And what savings!!

As far as the frogs, hey, I love um too but don't really come across that many around here.
Woo, you have alot them, Deb but they are so pretty and don't worry if it becomes an obsession, Prozac will help you! LOL joking
Isn't if fun to find great shops like that? Gives me an adrenaline rush.


Vonna said...

My goodness look at this wonderful STUFF!!!
Living in a college town SUCKS because every good deal, cast off junk is picked clean by the buzzards...oh I mean the students.
Your stitching looks wonderful!
and those frames WONDERFUL! Love those frogs in the cage...do you let them have conjugal visits with the other frogs? And I love that lamp, I agree about the shade ;)
Well now I just feel bereft of anything good around here....LOL!

Gabi said...

Where to start...lol. First things first...your stitching looks fantastic. Absolutely.
These findings of yours have me drooling here. The frames!!! The flower frog and gosh that easel is a cutie.
I wish we had such a nice store here around - although hubby has a sigh of relief that we don't...LOL.

Loraine said...

What a fun post! I was doing the happy dance when I saw you had posted. I love reading your blog dear friend.
I'm so seriously in love with that cool black frame. Great finds at the garage sale too. Woohoo for you!
Love your "Ann" sampler. You are doing an amazing job on it. I'm betting you will finish it! Keep going, it will be so amazing when it's finished!
Congrats to your daughter on making the basketball team. She is one busy girl! I love to see kids do great things.
Regarding your craft room, "You're killing me smalls!" When do we get to see pictures? I can't wait.
Take care dear friend! I can't wait until this week is over! It's so seriously busy right now. I don't like having to be this organized!
Happy stitching!

doris said...

Your Miss Ann is looking great. The more I see it, the more I wanna stitch it, but those are crazy thoughts. The words do look tedious, but the way you're alternating them with the center makes it seem easier.

Those frames and frogs are fabulous finds!

Now for my thoughts on the pin ball: OMG! I love that. Is that a guild thing, or is it available to us civilians? It's truly wonderful.

Littlebit said...

Oh my..Ann is beautiful! The frames are beautiful! And I love your flower frogs..I never paid any attention to them before, but now I think I might have to find one for MY scissors! Enjoyed your blog...

Nancy M said...

Your stitching looks great and the accessory shopping is awesome!! Congrats to your DD for making the team. She will be one busy girl! Going to Yates???? I lived off of Dequindre and 25 mile. The crowds there are awful on the weekends....hated driving home on a fall day. Ever go to Allen, MI antiquing?? They have tons of huge pole buildings full of *stuff*.

Cathy B said...

Awesome frames -- I like them both, but especially the black one.

I guess a girl can never have too many frogs - right?

Andrea said...

Wow, what a great post, I loved reading it! Your Ann sampler is so gorgoeus!
The frames you found are wonderful!! I'm a big fan of picking up a frame here and there and sticking them away....you never know when the perfect thing will come along to put in it!
All of your finds are real treasures, you're very good at finding good stuff :-)

Melissa said...

I love the frames! You are so lucky to find those!

Your stitching on Anne is awesome!

mainely stitching said...

This is such a great post, I hardly know where to start. No doubt I'll forget to mention something, too.

Congratulations to your daughter! And to yourself, on your fabulous finds. Those frames just made my jaw drop down to the table top - I'm happily envious of you! Your birdcage display is adorable. Our only birdcage houses a very cranky bird, so I don't think I'll put any treasures in there. ;) And your stitching is utterly gorgeous.

Doris said...

lovely stitching and great progress on Ann. She looks great! The frames you scored are pretty too, they are a great find at the garage sale. i love th flower frog,but i cant find anyone of that here in spain :(

Anonymous said...

Great stitching on Ann!

Tracey said...

What beautiful frames and great bargains you found!! I'd be happy dancing too! Your WIP is coming along beautifully. Congrats to DD! I know you are proud! :)

Jan said...

Super Post, dear Deb!!! I love, love, love your Ann progress, that is so beautiful! Congrats on getting yet another section done, and yes you will finish it!!

Something about that black frame really has me salivating, how interesting, great finds, all of it!!

OK, Flower Frog Princess, you enjoy your outing and oh, tell DD a big congrats for me!! Basketball will be great fun and I am glad it isn't interfering in dance too much!

Alice said...

Great progress on Ann. Its not a simple stitch that is clear. Speak of frames, its my downfall. Love all your bargain finds!I think your daughter is going to love the basketball. Its a great sport with lots of teamwork. I could not live without holes in walls and I do all the painting. I cannot stand bare walls so in our house the hammer and powerdrill works overtime. : ))Girl you are organised to have a stash dealer!!
Have a great time.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Great finds, Deb! And lovely work on Ann.

Love to Stitch said...

Ann is really moving-- and I think you will finish her, why not? You are really cruisin'. You always find such great stuff-- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black frame, and I am sure there is something in your stash you could use for it-- the detail work is amazing!! Garage sales are fun, I am glad you enjoy them, it is fun to see what you get.

I think we all need to be on a stash diet, although that is one bet I wouldnt want to make, because I am already losing! These designers are really doing a great job. Love Sarah Woodham, already have the silks for her.... and among others :)

JOLENE said...

Hey Deb, the black frame is to die for!! I can just picture something wickedly cool for Halloween in it. I have alot of frames I have purchased at second hand stores, us stitchers can never have too many of these finds in our stash waiting for the perfect piece. You probably don't know this, but I have a collection of frogs, too. The only difference is I collect the metal ones, but I do have a few glass ones. Congrats to your DD making the basketball team, my son loves (understatement) basketball!!! He is going to sign up for Jr. Darts and try out for the high school team next year. Your Ann WIP is just beautiful, keep it up and it will be done in no time!!!

Angela P said...

I love your Ann piece, the frames look wonderful! Congrats on your lovely garage sales finds :)

Stitching Cat said...

Love your Sampler Guild projects! What is the guild and can anyone order these kits? They are calling to me! I always enjoy reading your blog. Debra

Michelle said...

Love your progress on Ann, can't wait till you get to A&E. What a great find on those frames!!! They are fabulous. I love your birdcage full of flower frogs. I keep looking online for these, but not having any luck. And that mermaid fob....droool!!

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb,
My goodness you find some amazing stuff. Everything you found is lovely and what a price to pay for it.
Ann is looking amazing and I can see why you have fallen in love with her.
With your mermaid/pirate fobs what is inside of them. - Sandra.

Brigitte said...

What a newsy post this is. Congratulations on all your wonderful finds - gorgeous frames and flower frogs. I'd be happy to find a single one, lol. They don't seem to be very popular over here.
Your WIP looks great. Very nice progress.

Anonymous said...


Your Ann is lovely. I can definitely understand your love affair with her! And those frames are absolutely lovely as well!!!

I always enjoy reading your post.

Have a great weekend.

Tammy said...

Such an awesome post with FABU pics and goodies all over the place! Your stitching progress is wonderful and a lovely piece. The frames and other things you have are wonderful! That must have been so much fun to shop for!

ginger@bearbits said...

What a varied and interesting collection of topics. Your discoveries are pretty cool! Love the birdcage photos. And your stitching? Wow, amazing amount of time in that first piece.

Susan said...

Thats an amazing sampler you are working on!!!

And that black frame is a score!!

Susan said...

Wow! Lots going on in your life. I absolutely love Ann and will be cheering you on to the finish!

Dona said...

What a smart car to have such a good radar system for great finds! I do love those frames.

Your work on Ann is beautiful. I am really looking forward to seeing your progress.

Kim said...

Hey Deb! I'm sorry...I have been so remiss in reading my blog list lately and I missed this post! LOVE the birdcage with the frogs!!! And Ann is looking great!!!! Gorgeous!!! Maybe I'll find some more frogs tomorrow...I'm heading down to Omaha to go thrifting! :o))