Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!!

Well, first off, I've been a bad blogger.  I don't think that I've read more than a few blogs over  the past couple of weeks.  Bad, bad!!!  Okay, busy, busy would be more like it and it's going to be this way for the next couple of weeks!  UGH!  I don't know if it's due to all the craziness around here, but I've been in the biggest crafty slump imaginable.  Not enough time, too many things I want to do (did you see Margaret's new start with SL's Jane Atkinson? - OMG be.......still..........my.........heart - BIG SIGH HERE) and I can't get there.  I think of all the things I can do and then go through stash, look at my WIPs (boring), but can't settle on anything or find the time.  But I finally settled on something - actually went down the path of least resistance.  Remember this monster:

Yes, Ann Medd shown here lying on the floor have an absolute fit from lack of attention.  Well, her screams were just getting too loud, so I gave her some stitching love.  First I stitched Mr. Sunshine:

Then I stitched a little more:

Very odd things going on in this section.  That bird-like thing looks like a oddly colored, nose-diving penguin.

The whole reason that I've resisted picking up this sampler again is the fact that most of the stitching in this section and the section below is ONE OVER ONE ON 35 CT FABRIC!!!  UGH!  Now there is no way on God's green earth that I could live through that - I'd be pulling my hair out, so this is my rendition of Ann - stitched two over two on 35 ct. fabric, and I will be a much happier, full haired and saner person for it.  It can work because the nutso penguin and the other things near the sun are done two over two on the chart, so this is going to work!  Yahoo!!.  Do you think that Ann will be mortified at what I'm doing - will she roll over in her grave?  Hopefully not because this is how it's going to be!!  BTW, this is two weeks of stitching so you can definitely see that I haven't had much time.  All the fill in is perfect for life right now - not much thinking - just stitch!!!  That is if my eyes are still open when I hit the stitching chair.

I've managed to do a little bit of quilting too when I could find an hour or so.  A couple weeks ago I spent some time cutting out blocks just so that something would be ready for piecing if I could find time (this is the time of year of school plays - yes I raise my hand to help - I've got to stop doing that;  track meets - did I raise my hand to be a timer or did someone lift my hand for me?;  dance rehearsals and recitals - oh dear, someone raised my hand again and now I'm a backstage mom; confirmations, etc., so it's hectic).  Anyway, I got those blocks sewn together that were sleeping on the cutting table:

And then a couple more - these four blocks are for the Women's Voices Civil War Quilt:

Then because you know that I just can't stay away from anything that resembles a Big A$$ed Project, I started this quilt:

The Farmer's Wife Quilt.  I know, I know, I must be nuts!!!  I really wanted to start the Dear Jane Quilt which would definitely make me certifiable, but I thought this one would be the lesser of two evils for the time being.  Dear Jane is still on the radar screen for a start soon.  Anyway, The Farmer's Wife is a Block of the Month that I'll be getting over the next 18 months - each month has 6 or 7 blocks to complete.  I got the first set cut out and the first block finished:

Autumn Tints
Block #2 - The Farmer's Wife Quilt

I can't wait to get to the rest of them.  They're so much fun to make.

Before everything got crazy and when I was able to get out and make some road trips, I managed to find some thrifty and fun things:

Okay, nothing spectacular here, but I just could not resist little Adam!  There was no Eve with him, but he looked so cute and was all by his lonesome, so I just had to bring him home.  The tins I use to store all my different sewing pins in.

Then behind the counter where I don't normally look, I found this doll!  Isn't she sweet?  She's signed and dated on the back and all of $12.00 at the good old Salvation Army!!!  $12.00 is usually way over my limit on the the SA, but I could not resist her.  She's slightly stained on her backside, but otherwise in perfect condition.  Now I need to make her some clothing!

Then at one of the antique shops I came across:

A bag of strawberry emery's, an old tin pincushion and a jar of buttons - all for $7.00.  

Then this sweet lady.  I had seen one identical to this in another antique shop, but in really tattered condition.  They wanted $60.00 for her.  This one in much better condition (although I think I need to add a little blue paint to one of her eyes), was $10.00.  Again, usually more than I would pay, but considering what I had seen the other one go for, I thought this was a great deal.

Then what would be a trip to the antique store be if I didn't find at least one of these?:

But I found two!!  The white milk glass frog is a good sized one, about seven inches wide.   The other one is quite a bit smaller.  I think that I have to stop buying these things - I'm running out of room and pairs of scissors to put in them.  But I suppose I could use them for what they're intended for - flowers!  Novel thought, right?

Well, that is it for me.  Have to get moving again.  If I haven't visited your blog, I'll get there.  I think I have today and tomorrow for some fun reading (and being enabled), so I'll catch up.  Thank you again for all your wonderful comments - I really love reading them.  Hope you have a wonderful week and stitch something fun.  

Monday, April 12, 2010

What I did on Easter Vacation (Lots of Pics)

It's been another busy week around here.  DH and kids home for eleven days (I need to insert a picture of a frazzled cat here), relatives in from out of town for five of those days, college campus tours for my son (University of Michigan and Michigan State University - he can't be that old, can he?), some antiquing and very little stitching.   I always think that nothing is really going on - that I have just about the most boring life on earth - but when I take a step back from what I posted last time, I realize that there is something always going on.  If there's not, then I have to get in my car and make trouble at the antique/thrifty/quilt stores. LOL  But, if I haven't visited your blog this week, it's not because I didn't want to.  It's because of lack of time!!  I'll catch up.

Stitching progress on Elizabeth Clayton has been slow this week :

I started going down the side and then got bored with that and went into the house.  I'm bored with that too, but I'm almost done.  I do see a stitch that I'm going to have to go in and fix on the house though.  UGH.  I love the bright colors in this piece.  I still have some things to do on the trees, but figured I'd catch those up when I got to the trees on the other side of the house.

I also started Hannah Lancaster.  This poor chart has been in the stash pile for years, and I decided that it was time that she got some daylight:

Not too much stitching on this piece.  I am actually doing this as a SAL!  Yes, you read right!  Me - who absolutely stinks at SALs - is going for the gusto and trying to do this.  I'm stitching this on Sundays with Sandra and Tawny (no blog).  It's going to take me a long, long time, but at least the dust is off her now! This is a good compliment piece to Elizabeth above, because the colors are much drabber.  I'd probably have a hard time working on Hannah day after day.

I received some wonderful packages in the mail the past week or so.  From Ranae I received the cutest ornament.  Don't you just love it!!!  I think that it's absolutely adorable.  So perfect for the time of the year it came around - Easter, but so sweet it will be displayed all year round.  Thank you so much Ranae - I just love it!!

On Diane's blog, I won a giveaway that she recently had.  I think that great things come in small, sweetly wrapped packages:

Mausimom Freebie
32 ct. Natural Linen w/ NPI Silk

Diane's stitching and finishing is absolutely beautiful.  I just love it Diane.  Thank you so much for picking my name (she also put her initials and date on the back).

Okay, one more.  For someone who was barely home this week and unable to stalk the mailman (and he was probably very happy about that), he was busy delivering things.  I also won a giveaway on Terrie's blog.  She is the owner of The Stitch Store (formerly the Dogwood Patch) and is just the sweetest person to talk to.

Terrie had emailed me and told me that I had won her giveaway, but also left her phone number.  I thought it would be great fun to actually call a person that I had won something from.  Email is nice, but to actually hear the voice of the person was wonderful.  We both had a few minutes of chuckling over our different accents - she being southern and having the voice to prove it, and me with my hard Northern talk.  But she is a sweet, sweet lady and I think that if you're looking for stitching supplies, you should give her a shout.

On Saturday, Terri and I met up at a high school that was having an antique show.  From there we went to a few different antiques shops.  We actually had a little route that I kind of planned out.  Although at one point my routing skills went awry and we almost ended up lost.  Stopping at a convenience store in a very small town is sometimes a scary thing!!!  Anyway, we had a great time and we did have an encounter with a small homeless dog.  I'm going to leave that story to Terri, but it has a wonderful ending.  Anyway, I found a few goodies:

This beautiful blue bowl.  I love, love the color blue and I just had to have it.  I'm almost kicking myself now because one of the booths we visited had a lot of plates that matched this.  I wish that I had gotten them now or at least a place setting of it.  I love tables with different place settings.  But I thought that perhaps this bowl may be frog-worthy....and it is.  I happened to have a top that fits perfectly into it.  But to tell you the truth, I almost like this bowl without the frog.

Then I found this old lunch pail - it does need some cleaning:

Actually, I wasn't going to buy this, but Terri convinced me that I needed it!!  Like a hole in the head!  LOL  But I'm glad that I got it.  

Some sewing supplies (except for the key).  The scissors are supposedly from the 1880's.  They look like it with the dull patina.  Never can turn down a pretty pair of scissors.  And I love the scene on the tape measure - and it actually still works.

I loved this thimble.  One booth had it for double the price I paid for this one, so I couldn't pass it up.

Then some pincushions.  Actually the only one from the antique show/shops is the one on the right.  The backing fabric is very faded - you can tell that it was a wonderful blue at one point.  The other two pincushions are ones that I found at an antique barn that we discovered - although they're definitely not antique.

Along the way, we stopped into a quilt store.  Now, even though I keep telling myself that I don't need a darned thing, that I'm in a crafting slump and don't need more stuff, I caved.  

I just couldn't resist.  I've seen a lot of these Schnibble's patterns on different blogs, and finally decided to buy a couple.  Along with the Tuffit pattern and a needle case pattern.  Now, will someone get a prod under me and get me down to the sewing room?????

Then to top it all off I had to buy these - the newest Gingher scissors (and of course, I've forgotten the name and I'm too lazy to talk downstairs for the case).  The teacup and saucer was my grandmothers.  Just gotta love those 50% off coupons at Joanne's.


Well, like I said, I think that I never really have anything to blog about, but then I discover that I do.  But I wish someone could shake me and get me out of the crafting slump.  I think the weather has just been too nice here in Michigan for me to want to stay inside much!!  Which means - more antique shopping.  I still have more pictures to show from my previous jaunts but I'll save them for another time.  Have to fill up my posts with something since stitching is at a minimum.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving what wonderful comments that you do.  I truly feel blessed at having met so many wonderful people through blogging.  And thank you again Ranae, Terrie and Diane for the wonderful goodies that arrived in my mail this week.  I hope that everyone has a happy and stitchy week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where the Heck to Begin..........

I just realized that it's been about two weeks since I posted anything except my giveaway.  And again, congratulations to Jolene!!!  Jolene has a heart of gold and is a wonderful stitcher, so I hope that she really enjoys it!

I've got so much to share, but I don't think that I can do it all in one post so I'll keep typing until I run out of steam!  You know me, I always have a lot to say!!  LOL  But the kids are home today (start of Easter break), so I don't know how long I have before I'm summoned for chauffeuring service.  We've also been attacked by various illnesses around here.  Me for a couple days (the kind where you don't want to leave as you never know where the ladies room is) and my poor son with a massive chest infection.  I suppose that it comes with the territory with the fluctuating temps - it's going to be 80 here tomorrow - just about unheard of this time of year - but all I can say is, BRING IT ON!!!!

I actually had a stitching finish the other day.  That surprises me because after my last update of stitching, quilting, hooking, etc., the wind just went out of my sails, I came to a screeching halt and wandered around in some kind of stupor.  But I think we all go through that at some time or another, don't we?  But nothing appealed to me - I didn't feel like stitching - I didn't feel like sewing - NOTHING!!!  I went through stash, pulled things apart (you don't want to see my craft room/studio - it looks like a bomb went off in there).  But here is my finish:

Adam and Eve Sampler
The Goode Huswife
40 count Daily Grind Linen and DMC Threads

I don't think that I'm going to stain this one - I'm still on the fence, but after staining the last two I'm ready to have one in it's naked state - just like those two apple lovin' sinners.  So we'll see.  After I finished this, I went back and forth over what to stitch next.  I hate when I get that way.  I spent one night staring mindlessly at the TV (a waste of time in my book).  But after the kids went to bed, I wandered into the disaster zone and picked something else out.  Here it is 11:30 at night and I start whipping fabric onto scroll rods and taking some stitches.  And what do I pick - well, another A&E, of course - why are we all not surprised?

The 1807 Elizabeth Clayton Sampler
Handwork Samplers
36 ct. PTP Legacy Linen and DMC Threads

I'm loving this one so far - I like the brighter colors.  After working on the GH piece, I needed a lift!  Now, this brings me to a dilemma of sorts.  I've done a few of these in anticipation of my A&E wall, but have yet to have one framed except for this one:

So, I'm left with a pile of A&E's:

So, I think that it's definitely time for some framing!!!  I found a new framing store, but haven't tried them yet. I'm almost afraid of what it will cost, but I know the people who own it, so I'm willing to give it a try.  Maybe I can connive a discount out of them.  You get used to those Joanne's/Michaels/Hobby Lobby bargains, but I guess it's worth a shot.

Over the past two weeks, I was the recipient of more awards from VinnieyCandi, and Mary.  Each sent me the Sunshine Award and I can't thank each of you ladies enough.  You've really humbled me. 

I also received a package from Tina.  She had a giveaway on her blog and I won:

I love the fabrics and the scissors and magnet, but I especially love the card that she sent!  I know that she had to have made it and it's beautiful.  I always envy people who have the patience to do those kinds of things!  Thank you so much Tina.

I've also managed to get out and do some antique and thrift shopping.  I found one antique place with 200 vendors.  I kept getting lost, but came out with some great things.  I have to go back soon because the day I went was the beginning, I think, of my not feeling good and I barely made it through the whole place.  Anyway, if I posted everything now, you'd be asleep at the computer screen, so I'll post a few of those silly frogs that I found on my first trip out and about and post the rest in my next update.  But I found some great things and at great prices too.

I can't believe that I found all of these in one place!  Well, actually there are more, but I'll post those later.  I'm seriously wondering about the pink one - if it's really a matched set as I think that I've seen that bowl quite a few times and it didn't have a frog on top, but the minute I saw it, I had to have it.  I think if you blow up the picture you can see etching on the rolled edge!  Anyway, be still my heart!!!  On the amber frog, the center hole is a candle holder.  I haven't run across one of those before.  And the frog on the left has twenty five holes in it - room for a lot of scissors!!!  My husband is really lifting his eyes at me so I think that I'm going to have to actually use these for their intended purpose here and there!  LOL  I know he thinks that I've about lost it.  His big question is, "Where are you going to put all of these?"  BTW, the one in the front is a repeat to me, so it just may appear as a giveaway item one of these days.

I've found all kinds of cool sewing implements and other fun things, but I'll save them for my next post.  I hear my kids rousing themselves so the games are about to begin.  DD needs clothes bad, so that will be my afternoon.  I'm going to have to take some Motrin before I leave though - the girl is a clothes horse and just exhausts me!  LOL

I hope that everyone has a peaceful and blessed Easter!