Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Finish,Some Stash and I Should be Shot!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope that everyone is having a great weekend! It's hotter than heck here in Michigan (about time is all I can say), so I figured I'd save myself some sweat and delay housework until another time (I can always find an excuse to put off housework!).

This week I finished up Queen Bee by Shepherd's Bush. I love these projects because they're fun to stitch with all the different stitches and you can have a finish in pretty short order:

Just in time to use all those 60% off Joanne's coupons I've saved up. DH is going to divorce me for sure with this framing. He looked at me with raised eyebrows when he saw last month's framing expenditure. All I can say is - HE'LL GET OVER IT!!! LOL
Last Sunday was my son's 16th Birthday. It's so amazing how quickly these kids grow up.

Here he is, but don't tell. He doesn't want me putting pictures of him on my blog. He thinks it's lame. He's reading a long note that my DH and I wrote to him about how proud we were of him. I think he thought that this note was lame too - you know how kids are at that age. But we are very proud of him - he's a hardworking kid, gets great grades, volunteers and mentors. We spent the day at Race Rochester - an indoor race car place - it was hotter than the dickens in those helmets, but he had a great time. Then his favorite dinner and cake and he was all set. What did he ask for? Well, an IPod Touch, of course. His older one broke and he was using mine. I'm glad to have mine back now - especially because of some of the songs he downloaded on it - I like rock and roll, but.............

DH has a tradition that on my kid's birthdays, I get flowers to re-celebrate their birth and to thank me for giving him his children (I guess he had a little bit to do with that, but why remind him - LOL). He can be a sweetie sometimes:

The week has been busy as usual. Three weeks and the kids are back to school so I'm sure that everyone is familiar with the drill. We've gone to see a couple of movies this week. DD and I went to see Julie/Julia. I had read the book and enjoyed it, but I didn't really enjoy the movie. I was expecting there to be more of the cooking mishaps and maybe that really gross scene near the end with the maggots (not that I enjoy seeing maggots), but most was left out. There was really more about Julia Child in this one, than Julie doing the cooking. I was disappointed.

We also saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was good - long - but good. Now I haven't read past Book 4 (I used to read them to my son when he was real little before he could read them), so I really didn't know the whats and wherefores after that point, but it was still good. Oh, and while I'm on the subject of entertainment, I finished up a book this week that I really enjoyed. It was called "The Little Book" by Selden Edwards. It dealt with time travel to 1897 Vienna and three generations of a family. I really enjoyed it.

I managed to accumulate some stash the past week or so. I think I get like this every year when I really want to just tend to what I want to - stitch, etc., - but it's more for spending time with the kids. I really should be shot is all I can say. I finished QB and I'm almost finished with Cape Cod Girls so my demented brain tells me that it's time for more stash. I am seriously ill! LOL
Anyway, not that I want to blame anyone for my purchasing of below mentioned stash items, but.......I have been somewhat enabled.

I have been watching Sandra's progress on the Betsy Davis sampler and have been enthralled with her progress and beautiful stitching, so I broke down and had to order the chart. Sandra and I have has some email discussions about these beautiful samplers and at one point she had mentioned a very similar one called An American Sampler which was published years ago in an issue of Treasurers in Needlework. Well, she sent me a picture of it so I knew what it looked like, but this weekend there was an estate sale in our neighborhood (no, the economic situation has not gotten better around here even though I'm hoping my stash purchases will help things out somewhat - LOL). Anyway I zipped through the house and the woman must have been a crafty type of person. I saw a whole box of craft magazines and what do I find:

An American Sampler published in 1993. So now I'm happy as a clam. But it's going to be hard to decide which one to stitch first.

Then because you can't just order one chart from the Scarlett Letter and I wanted to keep Betsy company in the envelope, I had to order two more:

I've been watching the progress of Margaret and Tanya working on Rebecca Robinson and just had to have it. The Flame Stitch sampler is one that I've had my eye on for a while because of the bright colors in it. These purchases were partly because I wanted to start working on Suzanne Lane 1776.

Why did Suzanna make me buy more you ask? Well, she's been in my stash for ages, and seeing how I haven't really worked on a traditional sampler for a while I thought I'd start this one. But pulling her out made me just want to take a glance at the Scarlett Letter site and I started nosing around. Bad move - I remembered Rebecca and the Flame Stitch sampler and it was all over. I just must have been in that kind of mood. Anyway, I wanted to start Suzanna, but alas, no fabric that fit it. Did have the called for fabric but an inch too small all the way around. So, what does one do???? Get fabric, of course, which was not a good thing. Like I said I should be shot.
I tore out of here first thing yesterday morning before everyone woke up for the 50 minute hike to my not so local LNS. Now mind you, I just needed fabric. Well, I got fabric, but between us girls (and any men that might read this and enjoy stitching), just getting fabric - well that just IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! Look what jumped into my hands and screamed, BUY ME!!

Just because these represent two of my three favorite things. Plus I like having some small projects.

The Riddle - I have seen this popping up on blogs and love the colors in it, so had to have this one.

Then Sailor Collar by Shepherd's Bush. Now there is a reason I got this one (well, I talked myself into having a reason to buy this). I wish that I could be SAL stitching Sail Away with all the other girls, but I already did it. When I saw this on the wall of my LNS, I decided this could be my piece. I won't post on their blog, but I'll have a nautical theme thing going too. (Note: I am an honorary member of the Sail Away SAL - thanks Glenna!). But there was another reason. Last Spring, our Sampler Guild had an auction and I bought the companion piece, Cranberry Pinafore, for $10.00. Now I can have both of them stitched and hang them together. I think that's a good reason for buying this, don't you? Of course, you do! LOL

Then I get an email this week from Colonial Crafts posting their latest things. I'm surprised the subject line in the email wasn't, "Dear Sucker - Do We Have Some Things For You".

I love these fabrics. Now I haven't quilted much in a while, but the line of this fabric just jumped out at me. If I remember right it's called the Williamsburg Sampler line. I'm going to get a couple more pieces of it. I'm not into collecting whole lines necessarily when I do a quilt, but I thought these two pieces from the line would be great for backing pillows, pinkeeps, etc. Love it!!!

I think that I have done enough damage this week. What I want to do now is come up with a 25 project list. My friend Di and I were talking about this and the fact that we have WIPs all over the place and just keep adding. It's time for action. So the two of us are going to put together a list of 25 projects that we want to do and get them done. I'm doing it because I have so many WIPs going (some from 20 years ago that I still love), that it's becoming lunacy. So my project for this week is digging everything out and making a list and figuring out the rules. Maybe if I publicly embarrass myself before all of you, I'll get some of this stuff done (like all three of the HoHRH pieces).

Well, that's about it for now. I should get some cleaning done even though it is so hot. Maybe I'll just go play with stash! LOL Oh, one more thing. I don't know about anyone else, but I've had a horrible time with Blogger this week. I would try to make a comment on someone's blog and I would get error messages. It would clear up for awhile and then start again. Then it threw some of the blogs I really like to follow down to the bottom and wasn't bringing them up when new posts were made. So, if I haven't made a comment, I'm definitely not ignoring you! I obviously don't need to be enabled anymore (at least for a month) by all your wonderful stitching, but I love reading and seeing everyone's projects. Have a wonderful week!!! And thanks again for all your comments.


Jennifer said...

Deb girl! You are stashing up a storm but that's ok. You still need to pop over to The Sampler girls Blog and get a couple of those too now!!!! LOL
Seriously, I love all your new stash items. I really like that Williamsburg fabric!!! WOW!
I wish you lived close so you could teach me to quilt. I go to quilt stores and get lots of fat quarters because they are beautiful but can't quilt. I use them with cross stich finishes but wish I could quilt.
Oh, hide those packages girl, then hubbie won't raise those eyebrows anymore.....LOL just joking.
You go girl!

Ranae said...

Deb! The SB is so Bee-utiful!
I love all the stash and I will be proud to be ill with you, lol
I spent alot on that ATS frame, but that didn't stop me from spending more, lol I love stashing!!!
It's been hot and humid here too.
The fabrics are gorgeous. I buy fabrics in hope to be able to do some stitchy finishes, because I can't quilt, (maybe that's a good thing) or not since I have so much, I could make 2 quilts with, lol
Take Care!
You are proud parents and it sounds like you should be

Glenna said...

Deb, you are hilarious. I love the way you rush on--I'll bet you talk like that in person--100 miles and hour and we can hardly keep up! Love all the stash. In fact, I love it so much, I too have it or am getting it. Although S. Lane is new to me, so I'll be paying SL a visit! It's amazing to me how many times you can visit SL and not see it all. I have had The Riddle in my stash and have it all kitted up, some of those SL samplers (although not Flame Stitch), and although I don't have Sailor's Collar, I do have Cranberry Pinafore. I've meant to get Sailor's Collar for years. Can't wait to see you stitch. I think you should be an honorary SAL member for Sail Away.

Cari said...

Deb, you are too funny and definitely my kinda' girl!

If you decide to share your American Sampler (you lucky, lucky girl, please put me at the top of your list! I have been on the hunt for this one, to no avail. But, you have given me hope.

So now that your son is sixteen, is he asking for the keys to drive the family car?

Your husband is so romantic I love his tradition of giving you flowers - you deserve it!

How fun to have a finish - SB's sure are popular these days!

I too have been on a stash binge - it's a horrible addiction :-) When you determine your rules for completing those WIP, let us all know. At the beginning of the year, I made a list of my WIP and determined to spend 10 hours on each project. I had a cute little notepad and proudly marked off my 10 hours with each pattern - I made it around 3-4 times - but then all kinds of new projects caught my eye and I fell off the wagon (deep sigh).

Can't wait to see what you start next and finish next.

Kellie said...

Deb, you go girl! I LOVE all of your stash! Especially that American Sampler that you lucked into. I keep looking for that one on Ebay, but haven't been fortunate enough to get it yet. I love all the other samplers as well, some of which are new to me and I will be adding to my never-ending list. :)

What a very sweet DH that sends you flowers on your children's birthday. What a neat way to honor you as a the mother of his children. :)

Missy Ann said...

Love the Williamsburg fabrics. I am going to have to get my hands on some.

I love the Queen Bee on that SB sampler, I always have. I should stitch her and make her my mascot.

Good luck on the 25 projects.

FayeRaye said...

Whoa......I LOVE all the samplers you are stashing!!!! Do the Riddle one make that, I dont know!!! I love them all!! You are "sinpiring" me to go get some of mine oldies out!!! Faye

Tammy T. said...

I've got 3 sons Deb, and the fact that you have one that is well behaved and doing good deeds is absolutely wonderful and a great testament to your parenting skills. God bless him dearly.
Stash is always a "good thing". The more the better eh?
Your sitcheries are loverly and I really like your stash choices. Of course it just makes me want more than I need. Go figure.

Andrea said...

You crack me up Deb! I always say to my hubby and friends "I should be shot" whenever I buy more stash, because really? Do I need it? Oh no, anyway, who cares! I love your reasoning!
Your Queen Bee is gorgeous and you're my heroine for posting your finish because I need to get mine out and do it, it's been in the stash TOO LONG!! So thanks for that!
All of your recent stash aquisitions are fab! You go girl!

PaulineD said...

Mighty fine son you have there! Is that a tiny smile on his face- perhaps because your are taking his pic, or maybe because he really does like reading your special message to him?

Anyway, all that lovely stash- sigh, how utterly gorgeous...

Cari said...

Holey Smokes DEB !! I thought I was a bad stasher but you've got me beat!! You go GIRL!! Love SB Queen Bee. She's so darn cute. I have her complete and framed. THE STASH... when I saw Betsy Davis I gasped!! I love this piece but have been sitting on my HANDS so I don't call Jean at The Attic and order it. Can't wait to see all your wip've seen mine! Have a great stitching week. And the housework...FORGET ABOUT IT!! Hugs

Loraine said...

Oh Man, I love you stash buying! You seriously crack me up, and make me feel like I'm in good company. I just can't say no to anything.
Happy B-day to your son! Hope he had a great day.
Funny that you put up Sailor collar as a project to do for our sail away SAL, (and yes you are an honorary member!) I was going to post that this week as a cute companion piece. We must be tuned into each other. I have that sampler in my kitchen at the moment. I made it for my son in 2000, but I'm borrowing it for a while.
Take Care! I'm so happy to see your new things.

Anonymous said...

I love your Queen Bee finish. It is going to look so great when you frame it!

Colleen said...

Wow!! You did some serious damage to the CC!! LOL It sounds like me when I go to my LNS. My intentions are always ONLY get fabric or a couple silks, but I always come home with more charts. Fortunately, when I start a project, I finish it before going to the next one. I know that if I start something new the one I was working one will become a WIP :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...your Queen Bee is fantastic! I agree that you MUST buy Sailor Collar to match Cranberry Pinafore (I didn't even realise they were a pair LOL). I have a pair of SBs here (with Jill Rensel mats no less) waiting to be framed. I think I have to go back to work just to pay for my framing. :)

Margaret said...

Ooooh! Love your finish! And I love all your stash too! You were so lucky to find that magazine with the American Sampler in it! Happy belated b'day to your son. I didn't ask my son's permission when it was his b'day. Just put pictures of him whether he liked it or not. lol!

So what does your hubby do that he has WIPs???? :D Just curious.

Sounds like your school starts about the same time as ours.

Margaret said...

Forgot to say -- what a lovely tradition that you get flowers on your kids' birthdays!

And also, I think I will like Julie and Julia. I read Julia Child's book but not Julie's. :D I want Julia! So sounds like I'll be set! You should read My Life in France -- it was good!

Brigitte said...

Your finish is awesome. And I love all your new stash. You are really good at finding all the nice stuff, lol.
So, you are pulling out all your WIPs and make a 25 project list. Do you also add new starts? I'm already very curious to read your list (although I could make my own, lol).

Vonna said...

DEAR SUCKER...I"m totally green eyed with JEALOUSY that you got that American Sampler...I've been searching...and then that first one that you showed...I want it too...In fact I want everything you've shown on your blog. I will e-mail you my snail mail addy, can you send everything via overnight?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dear son! I wish my boys would take a page out of his book!

mbroider said...

What wonderful stash addtion!! Looking at the great bouquet, i think your husband will not go beyond raising eyebrows. So enjoy!!

Sharon said...

Oh your Queen Bee is just gorgeous, great job and all your new stash is fantastic. Those fabrics too. So pretty.
Your DH is so sweet to send you flowers on the childrens birthdays, my DH probably curses me on those days, haha just kidding. What a sweetie you got there. Happy birthday to your son too. I hope he will save the letter and read it when he is older, those things will mean a lot more to him then. xoxoxo

Mel said...

All great stash purchases. And Queen Bee is so cute.
Your DH and my B/F should get together for some eye rolling sessions. :)

Andrea said...

Beautiful finish. Oh my, lots of yummy stash.

doris said...

Oh, the stash! Such fabulous items. You're so naughty ... and so enabling. I've passed on the temptation (so far) to acquire Betsy Davis and the others like her because of my already overwhelming stash. They are beautiful. And good job of finding the American Sampler.

I love your ideas for taking care of WIPs. Mine are certainly piling up. I swear I could get them all done if I could just find a way to quit my job ...

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb,
You really are naughty lol with all that stash.
Love all your SL things. I have admired the Flame Stitch Sampler for years. It is beautiful.
Beautiful Williamburg fabric. It will look lovely backing cushions etc.
Love your SB piece.
What a lovely photo of your son. I know that he had a lovely birthday and how lovely of your DH to have a tradition with you with flowers. That is lovely.
BTW which one have you decided to do first - Sandra.

Jan said...

Oh Debbie, Queen Bee is GORGESOU!! Pat yourself on the back, for a great finish!! I love all of those samplers, you should only be shot for sharing them with us! LOL No way, really, just kidding!! There are at least three of them, that I have GOT to have!! Knowing you went to the LNS, I was more then a wee bit curious as to what you brought home. But then all of the others, wow, envious here!!

You deserve it all though, gal, for all you do for your family and friends!

And flowers for your kid's birthdays? How romantic and thoughtful of a man you have!

YOU have had an awesome week, now keep it up!! (^-^)

Love to Stitch said...

It is always fun to read about your adventures, what you have been up to, and what we will now have to run out and buy!!!! Outstanding Shepherds Bush finish, cant wait to see it framed! What a great haul in the stash department!! The Scarlet letter pieces must be flying through the mail to so many these days! AND..... what a find at the estate sale--- can you even with the luck on that pattern? Simply amazing. Cant wait to see your next project, and your 25 WIP list!! PS-- How is your floss organizing going?! So excited to hear your have it too!!!

Siobhan said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on a gorgeous finish! YGG! I love all your new stash items. I can't believe you found the American Sampler chart. Lucky you!! That's what I call treasure hunting. ;)

Good luck with the 25 project thing! I'd love to try that myself but with Market around the corner, I don't dare. I'll enjoy watching your progress and cheering you on. Remember we need to do the Colonial Garden series sometime!

Hey, tell Di that I miss her blog updates & say hi.

Happy birthday to your son! Love the pic. I read out the bit about your DH buying you flowers to my DH. He was unamused. :D

Jane said...

Hi Deb! Your Queen Bee is just adorable!! Great stitching and a lovely finish, congrats. What a very dear husband you have too - giving you flowers on your children's birthdays. So sweet!

Sherry said...

You lucky duck! I just love all the stash! Everything is just lovely and makes me drool! I have hopes of starting a quilt or two this Fall when the weather cools off just a bit.

Michelle said...

Love your Queen Bee! Loads of amazing stash!! That Scarlet Letter website is DANGEROUS!

Kielrain said...

I love all your stash. Those samplers are amazing. Can't wait to see your progess on them.

dianemi said...

Deb, I am absolutely speechless at the yummy, delicious stash! I'm sure DH only raised his eyebrows out of love for you and your fantastic stashing skills. (That's what I took from it anyway)! lol Queen Bee is beautiful (can't wait to see it framed... let's not tell hubby). And oh Deb, that American Sampler. What a find, I love it. Sooo looking forward to seeing everything up close and personal (incl that Betsy Davis sampler)!

Kathy said...

Great shopping!!!
You know that sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and the best thing she can do is SHOP! And since we are stitchers, well, it's sitching stash. After all you are only trying to help the economy. Right? LOL

woolwoman said...

WOW Deb - what a GREAT job snarking out that American Sampler - I have been resisting Betsy Davis like the plague - mainly because I know I would never finish it - I just don't want to work that hard any more - simple crosses are hard even to keep in line LOL - I love Rebecca Robinson - I simply must have that one.

Your Queen Bee is darling - I've always loved all those older SB charts. I have a whole box of just SB kits and charts - I'm the one who should be shot LOL

Good luck on the 25 projects focus - I could never do that and am not even going to try - looking, wishing, dreaming, buying, stashing and pretending to stitch them all is my therapy and my reward for going to work every day. Enjoy all your stuff! Mel

Patti said...

Your Queen Bee is just absolutely gorgeous. Now I've seen your SB sailer one I am thinking what a great birth sampler I could turn it into for my new grandson.

Your stash is second to none and you are definitely the Queen of Stash that is for sure. You have me beaten hands down.

Last but by no means last I want to wish your son a very very happy Birthday. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Ivory Spring said...

Hello Debbie,

What a great post---- I love all the additions to your stash. Because of Sandra, Betsy Davis and the American Sampler are on my list of samplers to stitch! :)

And those fabrics are soooo yumy. Now, I am going to have to get me some of those as well.

Lelia said...

congrats on your SB finish! And, I LOVE YOUR NEW STASH -- esp the ones you selected at Scarlet Letter. I love traditional samplers & don't seem to pull them out of th closet to stitch --- you selected well : ) Lovely fabric, too. What fun. Enjoy all & stitch well

Alice said...

Oh my goodness, how did I miss this post!!! Your Queen Bee is a delight. Soooooo cute!!! Tell me about boys thinking everything is lame at age 16. Mine started at age 13! Its definately an age thing but my son, at nearly 19, is far from over it. Debbie, you have a super husband, a rare gem. Of course mother's should be rewarded for carrying a baby all those months, giving birth and having to raise them. I have tried to get that home to my husband for 21 years and he still thinks I merit nothing on the birthdays of my kids. Its not a big deal in HIS eyes so I hope in his next life he has 12 kids and that he is a woman.
Your stash is FABULOUS. I have beaten you to some patterns but not all. I love that fabric with the peacocks, of course, anything peacocks I love lol. Looks good enough to eat. Its going to looks fabulous no matter what you make with it. I would just frame it lol.

Angela said...

Wow a mountain of stash there. At least I now know I'm not the only one who buys more stash just to justify the postage!!

I love the LHN designs, they stitch up so beautifully.

Kim said...

Oh Deb! LOVE your stash enhancements!! Paulette and I are planning to start Rebecca as our New Year's Day start....I'm afraid to even start to put a Scarlet Letter order in...because like you, I can't possibly order just one chart! *SIGH* Great projects in the wings!!