Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ann Rayner is Finished

Hot off the scroll rods - here's Ann!  I just had a little bit more to do on her and decided to sit down and finish her up.  I love her!!   And I'm amazed at myself!!!  I finished this one up without pushing her aside half way through which is my Standard Operating Procedure because I always get bored.  I never finish anything up all at one time - something else is always calling me.  But I challenged myself (this was my Challenge piece for this year, after all) and to tell the truth, there wasn't a boring moment with Ann - some over ones that drove me nuts - I'm not a huge fan of those at all - but there nothing boring about her. (pictures are clickable)!!

Ann Rayner from Threads Thru Time
32 ct. Cafe Au Lait fabric
DMC threads

And some more pics - a little deviation from the called for hairdo's - I didn't want straight stitched hair so I improvised, and I changed the skin from white to DMC 950:

Some sheepies (those little ones were stinkers being that they were over one):

And another shot - just because - (because I'm so darned tickled that she's done):

I just love her.  I think that she'll look wonderful hanging above the Phebe quilt, don't you?  I know I'm being overly optimistic that I'll even finish that quilt, but I can see this hanging above the bed in the guest room when Phebe is finished.  But now I'm feeling stitcher's remorse.  I'm going to miss her and I don't know what to stitch next!!!   I guess I'll have to do some stash diving tonight.  Well, maybe not - I heard that little voice in my head that says I should go back to a WIP - darned that voice!!  Maybe I just won't listen (smile).

I had a wonderful surprise this week, too.  I won a giveaway on Jeanne's blog - Willow Tree Stitcher - a beautiful needlebook!!  The outside:

The inside:

Isn't it gorgeous?  I think it's beautiful and just love it and am so happy that I received it.  The stitching and finishing are both just exquisite!!!  Thank you Jeanne!

Well, this is short and sweet because dinner is brewing on the stove (well, not really - there is a chicken in the crock pot) but it's time to get everything else going.  Then I need a long walk.  I'm not used to sitting in the stitching chair during the day.  I've got a good case of stitch butt going on right now, so a long walk is definitely in order!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

And The Winner is.......

Happy Sunday Morning!  Just a quick post to announce the winner of the flower frog.

Mr. Random Generator picked:


And Number 19 is NANCY M.  

Congratulations Nancy!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Send me your snail mail address and I'll send this right out to you.

Thank you to everyone that entered.  I wish that I had a flower frog to send to each one of you!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kind of a Quickie Post and a Giveaway!

Hi everyone.  I hope that you had a great Easter!  Ours was good although a little different with MIL still in the hospital.  Since my husband's family is Polish they have certain traditions that they follow as far as food.  With MIL not able to cook, it was left up to the rest of us to try to carry the tradition.  I'm not sure how well we did (I don't have a drop of Polish blood in my body so I'm not the best person to cook those things), but we were all fed (it definitely didn't taste as good as my MIL's food though).   BTW, thank you for your wishes for my MIL.  Her wrist surgery went well, although they also found that she broke her thumb on the other hand.  She's in physical therapy, and if her x-rays look good this Friday, they'll change the cast and send her home.

Since it's been so busy the past couple weeks with trips out to the in-laws and my DD being home for spring break, I haven't had a lot of time for my crafty pursuits, but I've gotten a little bit more of Ann done.  Are you tired of seeing her yet?

I'm on the home stretch - I finally made it to the final portion!  Although with all the grass at the bottom it's going to take me a while.  And you'll notice that my people don't seem to have heads (pictures are clickable)!  Since the parts to be filled in are over one thread, I decided to tackle that at the end.  I have a hard time getting any rhythm switching from over two to over one.  I hope to be finished with this by the end of next week, but I think that I'm being a little overly optimistic on that score!!  I know that I'm getting restless for her to be finished though as I've been rooting around in the overflowing stash for my next stitching victim.

I've also managed to get a little bit of quilting in.  Remember these strips:

Well, I managed to get them cut into even smaller strips:

And from there managed to get a few nine patches done.  I started with the colors I didn't like  - brown and green.  Not my favorite combination, but I wanted to get them out of the way:

This is going to be a very scrappy looking quilt.

Then I put together this month's blocks for the Cotton Club.  These are such fun little blocks to make and take no time at all.  I wish that I could get all the blocks at once because they're like potato chips - you don't want to stop sewing them!

So that's about all I've accomplished in the past couple of weeks.  Not as much as I'd like, but life gets in the way sometimes.  I'm anxiously awaiting my Phebe BOM to show up and it seems that I have managed to get a couple other people on board to do the quilt also.  This should be a lot of fun!!

I did have a surprise last week and won a giveaway on Kelly's blog.   I won the cutest pincushion from her:

Her blog is called Undeniably Domestic if you want to take a look.  She has a really cute blog and has the cutest curtains hanging in her kitchen window made out of aprons!  Thank you Kelly!!

I've noticed that I've picked up quite a few new followers and I wanted to say Welcome to all of you and have a giveaway.  I also feel a little bad because I haven't had much time to comment on everyone's blogs with all the things going on with my MIL the past couple of weeks.  I've been lurking but haven't had time to leave comments.  About a month or so ago, I passed by the Salvation Army.  Well, I really didn't pass by, I dropped off donations and ran inside to see what I could find.  While in there I found this:

A flower frog.  Sitting there all by its lonesome.  I already have one like this, but I couldn't just leave it on the shelf, could I?  So I brought it home and would love to send it to one of my followers.  I do have to warn that the base does need some cleaning up which I'm not sure how to do, but it's in really great shape otherwise.  And it needs a new home.  All you have to do is leave a comment that you'd like a chance to win it.  I'll probably include something to be put into it also!  What's a flower (scissor) frog without scissors?  I'll pick a winner next Sunday, April 15th.

Oh, and before I forget, Joanne at Serendipitous Stitching is have an Easter Treasure Hunt.  Follow the link to her blog for all the details.  I took part in the treasure hunt and you can see my clue in the post before this one.

I hope that everyone has a great week!!

Easter Treasure Hunt

Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching is sponsoring an Easter Treasure Hunt.  Just collect the letters by visiting the different participating blogs.  Jo's blog will have complete details.  If you get them in the correct order, that's easier for you, but if you have to unscramble them, you shouldn't have much problem either.  My letter is:


This piece is from With Thy Needle and Thread and called Hop Along Bunny.

To continue with the hunt, next visit Mouse over at Tales of a Stitching Mouse.

I hope that everyone is having a Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yiota's Xstitch Kit Review

I was recently contacted by Yiota Christodoulou of Yiota's Xstitch asking if I would be willing to review one of her kits.  Yiota and her husband have started a company specializing in cross stitch kits and would like to get the word out on the wonderful kits and charts that they provide.  I told Yiota that I would be more than happy to review one of her kits:

After going through her site I chose the Strawberry Thief.  You can blow up the pictures to see the design better.  I have always loved William Morris' works and thought that this would be the perfect thing to stitch.

The kit came very quickly - quicker than most things that I have ordered from the United States.  That was surprising and a Big Plus in my book.  It came in a study cardboard backed envelope and arrived in perfect condition.  The kit was packaged wonderfully as well.  The Maderia floss is wound around numbered cards that have holes punched in the tops of them for putting on a ring.  I liked that.  The fabric is Zweigart even weave and will be perfect for this design as the entire piece of fabric is covered.

The chart, while probably a little daunting to some as it's completely filled in, is very clear and the symbols very easy to read.  She also includes very clear instructions.  Another thing I really liked, is that she also includes the DMC conversion (for those that order the charts only).  Listed over to the right is the amount of each color that you will need.  I thought that was an excellent thing to include as you would know exactly how much thread you would need to complete the design.  If doing the piece in DMC, it's nice to know that if I have 1/2 of a skein of a certain color in my stash - or even less - I wouldn't have to go out and necessarily buy all the flosses called for in the piece.  I may find that what I have in my stash is more than enough.  From the key, I would know exactly how much I needed.  So I found that to be a very big plus!!

Yiota's kits come in either DMC or Maderia, and you have your choice of 14 count Aida or 28 Zweigart even weave - although all kits may not be available in even weave as I write this.  I believe she is starting to add even weave to her kits as time allows.  A needle is also included.  Everything you need to start stitching right away.

One other nice thing about her site and the pieces that she offers is that you can receive charts via email, if you like to kit up your own pieces and also save some postage, via snail mail, or you can receive a whole kit.

I haven't started stitching this piece, but I know that when I'm ready everything is available and beautifully put together.  I would highly recommend her pieces because not only was her delivery very fast, but the kit was put together in a really nice way.  There is nothing worse than getting a kit with the threads in a mess.

Stop by when you have a chance and look at what Yiota has to offer.  She has some beautiful charts!