Monday, June 29, 2009

My Summer Vacation, Stitching and Mr. Policeman

Ha! What summer vacation? Mom's don't get summer vacations, right? The last week has been another busy one! I have to learn not to raise my hand and volunteer, but I'll get to that in a moment.

Even though the week has been absolutely nuts, I have managed to get some stitching done. It's back to Shores and Block 5:

To tell you the you the truth I'm amazed that I've gotten this far during the week. I love this block as much as I did Block 3.

Most of my week has been taken up with kid things. DD is in a Summer Theater production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. As the three high schools here don't have all the costumes in their wardrobes, they need a lot of things made. I, being in a great frame of mind one day (or maybe out of my mind would be a better way to describe it), raised my hand and volunteered to sew some of these things! UGH! What was I thinking? I vowed to never volunteer in any mega way after I ran the school auction for a couple years (a full time job) and was Treasurer of the PTO at the same time. That kind of volunteering can swear you off it the rest of your life! I like being involved when I can, but sometimes I get myself in over my head. Last week it was cutting out and sewing collars and cuffs for the Egyptian costumes. This week, who knows?

In addition to the sewing, I also have had to shop with DD for parts to costumes. She needs a go-go dress and contrasting tights, flat skimmer shoes or go-go boots (HA! - should have kept mine), a blue work uniform shirt (Salvation Army was a destination), a black blanket, an Egyptian Wig. She also got the part of the dancing Sun, so I don't even know what is involved with this. Of course, shopping with this 'tween girl is a nightmare - we came home with much more than we intended. It was fun, but exhausting. One of the things, the black blanket, was difficult to find.
While we were in Marshalls, DD spied this cabinet and said that it looked like something I would like! Well, sure enough it was and for the great price of $9.99. I love the color blue but it won't work in the room I want to put it in, so it's another thing for the painting list. I mentioned to my DH that his daughter sure knew how to shop. His comment? "I wonder where she inherited that trait?" LOL

Many trips were made to Joanne's too and I picked up another pair of scissors for my frog (mom has to buy something for herself, right? Okay, I know I bought the cabinet, but.......)

They're just a multi-colored pair of DMC scissors - nothing fancy, but I liked them. And they were the unbelieveable price of 94 cents. I bought a couple other things that I needed for the craft room organization and when I came home I thought that the bill seemed off. When I read over the receipt, the scanner had only charged me .94 cents, not the $8.99 on the front of the package. I was doing a happy dance.

Another thing I've been working on (in my little spare time) was more organization in the craft room. This time it was my DMC threads. I thought I was organized before - I kept them in floss bags in drawers, but I found myself buying threads for projects when I already had them. Plus I noticed that some of the threads had changed color. Could it be that my threads were suffocating in the floss bags? Gasping for air (why does the thought of a goldfish in a bowl come to mind here)? Was the plastic changing their colors? I don't know - I don't know if those Floss-A-Way are archival quality. It was pretty much just the grey shades and possibly DMC changed formulas over the years, but I decided to change my method of organization. Terri had mentioned she kept her threads this way, and decided that I'd give it a try:

I'm going to spray the outsides of these little cabinets a different color - probably red. I would have done it this week, but it was humid as all get-out, and plus, I just had a hard time finding time. This has been my project for the past two weeks - I could fly in and work on it a little and then fly back out the door with all the activities. Each drawer holds four different colors of threads. A lot of drawers have two of each color (reckless purchasing). I found the labels on a Cathe's blog, shrank them down at Kinkos and copied them on a piece of unperforated label paper and cut them out. Now I feel so organized! The whole DMC collection is in here plus a few drawers for needles, etc.

Well, that's about it. Oh yeah, I did, in all my running around, and I must admit that I have a lead foot - get my first traffic ticket! AUGHHH! $125.00 and 2 points!!!! What the heck?? I've been driving since Adam and Eve were in the garden (well, I feel that old sometimes), and only have been ticketed once - for a No Turn on Red, which I argued my way out of because the sign was behind a tree. I think that Mr. Policeman was just having a bad day and decided to nail me. The light turned yellow, I saw it, thought I was too close to slow down (I was doing the speed limit here - honest), gunned it, but not fast enough. It turned red and BAMMO!!!, Mr. Policeman did a U-turn and nailed me. He asked me how my driving record was and I said "Perfect". Obviously, he decided not to keep it perfect (stinker!). Maybe he hadn't had his donut fix! DRAT!

Well, on that note, I'll leave you with something pretty. My Endless Summer hydrangeas are finally coming up. They're not at their best color yet, but I'm so happy to see them!!!

I hope everyone has a great week and gets a lot of stitching in. I finally found all my threads (thanks to my organization efforts) for the Plantation Sampler so I can finally join the others stitching this and put in my one day a week commitment tomorrow. Thanks again for such sweet comments and emails. It really makes me smile to see them.


Debs said...

My condolences on the traffic ticket--they really know how to bust "chops", don't they? My perfect record was killed with a ticket for wearing my seatbelt wrong. Ick. Good job on the thread organization--that's a huge job. And your progress on Shores is looking great. I love stitching houses.

Anonymous said...

I love how your SoHH is looking! I may decide to stitch that one...someday.

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with your kids. The cabinet is really cute.

I am an organizing freak myself. I have put all of my dmc threads in those floss away (or similar)bags and have them in a large plastic bin that fits under my bed. It has separaters in it. It is always good to have more than 1 dmc colors because sometimes you might use more than 1 skein for separate projects simultaneously, plus they are really cheap compared to all of the other threads.

Can't wait to see your start of PS. I will be working on mine again in a few days.

Berit said...

Oh, am I jealous of that organization! Looks great!

Too much volunteering; I've not gotten in that deep, but I sure do feel for you!

woolwoman said...

Your hydrangea is gorgeous! Mine have been very nice this year too but I don't have any of those Endless Summer ones - I want to buy some but other things have been taking my money (like crooks breaking in my door - just little things like that) - oh well - my plain ole hydrageas will have to do this year. Your Shores is looking great and I managed to get a Plantation chart from a friend so once I scrounge up some suitable linen I would like to join the SAL - I have already emailed Tracy - hope she gets it.
Hope your summer vacation slows down sometime soon - Melody

Lauralness said...

I love watching your Shores progress! I do know that DMC has changed and done away with some colors over the last few years. I think 504 has caused me problems several times due to older designs using both 504 and whatever color they were recommending as close substitution.

Cari said...

Wow, your organizing is very impressive! Organizing is so much fun. I really like your idea of spray painting the boxes.

Enjoy your stitching.

Margaret said...

Your shores is looking great -- that's one of my favorite blocks. Love that cabinet your daughter spotted (and yes, shopping with a DD can be very tough! lol!). Good deal on the scissors too! And your DMC -- what a great way to organize! I wish I had a good DMC collection. :(

Melissa said...

Well, I don't and Terri are magnets for these great furniture finds. Not only don't we have things like that here, also definitely not at the price. But good for you!

The organization efforts look great. I bet that felt good!

Sorry to hear of the ticket though.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great job on Shores, Deb. It's really coming along! Great find on the cabinet - a little paint can do wonders!

You'll love the storage bins for the DMC - it did take a couple of coats of paint to cover mine (on top of the plastic primer) but I do love organizing this way. If I had room, I'd do it for the other flosses, too.

Can't wait to see your DD in her costumes!!! She's such a doll!

Dianne said...

Your stitching looks great, and your shopping finds are nice! I love finding deals!

Jan said...

First of all, I can't wait to see those costumes and pics of the performance, so do take that camera, pretty please? sorry about that speeding ticket, that hurts the pocket!!

Love the super cabinet find, I am looking forward to seeing that one refurbished by your talent!!

Shores is looking so lovely, and I can certainly see why you are loving Block #5...that one appeals to me too!

I have some similar cabinet drawers for my dmc too. Not sure if they are the same though, I have like four of them stacked in my stash closet. Love the labels, wondering about painting mine now. Great idea!! You enable me daily!:)

Andrea said...

Your stitching is looking great!

I can relate about the over-volunteering thing, I did PTA for 7 1/2 years, doing almost all the postitions on the board, inc. Pres. and in the end, I was really burned out! Most parents just don't help out that much, so the load gets put on those that do volunteer. I admire you for making all those costumes though!

Speeding tickets....NOT FUN! I got my first one at the age of 42 after a perfect driving record for all those years. My DH has gotten SEVERAL over the years, the last one being LAST WEEK!! OMG!! They haven't entered it into the system yet though, so we have no idea how much it'll be. Oh well.

Hey, I love your thread organization! Are the skeins on bobbins or just laying in there? I need to get busy on something like that!

Great find! Your daughter did well!


doris said...

Shores is looking great!

Don't you hate when you allow yourself to volunteer?

Your speeding ticket has just put you into the large group of people helping municipalities everywhere to increase their revenue. Congratulations ... and so sorry. It's a miracle that I haven't had a speeding ticket lately.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your report. Busy you have been, but c'mon, it cannot have been unpleasant ! I know about the shopping with teenage girls (there are 2 at home)... I would have bought more than one pair of scissors at such a cheap price : you were very reasonable ! And frogs need to be filled (I now have 5...).
Go on enjoying your summer ! Never mind the traffic ticket - my 30-year spotless record got a big dent three years ago in a situation as stupid as yours !
Go on enjoying your summer - Val

mainely stitching said...

Shores looks great! My last ticket was also a red light ... here, they're issued based on photos automatically made at stop lights, so I couldn't argue with anyone. Boo hoo.

Good luck with your incredibly busy schedule and with all that painting. Love your floss organizer!!

Sherry said...

I love your new organizing system and may try this when I get more room! Shores is looking great! I learned years ago not to volunteer! If I felt my hand going up, I held it down with the other hand! LOL.

Sally said...

Shores is looking fab! Did I tell you I had caved and bought the chart? I couldn't resist!

Wow you have certainly been busy organising your craft room. I really wish I had one:)

Vonna said...

I gotta ask....what sort of cabinets are those and where did you get them, I'm thinking I need something like that for my extras too....
LOVE your tiny hornbook! CUTE!
And that chest...lovely!
The ticket SUCKS! I got a seatbelt ticket two years ago...and I was steaming mad about that...

Anonymous said...

Your Shores is looking great! This is one of the nicest squares IMO, though a lot of stitching.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Deb

Finally had a chance to stop in and catch up!! Bummer on the traffic ticket and I know how it is to have a hand that doesn't know how to stay down and in ones lap. Have made costumes for so many years - Ugh!!

Love your flowers, my hydrangers are just about at their end - way to hot.

Love your Adam and Eve - congrats on the finish.

I am also a SB fan and love the BEE.

Will catch you soon.


Anonymous said...

What a full week you've had, Debbie! I enjoyed reading your account of it. Sorry about the traffic ticket.

I love Block 5 of Shore - those shades of blues are very yummy!

Michele said...

I really do enjoy coming to your blog! I can sympathize about over volunteering .. now that the boys are out of school, I kinda miss it! lol

Shores is looking great!

ohhhhhh gotta hate tickets of any kind! so sorry :(

karenv said...

Shores is looking wonderful Debbie! Sorry to hear about the ticket - the cop had obviously had a bad day :( I love your new cabinet though - you ladies always seem to find such great stuff!

Redwitch said...

Your Shores is looking great :)

And top points for thread organisation, love the labels too!

Bummer about the ticket, especially when there is so much shopping to be done! ;)

Siobhan said...

Urgh on the traffic ticket!!

Your SoHRH looks soooo nice. I am filling in block 8 and I swear that every time I thread the needle, things go in slow motion. I've been filling it in forever!

Great find at marshalls! And organizational stuff--YGG!

Nicole said...

Deb, Shores is looking great!! You will be done in no time at all! :) Sorry about the ticket. You should have told them that your friends Paulette and Nicole have husbands that are in law enforcement. You think that would have worked?? :) I love all of your new goodies too - love the cabinet with the labels. It looks great!!

Alice said...

Umm, did you say vacation Debbie!!! Sounds like you are still in working mode and sorting and organising. Kick your shoes off girl, get a suntan where the sun seldom gets and enjoy your lovely Shores Sampler. : )

Tammy said...

I'm loving your thread storage and I would SO paint it red too! Your Shores is beautiful!

Loraine said...

Oh man. Sorry about your traffic ticket! I have a big gripe about them. It's extortion if you ask me...lets not go there. If it's only your first, I'm impressed!

Great shopping finds. Love the shelf and the scissors!
I'm so impressed with your organization! Fabulous indeed. I should do that, but I should do a lot of things that don't get done.
SoHH is looking so great. I'm plugging away on that block as well. I was really hoping that I would get more done, but I am totally enjoying my new baby nephew so much, that I can't stand to put him down to husband thinks this is very bad news as we have been trying to decide if we are done with our family or not. (Really we are done. I'm too dang old to do this full time!)
Have a great week. Lots of Hugs!

Kellie said...

Hi Deb!
I am loving your Shores updates. I have this chart and fabric. I am waiting to get the NPIs to start it.

What great shopping finds! Kudos to your daughter. That's my kind of girl. :) That shelf/cabinet is fantastic. And what a bargain on the scissors. :)

Sorry about your speeding ticket. I think it speaks highly of you, though, considering it is your first.

I love the DMC organization. Are you putting four thread colors per drawer? How many drawer units did you need...looks like four maybe? I may have to copy your organization on this. I really like it.

Have a good rest of the week!!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Deb! Yup, still have the tea cart - just took your hold off today! It is really adorable. Sounds like you have been BUSY!!! Same around here. Hope to see you soon, Dawn

Doris said...

Sorry for the traffic ticket,and the points.

the cabinet i great,i like it.

and thee stitching block is beautiful too.

for informatic trouble,i change my url,my new url.-blog is:

sorry for the trouble.

MyLifesAStitch said...

I've been a bad blogging buddy - I'll try to make up for it now, ok?

Oh man, I SO feel your pain re: the speeding ticket!! I've gotten a few (one each on the OH & PA turnpike), and I'll tell you what -I talk to friends (who, admitedly are way more blonde and way more pretty) who get out of tickets ALL the time... I must be lucking out with the grouchiest cops on the planet. Ever notice that they pounce on you like you've freakin' just run over an old lady, or something?? Anywho. I feel your pain, sister!

LOVE Shores - it is just beautiful.

I can sooo relate to your shopping woes w/ your DD... and my DD is only 4. Dear God! What am I in for?? LOL!!!

Oooohh!! Endless Summer! The best thing out there! I don't know how long ago you put yours in, but this is either the 3rd or 4th year for mine, and they were slow starters, but now they are absoluteley covered with big gorgeous blooms. I thought they were full last year... until I saw how many there are this year. I think I've got about 35 blooms per bush!

Hang in there with the volunteering. You're a great mom for doing it, and you'll look back and be glad you took advantage of those opps while they were available.

Thanks for your sweet, encouraging comment on my last post!

Have a WONDERFUL 4th!!!

Anonymous said...

Great progress on Shores! BTW - love the idea for the DMCs.... I may have to borrow it! LOL... Sorry though about the traffic ticket. Bummer.

Cindy F. said...

Love your blog Deb!! Beautiful wips and finishes...and great organization too!!
I really want to stitch SoHH! Beautiful stitching on yours!!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Deb, I love the organized DMC containers there. Oh I wish I could be that organized. But I know what you mean about the floss baggies but that is currently how Im keeping them. When I get a sewing area in the basement, by the way, that is what I will be working on next week off work, then I may have to look at organizing in better way. Where did you find these boxes? Great idea!!!!!
ummmm, yep those tickets can be high. If I weren't married to someone in law enforcement I would have a ton of them by now because I'm a fast driver.
Talk later,

Brigitte said...

Your DMC cabinet looks terrific. Such a great way to store your threads.
Shores is coming along so nice. Great progress picture.

FayeRaye said...

You made me laugh this morning! I cannot relate to the ticket (luckily..although I am sure my day is coming!~UGH) Love love love the organization. I need to do something w/dmc, but have mine wound on the cards in wondering now about the floss aways for my overdyes...see, you make me think too much! And, let me tell you, the day I find a cute cabinet like that for 9.99 you will hear me all way from the Carolinas shouting on the roof tops! Too cool! I check you often so please keep me smiling!